Cuil: A New Search Engine is born

A new search engine that is poised to offer a serious competition to search engine giant Google has been unveiled today. It is called Cuil (pronounced [ku?l], “cool”). It was founded by some former Google employees including a married couple: Anna Patterson and Tom Patterson. Other members of the founding team are: Russell Power and Louis Monier.

I tried Cuil a couple of hours ago and have the following impression of it. Cuil is different from Google in several ways:

You cannot help noticing the plain black interface that stares in your face when you logon to the website: In the middle of the black page is a simple Cuil logo. This stands out from the usual white pages offered by Google, Ask and Yahoo.

Aside the background colour, Cuil displays its results in a magazine-like block manner instead of the usual title-description-url listing offered by most other search engines. What’s more, there is an image thumbnail beside most of the search results, illustrating the search results even further. The glitch here though is that the thumbnails used are not always very relevant to the search result they are supposed to be illustrating. This is understandable since no computer algorithm can match human decision making processes.

One might say that the interface is inconsequential where real performance is the core matter. Cuil seems to perform too, albeit not as effectively as Google – in my candid opinion. I tried several searches and the results were not as relevant as that of Google though I will admit that the “Explore by Category” option that appears beside some search results is very cool. It offers some relevant terms to further drill-down the search results.

In addition, Cuil offers “Safe Search” and “Typing Suggestions”. These are not new anyway, as Google offers similar features.

As I type this, the website is under serious pressure due to the unprecedented traffic they have received which is a result of the huge media blitz around some “ex-Google employees setting-up an alternative to Google”.

As to whether Cuil would offer any serious challenge to Google and ultimately unsit the search engine goliath, time will tell.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. i just visited this search engine! hmm quite innovative and user freindly . A black background gives it a more serious look . A little bit of clutter to my observation is seen the minute you try to search for anything , very much unlike google that neatly arranges the various web pages that are relevant to your search .Tried to locate my name via the site , not available! .Strange , because google locates my most recent articles on blogs all aound the world. I guess we have to give them some more time.

  2. The safe search feature is great , shows a lot of concern in the area of porns and other materials that require supervison or exclusions

  3. I see your points but I disagree that Google’s layout is better. I think their magazine-like layout of search results is just cool but like I said, their engine is not better than Google – yet.

  4. I quite agree with David. The search engine has a good flat-form that can beimproved on with time. I would say it’s a welcome development and kudos should be given to those that initiated this idea.Time will alaways tell.

  5. i wonder how come they can’t find my site when cuil claimed indexing 120 billion pages! aren’t they improving? i have more luck with newer search engines like

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