Ghanaian MP Eric Amoateng arrested for trafficking heroin

I’m a little surprised that it took the BBC so long to come out with information about the arrest and detention of a Ghanaian “honourable” Member of Parliament in the US, for trafficking $6 million worth of heroin. I guess they were waiting for government confirmation.

I heard about this despicable act last Friday on Kokonsa’s program on Radio Gold in Accra, Ghana, and found it incredible. Over the weekend, more details emerged, though rather sketchy.
By Monday morning, it was confirmed by Joy FM that the arrested fellow was indeed a member of parliament.

One thing I found interesting while listening to ‘Joy FM’s Super Morning Show’ was that, they played the voice of a leading MP saying when he first heard the news last week, he prayed to GOD, that the fellow arrested be a member of the NDC and not the NPP cos they would be unable to face the shame. Imagine the cheek of it! Anyway, obviously, his prayer was not answered.

This MP has indeed brought a big shame to his country.

What’s more? He could be facing life imprisonment. One can only imagine the kind of rigorous checks Ghanaians would go through whenever they are travelling, as a result of this shameful scandal.

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