How to watch free channels on DStv Africa. Channels & Settings.

Notice: New & updated info is in the link above.

For those who do not know already, there a few unencrypted channels on Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat W7, both located at 36° East. DStv was formerly on W4 but is now beaming its signals from W7. The information I am sharing relates to how to view the unencrypted channels that share the same satellite as Multichoice’s DStv, and not how to illegally hack into DStv’s encrypted channels.

DStv decoders are designed, manufactured and sold to receive Multichoice services only. Therefore, I offer no guarantee that all the channels I am sharing would necessarily work on your DStv decoder. The DStv HD decoder for example, does not offer a “Public bouquet” and even for the single view decoders that do, one might be unable to watch the unencrypted channels once subscription is overdue. It would thus make the most sense to simply buy a good MPEG4-compatible digital satellite receiver and connect same to your satellite dish. There would be more on that later.

Some unencrypted TV channels currently available on Eutelsat W4 & W7.
Some unencrypted TV channels currently available on Eutelsat W4 & W7. Image:

The free channels from China

The easiest unencrypted channels to watch are the following 3 TV channels from China Central Television (CCTV), the major state television broadcaster in mainland China:

  • CCTV News (formerly CCTV 9): this channel is targetted at an English-speaking international audience and mainly broadcasts news and current affairs programmes
  • CCTV-F: programming targetted at a French-speaking international audience
  • CCTV-4: an international channel broadcast in Chinese language

Any DStv decoders can view the CCTV channels whether your subscription is expired or not. So long your satellite is pointed towards 36° East.

If you are using a good Free-To-Air (FTA) digital satellite receiver, a blind scan should reveal the CCTV channels. Else, enter the following parameters to your receiver:

  • In South AfricaFrequency: 11637 Symbol rate: 22000 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/4
  • Rest of AfricaFrequency: 11940 Symbol rate: 27500 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4 and Frequency: 11862 Symbol rate: 27500 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4

The free channels from East Africa

In recent times, a few channels have emerged on Eutelsat W7 from Kenya, and beamed at the African continent:

  • NTV Kenya: a leading TV channel in Kenya offering news and general entertainment
  • KBC Channel 1: a TV service from the wholly-state owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
  • K24: a news and current affairs channel from Kenya
  • KTN Kenya: an all-round channel in Kenya. Arguably the leading TV station
  • NTV Uganda: a general entertainment channel targetted at Uganda


  • Frequency: 11731 Symbol rate: 8751 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/5
  • Frequency: 11716 Symbol rate: 3141 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/4

The free channels from Francophone West Africa

A bouquet of mostly French-speaking African channels exist on Eutelsat W4.

  • La Chaîne de Futur (LCF): a tv channel from Togo
  • Mboa TV: an entertainment TV channel based in France and exclusively dedicated to black-afro artists
  • RTS 1 (Senegal): Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise (RTS) is the Senegalese public broadcasting company
  • 2STV: a TV channel in Senegal broadcasting mainly cultural programmes, interviews with local music and other artistic stars, and talkshows
  • Touba TV: a privately-owned TV channel in Senegal
  • ORTB TV: Office de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin (ORTB) is a the mainstream terrestrial television channel and radio operator in Benin
  • LoveWorld Plus: Christian-themed programming in  English language from Nigeria


  • Frequency: 12437 Symbol rate: 23437 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4

Kindly note that the channels are subject to change without notice. Thus, re-scanning your receiver regularly ensures that you are constantly in the loop as to the current channels.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. Hello. Keep the info coming. Please there is another channel called MBOA on the same Eutelsat w4 at 36 degrees East. Its a solely music channel targeted at FRANCOPHONE Afro musicians. The signal originates from France.Lets keep sharing info.

  2. hi i want to know more about this and eventually make use of the info pls i want to know more about the free subscription from any decoder which could be turned into business in nigeria

  3. tell me more about this mpeg4 compatible receiver and if its available in nigeria, pls i need to know more about the eu sat4 satelite thanks as i await your reply

    • Abayomi, about your enquiries, I simply suggest you consult in knowledgeable satellite installer in your locality, for detailed information about MPEG4-compatible satellite receivers and your available options.

      • It’s what told a technician i need a decoder MPEG4. Today I’m going buy it and fix it after fasting month.
        I thank you again.

  4. What has gone wrong with the transmission of ETV; CNBC; SABC and some friendly channels on MY TV broadcast. I am pissed off with their lack of interest in explaining the reasons for keeping the station in limbo.

  5. thank u guys for sharing what u know. i think everyone owns a satellite dish should pay an amont yearly in contribution shouting our own satellite in the future, the NCA should take charge of this excercise.

  6. Hello,
    I would like to know how I can get your channels without your Dstv. in addition , If you sell an antenne especial to watch your movies in some country as the Cote d’Ivoire. How we can use your antenna ,that’s I want use through movies to improve my English .I’m expecting your answer.

  7. I really enjoy our world cup, courtesy DSTv mobile. Pls, help us reachout to Nokia to reduce the price of the Nokia5330’s battery. After all, i think a spare battery should have accompany the phone. Also, they should review the phone and make it a flat phone.

  8. Please i need d frequency &saterllite 4 etv and other free to air on d small dis that is alway showing football like, F.A CUP,UEFA,CARLING CUP ND OTHER PLS.

  9. i heard that crtv ghana have started their 50 channel, please can you help and give us the info where we can locate the satellite. and the frequency with the symborate

  10. Hello,
    I thank you for you help, I still look for in Abidjan, otherwise I could call this number what you gave me.
    Have to nice week end





  12. you are indeed a woderful guy making us proud,pls send me your full contact both mail and phone.i have a bussiness for you.Very urgent.THANKS

  13. Pls i want to know if i can watch Cameroon programes on my DSTV while in Lagos, Nigeria?
    Or what should i do?
    kind Rgds.

  14. Hello sir crtv is also selling a sat decoder witg 50 channel program on to it.can u pls give the angel,frequency,symbol rate,polarization pls.

  15. Pls i need fta freq and symbol rate working on mytv decoder also i have fta channels like infinity tv, crtv, gtv, ltm tv, blw pastors, loveworld plus, cec channels

  16. Plx i luv the way u publish this free channel.. But how can someone wash the free chanel on dstv with out hv dstv decoder ..or is any decoder can work it? b/c i have hitv decoder and startimes decoder ..tanx

  17. Good job u doin man, keep it up. Also pls do u know anything about NTA stb box i mean d newly introduced decoder, d channel list and d frequency pls. If u do kindly post here. Some 1 said they’ve been usin in Abuja.

  18. Well, you can still use a strong decoder like SRT4669X or higher. Go to and make your choice out of their hi-tech universal range of decoders.Then you can make your purchase.

    Once the installer has set your dish to receive Eutelsat w4 at 36 degrees East, and your decoder preferably an SRT4669x which is MPEG 4 is set up at Eutelsat W4.

    You can do a blind scan and get DSTV channels and all FTA on that band. Also HITV channels will be included. Make sure you subscribe to watch any of the DSTV or HITV channels. DSTV and HITV cannot be hacked. You risk frying your decoder.

    • I don’t understand you .. do you mean that i can re-scan my strong decoder and get dstv stations on it.. and if i subscribe.. i will be able to watch them for free

    • how do i subscribe..cos i understand that i need to get a card and i need a decoder before i can have access….can u give me the subscription process…….

  19. I am a christian who always watch christian channel on free public channels but unfortunately DBN OR GILBERT DEYA MINISTRIES just dissapeared.HOw can i get hold of it again.pls help me. I am in South Africa Mbombela KaBokweni.

  20. Pls guys i need information on aub channel which gtv normaly join if they want to shows live sports.pls need frq symb pol

    • AUB is not a TV channel in the strict sense of the word but a service of an union of African Broadcasters that produces and distributes TV programming usually during sporting events. Thus, there is to satellite parameters to be shared as even their live feeds are very likely to be encrypted.

  21. Pls,i use a str 4669x decoder,yet the eutelsat w7 is not listed among the inherent sats,is there a way i can search it out b’cos i av only w4,w3 and sum odas but nt w7 sat

  22. Thank u for info.I’ve tried those frequency succesiful except the free channels from east africa.Once i enter symbo rate(rt) on my dstv decoder…The world ‘Invalid symbo rate’ display on the screen.What can i do?

    • Hello, am having the same problem here in Lusaka and wld luv to access the kenyan channels, did u find a solution? if so pliz share with me

  23. Why does the leaflet promoting Multi TV claim 20 channels & Radio stations, when this is clearly not the case, also 200 further channels in the future, please be more specific…

    I would also like to see channels from South Africa…

  24. Hi am flezzy from nigeria thanks a lot for ur new free to air channel. am using Hitv decoder all the frequency ur give is bring out signal except 11731 with symol rate 8751 and that is the one i need most plz help me out thanks. plz reply me through my email

  25. Pls I am subscribed to DSTV family bouquet option and I still av some bonafide channels scrambled at times pls wat can I do or is it normally from multi choice?. Thanks.

  26. I thank you so much for your help, I just buy that decoder named STRONG MPEG4 when the supplier set I watched all channels I wanted to improved my English . bye

  27. Well through trial & error, I have successfully added 10 extra channels, I have no voice on the Love channel & some of the channels are yet to start. (any of the instructions given above by others do not correspond with the options that are available on the Muti tv box)
    Here’s how you do it:
    1. select Menu
    2. Search Satelite
    3. Auto search
    4. Start search
    A screen should be visible now with a blank channel & radio menu, it takes a few secs for the search to begin, & a few mins to complete.
    I have just saved myself 30cd, which 1 installer wanted to charge me for the extra channels LOL!!!!

  28. Dear, U r really wonderful in this great work, may the Lord increase ur knowledge. but I still want u to help me give me the frequency & polarization of the 50 channels of the CRTV. kamsonjay from Togo.

  29. I thank you to your help because of I have could instalered my antenna and I get twenty-four free channel. Thanks a lot Bro.
    Take care of you

  30. Hello. I seem to have noticed that OH TV is on Eutelsat 4 at 36 degrees east DSTV band.I hope I am not the only one watching it. Please confirm. Thanks.

  31. Honestly,u are great. But kindly keep us posted on any development on all d frequencies needed to view d free channels. Also,I want to be independent,like how much do I need to get to establish myself atleast small scale buz. Thanks

  32. how i can get free nigeria chanel in cote d’ivoire abidjan pls,we payed 1 mounth for hitv but now he expire pls give me frequence for get free chanell on hitv decoder

  33. Pls, i’m using strong 4669x with DSTv smart card, recently all nigerian channels(AIT,CHANNELS, SOUND CITY,…)started showing SCRAMBLE CHANNELS,while others ar showing. i’ve called DSTV but said problem not from them, i now tested my smart card in DSTV decoder all this chanels shows well, not not showin on my 4669x. just 5 of the chanels. pls help
    oyewale from nigeria

  34. Gud day Oluniyi,sincerely I aprc8 ur kind gesture towards us all,God’ll enrich u d more. Amen. Pls ‘Niyi,I am an installer,& would luv to be one of the best installers in Nigeria & beyond. What are d things I really needed to do to qualify? Also,kindly send to me d more info on free to air channels. Thanks

  35. I put the parameter of rest of africa cos i’m living in nigeria but to my suprise i only get NTV kenya and i don’t get the rest and i rescanned is the same. Is there a problem? Pls me out.

  36. Hello, am Pappy from Ghana!

    Please help me on how to search the free network on my dstv. I am using the single view decoder.

    Please I want to view the free channels you mention in your article. But I don’t know how to go about it. The decoder is very complex, I don’t want to damage it.

    Please help me with steps to follow on how to search for the free networks. Your timely response will be appreciate. Send your response with help instruction to my email box!

    May God continue to bless and empower you more for your good will to Africa community.


  37. I am using the DSD 1131 decoder. I try settings for free to air East africa on network 2 I get signal strength of about 60%. However the public operator bouquet is not functional. I cant access the free to air channels in Kenya. Kindly advice

  38. Please Niyi,I observed that Strong Decoder 4663X could not be used to activate mytv cards anymore except 4669x,why? & secondly,even if you have the 4669X,you can only use it to activate once,is it true & why? Thanks

  39. first let be thank you for ur support i really enjoy the good works u have been doing. i am an installer i really want to know more about installation, being perfect on it and beyond. i really dont know how possible it is to get free to air channel from dstv decoder.thanks i also need ur number to learn more about installation.

  40. Hey, im not sure which satellite server or what what my decoder is, but what is usually displayed when i rescan is IS7/10. But my request is dat can you help me install the emmanuel tv channel on my decoder. any help would be appreciated, in in East London South Africa. I will be happy if you show me how to install with all types of frequencies as im not sure it will work on myn. Sipho

    • How to tune in Emmanuel TV on your DSTV receiver
      1.Go to channel 100 on your DSTV.
      2.Press the Menu button on your remote.
      3.Press 7 for Advanced Options.
      4.Press 1 for Dish Installations.
      5.Enter Pin:9949
      6.You will have the menu-Go to the disable Network and change it to DSTV PAS7 and Press OK.
      7.You will have the Menu (Make sure you change the settings to the following).

      Satellite Name : DSTV PAS 7
      LNB POWER : ON
      LNB LO FREQUENCY : 9750
      LNB HI FREQUENCY : 10700
      FREQUENCY : 12682
      SYMBOL RATE : 26657
      FEC : 1/2
      USE NIT : YES

      NOTE:Some of the above might be greed out,and then change the highlighted ones.
      After changing the settings to the above,press OK on “ACCEPT DISPLAYED VALUES AND LEAVE SCREEN back to the Dish Installations menu,so scroll down to SCAN ALL NETWORKS and press OK.It will scan and take you back to your normal DSTV channels
      To watch Emmanuel TV :
      1. On your remote,press the TV button.
      2. Press the Up Arrow'(^)button on your remote.
      3.Find and select PUBLIC PAS 7/10 and press OK
      4.Press P+ button on your REMOTE until you find Emmanuel TV.Alternatively press the down menu with all the available channels.
      (Note this will not affect any of your other channels,when moving between the PAS 7/10 and DSTV,press button and select desired platform. –go to this web site if you have any questions or are having trouble setting your decoder.

      Many thanks
      God bless

      • I have tried everything possible to connect to emmanuel tv but its not working. I have used the above settings but still not going. I even used this setting> frequency of 12722, symbol rate of 26657, at vertical and 1/2 but still no way. what is wrong. I was told is because my signal quality is too high. When ever i try the above settings my signal level is between 38 to 42 while my signal quality is 0%. Please kindly help me connect to emmanuel tv and to have the correct signal quality.

    • Netwerk Freq Symb FEC Pol NIT
      8 11170 26652 5/6 v yes
      9 11625 15000 2/3 v yes
      10 11682 26657 1/2 v yes
      11 11170 26654 5/6 v yes
      12 10970 30000 5/6 v yes
      13 12722 26657 2/3 v yes
      14 12684 26652 1/2 h
      15 12562 26657 1/2 h
      Probeer gerus vir FTA

    • I have used a DSD1110(+2) to watch the multichoice PAY and the Technosat T-888 silver in Zambia for the FTA.
      I am back in RSA and I have entered the codes into the DSD1110(+2). I still watch the Multichoice and on the menu I select PAS7 and all the FTA chanels are there. No effect on the other channels.
      One thing that I have noticed. I have entered the codes on the Technosat T-888 and the FTA chanels on the two decoders are not the same. So I use both.
      I can watch SABC1,2 &3 as FTA on the Technosat (not on the DSD1110) and as soon as I find a editor that will allow me to download the keys and codes from the technosat, I will forward it.
      This weekend I will try a different sat. O yes. At present I am using the sat at 68 deg.

  41. Hi,
    My FTA decoder is Astrovox 260. Its one of those old models. My question is, do we have a decoder capable of decoding all the frequencies in Intelsat 7/10?

