Moneybookers scams (Phishing emails)

You might have received such email before, purportedly from Moneybookers. I receive such regularly, and even got one just this early morning. The mails look real, asking you to accept a payment or update your account information. Of course, the mail is fraudulent and will only lead you to a fake website that will keep the login info you entered.

Very recently, Gambling911 raised an alarm about this issue:

A series of emails have been sent out unsolicited asking customers to confirm payments made to their MoneyBookers account.  In so doing, the link they are asked to follow takes them to another website.

“These scammers will then obtain all the Moneybookers customer financial information,” expressed Payton O’Brien of

Always confirm payments directly from the website.

“Never click on links from emails, especially unsolicited emails.  There is no need and with today’s countless scams infiltrating online payment processors, any payment solution requiring verification via email should be avoided like the plague.”

This phishing problem is even more common with Paypal which has over 120 million accounts. So, users beware!

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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