The Ultimate Guide to Multi TV for 2020

Multi TV is a free-to-air satellite broadcast service in Ghana.
It started a TV revolution in Ghana in July 2009, offering free satellite TV broadcast to Ghana, and over 25 other African countries with most being in West Africa.


The countries covered fully and partially are:

Multi TV broadcasts from a satellite whose beam pans from Senegal to parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Multi TV broadcasts from a satellite whose beam pans from Senegal to parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
  1. Ghana
  2. Benin Republic
  3. Togo
  4. Ghana
  5. Cote d’Ivoire
  6. Liberia
  7. Sierra Leone
  8. Guinea
  9. Guinea-Bissau
  10. The Gambia
  11. Senegal
  12. Mali
  13. Niger
  14. Nigeria
  15. Chad
  16. Cameroon
  17. Sao Tome & Principe
  18. Central African Republic
  19. Equatorial Guinea
  20. Gabon
  21. Democratic Republic of Congo
  22. Angola
  23. Zambia
  24. Zimbabwe
  25. Malawi
  26. Mozambique
  27. Tanzania
  28. Kenya
  29. Uganda

As of January 2020, the active TV and radio channels on Multi TV are listed below.

TV Channels on Multi TV

  • Joy Prime
  • Adom TV
  • Joy News
  • DW English
  • Fire TV (Ghana)
  • Rock TV (Ghana)
  • Sweet TV
  • OB TV
  • Pent TV
  • TVT
  • Aseda TV
  • Ghana TV
  • Pan African TV
  • Cross TV
  • TV3 (Ghana)
  • ZTV Ghana
  • Fire TV 2
  • Precious TV
  • Royal TV (Ghana)
  • Kessben TV
  • Angel TV (Ghana)
  • Elijah TV
  • TV Xyz
  • Rhema TV (Ghana)

Radio Channels on Multi TV

  • Joy 99.7 FM
  • Asempa 94.7 FM
  • Luv 99.5 FM
  • Adom 106.3 FM
  • Hitz 103.9 FM
  • Nhyira 104.5 FM
  • Peace 104.3 FM
  • Citi FM
  • Atlantis Radio
  • Kessben FM
  • Angel 96.1 FM
  • New Mercury 91.5 FM
  • Fox 97.9 FM
  • Radio Lomé
  • Radio Kara
A Multi TV dish
A Multi TV dish

How to add more Channels to Multi TV

Multi TV signals reach your decoder from a satellite called Astra 2B, located at 28.2°E. Multi TV is not the only broadcaster on that satellite. There are a few others. You can add new parameters to your satellite receiver to recognize those other signals so you can enjoy the other broadcasts.

To start: You need a fully installed Multi TV system. Depending on your receiver model, enter the details below for more channels.

 FrequencyPolarizationSymbol Rate 
Multi TV12525Vertical30000Ghanaian. 23 TV and 13 Radio channels.
WAP TV11595Vertical30000Ghanaian. 26 TV and 2 Radio Channels. Mostly Christian channels.
Play TV12565Horizontal30000Nigerian. Premium service. Includes 2 free-to-view channels.
One TV12605Vertical30000Ghanaian. Includes One HD channel.

In principle, any MPEG4 capable satellite receiver would work with Multi TV. The following have been confirmed to work:

  • Most recent Strong satellite receivers
  • Somotex ash box decoder
  • Strong SRT 4330
  • QC-XPLUS Series II/QC-XPLUS Series IV/QC 001 CD CAS
  • Somotex MTV-1722
  • Somotex MTV-9800J
  • SRT 4920/4922/4922A/4922D+
  • SRT 4950/SRT 4950H/4950E/4950M

How to re-scan Multi TV digibox

You can re-scan the digibox to enjoy new channels where no new frequencies are required. To re-scan:

  1. Press Menu on your Multi TV remote control
  2. Select Installation
  3. Select Install satellite and press OK
  4. Press the green button on the remote control
  5. Your Digibox will start the scan automatically and find all those great Television and radio channels

How to install Multi TV in Lagos Nigeria

I got the following question from a reader of this website via email, and choose to answer publicly so as to assist others in need of the same information:

Please do you have anybody or office in Lagos that I can get Multi TV dish and decoder, and the Technician that can install it for me. Or any dealer in Lagos, plz help.

Considering Multi TV is a Ghanaian operation, I am not aware of any officially accredited installers in Nigeria. Since Multi TV is free-to-air and I have noticed them promoting satellite receivers that are not branded Multi TV, I would go ahead and offer you a do-it-yourself route. More so, I assume they are aiming to make money from TV adverts on their network, not necessarily from the sale of Multi TV satellite receivers.

MultiTV Ghana
MultiTV Ghana

Multi TV is not licensed to operate in Nigeria. Not by NBC nor by NCC. Their satellite signal only happens to cover much of West, Central, and parts of Eastern Africa. Thus, you won’t find many Multi TV decoders on sale in Nigeria, except for a few that some individuals bring in from Ghana.

Any 60cm or 90cm satellite dish would do. The brand on the dish is just a label. Any dish of the 60cm or 90cm diameter will work just fine. Next, you need a satellite receiver that is capable of handling MPEG-4 signals. The MPEG-4 bit is very critical. MPEG-4 is a modern video/audio format Multi TV uses in transmitting their digital signals. Most of the recent Strong digital satellite receivers can handle MPEG-4 gracefully. If you happen to find a Multi TV branded receiver, that’s even better. I was found these items in Game store at Palms Mall, Lekki. You might want to check with them considering you’re assured of quality.

You can buy the dish and satellite receiver yourself. There are hundreds of outlets in Lagos offering these. The classified sections of the major daily newspapers is a good place to start. You might also find installers offering their services in the Classifieds. If you trust the installer enough, you can have him procure the dish and receiver for you.

Any installer worth his/her salt would have the Multi TV satellite parameters.

Is UTV available on Multi TV?

United Television (UTV) is a free-to-watch TV service by The Despite Group of Companies, owners of the popular Akan-speaking Peace 102.7 FM. UTV is not available on Multi TV, as of January 2020.

It is available on DStv Channel 360 (in Ghana) as well as StarSat. You can also access UTV for free on Badr 7, SES 4 and SES 5 satellites.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. Let me be sentimental a little. The owner of Joy FM is from my tribe (Idoma) in Nigeria. I mean the present Senate President. We are very poor infrastructure wise and he’s developing another country. Iam not happy at all.

      • Can you can add Barclays Premier League to the Multi Tv we want to watch Matches and we will Pay is that is what you want it Because i cant Buy Multi tv and go out pay to watch Barclays Premier League at some where i can keep that Money to pay for if you try and Barclays Premier League to your Stations Hope to hear from you soon

  2. There is JOY FM in Otukpo who are always bragging that they are an intl FM station with
    a mother company in Ghana. A niece to the senate president confided in my friend that its true. I will find out more evidence.

    • @ Nick & Andrew
      From MultiTV:

      The basic Digibox starts from GH¢150.00. The basic full kit [basic Digibox + Dish] plus installation starts from GH¢205.00. The premium full kit [premium Digibox + Dish] plus installation starts from GH¢250.00

  3. I must say you have a great and a nice website Oluniyi David Ajao.Thanks for the updates.I believe Multimedia group deserves a better commendation.The management and the entire staff have done very well with this new innovation(Multi TV). David please keep me updated through my e-mail.Thanks

  4. I would like know if this new tv station will telecasting live european football leagues (eufa), English premiere league, La liga, etc. how much will it cost to have these services installed and how soon can one own his?

  5. am impressed with what you are doing Oluniyi David Ajao. i will like to contact you for further talk .
    I really love Nigerian Youths with great vision .

  6. this is a great website . I feel like am in Nigeria . i have never been there before . its my dream land in Africa. i hope to visit before October

  7. I bought your Multi TV Digibox at GH210 and the agents technicians are also charging me GH70 for installation. That means I have to pay GH280 for a service you people claim is free.
    I think it is very BAD.

    • Can u tell me who this installer is? the 210 GHC is supposed to involve installation too. Please give me his company name, phone number or Id and I wl make sure justice is done

      • Good morning Multitv man
        My name is Ernest from Nigeria. Please I want to enquire about channels availability. Like those other channels under your platform….adom tv and many others. Please can a church here in Nigeria also be allocated a channel under you and operates.
        Please my church is interested in it.
        Kindly help me with a positive feedback. Thank you.

  8. if they claim it is free to air, can we please have the name of the hosting satellite, scan frequency and the symbol rate, so that those of us with free to air decoder can also enjoy. for all i know free to air (fta) channels can be watched by anyone provided they have the right equipment.

    • I agree with you but I suspect they’d want to make some money from the sale of the equipment. Either way, you should speak with one of their accredited installers who might be able to answer your question.

  9. “I would like know if this new tv station will telecasting live european football leagues (eufa), English premiere league, La liga, etc. how much will it cost to have these services installed and how soon can one own his?”

    Help me find out if MultiTv have separate channels for BBC, France 24, CNN and Aljezera where viewers can change channels or all of these run on Joy news and showed at specific times.

    Thanks David for the updates

    • I doubt if they would have sepetate channels for BBC, France24, CNN, AlJazeera etc. If they did, DSTV would be out of business. I reckon those international channels would only be alternated on Joy News.