  42. Hi, i need the settings for strong satellite receiver and recorder in tamale,here in Ghana.i would be very glad if u could help me.

  43. Thanks man, this is just my first visit to this great site and i can feel the passion of a true Naija in you. I just got an info from somebody that there is one particular free channel on hitv signal showing live english premiership, can you pls tell me more about that? Bless you bro.

    • HiTV is a premium satellite TV service and I am very skeptical about HiTV beaming something as valuable as the English Premier League (EPL) for free.
      You might want to cross-check with your friend for the real fact.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  44. Gud day big bro,if not u in most of d installer’s life,installation would av been difficult. I ask a questn d last time that I would love to stand on my own,how much (#) am I going to like av to start afresh? Kindly help me out. Tnx

  45. Hi David! i have the 1131 dstv decoder and would like some info on how to tune the decoder to receive more channel in Kenya. I can watch any of the public dstv channels. Please help me with the settings.
    Thank you so much n have a good day.

  46. Hello, would I be able to watch african magic yoruba frm south african, pls if I do, can you kindly give me the code with sum explanation?

  47. Weldone sir,iam 4rm nja pls help me on hw to install free channels on dstv dish with strong x4663 decorder pls where i can whatch free movie and india films

  48. hello i am using strong srt4653 and i cant get all this east african station i hope you can just tell me how to do it the frequency # NTV Kenya:
    # KBC
    # K24:
    # KTN
    and i can as get rdv as well i dont know what is happening can you just help me out and this frequency aint working # Frequency: 11731 Symbol rate: 8751 Polarization: Vertical FEC: 3/5 please can you mail me and let me have answer in my mail direct

  49. Hi there, PLease I love in South Africa, and I would like to watch Africa Magic Yoruba. Do you have any settings I might be able to use? Thanks a lot!

  50. Hi there, Please I live in South Africa, and I would like to watch Africa Magic Yoruba. Do you have any settings I might be able to use? Thanks a lot!

    • By your request, I am assuming DStv does not offer Africa Magic Yoruba in South Africa. There is little that can be done about it. The satellite that serves southern Africa is different from the one that serves the rest of Africa. The “rest of Africa” (W7) satellite cannot beam signals to South Africa. If you can go through the troubles of investing in a very big dish, you might be able to track EutelSat W7 at 36•E, home to Africa Magic Yoruba.

      Else, just petition Multichoice South Africa to broadcast Africa Magic Yoruba.

      I hope I made sense to you. 🙂

  51. Yeah, you def made sense…and thanks for the quick response too! I guess my only option is to try and petition Mnet SA..

    Thanks again.

  52. hi david,
    pls im using a free to air decoder named dolphin(cant remember the model now)even though i got about 11 free to air channels(ORTB, LOVEPLUS etc) using the dstv dish but how can i watch football especially the premiership and the champions league and how can i get more channels. God bless you and more grease to your elbow .

    akinbiyi from lagos

  53. Bro,I sincerely apreciate everything you are doing for us all,even though some of us ask questions that we knew it might not be possible,you still went extral miles to respond,thanks a lot. What can I do to be an independent person,I mean,I want to be a professional in any satellite installation on or before January 2011,also would like to have your direct phone no(s),please. Thank you.

  54. Tanks a milion time 4 ur help.pls is usin srt 4669 4 free browsin posible?then where can i download d software dat wil enable 2 browse free.any new frequency 4 crtv ghana?they ave been off 4 days now.any new tp kindly email me. God bless 9ija @50

  55. thank i have see ur effort in making people smile,pls how can i get free ch for Nigerien satellite with strong decoder,pls i will be waiting for ur reply thanks

  56. Thanks 4 all your effort in making even d novice to grab sth in satellite world. can u pls say sth about crtv, its been off 4 sometimes now. pls do you know anything about free2view channels? i got some channels there while troubleshooting a particular sat and i am interested in those channels especially canal tv- about 2 or 3 ch- and capetown tv which goes off and comes on again. anything on that? crtv dont forget. thanks a lot.

  57. I m in Namibia Installer credited by namibia Multchoice, I m having with FTA reveice in SABC 1,2 & 3 most of the time my customs complained that SABC 1,2 & 3 in scramble but is well installing what to do? some receiver are open by pin number and i dont knw pin

    • As I understand that was illegally brodcast over the FTA channels and is stopped on request by
      1. Possibly licensing issues?
      2. The channel has put a stop to this illegal broadcast by a 3rd party and will only be available in South Africa on analogue or pay dstv?

      There are only two ways to receive
      1. Move to RSA.
      2. Get the cheapest “Select 1” option from multichoice (Africa)

  58. Activate the PATCH MENU on the Technosat T-888 Silver receiver.

    You must be in the VIDEO mode. (Not Radio)
    Select any channel.
    Press the F1 button on your remote.
    The display displays a H

    For the PATCH
    Enter 000
    The PATCH option will be turned on or off.

    Enable the patch panel (FTA) on the Technosat decoder.

    For the RS232 mode
    Enter 111
    The RS232 mode menu is displaying on the TV.
    Select EXTERNAL BOX and EXIT to escape.
    Now you can check MENU/INSTALLATION for more options.

    My question is now as follows: “What can I do with the RS232 mode?”
    Please, do it on your own risk!

    Codes for the SABC1, 2 &3 FTA receiver

    SAT NAME: Pas7_10_KU
    TRANSPONDER:11674 v 26652

    SABC1: (PID) V85 A83 P85
    SABC2: (PID) V260 A34 P260
    SABC3: (PID) V65 A89 P65
    ETV: (PID) V272 A273 P272 (SIGNAL IS BLOCKED)
    BTV: (PID) V308 A256 P8190

    Try this for more than 40 FTA TV and Radio (Previous reply)
    It is working on Multichoice DSTV decoder as well as FTA decoder.

    FTA keys for SABC1, 2 &3
    2C01 00 DA4DE33309082660 ;SABC 68°E
    2C01 01 DE482B9063E9C654 ;SABC 68°E
    2D01 00 DA4DE33309082660 ;SABC 68°E
    2D01 01 DE482B9063E9C654 ;SABC 68°E

    See also;



  59. I got sum settin 4 free2air channel on my dual view decoder which I even gottin almost 89 channel, but now dat I change 2 PvR, I don’t get enuf channel & I used d same very code I used 4 my dual view, I only get 39 wit no muvi station, pls help out if u can!
    Sowi, I wanna ask how many free channel do u get on free2air south africa? Thnx

  60. I have a dual LNB with a temporary 14 inch (35mm) X 15.5 inch (39mm) model SO351m01 reflector (dish.) I left my 1.5meter dish in Zambia when I moved back to Centurion-Gauteng-RSA.
    I have to go for a groin rupture operation and there after I will install my 74 inch dish with a BSC621-2 LNB and a 26 inch dish with a model LK6NS-00 LNB to see what else I can get from KU Pas7-10 and from Eutelsat W4 & W7. I also want to do a manual for dummies on how to install a dish and set it up. I have surfed the net and I am not happy with the instructions that I found.
    What I see with the small dish and a Multichoice DSD1110 (+2)single decoder is;
    My Tv, CTV, EMMAN, HOPE, WRS, SEN3, SEN4, SEN5, SEN6, ADSA1, AIR03, SWC, KRUIS (I like this one), LOVEW, EZEKI, ITV, DAYST, GODCH, F24, MADAM, FAITH, MESSI, PRESS, MUVI, NOVO, SUPRE, ACLAM, ABN, KICC, AHLUL. (It is 28 out of about 244 channels.)
    With the same dish and the other half of the LNB on the Technosat T-888 silver and the same settings, I see the following;
    The problem that I have with MUVI is that every time after a power failure in Centurion, the DSD1110 reboots and skips a lot of channels. After I have read your request, there were only 7 channels on FTA. I have reboot it from the menu and now it is back to 28.
    You have 11 channels more than I. Why?

    I will ask Oluniyi D. Ajao to pass my e-mail address on to you.

  61. Oluniyi,

    Hi, I have got a motor and want to install dish which satellite do I target as starting point on setting up I’m in ZImbabwe.


  63. Gud day my big bros,I actually want u to help me send some settings on JoyTv,InfinityTv to my e-mail. I just discovered that with SRT4669x,one could watch some entertaining programms for free. Kindly respond to my e-mail,I shall be awaiting ur reply. Tnx

  64. hello i love dstv package. how can i receive dstv on IS 7/10 at on c band..i get the satellite channels list with its on c band. i cant watch these channel on old decoder. have any solution plz tell me plz…..

  65. Update on my previous reply.
    Play with te following frequencies on IS 7/10 at 68.5 degrees.
    I have managed to get MYTV and BTV on the DSD1110 (+2) but lost AIR03 (now 30 tv channels).
    I have managed to get SWC on the Technosat T-888 silver (now 19 channels).

    Frequency to “11170” Symbol Rate to “26652” to “V” FEC to “5/6”
    Frequency to “11170” Symbol Rate to “26654” to “V” FEC to “5/6”
    Frequency to “11625” Symbol Rate to “15000” to “V” FEC to “3/4”
    Frequency to “11674” Symbol Rate to “26652” to “V” FEC to “5/6”
    Frequency to “11674” Symbol Rate to “26652” to “V” FEC to “2/3”
    Frequency to “11252” Symbol Rate to “26657” to “H” FEC to “1/2”
    Frequency to “12522” Symbol Rate to “26657” to “H” FEC to “1/2”
    Frequency to “12562” Symbol Rate to “26657” to “H” FEC to “1/2”
    Frequency to “12682” Symbol Rate to “26657” to “H” FEC to “1/2”
    Frequency to “12722” Symbol Rate to “26657” to “V” FEC to “1/2”
    Frequency to “12722” Symbol Rate to “26657” to “H” FEC to “2/3”

    As soon as I am out of hospital;
    1. I will compile a list on what each frequency gives us.
    2. I will play with Eutelsat W7 on KU band and let you know.

    If there are frequencys not working on your system, get someone to fine tune your dish first. This is my technosat problem because all the frequencies start with 12*** are not working “No signal”.

    Lekker speel. (enjoy)

    • pls,can you send me free channel frequency in dstv and multitv.can you also pls give secret code to e-tv in mytv,i use 4669x strong decoder

  66. I would like to get Bloomberg TV playing in the background in my office but am not prepared to pay DSTV another 500+ rand per month for the privilege (only available on their most expensive option and already paying at home)
    I have tried to watch it online but the buffering etc issues are horrendous
    Anybody got any suggestions – In the UK where I am from it was a Free to Air service provided by Sky
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    • new decoder? Get an installer to help you. But if you are replacing an old decoder then do a blind scan.But check but checkout Eutelsat 4 or7 at 36 degrees east for a start. Happy viewing

  67. the dollar ($) channels on Eutelsat W7/W4 are all now free to air so enjoy it whiles it last. 17 channels in all

    eg. Africa magic and plus, ss9,bliz sport news, Met Action, magic world etc.

    11844 v 27499 or 11865 v 27500

  68. I am Daniel frm Nigeria pls help I watch dis stations,Africa magic and plus, ss9,bliz sport news, Met Action, magic world etc.but no sound i will be very greatfull if my request is accepted

    • Your decoder preferably a strong srt4669x updated with the latest software from Persian whizkid and the HE_AAC software installed. You need the HE-AAC sound format to get audio like on some of infinity channels.

  69. I am Daniel frm Nigeria pls help I watch dis stations,Africa magic and plus, ss9,bliz sport news, Met Action, magic world etc.but NO SOUND
    i will be very greatfull if my request is accepted

    • Blindscan on your srt4669x updated with the latest software from Persian whizkid and HE_AAC software installed. You need the HE-AAC sound format to get audio.

    • Strong decoders SRT4669x has sound if you have HE_AAC software installed.For DSTV decoders please talk to an accredited DSTV agent or installer for help as you cannot tamper with DSTV equipment or install software on their decoders.But I believe their HD and latest decoders have that software.

      Looking at the picture quality, I believe the channels are for their HD bouquet and this is the trial signal. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  70. NO I dont pay just go to menu and put in dis frequency
    11844 v 27499 or 11865 v 27500 u ar free to go
    but 4 now NO SOUND

  71. Ockert pls help im in zambia and get only about 18channels no Emman,My tv,etc could it be bcoz signal stregnth is less than 70per cent.

    • Good morning Goofy,
      On my DSD1110 (+2) I have a signal strength of 68% and quality of 100%
      On my Technosat T-888 silver I have a signal strength of 93% and quality of 100%
      I have a dual LNB with a temporary (mobile) 14 inch (35mm) X 15.5 inch (39mm) model SO351m01 dish. The one LNB feeds both my decoders.
      If the dish is not better that 90% alligned, the DSD does not work at all but the Technosat has no problems.
      Funny, the DSD(68%) has more FTA than the Technosat(93%).
      I will investigate as soon as I am mobile and my wife allows me…(I have not check the signal with a meter yet.)

      (I am in love with your country and would like to move back to Kafue road, Rome, Lusaka. Ndola is a beautiful town and I think Choma or Zimba? is second. I do not like Kitwe!)

      Lesa Apale

  72. Can anybody help plead to Multichoice? They brought down their price saying they are doing promo but refused to meet the demand of millions of Nigerians. Presently,my customers are on me because I could not meet up,going to 3weeks now,what can I do?

  73. Thanks guy for the wonderful info.
    Please I would be highly delighted if u can send me the “whiz persian & HE-AAC” software and CODE to my mail so that i can install it in my “srt4669x” receiver.
    Thanks on your respoose.

    • Hello. Please go to Google and paste the following and search. This will bring you to index of/ strong patch software. Click on it and viola you have the software web page.

      This will also bring you to a series of software and look out for and click on this software to download. .

      Remember it is for strong SRT4669x only. Good luck.

  74. Eutelsat W7/W4 is working in South Africa
    Frequency: 11637
    Symbol rate: 22000
    Polarization: HOR
    FEC: 3/4
    If the Polarization is V as per this blog, it does not work.

    The settings on my technosat 11637/h/22000
    Transponder: 11637/h/22000
    Motor off:
    LNB: Universal or (9750/10650)
    0/12v: off
    22KHz off
    LNB Power: 13/18V

    Signal quality on Frequency: 12437 Symbol rate: 23437 Polarization: Horizontal FEC: 3/4 is very bad.

    This is with my mobile dish!

  75. I tried the software but my own receiver does not take the software I was able install the second software SRT4669X_ME_7111_ALL_110p_20101028 so if anyone tried the one given by ockert and it was reused you can try this one.

  76. Olusola,
    that is great. I agree with you. You need different software for the different receivers AND know how to set the frequencies on your (own) receiver.

    Dear moderator, I agree with CHURCHILL. I have subscribed and have free access to the pay channels. This FTA is a hobby. Destroy the hackers.

    I do not want to chase people away but here is more information on FTA:

  77. Pls,if there is anyone requesting on how to hack on any system network atall,he/she should be blocked off from this conversation. I think this site is used to know more not anyone playing with our intelligents here. Thank you

  78. Could anyone help talk to Multichoice to provide more systems? Because all their customers are fed up now,we(Installers) kept promising them(customers) everyday. What are we going to do to appease these customers. Thanks

  79. I’m Dar es salaam Tanzania pls give me ku & c band frequency avirrable Tanzania now I gate mbc,zimbo,mta,tpa,mtv & record moqambiq I need another freqncy.

  80. Yes Boss!
    I base in south africa, pls kindly forward to me all the free channel code in south africa, I got DSD 72307 decoder thanks

  81. Help! I have lost the ff FTAs on Eutelsat w7. Please bring them back.Any new Freq and Sr?

    # NTV Kenya:
    # KBC Channel
    # K24:
    # KTN Kenya:
    # NTV Uganda:

  82. Yes Boss!

    I got DSD 72307 Decoder and I’ll like to watch more channel, like African Magic & Plus, MTV, AIT from Nigeria, OGTV and all neccesary channels from South-Africa

    By the way, I stays in South Africa

    God bless

  83. Am kenyan living in south africa am using dstv 990 decoder the problem it dont take 4 digits of symbol rate any ideas guys coz i want to see those kenyan channels.

