DStv Streaming: Prices, Packages, Strema Decoder

DStv has launched its streaming service in South Africa, with varying options. Subscribers have the option of choosing between streaming-only, combining streaming with a traditional satellite-access option or satellite only. The prices vary based on the option and package. DStv Streaming allows subscribers to enjoy DStv packages exclusively through an internet device, be it a smartphone, tablet, PC or DStv Streama decoder.

They described them as Streaming and Decoder packages:

Watch all your favourite TV Shows, movies and sport on your terms. Purchase a DStv streaming package and watch DStv with just an internet connection. Never miss a moment with a download and watch later option. Watch anywhere, anytime on your iOS device, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Smart TV. Alternatively, purchase a DStv decoder package together with a decoder and satellite installation. Record shows for later viewing using PVR functionality (selected decoders only). Make use of XtraView by linking up to 3 decoders under the same subscription to watch in multiple rooms for you and the kids (compatible with selected XtraView decoders). Watch with no internet connection or use DStv with an internet connection to stream on the go anywhere, anytime.



Stream OnlyDecoder & StreamDecoder & StreamDecoder & Stream
No Dish. Streaming device and internet connectivity required. Month to Month.Excludes Access fee. Payable monthly via debit order. Requires installation.
24 Month Contract
Includes Access fee. Payable monthly via debit order. Requires installation.
12 Month Contract
Includes Access fee. Payable monthly via debit order. Requires installation & includes free delivery.
24 Month Contact
(135+ channels)
Compact Plus
(115+ channels)
(100+ channels)
(75+ channels)
(66+ channels)
(25+ channels)
DStv Streaming prices and packages

*The EasyView Decoder & Stream packages come in 2 options:

  • Month to Month which excludes an access fee and requires installation at R29 per month
  • With an upfront payment for R319 for one year, you can get one month for free. A decoder and installation is required.

The DStv Streaming Premium package also comes bundled with a free Showmax subscription.

  • A screenshot of DStv Streaming Catchup
  • DStv Streaming packages as shown in the DStv app
  • A screenshot of DStv Streaming Live TV menu
  • A screenshot of DStv Streaming schedule
  • A screenshot of DStv Streaming Premium package inside MyDStv app


The sign process for DStv Streaming is simple enough.

  1. You simply select a package from DStv’s website
  2. You Sign Up for a DStv account. An SA ID number is required in addition to an email address and South African mobile number.
  3. A Package Overview and Summary would be displayed on the screen, explaining the detailed offer.
  4. You’d then be able to make payment via a credit or debit card.
  5. The completed process shows the options on how to view DStv Streaming.


For where the subcribers wants to enjoy the streaming service from a TV set, the DStv Streama device would be most ideal.

Announced back in August 2020, the 4K-capable DStv Streama set-top box would allow subscribers to enjoy DStv content as well as content from other streaming services without a satellite dish.

The DStv Streama device connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and connects to your TV through HDMI.

The other apps DStv Streama device would support include Showmax, YouTube, JOOX (Multichoice’s music streaming service) and probably Netflix.


The DStv Streaming service is Africa’s leading broadcast platform’s way of catching up with technology. In a world where live streaming news, sports and entertainment through the internet is slowly becoming mainstream, it was very important for DStv to bring a relevant product to the market that can meet today’s needs.

The Streaming service took this long to hit the market partly because DStv had to obtain streaming rights for their foreign content. They wouldn’t need streaming rights for their own (MNET, Africa Magic etc) productions.

While the packages are essentially a mirror of their traditional satellite decoder based packages, it is interesting that the streaming-only options are slightly cheaper than the satellite packages.

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