      • Can you please cross check from the Multimedia guys since from what I gathered from their Call Center Operator suggested they have separate channels for CNN and Aljezera that operate for 24/7. it was too good to be true that is why i wanted to check it from u so Dave do this small home work for me.


        • I would have ordered for Multi TV last week but it rained all through. I’m going to have Multi TV installed in my office this week and would write a full review.

          They might have a dedicated channel for AlJazeera since AlJazeera is available for free on satellite anyway but CNN? I doubt.

  10. If the EPL wolud be shown live. What if they clash. Would it be shown on another channel. How many epl games do multitv intend to show in a weak.

  11. Can you promise that your Sports Channel will provide us LIVE broadcast of UEFA Champions League, Premiership Matches, La Liga, Seria A, Ghana’s Premiership etc?

  12. Can you please assure us of live telecast of UEFA Champions league, English Premier league, La Liga, Italian Seria A etc?

  13. ” just subscribed to the Multi TV satellite service. So far so good. Full review soon”.

    Pleasssss! I can’t waite to read this review so please made snapy.


      • Thank you very much for your services to the public.

        To be frank with you, I have tried GBS, STRONG, and the latest is DSTV. For obvious reasons, I need to try Multi TV and see if Twumasi and his group will be my last stop. After all what I need is news and music. Thats all.

  14. I kept visiting this Weblog late last night and early this morning to check on the publication on [Multi TV Ghana, a new free digital satellite TV service]to help inform my decision to order for some number of boxes for my use and the rest of the family and friends.

    I am very sure you are still working on it before serving the curious public with the “Full Review”.

    I will keep refreshing this page to check for any improvement so Dave, you need to complete this assignment as soon as you become less busy.

    Thank you dear mentor. More grease to your elbow.

  15. The details for the Multi-tv for those who does not know where intelsat 12 is are as follows:
    Satellite:- ASTRA 2B/ EUROBIRD 1(28.5 E)
    Frequency:- 12551
    Symbol Rating :- 19519
    Polarity:- V
    Transmission :- DVB-S
    FEC: – Auto
    LNB Freq:- Univ. LNB 1

      • Hey Bros,
        That is a good job done indeed. Something is not clear hear. I called one of the operators at MultiTv and he confirmed that Joy news alternate the international news channels. The information i got from their dealers was different. the dealers are reporting something similar to your findings. so the question is which is which.

        Will DSTV fight back to ensure CNN is not available 24/7 on MultiTv?

        For how long will CNN continue to run?

        Multimedia should come out to answer these questions.

        So far so very good.

        Dave, a big thank you for a good work done. I will try to see if multitv will work on free to air decorders.

      • Hi David, I tried searching for the multi TV signal using the the frequency given but wasn’t sucessful. Can u please re-check the frequency, symbol rate and the polarity on your STB. Thanks

        • Mr Olaniyi, this is a great work you are doing in giving us this information. thanks. Please can you tell me which of the stations in the multiTv will be showing all the FIFA 2010 work cup live? Thanks

  16. Thank you Dave.

    The early review was very useful.
    I will purchase my box immediately but will still keep my DSTV.

    So far so very good.

  17. Or you gain from from the traffic it generates to ur site? Great Bloggers brag about how they monetise theblog with paid reviews. Or it’s social entrepreneurship. I mean your contribution to advancing Africa?

  18. Hey guys,hold on a sec,you all know very well that broadcasting the epl,uefa champ league live on multi tv would cost several millions of dollars and considering how young multi tv is,I doubt whether they have the finacial muscle to bring them on board. The only way is to have as many people getting the multi tv service and then later opt for a per view subscription at a very affordable cost say Gh2.5 per month(ie for the sports sevice only)Isn’t that right Dave?

    • I agree with you Kennedy. Rights to telecast European football leagues live are very expensive and cannot possibly be aired live for free.

      All the same, no harm in finding out from MultiTV directly, about their plans for live sporting events.

  19. it is good that Ghana has another tv multitv with many varieties to choose from. but it seems there is some sort of discrimation in its tele vision. one can not tell what if Ghana is made of only christians. I will believe a lot of thinking has gone into the channels available which has the Jesus(peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) channel which will telecast christian moovies, documentaries, church servives and many others for free or at cost of multi media. the muslim has been forgetten. I do not you should not believe in your ideologies but you should appreciate the presence of the muslim communuty in Ghana.
    Like Qur’an said there is no compulsion in religion, but should not forget that it also said He Allah will guard the religion and it will triumph over any other faith in this world.

  20. is it true that multitv in Ghana is free. I mean no monthly subscription charges, or is just a promotion thing. Please I want to know. And if it is free, how much to get the dish and the decoder

  21. Hi i live and work in Guinea Bissau in west africa.I want to know if i can access multy tv at this part of africa. if so what is the frequency ?and at which satellite ?


  22. plz sir i am in too satellite business and i have beening trying to instolled some here in tema but i need the software to enable me to do so plz i hope u can bee of good help to me and i went to know the angel by which the dish use and how do i get some of ur product i mean the decoda’s,i also went to be one of ur respective dealers in ur product i hope to hear from ur soon

  23. Not to play the Devil’s advocate or anything, but from your assessment, the whole Multi TV thing rather sounds like an experiment (to me).

    I’m beginning to think it just might be another GBS waiting to happen. I really hope not, cos I for one wasn’t too excited about the GBS disaster!

    That said, I think I’ll get a digi box and check it out.

  24. it’s been a week now since i purchase my digibox. So far so good. I will come out with my own assessment taken into account Mytv, GBS, and DSTV compact bouquet programming.

  25. we need to commend multimedia for listening to the yearnings of ghanaians, multi tv has really come to stay. what happens to documentaries cos there are soo much to learn from them. bye

  26. hello how are u doing to my dear friend i am one of ur loving fans but it hurt to see my mail ther in ur site but but with no reply. WHY.WHY WHY WHY 😯

  27. Hello all, i began to watch multitv a week after the launch and so far its been wonderful , i pray it would remain free as they say, multitv unlike other free to air packages in africa like sabc and mbc mauritius has more channels and is recivable in most part of africa with a min of 60 cm dish, in order to make profit i would suggest the mgt to device ways of making their reciever available to others outside ghana and by so doin be able to sustain the enterprise thank you

  28. Charley David, You are doing a good job since help as get info. that we can not get directly from were we need it from. Keep it up. Waiting for your full reveiw of multiTV so as to inform my choice.
    please keep me posted via mail with the review.

  29. am really diggin this, but am very far away from accra, Kintampo to be precise, how can get your service… in fact a lot of people are interested in multi tv here, so what do we do. can i arrange for you to come down here..

  30. pls i live in nigeria, can you give me any possible assistance on how to obtain a digital box and the naira equivalent of one box? thanks.

  31. i got one for myself and i must say that i’m a bit disappointed cus it hasnt brought any additional excitement into my tv viewing. No local preachers, those on TBN seem to be raising funds every time. There local movies dates way back. I hope things will improve.

  32. since yesterdaay i have notice that there are some mix up with respect to the stations as voice responds that not correspond with pictures and also in some other stations your can hear the voice but no pictures. What is happenning, please its ly

  33. what is happening, of late there is a mix up of the stations, pictures do not correspond with sound, and also other stations you hear the sound but no pictures. Is too early for such experience.

  34. hey guys i tried it on my strong decoder but i’m getting only radio . whats up with that? i get all the multi tv channels on the radio on the decoder.

  35. It’s funny cos i keyed in the freq,sr ,pol (Frequency:- 12551
    Symbol Rating :- 19519
    Polarity:- V) on almost all the satellite on the decoder and it wrked just that both tv n radio come as radio.Yes i’m in ghana.

  36. Believe me there is nothing free under the sun. Be guided by GTV(GBS) folding experience ,even with a charge as much 19 ghana cedis, they went bankrupt how much more no charge.Another white “elephant tv services” is here.Let us press it upon them that they assure us with a contract document to retrieve our money if they or deceive us in future or tell us the truth from now.Join hands for that demand.

  37. I live in the Upper East Region and have been waiting eagerly for radio (especially JOY FM) on MultiTV. I was happy when finally radio was added. Here are a few comments.
    1. The Radio stations are not in Stereo but in mono.
    2. The quality of sound is okay listening through the TV speakers. However when I connected the digibox straight to my component audio system, it sounds like AM radio! I thought satellite radio should be of better quality that FM. In fact you can even hear static!
    3. The sound levels of the different stations are not the same.
    4. Electronic Programme Guide does not work for Radio. It seems that for the TV Channels are being tested.
    5. TV3 is gone for good. That Channel has now been named GTV.

    Please MuultiMedia, we put you in the leagues of radio stations like RayPower 100 so we expect high quality Stereo radio stations. I am in fact thinking of going back for my C-band dish which was blown away during a storm. JOY FM on C-band (also mono transmission) had a far superior sound quality.

    • I had also been monitoring Multi TV without an external sound system and so had no idea that the radio channels were broadcast on mono. I am disappointed but then one can give them a chance and assume they would sort this out in the near future. Same applies to the other points you noted.

      Should you ever go back to your C-band system, be sure to tie the dish down more strongly. 🙂 For now, enjoy.