      • it dont accept the zero at the beginning coz when i put zero and follow the other digit but it dont accept te zero. i have tried putting zero @ the end but nothing. any more ideas or a workind decoder

  84. More than sharing info on FTA stations can this forum be made more educative by giving information on simple steps in setting dierent receivers to receive the FTA stations, satellite installation and many wore otherwise this forum may become irrelevant as soon as there are no more FTA to share.

  85. How to set the DSD1110 (+2) receiver

    Press the MENU button on the remote.
    The following will be displayed (on the TV):
    1 Information Control
    2 Parental Control
    3 Language Options
    4 Mail Messages
    5 Colors and Transparency
    6 Information Display Period
    7 Advance Options
    With the arrow down button move to option 7 and press OK once.
    The following will be displayed;
    1 Dish Installations
    2 Signal Detection
    3 Information
    4 TV Installation
    5 Modem Settings
    6 Local Time
    7 DSD Upgrade
    With the arrow down button move to option 1 and press OK once.
    You can use option & to upgrade the software on your decoder.
    Enter the pin code PIN KODE in (9949) and press OK once.
    1 Home Network DSTV Pas 7
    2 Network 2 Disabled
    3 Network 3 Disabled
    4 More Networks
    5 Scan New Network (Grayed)
    6 Scan All Networks
    7 Reset to Factory Defaults
    8 Signal Loop Through (Grayed)
    Option & will restore Factory Settings.
    With the arrow down button move to option 4 and press OK once.
    Your decoder needs an update if there are not 18 networks.
    1 Network 7 Disabled
    2 Network 8 Disabled
    3 Network 9 Disabled
    4 Network 10 Disabled
    5 Network 11 Disabled

    Network 18
    13 Accept these settings
    We will set network 7 to 10 only.
    With the arrow down button move to option 4 and press OK once.
    Use the arrow left or right to change from disabled to OTHER.
    1 Network 7 Other
    Press OK once to select the network.
    Use the arrow left or right to select the satellite.
    1 Satellite name IS7/10
    2 LNB Power is (Grayed)
    3 LNB Mode: (Grayed)
    4 LNB Lo Frequency (Grayed)
    5 LNB Hi Frequency (Grayed)
    6 Frequency: 11170
    7 Symbol rate: 26652
    8 FEC: 5/6
    9 Polarization: Vertical
    10 Use NIT: Yes
    11 Accept all displayed values and leave screen
    With the arrow down or up select option 6…11.
    Press OK to enter the selected option.
    Use the numeric numbers on remote to change the numbers.
    Use the arrow left or right to change option 10 & 11.
    Select option 11 and press OK once to accept the settings.
    Use the procedure above to change the networks 8, 9 & 10.
    Use the frequencies below:
    Network Freq Symbol FEC Pol NIT
    8 12562 26657 1/2 H yes
    9 12562 26657 1/2 H yes
    10 11170 26654 5/6 V yes
    As soon as done, select option 6 below to scan the frequency.
    Remember. How more frequencies, how longer it will take to scan or power the DSD1110 (+2) receiver up. (It takes my decoder about 5 minutes to scan or boot)
    1 Home Network DSTV Pas 7
    2 Network 2 DSTV Pas7
    3 Network 3 Disabled
    4 More Networks
    5 Scan New Network (Grayed)
    6 Scan All Networks
    7 Reset to Factory Defaults
    8 Signal Loop Through (Grayed)
    Where to find the FTA channels on the DSD1110 (+2)
    Press the TV button and the following will be displayed.
    DSTV (beklemtoon)
    DSTV Audio
    DSTV Special
    DSTV Indian
    DSTV Portuguese
    German Bouquet
    Commercial Subscriptions

    Public Pas7/10
    With the arrow down button move to option Public Pas7/10 and press OK once.
    Use the normal procedures to select a FTA TV.
    Press SHIFT and then TV to select all the FTA radio stations
    Use all the frequencies somewhere in this blog for a lot of channels. I have about 31 channels now. I have not counted the radio stations.

    I have not managed to get the DSD1110 (+2)to find he FTA on Eutelsat W7/W4 (the dish pointing to 36Deg) although the setting for W4 are default settings.

    The Technosat will follow later.

    Olusola, I would like to see your input as well 🙂 Thanks.

    1 Home Network DSTV Pas 7
    2 Network 2 Disabled
    3 Network 3 Disabled
    4 More Networks
    5 Scan New Network (Grayed)
    6 Scan All Networks
    7 Reset to Factory Defaults SELECT THIS OPTION TO FIX YOUR BOOBOO

    Kgotso bantu

  86. Settings on the Technosat T-888 silver receiver in a very brief nut- shell.
    NOTE: Press the exit button any time to move back.

    WARNING: You WILL change settings without knowing it in cases where you use the arrow button left or right incorrectly. Do it at your own risk! Read the contents of the selected options before pressing any button. Knowing the contents will be the easy way to recover in cases where you have destroyed the setting. There is no cancel or undo option.

    Press the MENU button on the remote.
    The following will be displayed (on the TV):
    1. Installation
    2. Channel Manager
    3. System Settings
    4. Games
    Select installation option on the menu and press OK
    The following will be displayed (on the TV):
    1. Antenna Settings
    2. Patch Menu
    3. IP Box Settings
    4. Server Settings
    (The settings to enable the Patch Menu and IP Box can be found somewhere in this blog).
    Select Antenna settings option in the menu and press OK
    1. Add a Satellite.
    • To Add a Satellite, press the green button. It is here where I have added W4/W7. Do not add a satellite if it is already in the listing.
    • On the left is a list of all the satellites.
    • The satellite settings are on the right and as follows; (Now you might understand my previous reply on the setting of satellite W4/W7on the Technosat T-888 silver)
    1. Transponder.
    2. Motorized system
    3. LNB Freq
    4. DISCqC type
    5. Network search
    6. FTA only
    7. 0/12v
    8. 22Khz
    9. LNB Power
    2. ADD a Frequency.
    • Use the arrow up or down buttons to find your satellite on the left.
    • Press arrow right (ONCE PLEASE!) to select the satellite settings. (ONCE PLEASE!)
    • The TRANSPONDER option will be highlighted.
    • Press OK once to enter the frequency setup (TP Setup)
    • On the left is a list of the frequencies.
    • On the right is the setting of the frequency namely:
    1. Frequency
    2. Polarizing
    3. Symbol rate
    4. FEC
    5. TP Search.
    • Below the list mentioned above, are the quality and strength meters. This is what I use for final and fine tuning of my mobile dish
    • Press the GREEN button to add new frequencies.
    • Please find my frequencies list somewhere in this blog
    • The Frequency option will be highlighted
    • Use the numeric keys to enter the new frequency.
    • Use the arrow down to move to the next setting.
    • Use arrow buttons left or right to change some of the setting
    • Enter all the required settings
    • Press OK on the TP Search option to scan that frequency
    • You decide YES / NO on FTA search
    • You decide YES/ NO on Network search
    • Note how the receiver is updating the channel listing for TV and radio.
    • Press exit a few times after the scan and enjoy the new FTA.

    If you have change the TRANSPONDER setting (by accident for sure) on the satellite and the receiver it is not working anymore, do the following.
    • Select Antenna settings
    • Select your satellite
    • Press arrow left ONCE to highlight TRANSPONTER.
    • Read the signal strength top right of the TV screen and check the green LED on your receiver.
    • Change the transponder setting with the arrow left and right button until the green LED on the receiver is emitting (on)
    To see if the entered frequencies on your receiver are working.
    • Highlight the Transponder option
    • Press OK to select the transponder
    • On the left is a list of the frequencies.
    • Use the arrow down button to scroll all your captured frequencies.
    • Note the Quality and Strength bar
    • The Quality bar will give you an indication whether the nice frequency from the internet is working or not. You can use the red button to remove the non working frequencies.

    The patch panel description on the Technosat T-888 silver will follow much…much later.

    No more replies from me till next year.
    A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL and HAVE A ‘SOOPER’ DAY. You are welcome to drink “milk” and drive.

    • Ockert I really enjoy your valuable info this is one of the things I am saying we need intelligent people who gives valuable information.
      Please help me out after searching the free stations on my srt 4669x my eutelsat W7 was missing I probably by mistake press something and I’ve not been able to get it back.

  87. @ockert…
    Is the settings you wrote for dstv NIGERIA or south africa? I m asking that because my decoder has ‘dstv w4/7’ as its home network and not ‘pas 7’ like you mentioned.

  88. Please try it and let us know what decoder you are using and if it is working. Find all the settings in this blog.

    My DSD1110 has DSTV W4/7 and does not work in Zambia or RSA.
    My Technosat: I have entered DSTV W4/7 settings, connected it to a disk pointing to DSTV w4/7 and it works.

    There are decoders designed for pay channels and not FTA. I understand that there is a Vivid on the market, exactly the same as the multichoice decoder, manufactured by the same manufacturer, with different software AND it is for FTA. You can try one.

    I am investigating the DSD1110. I think that it will not work due to the design. At your own risk. Replace network 1 with the W4/7 and the correct frequency’s and test it. The best way to learn is play


  89. Ockert, As you wrote in your previous post that you live in SA and your dstv home network is dstv w7/10. I am also in SA and my home network is dstv Is7. I am using a 990 decoder.

  90. Typo somewhere. W7/10 should read DStv PAS7/10
    It is the same thing
    Pas 7 (DSD1110) = KU Pas7-10 (Technosat) = Is 7 (upgraded DSD1110 and your 990)= Intelsat 7/10.

    PAS-7 renamed to Intelsat 7 (IS-7)
    PAS-10 renamed to Intelsat 10 (IS-10)
    Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East.
    I hope it is clear.

  91. Thanks guyz for the wonderful info…plz. I want FTA stations, in a simple english pls. tell me the type of decoder, dish… I should go for, or what & what would I be needed??? If any of you guyz need any info. about INVERTER/CHARGER or anything backup… feel free to ask me…deji, ibd.nigeria.

  92. The FTA setup instructions somewhere in this blog can be used on the following DSTV decoder models: DSD 110, 660, 910, 990, 1110, 1131
    Most PVR decoders are designed for INTELSAT 7 only and will not work properly when using these instructions.

    Frequency: 12682 12562
    Symbol Rate: 26657
    FEC: 1/2
    Polarization: Horizontal
    Use NIT: Yes
    Possible channels available on these frequencies:
    ViewAfr, Daystar, Spirit Word, TKC, 3ABN, MFM, Eden Life,
    Emmanuel TV, DCLM, Chosen, Omega, CVV, Faith TV, DBN,
    Press TV, Novo Temp

    Frequency: 11170 12722
    Symbol Rate: 26652 26657
    FEC: 5/6 1/2
    Polarization: Vertical Vertical
    Use NIT: Yes Yes
    Possible channels available on these frequencies:
    Learn, Health, Maranatha, Kruiskyk, Ezekiel TV
    F24, God TV, ASTV
    CTV, CNBC, Hope, Divine, WRS

  93. Love the tips but i’m kinder new here just got the site from the web & i just only would like to watch all the sabc cnlz & & any catoon chanle please give me the step by step way to get sabc n…oh i’m from Durban South Africa & i have a dstv 1131 decoder

  94. Mr DAVE.O,Let me start saying u are mr GURU,ie the Guru of our era.u are like king David.u have come 2 put smile on the common man face.frm 2day,i prophesy hencefort,no weapon fashioned agaist u shall prosper,any tongue dat rises force withnesses,and conspired agaist u shall be condermed.Actually u have not helped me b4 i ony saw peoples testimonies on ur site.pls can u help me?pls i have SRT-4669X STRONG,PLS CAN u send me or precribe how 2 inpute 36 degree E Eutelsat w7 and send me what 2 do 2 make some stations dat have audeo problem and DSTV FREE STATIONS ON MY STRONG 4669X,PLs tell anything u do always put GOD FIRST.PLS I BEG U 2 always update me thru my email.thank.

  95. @ockert, thanx for your understanding…you guyz are doing a great job here…I just buy my dstv dish today without there decoder, can I go for strond decoder? if yes plz. be specific on the one I should go for… plz. u can inbox me …thank u f4 ur precious time

  96. @ockert, thanx for the enlightened.I understand ur point. the thing is I don’t want to buy the wrong one…one again thanx for ur time..

  97. 10ks 4 d gr8 job u r doin. Pls can i trust d softwares, address posted on this page. My srt4669 is havin audio problem. Thanks 4 ur cooperation & God bless.


  99. I need help on how to configure FTA channels on my DSD1131 decoder. i can’t find muvitv africa unite, emmanueltv. please help me with the configuration. i’ll really appreciate

    • sorry your decoder can not get the free DSTV channels you will need an srt4669x decoder to get them.However you may not nee to buy another decoder because the signals we get now may only be a test transmission which may not last but if you feel you can afford it after all it is not a waste as it is better than other models in its category costs about #17,000.

      • Feed back from my friends in Zambia with the same problem as me:
        The suggestion is to replace one of my FTA decoders “…is the Strong PVR,FTA+Universal card reader;which I think would compensate for that…”
        Jackson T

        Again. He has to decide and buy.

  100. I am in Kenya-Coast and would like to receive FTA TV channels which broadcasts EPL (English)and any of the LALIGA, SerieA, Bundesliga. I wan’t to buy an FTA receiver can someone advice which is the best FTA receiver in the market.

    • Jumbo Tsaweye!! The best FTA receiver is Strong SRT4669X. Its the best on the market and can be updated and even patched to receive some encrypted satellite TV signals.

        • Hello. Patched is an addition to the firmware of the strong decoder that enables the decoder to access the keys of encrypted channels and possibly decode the encryption for free viewing.

          You will have to enter the decryption keys via your remote control. Like keying 8280 to access the BISS KEYS of a strong decoder that has been patched.

          To know if the decoder is patched key in 6969 6969 on your remote control. Patch on, will be displayed if decoder is patched. Note however that All strong SRT4669x and other selected genuine decoders are patched.

          • Thanks Spencer. That is how we learn.

            It works the same as on the Trechnosat.
            The only difference on the Technosat is;
            Press the F1 button on your remote.
            The decoder’s display displays a “H”

            For the PATCH
            Enter 000
            The PATCH option will be turned on or off if it is patched.

  101. Presently I’m using DSD990,I just want to know what frequencies etc,to use to get some more free stations. At least some very interesting channels that even whenever u subscribe, u’ll still feel like enjoying them. Thanks

    • The FTA setup instructions somewhere in this blog can be used on the following DSTV decoder models: DSD 110, 660, 910, 990, 1110, 1131.

      SABC1, 2 &3 are not FTA on the above mentioned decoders. Olusola wants to know about patch. On the Technosat you have to enable the patch option in the menu to make SABC1..3 available after the KEYS are captured. Find the SABC keys in this blog.

      I have deleted all the FTA frequencies on my 1110, Work through it one by one and have found the following;

      Freq: 11170 26652 V 5/6

      Freq: 11625 15000 V 2/3

      Freq: 11674 26652 V 2/3

      Freq: 12562 26657 H 1/2

      Freq: 12682 26657 H 1/2

      Freq: 12722 26657 V 1/2

      Freq: 11170, 26654, V 5/6

      Do not enter all the FTA frequencies. I have selected three out of the list above and it takes the decoder less time to scan and boot.

        • It is on Pas 7 (DSD1110) = KU Pas7-10 (Technosat) = Is 7 (upgraded DSD1110 and your 990)= Intelsat 7/10 {the same satellite}

          Read this blog for eutelsat W7. I have done one quick experiment on W7. It works fine as describe in this blog.

