.me is the Country-code Top-Level Domain name (cc-TLD) for the Montenegro, a newly independent country in eastern Europe.

The .me domain which is sponsored by the Government of Montenegro, is generally available for entities connected with Montenegro but in actual use, it is beginning to replace .name as the ideal TLD for personal domain names. And why not? .me sounds much personal and even more appealling. The good news is that anyone around the world can register a .me domain name, including you! You don’t have to be in Montenegro to register a .me domain name.

A really personal domain name
You can simply have your first name or your last name dot me. Example, john.me or newton.me is much more personal. It tells your audience even before they visit the website, that it is indeed a personal website. This is great for bloggers like me around the world.

A catchy marketing tool
.me domain names can also be used in creative ways for catchy marketing campaigns by savvy marketers around the world.

Now, do can you register your own .me domain name(s)?
The .me domain registry is currently going through a Landrush Process. Anyone is eligible to apply before the Landrush ends on 26th June 2008. The actual domain name allocation will take place after the landrush ends. There are two possible scenerios: (1) you are the sole applicant for a particular domain name or (2) there are multiple applicants. In case its (1), you get the domain name but if its (2), the domain name is allocated to the highest bidder through an auction by the registry.

Now is the time!
offers .me domain name registration at competitive prices. Visit web4africa.com today. Please note that minimum registration period is 2 years, as mandated by the .ME Registry.


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