  38. Olu, good job on the review. I am planning to change my current Cable Gold to MultiTV. I however have a challenge. Cable Gold gives me all the free-on-air including TV3 which I ordinarily don’t receive in my area. I am concerned about the switch between TV3 and GTV. What do you advice. Can I get all the other free-on-air TV stations when using the MultiTV decorder or do I have switch between the MultiTV decorder and an ordinary TV pole

    • Tobee, thanks for your kind words.
      About making a switch, it would largely depend on your tastes. I cannot make this decision for you. However, mixing the MultiTV dish with a good antenna is probably a good combination as I doubt if MultiTV will ever offer all the free-to-air TV stations considering that those ones would consider MultiMedia Group a competitor.

  39. please i want to know the rate multi tv shows adverts,is it in between programmes like what tv3 does or after a program.i have skyy digital,can i get multi tv on it,if yes show me,lastly i want to know if the revenue from digibox sales and adverts alone can sustain multi tv.

      1. MultiTV slots in adverts in-between shows on Joy TV, Cine Afrik where feature length movies and soaps are screened.
      2. Skyy Digital is completely on a different platform from MultiTV and so you cannot watch MultiTV on Skyy Digital.
      3. The idea behind MultiTV being free for ever is that revenue from ads and digibox sales would drive and sustain MultiTV. About the practicality of that, time will tell. I assume MultiMedia Group did a careful market analysis before taking this route.
  40. Apart from CRTV nad LTMtv how many chennels do have on your decoder as you promise to bring 20 tv chennels.
    from OVERMARS

  41. Hello David, i have heard rumours there are a couple of paytv stations yet 2 be launched in ghana. Do you have any idea if this is true?
    Secondly, i doubt if multitv can sustain their business solely on ad revenue and digibox sales. It just doesnt make business sense unless the channels on their package are already free to air and they are not paying anything 2 the content owner.

    • Kofi,
      1. I have no information about any new Pay TV stations.
      2. I am sceptical about MultiTV’s viability too but going by Joy FM’s excellence so far, I am willing to give them a chance. I assume their risk-taking with this model is well calculated.

  42. Do you have any idea if other free to air channels apart from that provided by multitv can be recieved through the multitv decoder?

  43. I believe strong decoders technically sudnt be working well with multi TV. Thats why they’ve got their own box. Getting it on any other box, strong or the others… sudnt even be published since that mustn’t be the case. E TV only changed its encryption format to nagra 3 (thats what the big FTV sat guys are telling us) because they’ve realized that the old encryption use to secure it transmition in SA has been greatly compromised. Thanks to every one who contributed to letting them know. So please, please, please watch what you all say about multi tv else they will perfect the system so quick that without the digi box, you can never crack into in.

    [email protected]

  44. I believe strong decoders technically sudnt be working well with multi TV. Thats why they’ve got their own box. Getting it on any other box, strong or the others… sudnt even be published since that mustn’t be the case. E TV only changed its encryption format to nagra 3 (thats what the big FTV sat guys are telling us) because they’ve realized that the old encryption used to secure its transmition in SA has been greatly compromised. Thanks to every one who contributed to letting them know. So please, please, please watch what you all say about multi tv else they will perfect the system so quick that without the digi box, you can never crack into in. Thank you King Dave for giving us this platform

    [email protected]

    • Multi TV is using an encoding system that supports HD but they’re not broadcasting a single channel in HD format. So what’s the fuss about? More so, they’re NOT the first to implement HD satellite technology in Africa. Stop this noise about Ghana first here and there all the time. 🙂

  45. hi i have heard about multi-tv and want to et some for my fam back in ghana .i will want to know the difference between the basci and the premimum box and which one do u reckon or what are the advantages of both.king regards.cheers

  46. Maache my friends,

    Is there a way, I – and others here in Washington DC, USA – can recieve your broadcast? That is, are you ONLINE?

    That is the important point, that we, who have a message, make sure that others can hear and see it.

    Please let me know – I shall spread the word here, if it is good news.

    Medaase, amir chela

    **PS: I was in Accra, and Tema in march – April ’77 following FESTAC 77 in Lagos, nigeria. I have never forgotten the hospitality, and warmth of Ghanaian people. I plan to return.

  47. Can you list the active channels on the Multitv now. Do they have channel for documentry? I am most intrested on News, Documentry and Musicals.

  48. we are view the channel in nigeria but is not showing. the message we got is no audio no video, what can we do to get multitv in nigeri pls i need di frq sb/ate thankes

  49. people of ghana welcomes your stations all but the stations are too small for the big decorder bought.

    we are pleading with the stations in ghana if they can establish more stations into the system to boost the viewers regard; why am i saying that, because people prefer multitv to dstv due to the monthly cost involved.

    doing this standardized the living of ghananians especially we the poor ones.

    i wish the station can publish viewers comment to verify if we the viewers are being taken into consideration.

    thank you.

  50. Pls I have scan for multi-tv channels on my decoder here in Nigeria and I have all d channels but I was only able to heard d audio voice of d channels no picture on d screen. These are tv channels.

  51. Benity,
    You cannot use ur normal decoder for multitv. The channels are in Mpeg4 format. Buy the daarsat decoder or strong decoder SRT 4669x.

  52. David i want to know if i can tune my channel to Spanish La liga Bcos it said on the Site that its Comming Soon although i havent bought Multi tv yet but i was doughting

      • what is the current set up for multi tv or infinity?
        mine has stop working since on friday 30/11/12. pls i need ur reply is urgent.God bless you as you do.I am using infinity decorder.

  53. Good day Sir,
    please i have a question, my question is does multiTV has a decoder? because i have been trying to use another decoder all i can get is the audio is not showing. I have multitv dish but another decoder, i want to know if i can use another decoder or not because we can’t find your multitv decoder here in Nigeria.

    please tell me what to do


  54. Pls,Chairman i need frep & symrate of this multi media. And do i search for it on west or east. If west were exactly on the west zone(30 deg or 60 deg west were exactly)pls am in dear need of it i don’t want to stay one more year in school b/c of project. Ur my last hope

    • I am a Nigerian i like watching multi tv stations, there was a time i saw multi tv stations are going to be upgraded so that people around the world can see the stations as far as south Africa but i am not lucky to saw the date multi tv will resume transmission, i will be glad if iam opportune to know, please.

  55. Multi-tv is a very good satellite station but thier repeatition is becoming unbecoming. I hope they change thier ways tomore markets. And also the (Midnite tv) is full of eauropean movies too much.Man stay awake till almost midnite only to watch some repeated rubbish.(am sorry for my languagebut i have to)

  56. I like multi tv so much. with repeation of movies am fine with that so as to make way for those with busy schedules. My only problem is that, i like american action movies but non is shown on multi tv. please kindly help because i really like it. please.

  57. I am using the MDVB-S9800 decorder the power goes out after some hours on.When i switch the main power off and on it re scans. What can i do.

  58. I am using the MDVB-S9800 decoder the power goes out after some hours on.When i switch the main power off and on it re scans. What can i do.

  59. Please i have complete satisfaction with your channels just want to know if more channels can be added.
    Anyway the channels are just 2good to be free compared 2what others are offering at ridiculous prices.
    Bigs up 2u guyz…
    Godwin from Nigeria

  60. I would like you to reach out to more stations wit good programming to be on your platform and i believe we have quite a number of them in Nigeria .
    Up multi tv

  61. what does it require for us to operate a tv channel on multy tv,a station,screening nigeria content,what are the criteria and who do we speak with for further enquiry. we intend broadcasting on your free to air satelite tv (multy tv) a 24hour tv station.

  62. I want to know what you will do with the newly trained multi tv instalers.Will they be given certificates?HOW AND WHERE WILL THEY WORK?HOW MUCH SHOULD THEY CHARGE FOR ONE INSTALLATION?

  63. I heard more channels are going to be added to our darling more for free it true or lie?.if truth when cos i’m enjoying this one real good.they dont broadcast fa cups of various european clubs? Why

  64. hi am samuel from Nigeria am a fan of multi tv and an intallar,I did track multi tv from the very fist day.and it’s been fun from then. but just want to know if multi tv is going to add any channel soon. well above all keep up the good job

  65. Hi
    its been long since your last reply to question to questions and i want to believe that is why this site is more active could you please try and let us know more on our dearling multi tv?


  67. Hi,
    How do you install your Multi tv decoder? l bought one for my house hold and decided later to relocate the dish and decoder but I was not able to install it.

  68. Are you able to listen to Joy fm online?
    I’ve not been able to do so for some weeks now.
    I’m however able to listen to other channels.

    How is it with u?

  69. Dear Multi tv,

    I am an International Satellite intaller in Nigeria, I will like to know if Multi tv can work legally here in Nigeria, also if it work can some one market for you here in Nigeria. Email. ollymanny1[at] – Tell, +2347066657712

  70. Hi,has anybody gotten free Ghana on satellite with multi tv decoder or any other mpeg4 decoder ? Indicate and share your settings please.

  71. Ghanaians are ready to enjoy anything cooked right from their own pot but i think your team should practice atleast something extra. Hitz tv is just too boring, the music video everyday. Is that what they do on radio?. Go out for more videos please

  72. Please we need Midnite T.V back. Any i want somebody to help unblock my decoder. i put in a security code some time ago and i can not unblock it noe that i want to. Please some body help me with how to go aroung it.

  73. Pls, i would like to know how much is 250cd to naira and how can one purchase it. Also, i want to know if it will posses the power to recieve it in warri.nigeria. Thanks

  74. highly informative and educative programmes are what you bring to the viewing and listening public. keep it up.