          Please play with the frequencies on W7 and let us know. thanks

          • u are doing a great work; pls send me parameter setting for Madagascar, sports and other intersting channels. I, m using srong 4663 decoders: Thank you

  102. Is it possible to get a channel showing xxx adult movie unencryted on dstv during the day?a guy told me he watches it on satellite free but he declined to tell me the satellite on which he is receiving the channel.Am suspecting he is watching astra2abd uk because it is on it that most adult materials are broadcast but are encrypted.I would confirm when I got to his house.

  103. I did manual scan on my decoder on BADR 4/6 26.0E Frequency 11843 (V) 27500 and got all the 17 channels I’ve not tried it on other model of Strong decoder but it scanned and showed on my SRT4669x I will do that as soon as return from church in the morning.

    • I see that you wrote “I did manual scan on my decoder on BADR 4/6 26.0E”
      Simple question:”Are you in Africa or where are you?”
      I have noticed that this blog is not showing the countries since 16 Nov 2010.

      Church… My Excel calculator to calculate the religious holidays are finished. I will discuss it with the author and make it available. I have done in because most of the FTA channels are religious and very interesting.
      Did you know that there are about 21 important days around Easter.
      Did you know about the role that the moon is playing as well?

      • Ockert
        I can not remember that I did not mention my location I thought I’d done that before now I am in Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria.

        • Thanks.
          I think Nigeria is covered by the footprint of satellite BADR 4/6 26.0E”. It is covering the northern Africa and not the south. Pity that I can not check your FTA and play with your frequencies. Enjoy playing. Are the other satellite information from this blog usable in Nigeria?


  104. After serious & cautious consideration… Your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2011

    It was a very hard decision to make… So try not to screw it up!!!

    My Wish for You in 2011

    May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.

    May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.

    May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!

    May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy

    May the problems you had, forget your home address!

    In simple words …………

    May 2011 be the best year of your life!!!

  105. I bought FTA receiver model ECOLINK 3030.Has anyone used it before and what are advantages to other decoders in the market like Strong SRt4669x,Astrovox etc.I am in Coat Kenya.


  107. I found out that the DSTV channels have stopped working this afternoon infact I was watching one of the channels when the signal went off is there anyone around still getting the signal and on which frequency.

    • If there are serious storms with violent winds in the region where the signal is been transmitted from (earth to the satellite) or activity between the satellite and your dish, there will definitely be an impact your signal strength.

      It is possible that you would loose SOME channels transmitted from South Africa due to electric storms. Yesterday afternoon and last night the sky was one massive fire works with lightning from horizon to horizon. 🙂
      Try again.

    • Ladies and Gentleman, the DSTV channels are off for now. Lets pray they come back or they test new signals and channels.Multi Choice, please continue testing the DVB4 signal.

      • Yes you can. I have used mine in Zambia and now in RSA. Find the frequencies and setup somewhere in this blog. The 1110 is more successful than the Technosat sold in Zambia.
        Select Public on the 1110 to get access to FTA TV and Radio. Yes radio as well!
        As long as the Dish is pointing to Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East. Theoretical it should work in all the southern countries.

  108. FTA bad news for the “Afrikaans” people. SATV (Afrikaanse musiek) and KRUISKYK (Afrikaanse kerk)is not anymore available as FTA on Public IS7/10. I have heard over the “Gossip channel” that it has moved to a satellite at 4 – 5 degrees east. I will keep you posted as soon as I have found it. Kruiskyk is a very good religious channel for the Afrikaner.
    There are new channels available on Public IS7/10.

  109. i live in Abuja, Nigeria and use a strong decoder 4663x and i can connect to a few FTA . i feel there are more and am missing something i have scanned and scanned but it’s just the few ocommon ones that i get . how can i get more channels ?

  110. Please,
    Kindly help me connect Emmanuel Tv. I have DSD 990 decoder.
    I used the following:
    Symbol Rate: 26657
    Fec: 1/2
    Polirisation: Vertical
    Use NIT: Yes
    Netwok ” was changed to: Other.
    Satalitte Name: IS7/10
    LNB Mode:Dual Frequency.
    I then acceped all the setup and thereafter scanned all network. Yet i still could not get emmanuel tv but other channels such as EZe, KRUIs, etc.
    Can you help finally connect to emman tv urgently.

    South Africa

    • Max,
      Somewhere in this blog you will find more frequencies for this group of FTA channels. Find it and try a different frequency. What you also can try is to sort your frequencies that this one is the last to be scanned. I have the same problem with Radio Pretoria. Other frequencies are deleting (over writing) Radio Pretoria.

      Thanks for your question. Kruiskerk has vanish from FTA. After I have read your question I have changed my settings from Freq: 11170 26652 V 5/6 to Freq: 12722 26657 V 1/2 and kruiskerk is back!


      • Hi,
        I have tried all the frequencies mentioned above and the one you just gave but yet I still cannot capture Emmanuel Tv. just do not know why. Am in Groblerspark Roodepoort South Africa.
        Kind assist in a step-by-step procedure.

        South Africa

    • What have you tried and what is not working? Where are you on this planet and which satellite are you trying?
      Have you studied this blog?

      • Dstv is working Hitv is workind and i have subscribed to Dstv. i have scanned the decoder and i have a few free channels but i feel there should be more .

        i have loveworld ,tvt, drtv and mboa but i expect to have more english stations or multichannels station or , or GTV etc

    • I think that my previous satellite suggestion is not correct. It looks as if it might be possible “Multichoice Africa u can get on INTELSAT 7/10” as per other blogs. You have to go and see the Multichoice branch and subscribe. It is not FTA.

    • Confirm. I have Skype a dear RSA friend working in Pakistan. Multichoice is NOT in Pakistan. Friend was here in RSA, tried all the tricks in the Multichoice book and replied back from Pakistan that the latest information is that the footprint has chanced and Pakistan is out.
      Thanks for the question. I have learned as well.

  111. Hi sir, pls i did a blind scan on my str 4669x. after that one of d channels; tv3 had a problem. the quality is there but no picture. pls help me am in ghana

    • Hi Spencer,
      To me it can be one of the following:
      1. The Time Stars take to dress between the acts.
      2. The day time on a star.
      3. A decoder.
      4. Tv Channel, movie.
      5. Web page.
      6. Share time on a star.

      I also do not understand the question from dejavu84.
      Spencer, I have opened my internet search engine and search for “StarTime” & “Star time”. I do not know if it has anything to do with our FTA hobby.

  112. Hello Africa,

    I wanna use this little oppurtunity to thank you all for your kindness and support over FTA Channels, you all might think, it was just a research, of course its BUT it was the glory of Almighty God, coz this FTA channels have change and rearrange lot of peoples home and life including myself, mostly when watching my number 1 favourite channel on FTA which was “Emmanuel TV”. God bless you all.

  113. hi guys pls kindly help me out b/cos its about
    3days now d dstv FTA signal just went off as i was watching pls can someone help me out. Thanks kunle frm nigeria

  114. The dstv channels have stopped working or is that applicable to me alone and if anyone is still getting the signals let us know how?

  115. Kunle, Olusola & Spencer
    Here in Centurion South Africa FTA is still on.
    I am using IS 7/10 at 68.5 degrees, a 350mm mobile dish and a DSD 1110.
    Move to RSA!

    • Ockert the fta you are talking about is it that of dstv? because I also have multitv and infinity on IS 7/10 at 68.5. please let us know.

      • Yes, it is on DSTV. It is not part of Multichoice Africa DSTV but it is the same satellite .At present I am using the same satellite, dish and decoder for Pay and FTA. A while ago I have failed to pay my DSTV in time and Multichoice has disabled my service. FTA was still up and running.
        A while ago KRUISKERK has disappeared and after I have selected another FTA frequency, it was back. Find my frequencies somewhere in this blog.
        You are welcome. I hope it is the correct answer. If not, rephrase and ask again.

  116. Startimes is a Technology company that was established in 1988 in China. Pioneer and key player in digital television solution in China and Africa, where they have acquired over 7 million subscribers. They are currently operating in 8 African Countries, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea, Central African Republic and Burundi.
    As big Niyi has said Startimes decoder operates based on the DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial) standard which requires no dish. All that is needed is an antenna, to pick up the transmission frequency. If any of you have any info ….plz. share…Dejavu

  117. @ockert, well they got some intresting programm..BET, MTV BASE, SETANTA AFRICA,TRACE TROPICAL,BOLLYWOOD TV,HOLLYWOOD TV,BBC WORLD,CCTV,FRANCE 24,MSNBC, DISCOVERY WORLD, & SOME LOCAL STATION….Not bad I guess…& the monthly subs. is just 1,000k

    • That sounds good. It shows you. Never too old to learn and I have read a lot about it. Not for RSA yet.

      1,000k. are you in Zambia? I will visit Zambia again and have a look.

      I am experimenting with new home theater system. I am working on more than 200 channels (if possible. not for now!

      Thanks for the information.

  118. @ockert, you guyz deserves more…..200…..????whao that sounds good. i’m not sure that’s available in zambia..dejavu, Nigeria. Its friday, enjoy urself.

    • Yes more than 200.
      You need:
      1. a fixed 60cm dish on the KU band Use FTA frequencies of Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East.(IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East.
      2. a fixed 180cm dish on the C band Use FTA frequencies of Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East.(IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East
      3. 180 cm Motorized dish
      4. Good decoder.(NOT A TECHNOSAT T-888 SILVER)
      5. PC with a video grab (TV) card
      6. Video recorder
      7. DVD player
      8. DVD writer
      9. Power Cinima software
      10 DVD software
      11. 4 Monitors. or 1 monitor and three TVs
      12 a 90cm fixed dish to some satellite
      13. Analogue TV antenna
      14. Switches & splitters
      15 My setup (wiring diagram)
      16 Not a lot of brains
      17. And a lot of time to play.

      Please wait until I am ready to make all the information available. It will be a FTA project and everyone of us will do something and feed back. The plan is to build a FTA home system.
      (You will be a part and included in this hobby)

      wait…wait… please. In the mean time you can do the following.
      Play with the FTA on different satellites. get answers and questions ready. Take the risk. Learn how to install a dish and start to play. I have been in Zambia (Roma) and there is about no difference between Zambia and RSA.

  119. If You really want to be bombarded with free TV then try using a C band Dish, and one of those cheap chinese Decoders for receiving DVB free.. THere are literally hundreds.. Not much english stuff though, and not much entertainment unless you are from Thailand or India.. I get free Christian TV,ALjazeera..etc Russia today..

    • Dipy, try the following.

      If you have a SRT4653x you need a patch. (own risk and do not blame us)

      RDV Key: 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49

      Press 8280 on your remote while on the RDV channel, this will show d BISS key panel/window on your TV screen
      Scroll down to Row no. 19=> All oooooooooooooooooo,
      just replace the 1st 16 nos
      Press exit, YES when prompted to save changes.

      1. Music Eutelsat W3A at 7.0°E Africa Key:2B 03 66 00 AC F3 DD 00
      2. code for the sirus 4,w3a,astra 2abd,12440 h 23438.

      Take note. I do not have the hardware to play with.
      Enjoy RDV

      • Ockert if you have not tried this on any hardware does it worth trying? but if it is not harmful to the decoder I can try it I have one around. Pls give your comment.

        • I hope that someone with the same decoder as yours, will comment on this. If it was my decoder I would try it because I know how to fix it. Remember that I assuming that you have a SRT4653x and if you read through each question and comment in this blog, you will find information about SRT4653x patches.
          If you use the menu options that are made available by the manufacturer, you are not supposed to damage your decoder. It might be possible to damage it by using some patches. (Use a patch on your own risk)
          When I visit Zambia again, I will buy me a Strong and try everything on the web.
          There must be a factory default setting to be selected in case the new setup fails.
          Please report back on your success and what you have done.

          • Ockert a closer look at this blog showed that you are talking about SRT4653x but the one I have is 4663x any info on patch for this model?. Enjoy your weekend.

  120. Please note:
    In case your dish is installed to receive signals from Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat W7, You have to try the FTA frequencies of Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat W7. The other satellite frequencies will not work.

    A hint for people in Southern Africa.
    1. Pay channels users on Multichoice (Africa): Use FTA frequencies of Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East.
    2. Pay channels users on Top TV: Use FTA frequencies of Astra 4A at 4.8°E

    Please, when you ask assistance tell us the following:
    1. What decoder you are using. We might not know the answer but we know where to get answers.
    2. What satellite you are using.
    3. Where you are in Africa.

    Questions are welcome.

    • Erunz, Please go to and enter SRT4652 Conax into the search engine and you will get all the info you want. But note that its MPEG2 and you will not get multi TV and CRTV which are FTA. For HI-TV and DSTV, you will be able to use it.

  121. I dont have any info to share nor any complaints. I want to inform the whole house that i lost my mum last 2 mondays,d burial is schedule for March 18th next month. I shall post d rest details when d I.V is out. Thanks to you all

    • Hi Oguntayo sorry about the demise of your mum may her soul rest in peace as you promised when the IV is out let us know at least some of us who are residents in Nigeria can come and represent other in this forum.

  122. Please can u let me know if RDV channel showing premiership game …And i have 4669 decoder but i can not be watch pemiership on it …

    • You can only watch RDV if your dish is turned to Eutelsat4/7. Just blindscan and you will have it. Read this thread to learn about BISS keys to activate RDV. Yes they show EPL: one match a weekend.

  123. Mi condolences 2 ur family may God gve u d fortitude 2 bear d irreparable lost. God will protect &provide 4 d children she left behind.

  124. Hi. I am from ghana. Pls I want to know if I can receive the dstv free channel on DSD-1131 receiver. And secondly I used to receive NTV Uganda on strong srt4663x receiver, but later it went off. Why the are still active at I wish to hear from ur soon.

  125. Hello. I want to know if I can receive the free dstv channel on dsd 1131 receiver. And secondly I have strong srt 4663x I used to receive ntv Uganda on it, but later gone off, why is still active at Pls I need some assistance from your soon. Thanks!

    • Yes you can.

      The FTA setup instructions somewhere in this blog can be used on the following DSTV decoder models: DSD 110, 660, 910, 990, 1110, 1131.
      Use FTA frequencies of Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East.

    • Take note.
      in my search to find an answer for you I have discovered this:
      “hi i have a chinese strong srt 4663x and i made a bad firmware update. i want to recover my srt 4663x. please help me.”

  126. Im using strong decoder 4663x,i hve prblem with dis 2 channels OH TV and CHAMPION of FIRE TV,I cant see de video bt hearing only de audio,pls i need somebody 2 tell me de VPID code, APID is okay

  127. I tried 2 make use of all d info 2 get some free channels on dsd1110(+2),but none could work. Can d house give me an idea on what 2 do? Thanks

  128. Hello to all. My valentine gift is to tell you that trace is fta on eutelsat w4/7 at 36 degrees east. enjoy it while it lasts.

  129. huy experts please may you help me with my wiz tech reciever on how to actvate RDV channels kindly help me .software plus interface thanks in advance

  130. Statement: “It appears the FTA DSTV channels are gone.”
    It is happening on my DSD 1110+2 decoder after electrical storms, power failures and power surges. I have to re-enter all the frequencies again to get all the channels back.
    It is possible that it can happen on DSD 110, 660, 910, 990, 1110, 1131 decoders. Try it please.

      • I have found the following on RDV

        1. RDV means Rendez-Vous

        2. its a channel which broadcast the English Premier League :
        11605 H DVB-S/MPEG-2 1953 5/6 RDV eutelsat w6 @ 21.6E
        12437 H DVB-S/MPEG-2 23438 RDV eutelsat w4 @ 36E

        3. The European porn channel currently broadcasts every night from midnight to four on 11,785 H in D2MAC. Terminated October 1997. 🙂

        4. Rendez-Vous was and still is an illegal channel in the UK during 1997

        5 I will go for this one:
        The Real-time Data Viewer (RDV) provides an interface for
        viewing and analyzing live or archived time-synchronized data either locally or streamed across a network from a Data
        Turbine server. RDV is capable of displaying textual and
        numerical data, still images, and video. The playback rate can be adjusted so data is presented slower or faster than real time to aid in analysis.

