Forex trading in Nigeria: Your link to fabulous wealth?

Many Nigerians today dream of hitting a fabulous fortune from working on the Internet. While there is absolutely no harm in dreaming big, for some, it is sheer greed. Greed that makes them ready to believe just about anything they read or hear about making money online.

A case in point is forex trading in Nigeria. On my recent trip to Ibadan, I saw several advertising drives, aimed at recruiting forex traders. Huge posters and banners have defaced just about any available public space in some parts of the ancient city. Many of them were advertising “forex training”, while others were advertising e-gold funding/exchange.

Wikipedia describes the term Foreign exchange market (forex trading) thus:

The foreign exchange (currency or forex or FX) market exists wherever one currency is traded for another. It is by far the largest financial market in the world, and includes trading between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, multinational corporations, governments, and other financial markets and institutions. The average daily trade in the global forex markets currently exceeds US$ 2–2.5 trillion [citation needed]. Retail traders (individuals) are a small fraction of this market and may only participate indirectly through brokers or banks.

It is indeed possible to make money from forex trading online but then what the “trainers” do is to massively hype the returns one could make from forex trading. Thus, many Nigerians are attracted because they are informed that they could earn very high returns on their investment capital.

These hypes have resulted in many loosing their money due to mis-information and have ended-up denting the reputation of the forex trading brokers to the extent that Fx Solutions (FxSol) had to stop dealing with Nigerians completely. A mail from FX Sol has been making rounds in online forums recently:

Dear Trader,

Thank you for registering for a practice account. However, FX Solutions, in an effort to help protect the citizens of Nigeria from fraudulent schemes, is no longer accepting live trading account applications from Nigeria.

FX Solutions is taking this action as the company has noticed a rapid increase in instances of fraud that promise unrealistic expectations in foreign exchange trading, while specifically targeting Nigerian citizens. Nigerian citizens should be aware that there are risks associated with all trading, and there is no methodology that can eliminate risk or guarantee performance.

If you are still interested in trading foreign exchange, please consider opening a practice account with another broker.

FX Solutions

These “trainers” charge between 15,000 naira and 100,000 naira (between $115 and $781) for training sessions that last for between 1 day and 3 days! Now, how someone can learn the nitty-gritty of a sensitive activity like forex trading in 3 days (talk-less of 1 day), beats my imagination! What such “trainers” only do is to introduce their audience to the basics of forex trading and expect them to figure out the rest themselves. The charitable ones among them give their trainees some printed or CD tutorials, and thus the money spent on training is exhausted.

Do not get me wrong. Forex trading is real and a trillion-dollar industry. It is indeed possible to make money from the foreign exchange market. What Nigerians need to be careful about are scammers who would only give you rudiments and collect your money in the name of training.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. Looks like Forex training is the new money spinner. I still remember those seminars touted as training people to become “professional” webmasters in 3 hours – even if all they could do on a PC was to click a mouse. Then there were those promising people that they would be making N750,000 monthly designing websites for banks and oil companies.

    People fell for those then, and some will fall for this as well.

    Those who have heads should keep their thinking caps on.


    • This is a great topic that really brings reality out. Ihave been a victim of many of these textbook guru and i have lost a great deal of money but i do know that making money in forex is very real but it takes patience,discispline and ability to handle risk to breakthrough. With all the training you must invest carefully, just as you are advised to only invest what you can afford to loose. However i must say all you need to learn about forex is actually available online, you just need to be diligent to apply it and do a demo account untill you are consistently making profit. A good sit you can check on that has all the training platform and even robot needed to succeed in trading forex is
      Check it out and learn for yourself

  2. forex is a very interesting area of the financial sector,but it bothers me that prospective investors in this promising enterprise are not free with the people we come accross,to some of us that are willing to be players,we’ll appreciate a-more-human-face exposure.

  3. i’ve had the same problem with Fxsol, they sent me the balance of my account.

    Where can i get a reputable broker that is willing to do business with Nigerians?