    1 sometimes EPG and programme dont match
    2 where is midnight tv?


  75. My concerns with multi tv are signal strength is low as 50-53 & quality arround 39-44 is that the reason i do receive poor quality video?

    2.I wish if aljazeera could be given 24/7 chnnel because of their news coverage. Please help

      • Olu, your blog is very revealing. The problem with installers is that some are not professional at all. You ask them to come at 5 and they show up at 9. I want to avoid them. Can you write on how to tune my dish?

  76. hi guyz multi tv is in mpeg 4 format so any decoder that can work with mpeg4 will receive it.And also you can use your digibox to receive additional FTA channnels.

  77. Why has multitv stop telecasting their midnight movies. I think is not fair! We stay deep into the night to watch this and disappointed is only ajazera that comes on the screen! we need answers.

  78. is it possible to get multi tv in the volta region as well. if so where abouts? i’ll appreciate it if you can get back at me asap. thanx




  80. sir thanks for a work well done i am using strong decoder 69x and it happen that i gat joy tv in lagos nigeria the sat is eultesat w4 sir can you help me with some of the tp and frequency
    thanks emmanuel form lagos

  81. I have a strong decoder and i’m able to watch all da multi tv channels..but can’t get da radio and crtv and other free to air channels.
    any help guys…

  82. when is your station going to increase it’s radio and tv stations, if i can be given may be a length of time i would be very much appreciated.
    i think that will push me enough for purchasing one

  83. hi me again. can i get the multi tv channels without using the multi tv dish basically, if i’m using strong can i get the multi tv channels. thanks

  84. 1..Is Multi-tv going to add more channels to the decieving channels we already have or keep stick to the old ones.

    2..Pictures of CRTV seems to be zoomed pictures.(not clear as the other channels.

    Note// if i had known that multi-tv has limited channels(ie.less than 20)i wouldnt have gone in for their Digi-box.all programes shown on Adom tv channel are old and repetitions eg Efiewura and othere local programes.

    Suggection:fixed the above mentioned problems and add more channels.good luck to the organizers.

  85. Thanks Multitv, we in Nigeria are benefiting from your service. We pray for God protection for you and entire Corporation. We hope and pray that one day Nigeria Government and some few individuals who has means of establish this kind of TV Station should copy from your services and experience, since a common man can not avoid Dstv or MyTV.

    My God reward you.

  86. I have all da channels working and i think multi tv is just coooool…@cher well i bought mine at A&C mall..b’cos i got a dish i pay 180 ghana cedis 4 it…

  87. Happy weekend all.
    Pls our darling multi tv,i.ll like you to gradually spread your tentacles to other european leagues like turkey dutch russia belgian and ukraine .thanks

  88. i intend to acquire multi tv. my place is far from koforidua, the nearest place where multi tv agents are available. would a technician accompany me to do my installation for me, or is there i “do it yourself” option?

  89. Whats wrong with multi tv recently?There break in transmission for more than 10hrs every 2 or 3days is becoming unbearable is there something they are not telling us.i need the reply urgently

  90. Thanks Multitv, we in Nigeria are benefiting from your service. We pray for God protection for you and entire Corporation. We hope and pray that one day Nigeria Government and some few individuals who has means of establish this kind of TV Station should copy from your services and experience, since a common man can not avoid Dstv.

  91. I have been using multi tv for the past 6 month. I think it good but i want them to give us a 24 HOUR dedicated channel for CNN, BBC FRANCE24 and ALJAZEERA.

  92. multitv welcome back on air keep up the good job. but pls can you guys bring back sos mevida(you are the one and juanita la sotera it will be of great joy to me if you can start LEE SAN allover again i really love that program

  93. can you tell precisly how joy news time is being schedule. i mean the time for aljazeera, the time for cnn and if their is any other news channel being broadcast on it. pls i need the answer on time.

  94. hello david i am an installer in nigeria. can give me the list of free satellites available in nigeria on ku band with frequency fec and symbol rate, polarization. thanks alot.

  95. I had just bought a daar sat kaon receiver and i been trying to track c-band on it but the service is not coming. Please tell me wat is happening and send me the settings 4 the c-band.Or i can not watch c-band on daar sat hd receiver

  96. Am Obed Mawuli a chief executive officer of Bigstar Media Production limited, a company based in Ghana which is into areas in media fields. i want to know if Multi TV can run a well developed TV program for about 3 years and more, or if there is any way Multi TV can help in bringing this program on air please contact my direct phone number:+233543806526, or via email: [email protected] thanks

    best regards

    Obed m.Mawuli

  97. i want to know where ther there is something we can do with our GBS decoders because its now for decoration purpose in our room, can we use it again or its just a dammm thing.please.

  98. hello mr ajao thanks for this great work that you have taken upon yourself keep the good work, sir i have bing viewing multi tv form lagos for sometime now but for somedays now the thing just went off meaning to signal
    please can you help me for the signal or are they doing some update of their system thanks till i hear from you.

  99. hi DAV,

  100. I hav followed the procedure of adding more Tv and radio channels but it is only LMTtv that has come, what do i do for the rest to come.As for the 10tv and 7radio channels are already avail.

  101. hello mr David
    i have been seeing comments on my mail of other people seeking help,to solve some of their problems and i dont understand, pls.

  102. Am in Nigeria,i also watching Multy Tv in my house.But am using strong receiver SRT 4669 isn’t possible to add the channel on the above frequency how ever how can i get midnight Tv that showing in channel 10
    thank you

    • how can i add more station to my 10 exiting on multy tv and what is the new frequency call infinitv on the same frenquency with multy tv,thank

  103. Hi,
    BBC World seems to have vanished from the JOY NEWS channel without a trace. Will it ever come back? Maybe will have to get MYTV AFRICA to watch BBC World.

  104. Men the sturf is ok u have tried, but how long is it going to remain free to air keep me posted in need to know. Thanks.

  105. Please David
    Apart from gtv, ltm and crtv is there any other tv channels i can recieve with my multi tv decoder? Your response will be highly appreciated thanks.

  106. thanks for the good work but i want to ask that apart from the 12 tv channels we have on multi tv can some be added by some means and if yes can i have the detalis .

  107. Omo Oodua tv has been on air in the uk for more than 3 yrs. Actually it is the first Yoruba tv broadcast via BEN TV sky digital 184 in Europe. Am interested in how to have a platform via Multi tv, so as to be able to reach people in africa expecially the Yoruba speaking nations please tell me the procedure.
    many thanks.

    Ola Ogundiran
    Media Consultant

  108. I get infinity tv on multi tv and it does not work well, some shw while some write NO AUDIO/NO VIDEO, where i will i track it to work well pls.

  109. The company is registered by CAC in Nigeria, this makes it a legal entity, operating in the entertainment industry. We produce Yoruba movies, and market same. We are the producer of Agboye, Asake Arogbondara, Tinu-ola and many more.
    Please, let me know if you are interested in broadcasting yoruba movies.
    we offer to assist in getting you the best of yoruba movies.

  110. My decoder has a pendrive slot where I record programs but it not functioning now but formatting the drive every time i slot in, what could possibly be the problem?

  111. At samuel apart from infinity, is there any other channels i can recieve with my multi tv decoder. I mean can i receive other satellite eutelsat w3a and eutelsat WA. Do i need to turn my dish. Thanks. Pls give me some free to air TP

  112. My decoder is positioning at 45e and i dont have astra 2b but rather astra2a,and astra 2a is at 28.2e,so how can i add channels?

  113. William if you turn your dish you’ll lose your multiTv channels and you will see free to air channels around as good as mulitv channels so better still buy another dish, position it to w3a at 7*E with the following frequencies 11190 v 3210 for mbc 1&2, 12728 v 30000 for free2view, 11105 v 3800 for TV Madagascar,or Sirius at 4 * E 12602 v 29950 for globcast, if you have a HD receiver you can watch SABC 1 DVB S-2 (8psk)frequency 12525 v 30000 these two sat are directly as they seem to be it depend on your location sometimes you may see the signal south west or northwest as the cast maybe but they are very close to each other or nss 7 at 22W frequencies 10986 v 30000 for TV 5 monde, 11051 v 30000 for lc2, 11551 v 30000 for zee TV UK. you’ll see a lot of channels but just about 5 are free on Nss 7

  114. what is the position of astra 2b, can i add astra 2b. Second,intelsat 12 is where my multi tv channels are and it is positioning at 45e so how can i add channels

  115. I learn some channels have been added to the channels to the already existing channels on multi TV. is that true? if yes pls mgive us thier names and frequencies.

  116. Do you know that multitv will be showing Black star friendlies between Black stars vs. Holland and Blackstars vs. Latvia. on the 1st of june and 5th of june 2010

  117. i am from ghana and enjoying the programs of multitv and still requesting for more channels including supersports,espn and more.



  120. i have installed a multi tv decoder and have some channells not working like infi sport 1 and do i add more channel incl metro tv and e tv

  121. May i please know the difference between Strong Satellite TV and That of Multi Tv.

    God bless you for your good works

  122. Sir, i learned that CRTV have introduce there own satalite tv’s can u tell me how to get there frequeny

    and i have discovered that infinity tv owner of the newly added 11 channel on multi tv is a pay satalite tv

  123. I have just install multitv and swiching to radio unless i off the decorder and on it again before the radio will play. But i must admit that i like the tv


  125. Pls I want to whether Multi TV decoder can take more than one dish.
    Secondly, what is the difference between Multi TV decolder and Strond decoder? Thank u

  126. great work frm great guy am proud of a retailer with dstv and mytv here in nigeria.i want congratulate u because u love ur people by bringing this channels to the ordinary man for free,we in nig are happen thanks a million times,frm my costomers.