  131. Hi,
    I am in nigeria niger state. I use strong 4663x decoder. Is ther any way i can watch supersports. and in free without paying. thanks in advance

    • Amit, nobody can watch Supersports free without paying for it.Without supersports, DSTV will be off air and so its their heart string.

  132. This great. Men keep it up it really good. I been tryin 2 get d software 4 upgrading. But d Dstv chls off i dont knw if dey are back.

  133. i com from Tanzania i have reciever Mpeg4 HD WIZ TECH 8020PVR i get MNET,CSN,etv,etvAfrica,Blitz,Vuzu,Mstar,Maction,MzanziMagic,and Kowee i use 90cm dish but the picture its not still creal please help me kind of lnb wich is verry strong signal

  134. ihave Mpeg4 HD WIZ TECH 8020PVR how can iunlock it or who knwos the correct patch file how can i upgrade it so that it can be free encypted please sir kindly help me.

    • Go to your Multichoice Africa office. Explain to them what your problem is and they will gladly assist you to view the encrypted channels.

  135. I asked a question on DSD1110(+2) above,I have not gotten any reply,pls house kindly help me out. Moreso,I think there is little strong 4663 could do compare to 4669! I actually want to know their differences,also wants to make enquiries on best engineers in d house,around Nigeria. Thanks

    • Correct. You did ask a question indeed. I replied with “Please tell me. is your dish set to receive signal from Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East?”

      Take note: If any question is answered I am ignoring repetitive questions.

      My Wife likes to listen RPTA on FTA. I have discovered that new or wrong frequencies are replacing RPTA with other channels. DO not enter all the frequencies. Enter one and test before the second is entered. I have learned that the RPTA frequency must be captured last.

      DO NOT REPLACE NETWORK ONE in your settings. Select default (factory) settings and enter your FTA in network 2….

      You need a SIM card in the decoder.
      It is not necessary to subscribe.

      Do you know where to look for the FTA channels on your decoder. If Yes, tell me…

  136. Hi am in nigeria niger state. I use strong 4663x decoder. is ther any way to watch the scrambled channels on nilesat 102 7 waest and . intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East? thANKS

    • The only way to watch scrambled channels is to subscribe. On Intelsat 7/10 the scrambled channels are Mytv which is based in Nigeria and e-tv from RSA.You have to pay to watch all this channels. Even if you temper with the encryption, they change the codes so often you may not be able keep up with the pace. You also need to be a first class hacker.It not worth the effort. End scenario- you end up frying your decoder.

  137. Spencer, I agreed with you. My son and I are programmers and it is not worth the time and effort. How many bytes are there in the encryption key? If we make it simple and say that there are 256 bits (switches that can be on of off) Out of that 256 switches you need to find the correct combination and if they change the status of one switch, you will have to find the new combination. Even if they keep the key, they might update the software and you are stuffed.

    I will do a basic document on generic encryption and make it available.

    I am not interested in trying to hack the encryption. The broadcast company is paying a lot of money to send the signal over the satellite network. If we want to view it, we have to pay. We are lucky that there is FTA.


  138. Yes,its on Intelsat 7/10
    (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East. But now that you’ve explain to me,I think its because I used all the frequencies @ once,I shall try it one by one. I really appreciate your effort,you are blessed

    • Oluwatimilehin, what are you talking about please? What frequency and what satellite? I have been out of my office for some weeks now and have not been in touch with this thread much. Will be active now that I am back. Pleas bring me up to speed on what you mean. Meanwhile Intelsat 17 at 66 degrees east holds FTA promise.

      • Spencer,
        Thanks. I am trying to guide Oluwatimilehin to do the right thing and his reply does not make sense but I understand it.
        Read his question and my answer on the 21 Feb. It looks as if he has FTA problems.
        Thanks four your inputs as well and let us help him. His DSD1110(+2) is a very easy decoder and I do not understand why FTA is not working.

        • Okay Big Brother. He probably upset or mixed up the settings due to earlier attempts to set the FTA using someones else guidance.

          Maybe his decoder needs to be reset for it to respond to your settings.

    • Let us try again.
      Everyone with a DSD 110, 660, 910, 990, 1110, 1131 decoder experiencing the same problems as Oluwatimilehin.

      Press the MENU button on the remote.
      Select Advance Options
      Select Dish Installations
      Select Reset to Factory Defaults

      Read the blog, find the procedure and enter the FTA frequencies.

      Press the MENU button on the remote.
      Select Advance Options
      Select Dish Installations
      Enter the FTA freq.
      Select Scan All Networks
      Sometimes the decoder fails to scan the channels. Just re-boot the decoder.

      Where to find the FTA channels on the DSD1110 (+2)
      Press the TV button.
      Select Public Pas7/10

      Use the remote to select the FTA channel
      Press SHIFT and then TV to select all the FTA radio stations

      back to pay DSTV
      Press the TV button.
      Select DSTV

      If you still have problems, make friends with FTA people in your town. Remember, it is possible to damage your decoder. Do not use 3rd party software on your decoder. Use the menu options only and stay away from secret codes.

      What is re-boot and how to reboot?
      Switch the power off.
      Wait 30 sec to allow the capacitors in the decoder to discharge.
      Switch the power back on again.
      That is all.

  139. Oluwatimilehin, read this blog.
    Where to find the FTA channels on the DSD1110 (+2)
    Press the TV button and the following will be displayed.
    DSTV (beklemtoon)
    DSTV Audio
    DSTV Special
    DSTV Indian
    DSTV Portuguese
    German Bouquet
    Commercial Subscriptions

    Public Pas7/10
    With the arrow down button move to option Public Pas7/10 and press OK once.
    Use the normal procedures to select a FTA TV.
    Press SHIFT and then TV to select all the FTA radio stations
    Use all the frequencies somewhere in this blog for a lot of channels. I have about 31 channels now. I have not counted the radio stations.

    • Jerry…Jerry. I can see that you have not read one single word of this blog?
      You want procedures do you want and how must we know what make of decoder do you have. Where are you on this planet and which satellite are you trying to use.
      Please give more information

  140. Thanks for your wonderful jobs Oluwatimilehin, Ockert and Churhill. Please, i have a strong decoder model 4669x. I’ve been using it to watch fta on Dstv channels in Enugu, but for some time now it has stopped showing while the signal is still beaming green light. i dont know what to do, please help me, thanks

  141. hi tx for the quick replies. I have 2 questions 2day
    1. on intelsat 7/10 68.5 east ther are four india channels that i ma able towatch they are dd india, dd bharti , dd sports and dd news but i want to watch dd national how can i watch it.
    2. how reliable micro box is?

    I stay in niger state. nigeria.

  142. I am staying in arabian gulf U.A.E. How can I receive East African free /paid channels eg: Tanzania, Zanzibar,Kenya.
    Help please

    I am staying in arabian gulf U.A.E. How can I receive East African free /paid channels eg: Tanzania, Zanzibar,Kenya.
    Help please

  144. Gud day to the whole house. I want to seize this opportunity to remind the house that next two fridays is my mum burial @ Erelu str off Amikanle(Behind AIT),Alagbado,Lagos State. I could be reached to d no’s’ below- 08091894861,08036382862. Thanks

  145. @Olusola
    Dear frend i was watching it at c band 68.5 E intelsat7/10 19.559V
    but sorry to say i m nt able to watch all the dd channels and Also ZEE AFLAM on NIlesat Plz help me if any body knows that.tx

  146. Hi i have a question for
    when my satellite moves towards east 68.5 is the last position but some channels are on 78or 94how can we move the satellite and receive signals ther.

  147. Amit, I think that your dish is rotating. The satellite is fixed and you can not move it. The rest of the world will be very angry if you change the position of the satellite. I think that there are two possible problems. ( I will use terminology (words) that you can understand.)

    1. The pan or horizontal rotation of the dish is limited by a limit switch (sensor). The dish pole (or movement motor) needs to be re- adjusted. There is a possibility that the angle(up-down) at the two outer limits is wrong. Check the dish setup. Ask for help if you require help.

    2. Which decoder are you using? Check the dish position in the satellite settings . It is possible that the settings are wrong and the decoder is stopping the dish in the wrong position.

    Sorry..number 3. The movement of the dish is sluggish and not smoothly. The decoder might time out (stop the dish movement) before the dish is in position.

    Feed back please.

  148. Thanks for your reply. But please, I dont understand what you mean by this “WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT country, region, country_code FROM wp_geosmart WHERE comment_id = 57853”. I’m from southern Nigeria, using Strong decoder 4669x and will be much happy if you explain this to clearly, thanks once more.

  149. Please Sir, kindly assist me on this confusion. Which type of KU band LNBF in the market is most suitable in terms of quality reception within the southern Nigeria. Thanks for your wonderful works and remain blessed.

    • Agbeko…Agbeko. I can see that you have not read one single word of this blog?
      Please read all my replies and the others in this blog.
      See date 13 Dec 2010
      Read about too many frequencies enterd into the decoder.

      Your question is already answered! (I think 6 times)
      Reginald Steer says:
      November 21, 2010 at 11:44 pm


  150. I have some GTV COSHIP CDVB5668 decorders ,the one which was active before the closure of Gtv services in Uganda Can pick some few Spanish Channels(FTA) but those ones which were not active before the closure doesn’t even the FTA option even the smart card ; even if you put it in the working decorder you won’t get anything.Is there any solution to this problem ? At the moment my dish is pointing W ,what if i connect it to a DSTV capable dish will i receive these FTA channels we are talking about in this blog? thank you in advance

      • I am not sure about the “FTA option”
        On the DSD decoders you have to select the PUBLIC IS7/10 option. On the Technosat the FTA is populated between the PAY channels.

        Your dish is pointing West. You will find a satellite every 2 degrees around the globe. You have to tell me the degrees to the west.

  151. I have not disappeared. I am busy with a religious video “The Heard of Mankind.” Google “The Heard of Pak filetype:pdf” for an idea.

    I like to tell people to select the factory default settings on your decoder in cases of Booboos. Well…
    I looked at my Technosat t-888 silver and decided to try it. What a disaster. The default setting destroys everything and even the default frequencies of Pas 7. Make a list of all your frequencies before you try it. I have spent a Sunday afternoon to get the Technosat to work again.
    THEN I have looked at my wifes dsd1110+. I have tried it as well and what a pleasure. The only thing that was missing was FTA. Very easy to set it up again.

    Why am I telling you this? A while ago there was a question in the house on a better(best) decoder to buy. What I have discovered is that the technosat must not be the first choice. I have discovered a lot of other pains on the technosat as well and will not make it public. All my friends are switching to Strong. Enjoy your decoder.

    • Hi all is there anyone who have information on patch or biss keys for fTA channels on dstv I have a friend who watch the Nigerian tv stations such as AIT, Channels, LTV, MITV, NTAi etc on dstv Intelsat w4/7 68.5 deg east is there anyone in Nigeria who ia watching these stations on STRONG decoders as fta let us know which satellite, frequencies and other important. Ockert and Spencer I have a lot of respect for your expertise in this forum I will so much appreciate your inputs in this request. And like I said somewhere in this blog that we need to make this forum a resource center where people can go and get all they needed and as such popularize this forum. Let us keep doing something new.

      • Olusola, you cannot watch the stations you listed on a DSTV decoder without a DSTV smart card. This then puts to rest the question of getting it fta on a strong decoder. DSTV recently decided to make local stations available together with some religious channels available to subscribers even when their subscriptions run out.But you must have an activated smart card in the decoder be it a strong decoder or DSTV decoder.

        Please be wary of patches as they are written only to resolve certain weaknesses in a software. Even Microsoft has patch software and security updates to strengthen the Operating Systems for computers they develop.

        You are advised to only use a patch you are sure of. I can only recommend patches and software from Persiangig website or written by persianwizkid. You don’t need a patch for the purpose you seek.

        • Thanks Spencer. “You are advised to only use a patch you are sure of”. I wish that everyone will follow your GOLDEN rule and not download and install anything that is available on the internet.
          I will check the Persiangig website as well.

          Blessed Easter.

  152. Hi guys. Could someone please tell whether this is true. Guys in Kenya are watching DSTV channels free of charge. I understand there are two methods to do this.
    1. Using two satellite dishes, astrovox 290 and another gadget which I think is being used to decode the frequencies. With this method they say that you can watch DSTV free for one year. You only need to meet the cost of the equipment.

    2. The second method needs an internet connection but am not sure how its done because the guys who are doing it are very secretive.

    How true it is am not sure but then it sounds like very good news. Dont you think so?

    • See the answer published on the April 17, 2011 at 6:40 pm

      That Gadget is called a DISEqC switch and it is used to switch between different LNBs. All decoders cannot control the DISEqC switch. Take note. There is a difference between a DISEqC switch and a switch! I have 3 dishes installed and do all my FTA research on the one dish. My wife is watching her pay chanels on the same dish. The other two are not connected and LNBs are removed.

      You have to compare your internet bandwidth, required software and $ on the internet with the $ value of the dstv FTA hardware. I know that bandwith in Zambia and RSA is not very cheap. I am very sceptic about FTA over the internet. It works but what and where is the catch? Is it leagle and why “very secretive”? Satellite FTA information is for free as well.

      Who is they? Tell THEY that they do not know what they aretalking about and that they need to find out what the truth is. They needs education very seriously. 🙂 Free DSTV will be available as long as the free signals are available.

    • YES.
      You have sent your question on Wednesday at 07:21am and wants your answer at 09:49am, 10:03am and 4:07pm.

      FTA is a hobby for most of us and we are working during the week. In cases where the question is reasonably (out of the ordinary, interesting) and the answer(s) is/are practical for the house AND we do not know the answer….you have to wait for someone to do research and answer you. There is no private communication between the members of the house on who is doing what. The first one with an answer will post it. We are not that clever but we know where to find answers.

      I am working (research, reading and ask questions) on an answer for Olusola and you will have your answer later.

  153. Hi all I have a friend in Nigeria using dstv decoder to view nigerian stations fta channels such as AIT, CHANNELS, NTAi, LTV MITV etc on Intelsat W4/7 @ 68.5 degrees can someone send patch or biss keys with which I can use on STRONG decoder to view these station as fta.
    To Ockert and Churchill I respect your expertise in this area and I will so much appreciate your input on this.
    I have said it before now that this blog be made popular by positive contribution especially from those guru in the house to help those who visit this blog and find valuable resources they can use.

    • Please note:
      Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat W7, both located at 36° East. You’ll get them on 12551 V 19531 or 12600 V 3210
      Read the first few lines of this blog.

      PAS-7 renamed to Intelsat 7 (IS-7)
      PAS-10 renamed to Intelsat 10 (IS-10)
      Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East

      Patch..Patch. I cannot make information available.
      1. A while ago there was an e-mail where a person loaded a “wrong” patch, destroyed his decoder and asking me for assistance. Well, the patch is not from me and he is on his own.
      2. I personally belief that there are people writing patches (& viruses) to sabotage us and or to make money out of it to fix the chaos. Are all patches from a trust worthy source? The best source for a patch is a friend who has tested it on his decoder. 🙂 I am so sorry but we do not test integrity of patches.
      3. Hacking. Though free to air channels may be free for us to watch it is not free for the broadcasting company. All broadcasting radio and television stations must pay licensing fees to legally broadcast and use the satellite. They need money to make it possible for us to have DSTV and FTA is riding on the back of the pay channels. The broadcasting companies can save a lot of money by cutting on the FTA.

  154. The danger of patches

    Allow me to explain the danger of patched by using a language.
    Say that the following is the code of a “compatible” patch
    Code:”My arm is in warm water.”
    I can give this code to an English man or Afrikaner. Both will read the code, under stands it. The grammar, spelling and structure are 100% correct in both cases. Even you with a different Africa language understand what I am saying in Afrikaans. (This code is compatable)

    Now for the next code: ”Donder”. In my code it means to beat you up (slang) or an electric storm. In French it means to “give”. If you take the French “donder” patch and give it to your decoder, it will not work because the decoder is “in sy moer” (dutch) destroyed by you. The code “moer” in my language means; I will beat you (slang), nut (bolts and nuts), potato just before you plant it, percolator coffee, private part of a woman (slang). The word slang in my language means snake.

