Dell Unveils New PowerEdge Servers with Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

Dell Technologies has announced the expansion of its PowerEdge server portfolio, introducing new models designed to improve performance and efficiency across various workloads, from data centres to edge computing environments.

Key Highlights

  • New Models: The PowerEdge R670 and R770 CSP Edition servers bring performance upgrades and a standardised server architecture for easier deployment and serviceability.
  • Processor Innovation: These servers will be the first to market featuring the Intel® Xeon® 6 Efficient core processor.
  • Compact Performance: The PowerEdge T160 and R260 servers double performance in a smaller footprint.

Comprehensive Upgrades for Varied Workloads

The new Dell PowerEdge servers are built to serve a diverse range of customers, including cloud service providers (CSPs), small businesses, and edge computing operations. These upgrades promise significant performance improvements, supporting a variety of compute-intensive workloads.

Travis Vigil, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Solutions Group Product Management at Dell Technologies, commented, “Our customers are turning to our newest servers to run more compute-intensive workloads while trying to manage power and emissions. This builds on our 30 years of experience where Dell PowerEdge has been the backbone of IT infrastructure, helping customers adapt to evolving business needs and supporting workloads across edge, core data centres, and the cloud.”

Enhanced Performance for Cloud Service Providers

The new PowerEdge R670 CSP Edition and R770 CSP Edition servers are optimised for high-performance computing tasks, such as virtualisation and data analytics. They feature Smart Cooling technology for energy efficiency and versatile configurations that facilitate easier deployment and maintenance.

These servers will be the first to market with the Intel® Xeon® 6 Efficient core processor, offering up to 2.3 times more performance per rack compared to previous generations. They also introduce the Data Centre – Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) architecture, which standardises servers for easier integration into existing infrastructures.

Ryan Tabrah, Vice President & General Manager of Intel® Xeon® Efficient-core Products at Intel Corporation, stated, “Intel is excited to have Dell Technologies at the forefront of our development on the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® 6 processor, enabling customers across industries to quickly and seamlessly deliver on the promise of high-density, efficient compute for AI data centres of the future.”

Compact Solutions for Small Businesses

The PowerEdge T160 and R260 servers are designed for small businesses and remote offices, offering powerful computing in a compact form. The T160 server, with its reduced physical footprint and sustainable materials, is 23% more power efficient than its predecessor. The R260 also features a reduced footprint and increased versatility, making it suitable for near-edge virtualisation with up to 50% reduced latency.

Kuba Stolarski, Research Vice President at IDC Enterprise Infrastructure Practice, noted, “Technology that maximises energy efficiency and infrastructure density without compromising performance is critical for modern sustainable data centre operations. Dell’s portfolio offers organisations of all sizes innovative server solutions to meet their sustainability goals while simplifying management and enhancing performance with the current generation of technology.”


  • The Dell PowerEdge R670 CSP Edition and R770 CSP Edition will be available globally to qualified Cloud Service Providers in July, with general availability to follow.
  • The Dell PowerEdge T160 and R260 servers will be available globally in May.

These new offerings from Dell Technologies aim to provide robust, energy-efficient solutions for a wide range of business needs, reinforcing Dell’s position as a leader in the server market.

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