  127. Plz i live in cape coast ghana. I use a dstv decoder. Is it possible to add more stations to it? If yes, how? Plz post it here or send it to

  128. I have just discovered my decoder is locked (no signal on the Decoder LDC) and (no sound, no pictures on the TV.

    The lock indicator light is still on and have no contact with the remote. Any help?

  129. I appreciate multichoice service(dstv)nigeria!then i also want multi tv to improve on their picture qarlity,add more good channel,then i belive muti tv provder are workin to give their viwer good HD pictures.

  130. I am getting GTV & CRTV but channels like joy are not showing. i can only here the audio but on video. i’m using strong decoder MPEG 3 but somebody told me that it’s only MPEG 4 That is compatible to multi tv. please reply.

  131. for those that want more information on free to air sattelite should visit for all detail .more also any HD Decoder like strong srt 4669 will get u multi tv.if u have difficulty in recieving any channel at any sattelite,simply blind scann with your decoder and every thing will be okj

  132. David, thanks so much for the education and thanks so much for helping us get more channels on our MultiTv digibox. U gave three different frequencies and their symbols rates and I was able to get GTV, CRTV but not LTM, the Camerounian channel. How do I get that David. Wish u come to my aid. Thank u

  133. pls David, can we use our GBS decoder to get free channels? or its all over for the there any future for those of us who are GBS subscribers? what do we do?

  134. hi, i really thank you for all these stuffs. pls keep us posted on latest developments.
    i have some questions for you to answer.
    1. why is it that these stations are not free in our country Nigeria?
    2.Are there Decoders that can get these stations free and how much?
    3.Are there other stations that we can get from multi-tv apart from the afore-mentioned?
    Onichakwe David Andy

  135. dear David,

    many thanks for your effort at really informing your teeming fans.
    pls do me a favour. i bought the decoder (ie strong decoder 4669x).
    i actually get the signal from Multy TV but it’s quite weak and goes off at a slightest weather change. could you pls provide me with all the details for full reception (including satellite, freq, polarisation and others). my reception currently is just a little above 42%. pls assist. many thanks.

  136. thanks so much for the mentioning the free2view thing, my decoder is still lying under my mind, please give us more details cos gbs subscribers will be very happy.

  137. goodday, mr Oluniyi D. pls kindly sent to me some new satellite names an frequency smb’that can be uesd in nigeria.

  138. David, Since Multi Tv is working on Astra 2b, does it mean tv channels also transmitting on this satelite could be tracked with MultiTv decoder and dish.

  139. I must say that I enjoy your station most especially lee san, the storm and other seasonal films. And also the midnight moving, about the midnight moving i will like you to show us the one you can see everything about them not hiding it for us thanks.

  140. I have been told that there are 10 new channels on multi tv. Please help me with satelite name and frequencies for the new channels.

    Thank you

  141. hi,thanks 4 the info.but i can only recieve crtv and gtv on my strong srt4653x decorder.ply is highly appreciated

  142. I’m in Germany, ASTRA 2A,2B,2D is what I’m tuned on.I’ve tried Frequency: 12552 v 19531
    12551 v 19519
    12543 h 20800
    but none is working for me.Any Tipps for me please? Thanks.

  143. I say a very big thanks to our boss oluniyi David ajao for providing us this blog to pass on our daily finding in the satellite world to others whom may need help. I say thank you sir

  144. thanks david for the information about the GBS decoders.infact you have brought out a relieve to some of us.although am using DSTV now, the cost is too mush, their channels are too many but no better program like GBS.
    i will be happy if you will soon come to our have are soo great.may the good LORD reward you.
    take care…….

  145. sir, pls i am using decoder STR4653 and i can not watch the follow station on it KILOSELE, SWITCH, and like that on it some are from INFINITY AND MULTITV, Sir what can i do to watch all this station on my decoder. i and had that they are changing the decorder what are the processing to be taken.pls reply

      • my inf switch dt normally hit good 9ja musik is not bringing out sound while every other channels do. i’m using d SRT4669X and it wasn’t like dt initially. pls what cud br wrong?

  146. Hi,
    my nick name is mr.movies and i live in liberia,and i love tv shows so much but i dont have money to pay for it,can someone please help me with multitv free to air frequency and the symbolrate for my country liberia,i heard that some people are useing it in monrovia but i dont know them.

    • frequency – 12551
      symbole rate – 19531

      polization – vertical

      you can contact me on +23320200239044 and i can help u how to installed

  147. I want to set up my own enterprise to deal in satellite tv channels, how do i go about it and how can I combine all the stations and sell them? ie multiTv, DSTv, Smart etc.

  148. sir i want to know whelther daarsat is still coming back bcus when ever i call their customer care line all they say’s is that their coming bark sir i wan’t to know how through is this ? thank’s

  149. can you let us know how to acess the new site introduced by nigeria television authority i.e the satelite site, symbol rate etc and the available stations on this satelite

  150. I humbly want to entreat your TV to bring back TV3 since the World Cup is over. I really have some programmes which i am missing and would be very happy to have the TV3 Station by on Air.

    Thank You.

  151. Thank mr Ajao i sincerly appriciate ur comment pls iam using strong decoder srt4653x i need sub frequency and symbol under gahna Tv and also i need frequency for mbc 1234, on small dish pls

  152. pls i really lyk wat u’re doin keep it up but im begining to hate wat HIT TV is doin, No latest foreign musics , latest showbiz infos nd unnecessary mixin pls tel the djs to know when to play nd tym to mix cuz itz getting boooring. Thnx

  153. how can I pay to be hooked to multi tv pay do I get the card .should it be a payment for life as advertized. Please funish me with DStv NEW PARAMETERS.JON FROM NIGERIA

  154. iam using stronge decoder with small dish can i get mbc 1,2,3 and 4 and if possible pls can i get the frequecy andsome neccesry things require



  156. moi je suis au burkina je rgarde multi tv .pourquoi cette annee ya pa le championnant espagnol et francais sur votre station,alor que vous aviez fait la pub

  157. pls kindly provide me wiht the corret F and S for Joytv,they are all audio channels and not video.pls help me.keep the good work on the move.


  159. Please am from Nigeria and am using a Strong decoder SRT 4663X But most of my channels are not showing list Hitz Tv, Loveworld+, etc please what should I do?

  160. Thank 4 the good work mr multi tv has the right to spanish laa liga?bcaus they promise and show us nothing since the leuge started.thanks

  161. thanks for your information.

    i ve know how to get multitv and infinity.

    can you tell me how to get other free stations like the one call madagascar , iseal and other ones i can receive in nigeria, especially in lagos.

    i will be if you can email me.

  162. i bought multitv bcos of laliga matches.since i bought this digibox,i’ve only enjoy only one R.MADRID match dat is the elclasico.why?i made my frnds who are fans of to buy multitv bcos laliga matches involving R.MADRID live matches will be shown dis season.they hve been worrying me for not telling them the dat fair?if notin is done abt it i will advice anybody who ask me abt ur services to rather buy diff decoder.0244794960.KSI

  163. i think multitv is now doing a superp job and all i want tell them is to keep it up . the on i really want multi tv to offer me as viewer is they should start showing current update of the latest wwe wrestling on their channels. then they will get more customer than ever . thanks

  164. i have record some of the musical on my multitv and i want play it in my laptop but it seems no play is compactible with . please update the kind of software available to play the recorded video on the computer.

  165. i have ben try to scann my system now is working and am using the strong decoder 4669x and the frequence is 12552 v and 19531 is not worlking here in nigeria pls can u pls tell me what to do now

  166. Please do you know when multi tv will add bbc,cnn,and aljazeera permanently on their banquet?By the way the premium complete multi tv decoder is now GHC 189.00 right here in Tamale Ghana.

  167. well how are you all masters here .well am facing some problems on my multi tv channels
    some of my channels have some problems the picture is all good but the talking are not coming at all
    some channels like
    and some other channels place help me thank you

  168. to all d gurus nd masters in da building…am using a 9x strong receiver and a big dish to track multi tv nd infinity…i dont knw if i can also track the other f.t.a.stations like mbc3,4…e.t.c with d same equipment

  169. How do i change my symbol rate digits to 4 instead of 5, because i have been 4 digit sr. Also i do not have crtv channel on my multi tv decoder. Thank you

  170. Hi, i’ve multi tv decoder with card slot and i heard in the near future multi tv wil be using smart card. Is that true?. Multi tv’s picture quality is much better. Nice HD Pictures. Dnt knw why people complain abt their pic quality. Thanks David for making me buy a multi tv. You shd be rewarded cuz u r good at convincing pple.

    • Egberinde, I hear you need a firmware update for your Str4669 to be able to receive audio from those Infinity channels. Of course, you proceed at your own risk.
      Another method that should guarantee you audio would be to buy Infinity TV’s decoder directly from them.

  171. please how am i going to change my GBS decoder to free to air decoder? please if there is a way kindly help me because i don’t want to throw it away. am in Ghana

  172. please how am i going to change my GBS decoder to free to air? because i dont want to throw it away. am from Ghana if there is anyway kindly help me. Thank you very much.