    I hope that you are confused by now and Please, do not load any patch into your decoder and confuses it. The patch might be for your decoder but not for the firmware version imbedded in the decoder.
    Finally: You do not want to know the meaning of “be on my side” translated to Afrikaans and then use the Afrikaans words in an English sentence. (very uncompatable)

    Take note: Due to the danger of patches I am against patches.

    The same with all this 3rd party free things for a PC. Dangerous.

    • Thanks so much for your responses. I quite agree with you on the fact that paytv are paid for by those companies I have cards for most of them that operates in Nigeria but I must tell that charges in this country is neck breaking though I can afford it but at a point I see it as waste of hard earn resources so I decided to shuffle between the two. Like Churchill said I have a dstv card but surprised as why will my friend be able to watch those channels an I can not after all we both paid for the service so I thought probably because I am not using dstv decoder. I will try the frequencies you gave me and will get back. One again thanks so much you are just wonderful.

      • Good morning to the house.

        Watch this space. I am on my way to church and you have to wait till after church. I will give you the information to watch Pakistan on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East C-band and what you need.

        Depending on the settings of the receiver some frequencies will not work. A while ago I wrote that my Technosat fails some channels. I have found the problem and make the solution available. I will scan my decoders and tell you the working frequencies.
        Pack your things and see you after church. Enjoy.

        I am also shuffling between the two. Sometimes I am not interested in any of the pay channels or I have seen it. As Spencer Churchill said you do not have access to all the channels and you have to pay for it. One friends job is to find all the elegal patches and to block it. 🙁


  156. The information to watch Pakistan on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East C-band and what you need.

    1. A dish of about 2meter
    2. A C-band & KU band LNBF. (BSC C21-2 without a switch)Try to get one with a switch
    3. 4 x 1 DISEqC switch if the LNBF has not a build in switch.
    4. Decoder that can control a switch.

    What to do.
    1. Connect one input of the switch to the C-Band connector of the LNBF
    2. Connect another input of the switch to the KU-Band connector of the LNBF
    3. Connect the receiver connector on the switch to your decoder

    Set up the decoder.
    1. Transponder (4151/H/6500)
    2. Set motorized system. Mine is not installed so it is OFF)
    3. Set LNB frequency (??)
    4. Set DISEqC type
    5. Set network search (Yes)
    6. Set FTA search (NO. If it is YES, SABC will be lost)
    7. Set 0/12v (OFF for c band)
    8. Set 22kHz Auto. (Play with on or off if auto fails)
    9. Set LNB power (13v/18v)

    List 30 FTA channels.
    KU Band
    11625 V 15000 4/5 ?
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 abn
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 acbn
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 aululbayt
    11625 v 15000 2/3 BTV
    11674 v 26652 4/5 Day Star
    11010 v or h 30000 4/5 or 5/6 dish (try both)
    11170 v 26654 5/6 Ezekiel
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Faith
    11674 v 26652 4/5 f24
    11130 v or h 30000 4/5 or 5/6 fut09 (try both)
    11674 v 26652 4/5 God
    11674 v 26652 4/5 itv
    12722 h 26652 2/3 kicc
    11170 v 26654 5/6 Kruis kyk
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Madini
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Messiah TV
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Muvi TV Africa
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Novo Tempo
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Press Tv
    11674 v 26652 4/5 SABC1
    11674 v 26652 4/5 SABC2
    11674 v 26652 4/5 SABC3
    12722 h 26652/7 2/3 Supreme ma
    11170 v 26654 5/6 SWC
    11170 v 26654 5/6 ubn
    10970 v or h 30000 4/5 or 5/6(LNBS) ? ? (try both)
    C Band
    4151 h 6500 3/4 DUNYA News
    4151 h 6500 3/4 DUNYA Ent
    4151 h 6500 3/4 EXPRESS Urd
    4151 h 6500 3/4 EXPRESS 24/7


  157. BooBoo in my FTA List
    11010 v or h 30000 4/5 or 5/6 dish
    11130 v or h 30000 4/5 or 5/6 fut09 (Sport)
    10970 v or h 30000 4/5 or 5/6 Lesotho (LNBS) ? ?

    I have noticed that the following is missing in my list

    SEN chanels are excluded in my list.

    See you later

  158. I’ve just finished going thru infos on this blog. you guys are doing a great great great job. what I would advice is that people should read infos on this blog B4 asking questions, this would help all of us. Thanks

  159. How to connect a DiSEqC switch. I hope that the picture will be clear. If not, delete or add spaces get a nice image.

    C-band LNB ??? ? 2nd Dish
    ? ?
    ? ? Receiver
    ? ?
    KU-band LNB ??? ? 3rd dish

  160. More channels that you can try on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East C-band. Sorry, I do not understand a word what they say.
    Please feed back. 🙂
    3712 H 14454 TAJ TV TEST
    3774 V 2940 AASTHA TV
    3777 V 2940 AASTHA BHAJAN
    3808 V 6680 STAR MUSIC TV/ NOOR TV UK
    3810 H 3312 CNBC PAKISTAN
    4003 H 2963 WAQT NEWS
    4119 H 3333 SAMAA TV
    4127 H 3255 DAWN NEWS
    4142 H 3306 ROHI TV
    4150 H 6600 DUNYA NEWS
    4158 H 6510 EXPRESS 24/7 / NEWS
    4185 H 20000 ND TV HINDU


    • Capital letters in e-mail means you are shouting. Why are you shouting at us? 🙂 I am out of the old generation and do not understand this new spelling and rules.

      You cannot download DSTV FTA channels. You have to enter the correct frequencies into your DSTV decoder to allow you to “watch” the channels. I am so sorry. I do not know your decoder. You have to find the procedure on how to enter new frequencies into your decoder by using your remote. I hope that someone in this house can assist us with the procedure. Please feedback.
      Read this blog for all the known frequencies on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East C- and KU-band as well as KU-band on Eutelsat W4 & W7.


  162. How do I enter new FTA frequencies into my DSTV dual view decoder. Also, can I watch the following FTA channels on my DSTV: LCI, FRANCE 24 and LCF (from Togo. If yes, somebody should help me with the Parameters. Big thanks in advance to the house.

    • It might be the same as the DSD 110, 660, 910, 990, 1110, 1131 decoder I think. Read this blog for the procedures.

      F24 Yes and I have not tried the other.

      Where is Togo?

  163. Thanks Ockert, Togo is located in West Africa.

    I just completed some research on FTA channels from 80% of satellites that beam to africa. I realised that to view those FTAs one needs to possess a motorised dish to enjoy. My research results will soon be on these blog. I can not still enter parameters in my dual view decoder. Is it from “Signal Detection” or “TV Installation” options under “Advanced option”.

    • On the Technosat it is under Installation/Antenna setting ..

      What I am busy with:
      I install one dish for most used satellite for example on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East with a C-Band & Ku-band LNB connected to inputs 1 & 2 of a DiSEqC switch. (Your decoder should be able to address the switch)
      Install the same for the second ( sattellite) dish and connect the LNB to input 3 of the DiSEqC switch.
      Installed the 3rd “motorized” dish for the minor channels and connect the LNB to the next input of the DiSEqC switch. The decoder will controll everything for me. my motor will not work very hard on the minor channels. (The decoder must be able to controll motors as well!)

      There are ways to connect everything to a second TV.

      I am doing research on the FTA channels on satellites as well to plan my setup and then the “Beginners Manual for FTA” will be published.

      Please, the house wants to know how to do the settings for FTA on your decoder.

  164. Please update FTA on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East C-band
    4054 v 4400 Ariloang
    4059 v 3529 CTS
    3774 v 2940 Aastha
    3864 h 19890 AryNewsAsi
    3864 h 19890 AryMusic
    3864 h 19890 Aryqtv
    3864 h 19890 AryDigital
    3913 v 6510 YTN
    4185 h 20000 ChenM

  165. multi choice Ghana no is not giving me the quality entertainment i need.i am using premium High definition pvr decoder but some of my channels are still not working.they should do do something about it before i decide to close down their company and establish min

    • Get an installer to check the dish installation. It is possible that it needs fine tuning.
      Test the LNB.
      Check all the connectors and that it is tight.
      Check for corrosion in the connectors.
      Check for trees in front of the dish.
      Check the decoder.
      Check for a building or something that might reflect a signal onto your dish. There might be a direct and a reflected signal on your dish?
      What can be done is to take the decoder to a friend’s house and test in on his installation. That will eliminate a faulty decoder and or installation.

  166. Guys please help me. Which is the best Free To Air decoder? It seems most fellows are using different models of Strong. Is this the best decoder and what advantages does it have say over Astrovox?

  167. Majo I think the best Fta decoder now is the srt 4669x,4669xII,4669z.the 9z is the latest now and all of the three you will be able to get joytv Gtv etc.the are about can still use that same dish for your dstv by adding another Lnb.

  168. Majo I think the best Fta decoder now is the srt 4669x,4669xII,4669z.the 9z is the latest now and all of the three you will be able to get joytv Gtv etc.the are about can still use that same dish for your dstv by adding another Lnb.

  169. Are you new in Jerusalem?

    Information available in this blog. Read it please:
    Air (FTA) refers to channels which are free to access and watch. In South Africa, SABC & are considered free-to-air channels.” But it is not very complex to set the decoder up.

    As I understand that was illegally brodcast over the FTA channels and is stopped on request by
    1. Possibly licensing issues?
    2. The channel has put a stop to this illegal broadcast by a 3rd party and will only be available in South Africa on analogue or pay dstv?
    There are only two ways to receive
    1. Move to RSA.
    2. Get the cheapest “Select 1? option from multichoice (South Africa only)

    e.TV and SABC 1/2/3 are targetted at residents of southern Africa only. I do not share unscrambling codes.

    The only way to watch scrambled channels is to subscribe. On Intelsat 7/10 the scrambled channels are Mytv which is based in Nigeria and e-tv from RSA.You have to pay to watch all this channels. Even if you temper with the encryption, they change the codes so often you may not be able keep up with the pace. You also need to be a first class hacker.It not worth the effort. End scenario- you end up frying your decoder.

    E-TV is only available in South Africa(Multichoice) on analogue

    It is very simple. Move to South Africa, buy a cheap second hand analogue TV and you will have FTA E-TV while the analogue signal lasts.
    Sorry, most of the scramble codes are not working anymore. I also do not share unscrambling codes. I will not assist anyone frying their decoders.

  170. Which FTA receiver should I buy?

    FTA receivers are like cars. There are lots of different models, most of which perform basic functions the same way. There are lots of opinions about which one is best, but very few people have significant experience with more than one or two models.

    If you’re just getting started, I’d suggest that you make sure your first receiver has blind scanning to help you find channels. Even if you don’t have a motor, you might feel like adding one later, so it’s generally a good idea to make sure your receiver can drive one. After that, it’s a question of which cool features you want and how much you want to spend. Shop around!

  171. hi sathunters did blindscan on 36east,11469v-3255(ortc-comores)besides chinese channels.using

  172. Jannie, as soon as I am finish with Intelsat 7/10 I will try your satellite and feedback. Somewhere in the blog is what I have found during a 1 hour playing session. Please read the introduction of this blog as well. I am doing all my tests with a Technstat T-1888 Silver. Regards from a cold Centurion.

  173. Ockert,read through your blog,very informitive thanks.maybe a stupid question but i aquired a v/sat lnb.can it be used as a c-band lnb.Some
    channels on intelsat7/10 c-band,al jazeera,cctv-news,ewtn[catholic]
    4064h-19850.on ku-band bba[big brother]fta 11050v-30000,muvi tv africa unite,12560h-26657.Regards

    • Jannie, I was busy with a lot of things and lost the FTA feeling temporarily but I am still on this side. Could you manage to solve your problem?

  174. Hi Davidajao
    Like to follow your info

    I just want to know how to your tune your DSD 1131 decorder to view Christian channel networks


  175. Jannie, Wait…wait. A stupid question is the question that you have and not asked. Nothing wrong with your question. I think it is a very good and valid question.

    If you are an Afrikaner, the intelsat7/10 c-band is not for you. I think it gives a good coverage for Asiatic, Indian, Indies. (Although I have heard on the C-band that BinLaned has moved on before it was on the SABC news). There are religious channels in English and I have learned a lot of the people in PAKISTAN. If you ask me if it is worth to spend all the money on equipment for the C-band, I will say for sure if you are an Indian. If you want to play…why not. Do it.
    The LNBF that I use is the The LNBF in this manual has a build in DISEqC switch. I have one without a switch See for the wiring.of the DISEqC switch
    I belief that you might get CCTV from satellite Eutelsat W4 and Eutelsat W7, both located at 36° East.

    Is your VSAT working over a Dish or modem? Read more:
    If you’re attempting to replace an LNB in a VSAT system, be sure to check the both the supply voltage and the transmit reject filter.
    I hope this will help. If not, ask again. I have to study Vsat first.

  176. gdty ockert,some explanation on my setup,on dysec switch have c-band(intelsat7/10)and 5.0e siruis2/3.on motorized90cm dish controlled through tecknomate 1500 37.5w,22w,15w,7.0e,10.0e{mgm,movies in english]36.0E more info on regarding the above back to my question on v-sat lnb.want to change my c-band lnb and replace it with v-satlnb and check for any signals.thanks david for very informitive webpage.happy mothersday to all.regards jannie

  177. Plz help,I want 2 gt emmanuel tv,and other free to air channels on my dstv decorder DSD1131 and am in Nigeria ,tried the ones given bt no luck cz no home networks were given here

  178. Gud mornin all house,I hope its rainin over there 2! Pls,did anyone have an idea on CRTv? I need 2 be updated. Tnx

  179. hey i have tried the kenyan channels in Windhoek using the subscribed DSTV decoder i can get .. does any one know if the foot print can reach here?

  180. Good morning. I am still around but am spending all my free time on the editing of my video. Two weeks of graphics and art work gives you 1 hour on the editor and it gives you a 1 minute video. I will pop in and help where I can. After the video I will give more information on FTA on other satellites.

    Rfrank, this is in this blog and use it to check the footprints. Read this blog if it is Multichoice that you want to check.

    Follow the link and check the footprint. I know that you are covered by the footprint but I am assisting other people as well.

    Follow for a lot of FTA channels on Intelsat 10 @ 68.5° East


  181. please am using strong srt4899x and i get some free channels. please help to connect to get canal and hi tv channels..when my friend did his with two dish he got some dstv channels and hi tv channels as well as canal channels for free…its FTA decoder i want to know how i can connect the second dish

    • Please Sir, what are the free channels to transmitted using srt4899x strong decorder. I’m highly in need of this information, thanks. Tofes.

      • Please read the first few lines of this blog. Or stay tuned. As soon as I am finished with my video, I will set my dish at 36deg and start to collect information for this house.

  182. Please i am using a Viewsat 2000 ultra reciever and i used toget some infinity channels on astra satelite . Now they have the dollar sign . kindly help me to get other FTA channels. Tnx

  183. gdty feedhunters from a wet and windy signal on 36 east due to strong winds.have to wait for sunny day to adjust elevation. 10degrees east mgm movies with portugese subtitles,afro music.11664h-3834.using 1.2m dish,ku band lnb.good hunting rgds jannie

  184. hi i do enjoy ur prompt responds in assisting our fellow viewers..pls amusing strong 4669×11..but my infinity channels is no more showing …pls i need an assistance on this urgently..i blind scan severally but no responds….pls what can i do …..thanks

  185. still same shodunke femi..pls my multi tv is showing..clearly ..but only my finity tv isnt showing at all….pls assist..thanks

  186. Hi Shodunke femi,for ur information infinity tv channels are now scrabbled.U need to subscribe to have full access, u can still enjoy multitv and find some one to add an additional lnb to ur dish to watch free to air channels on dstv beam.

