Firefox 3 is out!

To all Firefox fans like me, Mozilla Firefox 3 was released just yesterday 17th June 2008. I downloaded it this morning and its already running on my PC. It looks great with a new sleek interface that leaves Internet Explorer 7 buried in the dust. 🙂

And the “Work Offline” really works, for the first time.

What’s more? There are a lot of new great features buried under the hood. Wanna take a test drive? Go to

It is indeed “The Best Firefox Yet”!

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  1. Hi David @ Firefox? I have been using Flock for the past 6 months and loving it. Why, cause it is everything Firefox is Plus More and we all love more right? Flock is fully integrated with the most common used social networking sites such as FB, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube etc plus blog platforms like Blogger , WordPress and Typepad. I love it – check it out

  2. Your invitation is very tempting indeed Sokari. 😆 I knew about Flock all along but now that you have promoted it here so vociferously, I will download it for a trial later this week. I’m not sure I’d ever move from Firefox though. I’m not very keen about social networking websites.

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