    • I wish i had come across this blog before.But all the same, its better late than never.
      My Names are Nwaogu Godwin Ifeanyichukwu,am an active forex trader and manager,am the C.E.O of online forex club aim at trading forex for individulas who believe in the profit potential of the fx market.
      At present i have three live accounts on Alpari(uk)ltd so i dont just talk the talk but i also walk the walk.
      Please, you may request for my original monthly statement of account from my brokers alparii(uk)ltd to ascertain the authencity of this write up.
      Dear Friend,for more information i implore you to visit my blog on send me your e-mail and i will send you statements of account on how i have been trading thus far.

      • My name is tony ukpong.I want mr ifeanyichukwu Godwin Nwaogu to put me into light about forex trading if really is true that such markrt exist. I have come across several brokers like the uptren global investment situated in lagos,they breaved me on the benefit one get when you allow your money to be traded with in just 30 days. I want to be sure if it is true mr ifeanyichukwu? secondly i need you to mail me if uptren is doing fine just like you do.

        • Knights Capital Limited, a firm based in UK and Nigeria provides clients access to major global markets and instruments and not just FX. You can log in to website and register a practice account or give us a call.

          We are not in the frame of giving people false dreams about trading, we you tell all you need to know and we are guided by strict legal trading rules stipulated in the UK.

        • we are a forex broker called tradenext global We provide free signals for our trading clients. We have many clients all around Africa feel free to have a look at our website. Regulated in U.S and Germany so funds will be safe.

        • please i am intrested in invest my money,how can i meet you .they are many out there but how can we sure of the true ones,beacause i have been rubb ones up till to day my money was gone like that.please help me.where are you?.

        • Knights Capital Limited, a firm based in UK and Nigeria provides clients access to major global markets and instruments and not just FX. You can log in to website and register a practice account or give us a call.

          We are not in the frame of giving people false dreams about trading, we you tell all you need to know and we are guided by strict legal trading rules stipulated in the UK.

      • Hello,

        I hear that there is a software that i can install on my system, that will be trading automatically with my live account on my behalf even when am not on the computer. I want to know if this is true. Pls get back to me with this details :

        How did it work :

        How much profit will i make a day :

        How long will the software work :

        What are the things i need to have before i can use the software ( i already have a live account ) :

        What are the advantage and disadvantage of using software that will be trading on my behalf :

        How much is the software :

        I will be waiting for your respond asap. GOD BLESS


  4. please i will like to know other forex companies i can use to start trading in forex in nigeria.and i also want to learn all about forex and how to start here in nigeria.

    • PCIFX by a team of expert advisors and professional Consultants and traders who decided to put an end to the unfair and distrusted trading environments created by many of the brokers and organizations that are well known in the industry and to the public, we are the next generation of spot FOREX trading and 100% dependent on our management system and our people to deliver our promises.
      No slippage – No requotes – Guaranteed fills – One click execution – Spreads as low as 1 pip – No commissions – Up to 400:1 leverage (1% margin).

      With 24/7 Live support only PCIFX gives you true worldwide customer service coverage – Cutting edge and fully secure Forex trading technology.
      1 Account, 4 Trading Technologies! (MT4 Trading Station, Multi Trading Station, Mobile Trading Station , Mobile Trading Station SE).

      • I live in Nigeria and i want to learn how to do forex. There is a saying that: ”Whats too good to be true is never true indeed”. So with this i am always sceptical in things such as this.

        What do you have to tell me. How do i start? although i have a workshop on forex to attend soon so i need to hear from you.

        Thank you for your time.


        • It is possible to make money from forex but nothing worthwhile comes easy. You need to learn thoroughly else you’d loose your money. Also, don’t fall into the hands of people who claim you can master forex in two weeks. They are after your money only.

    • Hi Ekene,
      Regarding to your blog that you posted on site.I would have advice you to invest in foreign Forex trading.You should know Japan is 2nd biggest economic in the world after United State,If you try to use our best service to help you trade in world biggest market,i think it would be better for you.Am also an Forex agent that woring in one biggest Japan Forex Trading investment company.You can contact me through my above email and i will get back to you as soon as possible.Take care and looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. I read through some articles here and im realy impressed with them all, but I’m still interested in doing forex trading, how do i go about getting good trainer, and broker, for a secure investment. Thanks.

