Oil Pipeline Blast in Nigeria as Nigerian bloggers see it

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A devastating oil pipeline blast hit Nigeria yet again, last week resulting in the death of over 200 people. I have compiled the perspective of some Nigerian bloggers about the sad event. Ore’s Notes reports that Over 200 Die in Pipeline Fire

“Over 200 people died in an explosion this morning in Ilado, an island about 30 miles east of Lagos. It was believed that the victims were siphoning fuel from a petrol pipeline when it exploded killing all the people within 20 metres.”

John’s Crazy World paints a gloomy picture: 200 people killed in an oil pipeline blast and it’s just another day in Nigeria?

200 people killed in an oil pipeline blast and it’s just another day in Nigeria? Imagine sitting on a beach and enjoying a day in the African sun or driving along the water and then you are incinerated to death instantly because some vandal decided to puncture an oil pipeline running along the shore…

While Nigeria Offshore Safety & Security Update‘s details is even more graphic: Pipeline Explosion Kills 200

The Red Cross said the pipeline blew up in the early hours of the morning while thieves were siphoning fuel into jerry cans for sale on the black market. The massive explosion cooked everything within a 20 meter radius. Only gray calcinated skulls and bones were left of five people who were closest to the pipeline, which had been dug out of the sand and bore marks of drilling in several places. About 100 blackened, unrecognizable corpses were strewn on the water’s edge a few meters away, where the golden sand was still steaming hot on Friday afternoon.

CyBlug (GidiBlog)‘s beef is more with the way the news was reported by the international news media: The Language of International Media.

I just read 2 reports about the recent explosions in Lagos on the Internet. The language some of these reporters use completely pissed me off, again…. First and foremost my heart goes out to the unfortunate souls who have lost their lives . I would have thought by now some of these Global media houses would be a little responsible in their reporting or is there just a completely different agenda when it comes to reporting about countries like Nigeria.

You might want to see details on the blogs listed above.

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