  173. please i have HD already tv do i have to buy something to attach before i can get the signal? please if yes what is that? and what should i if not yes? thank you very very much for your assistance.

  174. good day sir
    1)SKY NEWS

  175. Allo,
    I wud like to know how much am I going to subscribe for a year and what additional channels am I going to watch. If u have frequency and symbol rate for more free channels pls let mi know.

  176. Please, can how can I get foreign (non – Ghanaian) radio stations on my multi – tv?
    some of the tv channels I receive have no sound, please help me out.


  178. Hi David Ajao, how are you doing? Am from Ghana base in Libya and i will come to Ghana next year, i want to know if degital satellite receiver can work in Ghana, and if these following sat can reach there, hotbird,nilesat,eurobird? Please keep me updated, am very interested of these satellite, in libya we get almost 22 sats, like, hotbird,nilesat,astra 2b,astra 1a, eutel sat, intel sat, eurobird,turksat,amos sat, panasat,arab sat,eutel w4,eutel w3,eutel w1, eutel w2, even more than these, and am very specialist in this degital satellite receiver, i have got metro tv on NSS7 on C BAND, but i cant get GTV, TV3,and Tv africa, please help me out. I head that gtv ,tv3, tv africa are on astra 2b and eutel w4, please update me the frequency and the symbol rate,thanks , hoping to hear from you soon, thanks to all fellow viewers of this website, now africa can also enjoy on satellite just as europeans and americans, bye Emmanuel from Ghana,

    • Many of the satellites you mentioned are focused on the Middle East. You would need a big dish and lots of luck to receive them from southern parts of Ghana.
      For specific satellites and frequencies, simply search this blog for more.

  179. Pls David, I have Multi.TV decoder and I tried to get few channels from Nigeria. The pictures are good but no sound. How can I delete some of the channels that are blank on my screen


    • I do not know of a remedy for Multi TV decoders receiving audio from those Infinity TV channels. I understand audio comes through if you are using a Strong 4669x decoder and upgraded your decoder to the latest firmware.

  180. @ david pls i need your help.i upgraded my strong 4669x firmware for me to recive infinity audio after it wrote succesfull it swicht of and refused to show up pls help me thanks.

  181. i have read a lot on the request of people and i think i myself have gotten an answer to my need i thank u all for that;great thanks to multi tv for giving us a sence of belonging God bless.

  182. am Chiadi, using strong SRT 4663X. Pls help me wit frequency and symbol rate for EWTV,CRTV and other FTA channels available on Eutelsat w3 and nilesat statelites

  183. Kings from Nigeria.
    Pls help me wit FTA channels on nilesat and eutelsat w3. its frequncy and symbol rate. I need mainly free sports and africa and india movies channels and other free channels.. Am using Strong srt 4663x

  184. Hi, I’m Beoguns 4rm delta state in nigeria. I want 2 say kudos 2 u guys 4 d good job, pls I’m requesting dat 4 ur midnite entertainment tv u should present 2 us fat (obesse) ladies.
    Hoping 2 watch it 2nite.
    Thanks & more grease 2 ur elbow.

  185. Pls.i need ur help my crtv just turn red.i dont know what to do,av try to blind scan it several time but is stil d same Since monday 1st nov.

  186. I am just new to the blog. I need help urgently. I need the frequencies, symbol rate, polarization of both multi tv and infinity tv and the satellite they operate with. Can someone send it to my email please. I am from Imo state in Nigeria. Thanks.


    2. CRTV is no more coming on my receiver. I have already scanned. what can I do?

    3.I want SMART TV where can I get it from. Tel no. or e-mail

  188. pls i noticed something in some of the channels it lacks audio sound so pls what cord can i apply to recieve a complite audio no all the station

  189. Could u pls explain something about encrytion system?there some encrytion system dat are not included in strong decoder(e.g.BISS).Will channels encryted by such unknown encrytion

  190. Could u pls explain something about encrytion system?there some encrytion system dat are not included in strong decoder(e.g.BISS).Will channels encryted by such unknown encrytion be scrambled on strong decorder

  191. pls niyi,

    i need u to tell help me. my multytv has gone off air for some time now and all attempts to revive it proves abortive. i guess i really don’t know how to turn the LNB to either a vertical or a horizontal position. i just turn it either way and still do not get anything. i have tried turning the dish to all direction possible. pls help. is there something i am missing? i know you must have discussed this on this and several blogs but pls kindly state again the specifc satelite to search and the other details too.
    many thanks, niyi……

  192. Bros, i use to send you mail, but you dont reply me does it means that you dont love me?. I will love to know if i import those your machine in large quantity, how will come there get to me and how much will cost each?.

    • Strong Technologies manufacturers satellite equipment including satellite receivers. Most of their receivers can be used for just about any digital satellite TV service. I’m not sure of what you mean by “ordinary decoder”.

  193. I noticed that KU dishes in liberia have their elevation for eutelsat w4 just like that of pas 7,10 in nigeria and here (monrovia) they majorly use 90cm dishes, i would try to deploy multiTV and report to you on the performance, maybe become the multy tv dealer here (Liberia). Thank you

  194. Totally a wrong move multimedia!I mean there is no need to rush into HD
    services at this point in time where it barely over 2 years old.They should rather invest that money into procuring more ordinary channels like Joy series and the likes but not in HD because HD services are very costly to run and maintain.

  195. I did a blind scan on my Multi TV Dish and I have more than ten TV channels to the existing ones. but more are Nigerian TV stations, like Kpakpando, Ilehri, Quick, Loveworld, 9jaTV.

    with my lock on 45 and power at 80

  196. The only station in multitv i hate to watch is midnight tv….so multitv should pls show us some other programmes during midnight like wwe/tna wrestling.i do always watch wwe wrestling on Mitv nigeria linking up 4rm etv….

  197. heard multi tv is coming outto supply it’s viewers with HD pictures… so i want to know… do we have to buy another decorder which supports HD when it comes out. cuz i bought a new decoder with a card slot and is recordable.. I was wondering if that could support HD pictures??

  198. David, i have 24 channels on my strong decorder . but i have one dish if i buy another dish can i get more channels? Please advice me.

  199. it my first time but i need help,a have hd decorder and 90cm dish its fine to use for tv3 and viast 1 and tv africa if yes give me ther freequencey plz from tanzania.


  201. hi, i am proud user of your product, but to be honest with you guys,i get very irritated anytime i watch a film on any of your movie channels. right now, i’m watching a movie on joy tv and trust me, the character’s lips will move like a whole 1 minute before the sound comes out. it’s very annoying. you guys better work on your machines or else, some of us will look for other options.

  202. To all the Guru in the house ……pls can i have a code to unlock RDV also pls where can i download softwares to upgrade my STRONG4663X and softwares that is important for my work…u can pls send me every information through (editor’s note: email removed) or perhaps paste it here………i really appreciate all ur work a t

    • RDV Key: 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49

      How to insert>
      Press 8280 on your remote while on d RDV channel, this will show d BISS key panel/window on your TV screen
      Scroll down to Row no. 19=> All oooooooooooooooooo,
      just replace d 1st 16 nos
      Press exit, YES when prompted to save changes.
      Enjoy RDV

  203. pls. can some i help me with software to update my mpeg4 strong decorder to enable me get those station that is not talking. tanks.

  204. am using a multi tv decoder, it has no option for adding a satelite to the already existing satelites when i go to menu, and installation. cld u give a detail direction as to how to go about it wit my multi tv decoder

  205. I used to have crtv on my multi tv but no longer works also all my infinity channels are not producing sound except 9ja and galaxy tv someone should help me.i dont have any astra A,B or C only astra1f_ku. Anyone who use DVBT USB DONGLE Should help me get more channels i currently have 18

  206. please david my sister send me starsat decoder with the about 67 satellites on it like intelsat ,eutelsat,nss,hotbirb amos serius,panamsat astra (ib. ib 2a, 2b 2d,)aradsat,asiasat,optus, and a lot
    can i use the decoder in ghana……all the features are like strong decoder…i mean the softwares and its recognise dstv card also….pls help me

  207. 1. I can’t get sound @ most of infinity TV channels, please help me

    2. Do multi TV digital satellite receiver MDVB-S90800 support Audio control – mulaudio AC3?

    3. How to convert AC3 audio to MPEG 1, 2, 3 and 4

  208. Ben,thanks for the perfect job. Though i’m about to get one Mpeg4 decoder for my wife and one for self,the info read really worth it. Thanks. Good work.keep it up.

  209. Multi tv decoder i.e darr reciever operating to infinity tv.U can view a newly channels like Hausa movies called Imf Alheri,imfo African movies,&other important channels.

  210. Hi,plz mr it is posible to use dstv decoder dsd 1131 to get free to air dstv channels as sabc ntv uganda and ntv kenya?and if it is posible how to do?and how to get viasat 1 i need to have dish size?and tyep of decoder.

  211. Hi everyone. I have problem getting audio on Infinity channels with multitv decoder. I know how to solve this on strong but not on multi tv. Can someone help me out?

  212. I hv heard that strong 4669x can receive DStv pls somebody show me how and can i receive super sports 1, 2, and 3 for free? somebody help me.

    • Yes strong can receive DSTV but their channels have to be paid for. These include All sports, movie, news and documentary channels. Nothing free oh.