  187. Can anyone here help me with a list of all current DSTV channels and their corresponding frequencies? All channels including encrypted. I don’t mind paying for this information as i need it for my project.


    • Good evening.
      At last a straightforward person. You want to pay. That is great. Visit your nearby service provider and they will lend a hand for free.
      Everything on this blog is for free and we do not help with encrypted channels.

      • Ockert I disagree with you many of us here have more than one paytv service in our home and we are paying for them.However you misunderstand Aminat she is saying she will pay for the information not that she is interested in subscription.

        • Good evening.
          Apologies. I thought that she would pay for information to watch encrypted channels. I am busy collection the links and information where to find what. Here where I am, I am used that a lot of people will pay to crack everything. Do not worry. My equipment is not hacked and I am paying for my DSTV as well. Thanks for changing my view to read the request.
          My apologies to Aminat.
          I am also busy with a list of who are the owners of each FTA and what they are doing. Aminat, when it the due date or the latest date for the information? In this house…my assistance is for free.

    • Amina Dahiru,
      My apologies. Due to my misunderstanding of your request, I will stop my work on the video and assist you as quickly as I can. I need a due(latest) date please. Not your date because you need time to compile the work.

      All the information is for free. I will point you into the correct directions.


  188. Hi Jannie,
    I am still around and my video is 80% complete. As soon as I am finish, I will assist in playing with the frequencies with a few satellites.
    The one at 10, 36 and 7 degrees. Watch this space please.
    I will use the 1.8m dish. It is the same dish that I have used on PAS7

  189. Thanks Ockert and Olusola. I would like to be in a position to get the information by Monday, 4th of July. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    • I have checked my hard drive and I have 800meg information. How will I get it to you? Well start with the following link.

      You will see the following in a nice blok;

      160°W-73°E 73°E-0°E 0°W-61°W 61°W-160°W
      Frequencies: Asia Europe Atlantic America
      Packages: Asia Europe Atlantic America
      SatTracker: Asia Europe Atlantic America

      Select for example Asia and click it. The next window will pop up.
      You will see a list of satelittes.

      Click for example on 177.0°W
      You will see the
      Freq.Tp Provider Name Channel Name System Encryption SR-FEC

      Select all, copy it and past it into an excel spread sheet. There are 1 million – x satelittes. Move the mouse (cursor) to the red letter on the square for more information. Find the colour code keys at the bottom of the window.

      The next task (link) for foot prints (images) will follow tomorrow night.
      Enjoy collecting. I hope it is what you are looking for. Let me know if this is not 100%
      Kick off and start.

  190. Gud day house,now dat infinity channels’s been scrambled,pls is there any way 2 av any free channels on infinity tv & it would be interestin as well. Tnx

  191. gdty all,on sirius2/3 at 5degrees east tv congo 12466v-29950.fta.getting good signal with 1.2m dish in capetown area.footprint covers subsahara .feedhunters with blindscan in subsahara should pick up additional tv stations.keep me posted if you find any.good hunting regards jannie

  192. Helo i live in south africa and i have a setellite of multichoice nd i want to install the bid brother africa channel. Plase help

  193. pls room i realy apriciate ur effort,pls i just buy stg 4663x without card.and i want to watch free to air on dstv.pls i need ur help.may u lv long on earth.

  194. TO MR OLUWATIMILEHIN AND MR OLUNIYI AJAO ,pls i need freq and symbo setting on str 4663x to watch free to air on dstv. i knw u guy the best,I will be very grateful to u.

  195. hi i would like to know how setup my dstv decoder which is Dsd 988 coz am way out of any installer all are empty promises and can my decoder work without a card

  196. Kayode,honestly I would advice u get a str4669 4 u 2 get 2ru viewing more,but d freq & symbol rates re already in dis blog. Just try & go 2ru d blog. Have a blissful day

  197. hi,pls can you give me free channels the direction of dstv, multitv & infinite channel’s. i also need code for e-tv in mytv.i use 4669x strong decoder & i live in nigeria

    • Mike, just direct and fix your channel at 36 degrees east and blind scan your decoder. The free channels will pop up. There is no code for etv. That was before. etv has confirmed to me that the transmission was a pirate station’s handiwork and the signal has been shut down.No TV station in South Africa is allowed to broadcast signals outside SA.

      To get etv a TV station in your country will have to partner etv SA to show some of their programmes locally together with your own country’s content .

      etv is encoded on Intelsat 7/10 satellite at 68.5 degrees by Nagravison which so far cannot be compromised.

  198. Mornin.I’m presently in d northern part of nigeria and?? I’m comin across fta channels 4 d 1st time.I wanna get one&i’ve bn told dat strong dishes&decoders r d best wit a jack 4 rotatin d dish.I’d really appreciate it if I can b told if d same dish&decoder can work in lagos,nigeria cos I’ll b movin back there soon.also is/are there channel(s) that show EPL,champions league&documentaries.I’d really love it if I can b educated.thank u

  199. Dstv put off some of our meaningfull channel in Nigeria because it is free and many are not subscribing every month the way it use to be. And this unfair, dstv came to Nigeria and make a lot of money and yet they cannot leave just 5 or 6 channel free! That is very was just like when mtn came to Nigeria nobody knew we can buy a sim card for just #100.this cheating is too much.NIGERIAN PLS let come together and deal with this people.

  200. am using a dstv 1110 and 1131 how can i get the new w3 or w4 free to air channels including some sports channels…..pls the frequency and location of saterlitte
    i heared of a satellite that can transmit asia channels in ghana please tell me about it please…………thanks a lot

  201. hello my people i use 2 dish 1 4 joy tv side y d other 1 4 dstv i ve nt been gettin any dstv station unless atn1 atn2 etc now atn2 is nt show again i use srt 4669

  202. if we have been fooled for so long one day someone will bring up the saving cheat that will liberat nigerians from this south african advaancely frud that has been embraced legally.thanx pals.

  203. Hallo Ockert
    Is there a way I can contact you.I am in SA and has recently started to play with FTA.I want to buy a receiver but need some info before I do this.I have a FTA receiver I brought fro the UK but experiencing some problems.

  204. Well Tee Master, try this.make sure the decoder is on and the satellite is Eutelsat W4/7 at 36 degrees east.Press menu and scroll to manual scan and click OK. Then press the green button. Input the frequency i gave you and the Symbol rate and polarity.

    Did the signal quality change from red to green? If yes press OK and can the channels in.If no, then your dish has shifted from 36 degrees east.Call an installer to realign your dish. Good luck.

  205. Ten gbosa for you Churchill you 4 much i try it and everything went fine but pls how can i subscibe with my strong reciver or is their any biss code to watch it free?

  206. l am using srt require for that free to ari channels of sport with the type of strong decoder srt 4653x.pls l need it sir.

  207. hallo festus,whats brand name of sat receiver.i am using technomate 1500,with for info on sats for this region.sats to check is sirius4 5degrees east.eutelsat w3a at 7degr.east and intelsat7/10 at 68.5degr.east.if you have not blindscan you must put in frequencies manually as your fta is set for n/hemisphere region.good luck jannie

  208. how can i get the good stations on my strong dish ..i am using strong 4669x …i need to get the station so i will watch some good things on it

  209. oh ma God, what have we done to DSTV, even with our full supsciption they went and block our supersport 3ni, 5ni, and 7ni in NIGERIA..simply because we are using strong receiver……pls somebody help ;(

  210. pls i use strong 4669xii with mytv smart card but, am boring with their programme pls i want to ask if i can use dstv or hitv on strong.
    am from Nigeria an the their point satellite thank you.

  211. pls help!!can i receive any fta channels by using ku band lnbf especially KENYA TV? 2,,, i have astrovox vsr 290 fta plus decorder and 90cm dish.can i get any fta channels? ILL BE VERY GLAD,HELP ME PLEASE THANX

  212. Thank you for all that you are doing for all the people,please i want to ask you if i can get tv in my phone.thank you and God bless you all.

  213. Hallo gents how r u werever ur,though iam new to the site and forum please i want more help from u all,dont be borred with querries,and sometime spellings.THANKS to all

  214. hello pple in d house i read all tru d comment and answers i was impressed u pple are wonderful i am using SRT4653 mpeg3 4rm Edo state, nigeria pls wat do i do 2 upgrade my 4653 mpeg3 to mpeg4 pls i need a help. Thanks

  215. Pls av been watching all dst station free throuh stramg decoder but now evry thing just scramble pls iv u av any cheat to watch free channel exp epl

    pls need urgent now or any code

  216. Any one still watching africa unite and press Tv on Dstv public bouquet I have noticed for one week now its not showing on my dual view Dstv decoder? Or has the frequency changed?

  217. Gud day house,now dat dstv has blocked all dstv users 4rm using their dstv smart card wit strong decoders. What are we going 2 do wit our strong decoders? Or does it means dat our dstv smart cards is now useless if we cannot afford dstv decoders? Tnx

  218. Hello,
    Anybody got an alternative of accessing KBC, NTV-U on 11785 H 27500 on EUTELW4_ku which have stopped showing on DSTV, CITIZEN on 11881 v 27500, UBC on 11985 V27500.

  219. Howdy Gents n Ladies… Now i know how this guy around here ‘SouthAfrica’, is going around charging R.2000(usd. 300) to connect guys with east african channels.Lucky i hadnt fallen for it.

  220. Hi am lucky. i use to watch kicc tv on public channel, multichoice, dstv but now it just disappeared i dont wats going on. So can u plz help. From South Africa

  221. Am christopher from Nigeria there was a pin used in locking my dstv decorder please is there a general pin you can send me to unluck the decorder

  222. Is it possible to get BBC news and CNBC Africa free to air on the Dstv decoder model number DSD933MCA (I think)
    I live in South Africa and my dich is on Pass 7/10
    If so, can I have the settings to installed and scan in.
    Regards, Johan

  223. need some help please. Have a 65 cm dish with a 360 auto locate on my motorhome, wanting to know what i can find in South africa around Krouger and also Cape town area..

    thanks in advance


      • Oluniyi, The blind scan works 100% on my Technosat. I have created a new satellite called “MySat” and entered all the frequencies that I could find for the KU and C-band. I have done a blind scan and it is amazing what is available. OK I have used a 1.8M dish with a switch on the Technosat.

        A while ago I have complained that my decoder does not work on the higher frequencies. The voltage settings in the setup was wrong and the decoder could not set the LNB for higher or lower frequencies.
        I do not know what Kelly is using but all this information might help him.

  224. You really doin a great job..but please..i need help wit my DSD1110(+2) Decoder..i want to be watching free channels..i’m in nigeria..i will be grate full if u can help..thank alot

    • Good day to the house. I am still on this side only very busy.
      Frank, I have a DSD1110(+) my self and all the setup procedures can be found on this blog. The date is the 10th December 2010.
      I have one problem with the 1110. I can power it down and up again or reboot it and it keeps the settings. It looses the settings after a power failure or during electric (thunder) storms.


  225. Hi David am in uganda i have a GTV decoder. since they closed how can i make use of it to watch FTA channel how do i preset it its has pass word.

  226. Pls i am from Daura, Katsina State northern Nigeria and i have a Strong HD Digital Satellite Receiver SRT 4930. I want you to direct me on how to instill DSTV FTA channel on my receiver. I want watch the DStv free to air channel with my receiver. Thanks

  227. gdty all.been off air awhile,good news is that i manage to realign my degrees is up and running.on pas7/10,nollywood plus,nollywood,ctl africa and ewtn catholic is fta in subsahara africa.check footprint for your region.good hunting jannie

  228. apologies to the house,i forgot to put in the main ingredient.pas7/10. 12600v/26644 for ctl africa,nollywood and ewtn.good viewing jannie

    • Jannie,
      a while back (during April) I submitted all the channels that I can view with a 1.8m dish, Ku & c-band and a Technosat receiver. Have you managed to improve?
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      Yes, I am back in this house.

  229. Can I get DSTV service in southern France? If so, how large an antenna do I require and what are the approximate antenna settings? Thank you.

  230. South Africa – Durban. Connected to multi choice. Please advise on setting to view Noor Tv. Currently using single view decoder with small dish.

    • April 21, 2011 at 4:20 pm

      More channels that you can try on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East C-band. Sorry, I do not understand a word what they say.
      Please feed back.
      3712 H 14454 TAJ TV TEST
      3774 V 2940 AASTHA TV
      3777 V 2940 AASTHA BHAJAN
      3796 V 7300 K2/KHYBER NEWS/AVT KHYBER
      3808 V 6680 STAR MUSIC TV/ NOOR TV UK
      3810 H 3312 CNBC PAKISTAN
      3864 H 19890 ARY DIGITAL ALL PACKEG
      4003 H 2963 WAQT NEWS
      4064 V 4400 SANSKAR TV/SATSANG TV
      4116 V 8140 PEACE TV URDU/ENGLISH
      4119 H 3333 SAMAA TV
      4127 H 3255 DAWN NEWS
      4142 H 3306 ROHI TV
      4150 H 6600 DUNYA NEWS
      4158 H 6510 EXPRESS 24/7 / NEWS
      4185 H 20000 ND TV HINDU

    • David, have you ever assisting us in finding answers?

      Who is behind this blog?
      We do not know all the answers and we have to do research and a lot of reading as well. This house is driven by an army of volunteers and FTA enthusiasts, with Oluniyi D. Ajao serving as the “Chief Commander.”

      Check the following as well.

      There are some unique questions that we have answered but it is keeping on popping up. Study this blog and you will see for yourself.
      Enter the following exactly as is in your search engine and see how questions are asked. “DSTV service in southern France”

      To answer your question:” No, we do not have real help but we are trying. Sometimes you have to wait a while.” Regards.

    • What a great country you have. I use to stay in Roma in Lusaka.

      On your brouser top left click on the EDIT option
      A dropdown menu will open. Move down and click on FIND ON THIS PAGE option.
      Enter ockert or Enter: spencer
      Click NEXT to brouse through all the comments.
      You will find the answers.


  231. Good day to all i just got a new Technosat TC 200 and i need information on how to install it. Can someone give me directives on how to do it.

    • Hi,
      I have the Technosat Silver t-888.
      Search all my technosat comments on FTA in this blog and try it.(December 10, 2010 at 7:30 pm) I do not know if it will work 🙁
      It is worth trying. Let me know please.

      All the frequencies in this blog should work on all decoders.

  232. I have DSD 1131 am setting settings to watch FTA channels but My tv is not coming do anyone know settings I can put to watch My tv

    • On your brouser top left click on the EDIT option
      A dropdown menu will open. Move down and click on FIND ON THIS PAGE option.
      Enter ockert
      Click NEXT to brouse through my comments

      Find this comment
      Ockert says:
      December 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm
      How to set the DSD1110 (+2) receiver

      I belief thet the menu options are the same as the DSD1131.
      I explian how to set it up
      Find Public Pas7/10 to access the FTA.

    • On your brouser top left click on the EDIT option
      A drop down menu will open. Move down and click on FIND ON THIS PAGE option.
      Enter ockert
      Click NEXT to brouse through my comments

      Find this comment
      Ockert says:
      December 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm
      How to set the DSD1110 (+2) receiver

      I belief thet the menu options are the same as the DSD1131.
      I explian how to set it up

      Find Public Pas7/10 to access the FTA.

  233. hie guys im in zimbabwe n using a dstv dsd1131 decoder ,cn sum1 plz kindly run me thru on hw i get free channels ,thnx in advance

  234. This is actually not good news. There are some of the new decoders that is specially designed for pay channels and it cannot be setup for FTA.

    AT present SABC1, 2, 3 & e.TV are FTA on analogue in RSA and SABC1, 2, 3 (with special keys) are on FTA on satellite. There is a possibility that SABC 1,2 & 3 might be encrypted as well during 2012 when SABC goes digital.

  235. Hi, The settings from my technosat for the FTA on Pas7/10 Ku-band. I am using a very small mobile dish (400-500mm) for the following:

    Channel Frequency Pol. Sr FEC
    BTV 11625 V 15000  ¾ *
    TENDBERG 11645 V 24690  ¾
    DAYSTAR 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    ITV 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)*
    GOD CH 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    F24 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    ADSA1 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    AIR3 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    SWC 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)*
    KRUIS 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)*
    GNF T 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    MBC 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    EZEK 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    CTV 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    UBN 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    RTM 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    EMMANUEL 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    HOPE 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    LOVE 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    WRS 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    SEN3 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    SEN4 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    SEN4 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    SEN5 11674 (11170) V 26652  ½ (4/5)
    ABN 12602 H 26657  ½
    AHLULBAY 12602 H 26657  ½
    KICC TV 12602 H 26657  ½
    MOVI TV 12602 H 26657  ½
    MESSIAH 12602 H 26657  ½
    MADADI C 12602 H 26657  ½
    MERICATV 12602 H 26657  ½
    NOcotEMP 12602 H 26657  ½
    OLIVE TV 12602 H 26657  ½
    PRESS TV 12602 H 26657  ½
    SUPREME 12602 H 26657  ½
    CTL AFRI 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    DOVE VIS 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    DUNAMUS 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    EWTN 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    EL SHADD 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    EDEN LIF 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    EVANGEL 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    IQRAA 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    MFM TV 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    MY TV PR 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    NEW JARU 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    NOLLYWOO 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    NOLLYW P 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    SONLIFE 12644 (12602) V 26657  ½
    3ABN 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    CHAMPIO 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    MFM 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    MYNWS 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    ACBN 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    CVV 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    CHOSEN 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    HOSANNA 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)*
    ITVN 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)
    KLN 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)*
    OMEGA 12722 H 26652 (26657)  2/3 (1/2)

    * I like this.

    Take note that my DSD111 does not show the FTA channels on frequency 12606.

    To access you public channels, press the “TV button” on your remote control.
    The “Bouquet Options” menu will appear.
    Select “Public PAS7/10”
    Pressing any of the arrow buttons on your remote, will open the screen with all the available Free to Air channels.
    Simply select the channel you wish to view and press ok to tune.
    To access the radio channels, simply select the “music note” on your remote (while still on Public PAS7/10 bouquet) and select which channel you would like to listen.

  236. Hi Paul and James,
    I need to know the following:
    1. Where do you stay. (That is for the satellite foot print)
    2. I assume that your dish is installed and I need to know the name of the satellite that the dish is aligned to.
    3. What decoder do you use. (do not reply with PVR) I need the decoder name and model.
    4. Have you tried my reply on the December 21, 2011 at 4:11pm

  237. hi ockert, could you please explain in simpler words how to set up the pakistan channels? It says those codes are invalid, the message you sent on november 27th, i’m using a DSD1110

  238. i want to wach ntv uganda in Dvb mediacom. I don’t have a fq also the dilection the type of lnb, i thanks u for ur hlp

  239. I have a South Africa HD PVR 2 and I live i Mozambique, but the DSTV Mozambique inform that this decoder can not find the Portuguese channels in DSTV Bué bouquet and I am very confused about. Is it possible to unlock or do something to have the DSTV Bue bouquet with this decoder? Please assist on that issue.

  240. I have a South African dstv decoder with card, and the correct LNB for the SA channels what do i need to do to make it work with all the South African channels in the delta region Nigeria. And will I still be able to get SABC 1 2 3 and etv

    • Alan, please follow this link to check my low res video for setting up a DSD “South African Multichoice” decoder.

      Your dish must be installed “aligned” on Intelsat 7/10 (IS-7/10) @ 68.5° East KU-band.

      The DSD1110+ looses its FTA setting most of the times after a power surge or failure. Sometimes lightning erases it. I have to enter my setting every now and then. It keeps the settings with a normal reboot of power down.

    • Alan, sorry to tell you. I do not think you will be able to see SABC 1, 2 & 3 as FTA on your decoder. You need a FTA decoder and load special keys on the decoder to unlock SABC. You cannot load keys on your decoder.
      Etv is removed from digital FTA. In South Africa it is still FTA on the analogue system (TV with an antenna) SABC and FTA might become scrambled as soon as RSA switch over to HD.
      Some of the FTA channels will change as well and we have to purchase a HD FTA decoder to tune in. Sorry all the Afrikaners watching Kruiskyk will have to get a HD decoder.

  241. Hi i have recently bought a new china magic box_A decoder that uses two dishes which gives free dstv channels but all of sudden they are all scrambled. i have been trying to get it updated at the shop but he kips pulling stunts like his upgrading it,wen i get home nothing. its there anyone who can help with the upgrade.

    desperate rocky.

  242. Im in Ghana and I use dstv model DSD 1131.My problem is anytime my account is suspended I receive only the CCtv’s. can u help help me out?please email me.thanks for your support

      • There is a new FTA HD decoder available in South Africa. As soon as RSA goes HD and analogue to digital, some of the FTA channels will not work as well. SABC 1,2 3 and RSA ONLY FTA E-TV might not be FTA angmore.

    • I have a DSD1110+. Every time when my account is suspended, I receive FTA only. That is normal.

      I do not understand your question. Do you want FTA and as Oluniyi explained, can your DSD work on FTA?

      That is why I do not want to upgrade my DSD1110. I am afraid that the upgrade might remove the FTA function.

  243. I am in the united states and I need buy an IPTV so that I can watch african channels live on tv.any help?in the usa? I am missing the african cup,please.

  244. please i need help.who will kindly help me get more free on air channels with there frequency and symbol rate. am using strong 4669x ii mpeg 4. please help me out.

  245. I have read all your stuff men this is niice. But If any one wants to be notified when dstv descrambles all the channels like it ussually doeS after a specific period notify me by email.
    secondly this magic box AND THE motor dishes plus the switch can any one give me a source from where tO purchase in bulk.
    Third there are other satellites indicated in network settings of dstv could any have some free to air especially american ones or British. If not could there be weaker encryptions used other than negra vision of dstv to view those american or british tvs that can be hacked or bypassed.
    My location is east africa uganda. though the system could indicate otherwise. This post goes directly to the administrator if it is in your capacity mail me the ansswers or if okay publish under my post. We need to broaden the search for free TV…THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR SHARING GOOD INFO.

  246. Thak U very much Mr OLUNIYI D.AJAO for creating this educative,informative,and entertaining platform.2day is my 1st time of visiting this blog and I have spent the better part of my time reading very exciting and informative things! In the course of my reading,I came across an info of how to receive KBC and other east AFRICA FTA channels beaming in W/a.So please,I want to find out whether that great opportunity still exist. If yes,kindly give me info on how to get those channels.With greatest respect tell me something,because I have bought a new strong decoder.

    • I agree with you.
      Thank you very much Mr OLUNIYI D.AJAO

      I see that you can buy the Strong FTA decoders now in South Africa from the Chinese flea markets for about R800


  247. I would like to watch emmanuel tv on my dstv decoder here in durban,south africa. I have tried all the frequencies that I got and its still not showing,anyone with an idea on how I can set it up

  248. I have DSD 1131, I lost some channels: Africa Magic Swahili, Tbc 1, B4U music, ss4, ss7,, kbc,ubc, citizen how can i have them back?

  249. I tuned into emmanuel tv last night. bUT this morning, no reception, even my normal dstv channels that I subscribe. Its saying error 45. plz help

    • try to reboot the decoder by switch the power off, wait 30 sec for all the capacitors to discharge and switch the bpower back on again.

  250. Does access to the FTA channels on dstv depend on active subscription to the main dstv or that can still be done without the subs? Secondly, would these changes also include the channel Ezekiel TV?

    • No not at all. You can have FTA without an active subscription. All depends on your decoder. I have double the channels on my FTA decoder than on my multichoice decoder. I also have a channel or two on my multichoich that is not on my FTA decoder.

  251. ever since i have installed an extra view dstv i have lost emmanuel tv even’if i put the codes,i am going to try the other codes that i found on this blog and i PRAY N HOPE THEY WILL WORK, IT HAS BEEN A LONG TYM SINCE LAST YEAR MAY I HAVE NOT WATCH REV TB JOSHUA EMMANUEL!

  252. I am new to this forum, please help me on the step by step guide on how to set up free to air channels on dstv dsd 1131 decoder.

  253. i’m from uganda how can i access premium channels of dstv with or without internet connection please inbox me the information

  254. Hi Ockert – I am a Brazilian living in Cape Town – I have managed to use some of the frequencies that you have input above and I got some FTA channels BUT actually, what I wanted is to get some Brazilian channels that I know, they get broadcasted to MOZ and ANGOLA on a FTA basis and I believe I should be able to catch them up as well, what do you think? Let me know if you have settings for that as well? I am mainly talking about Globo TV, Record TV and PFC sports channels… Thank you very much!

  255. I have a problem with my strong decoder.I cannot watch cctv and the others as ATN and so on so please tell me how i can get it to watch and please make it quick

  256. Daar is ‘n nuwe “Homebase TV” GODSDIENS TV kanaal op Free To Air (FTA)
    There is a new “Homebase TV” Religious TV channel on Free To Air (FTA)

    Stel gou dekodeerder in op die volgende:
    Settings for your decoder:
    Fre: 11674
    Pol: V
    SR: 26652
    FEC: 4/4


    My video to assist you can be found at:

  257. Hi Ockert,

    Please sent me the setting to watch Muvi TV from Zambia, im based in South Africa i have a dstv decorder DSD 1110



  258. Iwant to add the following channels and remove the following;remove all my chinese channels with all my musical channels withthe following channels:BOOMERANG,ALL MY SUPERSPORT CHANNELS,ALL MY MOVIE CHANNELS

  259. How can I get world class channels free?
    Here in uganda e.g bbc cnn skynews pliz help me and send de details on mi email. Thanx so much

  260. I love your link man. Nobody has ever opened my eyes like you did. I install dstv and zuku in western kenya. Kindly send me FTA frequency n symbol rate values to use on astrovox decoders.

  261. Hi guys, can I use an lnbf with a normal lnb ku dish? And how does the lnbf function? Can somebody school me on this, as simple as possible

  262. Please I was using this 57.0E NSS 5/Ku 12.605(v) / 29.949 to watch vox africa and some other channels and the next minute all the channels went black with a red signal. What am I supposed to do? And what must a man do to get so english speaking fta channels to watch on my strong srt4669x decoder. Please help me.

  263. How do I enter a 4 digit symbol rate on my DSD1131 decoder? Keep getting an error msg when I try to. Thanks for ur anticipated help.

  264. I greet u all in d house especially my old friend Oluniyi & Ockert. How r u all? U all know its been long that I last participated in this educative conversations,few days ago I was @ MyTv store when I was told that there are new,infact latest Strong decoders(4669XII,4669Z & 4940 d latest). I purchased d last 2 to know d differences,& I got it. My questn now is,now that Multichoice is playing smart on their users,can d old Dstv cards work for d above latest strong decoders? Happy weekend

  265. Hi evry1, I bought DSTV DSD1132 matter of days ago, and I requested multichoice for MOZAMBIQUE channels,but I was told that they dont have them! I am in Jhb RSA now. Can any1 pls enlighten me with some info on how to get them! Pls, any suggestion will be better than zero! Thnx, may God bestow more knowledge!??

  266. I’m in Malawi. How many Free-To-Air channels can I access here in Malawi using a DSTV Decorder(1110)? Looking foward to your assistance. God bless u.

  267. Why is that some of the fta do not have audio and video PID and so they cant show anything despite that they have good signal quality , it happen on dstv ,mytv and even on multi tv , secondly some channel are fta but suddenly the turned scrambled eg cctve ,ortc

  268. gdty all.been off the air for a while.been scrolling through the blog and found some interesting comments.keep up the good work sat hunters.on nss5@22degrees west.malawi tv 11550/v/2790.tpa1 and tpa2 11530/h/5925.portugese channels.good hunting jannie

  269. Your site is very helpful. I used to change my dstv 1131 home network to hotbird and watch free chanels, but these days it says “service verification could not be established please change to another chanel. & retry Should the problem persists reboot the decoder.” I have been retrying andd rebooting but it keeps on doing the same thing. Please help, I am in Zimbabwe (I would appreciate a reply via email)

  270. Hie! Can I have information or codes to access free tv channels from HD PVR decoder in Zimbabwe. Also how can I watch Emmanuel Tv on DStv decoder?

  271. I’ve been dstv subscriber for 4 years now but idont access those free channels in East Africa. It even hurts when we pay & fail to access on time like idid to today ‘& i’ve been off air.

  272. Am new to this interesting blog. Pls i have the following questions. 1. What is latest frequency code for DSTV PVR to tract paid channel? 2. How do i get FTA frequency code for my DSTV decoder and strong decoder? Plz repply me to my e-mail

  273. Good day im looking for FTA channels and settings,movies,music and christian channels im in southafrica,you can send on email or here its fine thank you.

  274. Hi gents, I became aware of de site late in March 2013. Oh it’s informative,xciting,educative,etc. Thanx 2 guys(Oluniyi,Ockert n Churchill) u amazing n ve made me & others 2 watch more FTA channels. 1 query which hv bn asked non-stop, how can 1 set de East african channels as de decoder refuses 2 accept de zero before de 4 digits. I’m using a 111 decoder, Witbank-South Africa

  275. in uganda all channels are removed when subscription is not done. how can we set our dstv decodors to recieve free on air channels?

  276. I earlier aske how to watch those Eastern channels from Africa, only 1 guy responded.(see 2013 April 3 & 11). As Ockert & others in South africa what i ur take, are u able to watch any of these channels using a dstv decoder?

  277. I ve noticed that only 1 expert(i. Oluniyi) responded on the subject East African channels. (See 2013 April 3 & 11) . What do guys such as Ockert, Churchill & others who are in South africa or Southern Afric say? Are u able to watch these channels or have u tried using a Dstv decoder?

  278. G’day all.mpeg4 is the norm now.thanks for the flea market round the corner.on33east.E-Bird.11016v/30000 .Star tv,TBC,TEN,BLESSING TV,JET TV.scanned with f.t.a Openbox mpeg4.i am in Cape Town.good hunting.regards jannie

  279. My name is carlos. Samuel cossa,I’m from mozamique and I’m electronic maneger,I’m ivestigate satelites evry time is very nice I’m continue try to find more becouse now I no maybe 6 sat’s

  280. My dstv dosnt want to play its been seaching for the signal for the whole day so I don’t know wats wrong And I dint swich it off

  281. hey guys i am facing a problem with upgrading my decoder, before i can get to the frequency part it needs me to put in a pin, please assist me guys…..

  282. hi,
    Like you input on the many questions
    Am from zambia i was watching many channels on my 4920A strong decoder like canal+family, canal+series, foot etc now i cant watch any someone to me to pay.
    what can i do get this channels?

  283. Pliz assist me, I need free to air frequencies so I can watch gospel channels on public. The frequencies I’ve been trying are not helping me either.

  284. I’m still struggling with emmanuel tv setting on my new dstv,I can’t stay a day without watching emmanuel tv,im lost without it for 3 weeks now,please help

  285. Thanks for the messages and information,am in Uganda,how can I watch free local channels of Uganda?can I use 6feet dish on c band and get those channels.

  286. Hello i am using the w7 decoder and i am unable to access the christian channels i have tried lot of setting can you please help me

  287. Oluniyi, pls help me out with this in my email. I have purchased a j star brand decoder (dvb-t2/s2 ) how can I setup the satellite free channels in ghana. Thankd

  288. hi i have a matter with my dv3 t2
    i’m living in senegal and if i connect my antenna and do my rechearch i ever see the message “scrambled channel ” in every channel and i don’t know how to resolv this problem
    help me please if you have a solution
    thank for all

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