  213. I was able to unlock RDV but its not producing audio sound. Niyi, please advice on how to get the sound production. Note: All other INF channels produces audio sound after i had installed the adviced driver for audio.

    pls advice on RDV and if there is any other codes available for any other channels not minding if its SS or any other pls do post so we cud do the needful.

    God bless u as u take away pains and bring information to the poor.

    U ar Blessed boyound measure in Jesus name.

    • Hello bro. Just press the audio button on the remote control and shift in between the audio 1,2 3, and come back to 1. You should have sound.

  214. pls present to us real adult entertainment movie (fat ladies), my wife is fat & l want 2 make her happy all the time. l love ur different sex position movie. Thanks 4 d gud job u guys r doing.

  215. i use a strong 4669x decoder with a 90cm dish, is it possible 4 me to receive signals on nss w7, especially tv3, tv africa, viasat1 etc. am in northern Ghana, specifically upper east.kindly let me know.

  216. Hi, I stay in south-south Nigeria and just install multi tv and wanted to receive more channels and have done blind scan as directed on this forum but still receiving only 10 TV channels. I am currently using dstv 1.8 pan and the multi tv decoder model is MDVB-S9800 MPEG2/H.264 compatible decoder. Please I need a reply ASAP and thanks for the job you are doing on this forum.

    N/B: My interest is in EPL, Nigeria and western movies.

  217. Hi, Mr Adekunle from Lagos Nigeria please I want to know how u got 24 channels from multi tv satellite because I just install mine but got only 10 channels. Are u using multi tv or another decoders I am using multi tv decoder. Please anybody is also free to shade more light. I reside in uyo south-south Nigeria. Thanks.

  218. please Mr. David, am using strong srt 4669x mpeg4 decoder and am able to get some channel on dstv. There is this channel called RDV from Senegal, I used to have the pictures but I rescan my decoder and I have lost the pictures. I was wondering if you could help me get the pictures back. Thank you

    • Bernard, RDV is encrypted.Whatever did like resetting your decoder was responsible for that. As you are using an SRT4669x just update your decoder and go through this thread and you will find how to reconnect to RDV and premiership soccer. Bon Sior

    • Hello please go through this thread and you will find the firmware software. A dstv card costs Ghc45.00. Go to any accredited agent and buy.

  219. It will be of great help to try and introduce more football leagues
    especially(english premier league & la “liga)and also introduce the
    payment of monthly bills because nothing good is offered freely.

  220. my multiv decoder restarts without any provocation and even after restarting it continues the restarting without stopping.
    when it happens like that i have to put it off & unplug it for not less than 30min. before i can now put on and start watching it. pls advise me on what to do

    • Did you attach a usb to the decoder or try updating the decoder? Well whatever happened a bug has attached itself to your decoder software. Try resetting the decoder and if that fails send it to Multi Tv with your receipt for assistance.

  221. why can’t we get the other channels tv3, metro tv, and the rest on our multitv decoders?
    Also, some of the chnnels, you can see the pictures but no sound and others too sounds come but no pictures.
    Please help us because the reason why we bought multi tv is to get crtv and we were hoping that, other channels like the one mentioned earlier will be added, but we were just deceived.

    • Hello. Maybe you should have bought a strong decoder SRT4669X. A multi TV decoder will only by right give you multi TV signals and channels.You cannot complain.

    • No, my brother. Just get the decoder and connect it. You will have to do a blind scan though, to get the Multi TV channels and other channels on the satellite band/ frequency. Should be around 28 channels with 3 encrypted.

    • Hello. from what I know, strong 4663 is Mpeg 2 but should be able to access CRTV. Please try updating your decoder and lets see what happens. Note that CRTV is back after re organizing its operations and could be using improved video codecs as their picture quality have improved drastically.

  222. Please just do a rescan of your decoder and you will have it. But I will post the freq and SR within 24 hours. They are not back on the same frequency so scan and get it or wait for my next post on the issue tomorrow.

    • Hello Charles. For updated firmware for your strong SRT4669X please go to this site and select the software listed as Its a zip file so you need to unzip it and then upload it onto your pen drive.

      After unzipping it, put the resultant software on the pen drive and upload it to your decoder. Make sure there is no power surge or failure during the updating. This is the latest software and was uploaded on Christmas eve.

      Good luck.

      • pls i tried upgrading my SRT 4663X to SRT 4669X n 4669XII but i keep gettin MEMORY ERROR.
        pls can any1 tell me wat to do n how to go about d upgrade.
        i’ve already downloaded n extracted d SRT 4669XII to my USB

  223. spancer chuchill and the host of this site, i want to thank u both for ur wonderful job. thank u again and keep it up, u are really bringing digital sat. more close to us. happy new year to u guys. and for those who re looking for free channels that are not free. stay clear this educating and distinguish forum.

  224. hello,
    david i would like to know if i can use my multi tv decoder to get the english premier league or i would need an mpeg 4 decoder to get it. if so is strong 4669 ok or which one would be good for that.
    also can i use c band dish and ku band to the same decoder, can you also give me a link i can ge x rated channels.
    the english league is very important so can you help me with that.

  225. Had it not been for CRTV, Multi tv would have been in my trash can so pls Multi tv step uppp with more channels and programs like EPL,La Liga and more Champions League games and stop Bundis liga and Serie A b’cos they SUCK!!!

    • It is only the media hype that makes the EPL and La Liga look as is they are interesting. Watch Bundeliga and enjoy tactical and entertaning football, not the kick-and -football that you see on EPL. I don’t miss it on JOY SPORTS.

  226. The set up directon you gave doesn’t apply to all decoders. so try to varry your directions.
    because, i’m using the one which has the slot for a card. with the number:SC-001CA

  227. Hi D, I very much apprciate the gud work u r doing by sharing this wealth of knwldge in this area. my multi tv dec has abt 29 chnls with some showing blank screens and alot more with pics and no sound. pls how do i get the sound for such stations.

    • RDV is on Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees East. This is the same satellite that hosts Multi Choice’s DSTV. You will need a FTA decoder preferably a Strong SRT4669X decoder, with the dish set to receive Eutelsat W4/7 satellite signals. After a blind scan you will find RDV as one of the channels.

      How to get RDV.

      Press 8280 on your remote while on the RDV channel, this will show the BISS key panel/window on your TV screen
      Scroll down to Row no. 19 All the numbers on this row are oooooooooooooooooo,

      Just replace the 1st 16 nos with these numbers (RDV Key): 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49 to unlock the signal.
      Press exit, YES when prompted to save changes.
      Enjoy RDV. I hope this ends the RDV questions on this thread. Please read all the postings to first check for a solution failing which you post the question. Thanks to all.

  228. Pls are there new channels added as at Jan.1st 2011/ how are my going to to get them. i heard Crtv is back i have added the tv but is showin bad signal . what do i do?

    • CRTV is on a new frequency and new symbol rate. Please rescan your decoder.To enter the settings manually use this.The parameters for the new CRTV is FREQUENCY: 12552, SYMBOL RATE:19531, and POLARITY: VERTICAL.

    • Most likely as its on the DSTV band. Just make sure you have an FTA decoder preferably a strong SRT4669X and on Eutelsat W4/7.But note the transmission is in french and may only be good for EPL or sports. It may interest you to note that they showed Italian league yesterday since there were no EPL matches but FA.

  229. “I hv heard that strong 4669x can receive DStv pls somebody show me how and can i receive super sports 1, 2, and 3 for free? somebody help me.”


  230. has muti tv and infinite tv added new channels to their existing channels 2011 please reply back to me.please. if yes send me the frequency.

  231. We know u try, is not easy to broadcast free on air, all this people that are saying channel this and that do they know that you are operating free to air?. Dstv they say is the best in Africa is it free?. Dont let anybody lie you, you try well well.

    • RAPHROYE, it is not possible to do that. The serial numbers do not match and that means you will end up frying your decoder. Buy an SRT4669x and save yourself the heartache.SRT4651x is a discontinued model and MPEG2 unlike the SRT4669x that is MPEG4.

  232. is it true that if someone upgrade his decoder(str 4669x).17 stations from dstv will show and the person wil be able to get the audio for infinity stations lik kinlosele,amc,switch etc.pls i want to confirm this before i pay 4 d upgradin

  233. Multi TV is doing a good job. I installed my strong decoder 4669 last week, and I have been enjoying all the channels on Joy TV,especially in JOY SPORTS.

  234. dear sir, multitv is a multimedia group but it seems u’ve left some members behind. Thus, nhyira fm, luv fm. Also add boss fm, fox fm, kessben fm, top radio, x fm, k fm, angel fm, jem fm, dinpa fm, peace fm, ok fm, etc – some in kumasi, sunyani & accra. We need more radio stations. Add moooooooooooooore.

  235. What is happening to Multi Tv these days.There are scratches on each station in the morning and loses signal in the afternoon and comes back in the evening with scratches again so please help me.

    • Eric, are you sure your satellite dish is properly aligned? Please get an installer to take a look at your dish.Let me know what happens.Good luck.

  236. Im using strong decoder 4663x,OH TV and Champion of fire Tv are not showing,but im hearing only d audio,i hv try 2 change d VPID code,i can get it,pls anybody there 2 send me d code i will apreciate it

  237. Dear Sir,
    I will be grateful if u can stop showing thesame film oftem which real make the channel to be boring.secondly can ypu add spanish la liga and the barclays premiership to ur channel if we have to give something small for it.I bought ur decorda which was cool but of late the system goes on and off, we brought it for repairs which worked well but it is still happening .pls make sure u always rectify the problem once and for all.Thank you

  238. Hello sir i am installer. Can give me the list of free satellite available in nigeria on ku band with frequency and symbol rate, polarization thanks.

  239. hi bro thanks for the other day i subscribe for DSTV compact bouquet but the major channel stations (SS10 AND 7NI) that made me pay for this bouquet is now scrambled while every other channel are showing well what can i do pls. heeeeelp i am missing the football matches i paid for…thanks and God bless

    • Please my multi tv cannot get tivi5monde and gntv junior please is there a problem with the direction of my dish if it cannot pick up the signals of these channels

  240. I dnt have astra 2b… Instead I have astra_if. I want to know if they r the same. N is it possible to update my multitv decoder.

  241. mourning good work u av been doing all d while may all might God do good to u and your family.Mr oluniyi, please i want to ask u about my own digital box of multitv decoder dat we av we can get infinity channel but we can fell their voice can u tell me what to do or it as no solution please just reply me sir bye.YOMI


  243. Hi am new here and i need your help mr Oluniyi. I just got my multi tv yesterday but crtv is not on it and am using strong 4669x, presently i have only 24 channels. what can i should i do.?

  244. Hello guru,pls mbc channels has gone off air on nilesat since 8th march,what is the problem?Have they change their frequencies?I’m writing from Nigeria.

  245. My decoder am using, those settings you have been giving doesn’t support mine. Though, when i scan it, i got the channels sometimes.

  246. hallo allemaal , iemand enig idee hoe ik tv uit west-afrika in belgie kan ontvangen ? landen als guinee , ghana , nigeria , ……
    dank bij voorbaat .

  247. Sir, i just bought mytv decoder strong 4669xii and i need the procedure of installing multitv and infinity station on it please help me out on what to ….. Thank

  248. Pls i haf 2 dish apart 4rm de multi dish n i want 2 conect 1 2 d multi using d disec so dat i can get different chanels but der is no instala around pls help me 2 do it by givin me d proceedure n d frequencies pls

  249. My Sunny fm and CRTV have being off air for the past 8 months.How do i get it back and also add oh Africa on my digibox

  250. i am using strong srt4669,i don’t watch english premiership,how do i add new channel that i will use in watching it pls.

  251. thanks David for the good job you are doing. i used the information that you gave on how to add more channels to the worked but most of the channels from nigeria had no audio (sound)to the pictures.
    how can this be solved?

  252. Hi Mr. Oluniyi! I like u soo much with what u are doing here bt u dnt answer my questions. I dnt know why. Can u explain to me why? I wuld also like to hav ur email adress. Thnk u. May u be bessed.

  253. I think multi-tv is doing his job permanently non montly payment, but we users are begging u respectively, to let us watch uefa live match, english premiership, la liga n more.., If any monthly payment for all live matches we can pay it. thank you!

  254. Hello every! Abeg dere’s no channel 2 watch on multi tv again, all is scramble except 4 d other ones (NTV, CCNTV…ETC) so wat’s up guys? Any new freq.? I’ll b waitin…tnx y’all

  255. my decoder is grundig gufsat01sd with freesat,am able to catch multi tv channels,i hear the sound but no picture.why

  256. l’m using SRT 4663, 4kids speaks but no can l adjust or what can l do to make d video appear?

  257. I used strong decoder 69 precisely bt i was told by installer dat i need 2 lnb 2 receive multi tv. I did dat bt still cant get it. Kindly help me u out. My ogas. David i beg

  258. my friends can watch some of Dstv channels on their multi TV through the help of some software. how can get some of the software to install on my Multi TV?

    • Aguti,I can assure you that there is no software for what you are talking about. What I know of is that a double LNB is fixed on a single dish fixed to recieve Astra 2A at 28 degrees east and Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees east. You can scan for both Multi TV and DSTV and watch both transmissions but you need an activated and fully paid up subscription for DSTV.

      If they are watching DSTV free,then that is illegal and we do not encourage illegal FTA viewing but legal FTA like multi tv, etc.

  259. Hello brothers,

    I just got myself a multi tv digibox and was successfully installed.I don’t my pressed a button and my God,every thing has restored to factory settings I need help on the sidelight name to select,the frequency and the polarity.

    thanx much.

  260. l please want to say that joy.t.v is the only station telecasting movies so please do somting new about it…….an d there are so many repetietions in ur hitz videos so show some new video from .quaku .t and d-black and other new musicians in the country…..and advetise better on ur joy series please thank u……….

  261. @Spencer Churchill he didn’t mention he/his friend were watching dstv for free. unless u have something else in mind. is cctv, ohtv etc not fta? remember they are in Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees east

    • Kindly read the answer I gave again. I said IF and not that they were actually doing that.

      If they are watching DSTV free,then that is illegal and we do not encourage illegal FTA viewing but legal FTA like multi TV, etc.

      Whatever you watch, when talking about it be specific as to whether FTA or encrypted signals that have become temporarily FTA. Anyone commenting on it can then make an informed comment.

  262. Hi pls. i have Multi Tv receiver that i install the channels that are on the Astra 2B satellite but i can’t get audio with the infinity channels. where can i download firmware to upgrade this multi Tv Receiver thanks
    pls. help me out

  263. thank you for your wonderful programs.please can you send me the frequency and system strength for decoder SRT 4669x.i lost it when scanning

  264. i used to receive some astra a signals like crtv, kilonsele, infinity, nija, etc. now only astra b stations are available. how can i get other satellites?

  265. Please sir, I am in sunyani, the capital of brong ahafo. I am using flat screen tv. LG 42″ HD tv. I have searched always for free digital channels but I aint had even one. I want to know what I will do to be able to receive any digital channel. Well please can u let me know the difference between STRONG DIGITAL tv and MULTI TV?

    • who asked u the kind of tv u use? u have money to nuy 42 icnh tv but to buy multitv or strong is a problem to u. u can buy both is not a perishable goods or go and buy dvd plates in the market

  266. David, i will b very glad if Multi TV can add TV3, Metro, TV Africa 2 its existing chanels 4 people in hinterlands 2 get access 2 their programs.

  267. Am having a problem with my satellite, i dont know but they are showing something on adom TV, another TV show volume will be there, why, please can you help me out.

    Thank You

  268. Hi, How do I get the color back on my TV using Multi TV in GHANA. I am using a Flat Screen lcd tv from the US. IT is a SHARP TV 22 INCHES NTSC. HOW DO I CHANGE IT TO ENABLE ME GET COLOR. IT SHOWS BLACK AND WHITE

  269. Hi guys,i recently got a free to air telesystem decoder but anytime i connect my dish,i get e feedback no signal. i need help asap.tnx


  271. hello, i’ve moved location and now my Multi-TV does not work anymore. when i scan, i see the channels displayed but no signal. No channels is working, what do i do. the default satellite in on Intelsat 12…HELP

  272. hey guys pls i av a question 2 ask u?is it by falls 2 open a company dat can not all fer a good service 2 there customers?or 2 d world,pls if u guys can’t render a good service pls pack ur load and go of air 4 now,stop re showing one film every day again,at list u guys are in lagos and film is very ship over there can’t u guy call ur self 2 question and ask ur self same question if u guys are in ur customers shoe will u like 2 view one film every day 4 what u paid 4 pls try and do some ting about it or.

  273. sir i must say thank u a million and one for ur good job but after a heavy rain and thunderstorm recently in my area my 4669×11 strong lost every inch of signal what do i do

    • Sir,
      I’m one of your customers in volta, jasikan. my problem is that my multi tv decoder has been freezing. when it happens,the machine seizes to fuction what should i do? due to that my friends are feeling reluctant to buy them

  274. God bles u 4al d gud job.goin tru ur post,u av help me alot espcialy n rdv,i av a str69 wit 2.6m dish.sir where nd how cn i get mor useful chanel sport mostly nd in western nigeria. Again God bles u

  275. I added some new channels to my multitv channels. The sound on some of the new channels I got cannot be heard. I learned there is a way to fix that. Can someone help me as soon as possible? I am using the black digibox (MDVB-S9800)

  276. David i’m from Cameroon and i can RECEIVED LMT TV and CRTV Ghana on my Multitv decoder i will like some one to help with some tips on how i can add these two channel Thanks


  278. i have watched multi tv channels and they are better than i ever talked of. they should add more channels to it.

  279. pls i tried upgradin my SRT 4663X to SRT 4669X (5.4mb) or 4669XII(5.5mb) via my USB FLASH but all i keep getting is MEMORY ERROR.
    Pls can any1 tell me wat to do n how 2 go abt d upgrade

    * 720 × 480, 704 × 480, 352 × 480, 352 × 240 pixel (NTSC)
    * 720 × 576, 704 × 576, 352 × 576, 352 × 288 pixel (PAL)

    1920 x 1080


    • Pilato SRT4669XII costs around $120.00 US dollars in Ghana And is available from Platinum Satellite Opposite Frankie’s on the Oxford Street at Osu R.E. in Accra.

  281. @Paracletos use this link
    e.g in your location enter lagos,niheria
    in all satellite enter choose 28.5e eurobird 1.
    if your address is already in Google earth, u can locate your house and put the dish where u want it to be on the screen before installation.
    good luck