    • Hi Femi,
      Regarding to your advice and good brokers or Trainers.My name is Abraham.I’m living and working in Tokiwa Forex Trading Investment Inc,in japan.I can advice you to use our company service to trade in FOREX MARKET because we have 24hrs agents and brokers in our company who can help you to trade.Am also an agent who can help you and am asure that if you use our company service you will never regrets.You can go through our website above and contact me through my email and if you need more informations feel free to contact me through my email address and i will get back to you.

  6. Like i knew Forex,was not all that rosy…I noticed some complications in its operations but still had the believe,there coud be a better and comprehensive explanation to how it works..
    I resorted to learning it online as I couldnt part with the exhaubitant fees these trainers ask for….
    some of them talked about how lucrative Forex could be and could only advertise in the dalies using 1Tenth of the full size page.Which i believe wasnt generous enough.
    They literally shot themselves in the foot times without number,but what am yet to see is if their bunch of Forex Alumni have been able to truly succeed in the real market….
    That aside,i would really like learn the real deal in Forex,trade and make profit….
    Please what are the 1st steps that could ensure my success{the platforms,the swiss trained brokers,forex robot,opening an account,demo account,the figures how they work as well as the charts….
    I could go on and on

  7. i am really glad i came across this your article of forex in nigeria.Incidently,i live in ibadan and i see all these posters inviting people for online forex training.I am also interested in forex training,but i think there is need to be careful.I think you will be doing nigerians a lot of good if you can help provide some useful tips and guide for interested nigerians.Thank you.

    • Are you interested in successful forex trading?
      You needn’t pay for any forex training or worskop. No successful forex trader is willing to teach you his winning ways!
      Get all the necessary information and facts you need about forex on You will be glad you did!

  8. I will like to know more about forex trading and how to go about it..I will appreciate it if you could send me info on forex training and trading because i am very much interested in it….

    Looking forward to the anticipation of your reply.

    • Don’t be deceived; forex is not easy. If it were, everyone would have been millionnaire.

      No successful trader will teach you his/her strategy because you have to lose for him/her to win. You cannot even pay for it because it is priceless.

      Robots are programmed to trade with certain parameters. Forex is a dynamic market and needs to be analysed perfectly at every point in time to be able to trade successfully. Robots cannot do that!

      To be successful in Forex, you must take positions in the right direction, at the rate price with the right stop loss and target.

      Invite [email protected] to your messenger list for free signals and market analysis.

  9. To all concerned,

    Please forgive my intrusion but I came across this blog on the Internet mentioning Forex Trading and in particular in Nigeria and I though I would introduce myself.

    My name is Ivan Solans and I, like many others am a Forex Trader and would like to think I am one of the good ones. After reading this blog I have to say that I totally agree with the comments and in particular with the last 2 where it is mention that these “trainers” charge between 15,000 naira and 100,000 naira (between $115 and $781) for training sessions that last for between 1 day and 3 days! Now, how someone can learn the nitty-gritty of a sensitive activity like forex trading in 3 days (talk-less of 1 day), beats my imagination! What such “trainers” only do is to introduce their audience to the basics of forex trading and expect them to figure out the rest themselves. The charitable ones among them give their trainees some printed or CD tutorials, and thus the money spent on training is exhausted.

    It is indeed possible to make money from the foreign exchange market. What Nigerians need to be careful about are scammers who would only give you rudiments and collect your money in the name of training.

    I have to totally agree on this as I fell into this trap when I first started my forex trading career and though I would become a millionare overnight (I was younger and more naïve in those days) and bought every single Forex Trading Book, Signal Service, to make money on the Forex Markets etc, etc. I must say that I lost track of the hours I spent trading on these so call “wonderful” systems and ended up throwing all of them away after i nearly ended up in bankcrupcy and homeless.

    I knew there had to be a way to succeed in the Forex Markets and actually make money so I started my own way of a trading system and developing a system that’s accurate for Forex Trading. Now I am happy to say that after many years I am a sucesulfull Forex Trader and have developed a system that works and best of all requires very little work and time to put into place to be sucessufull in the Forex Markets and actually make some money from trading.

    Our company is called Spot on Forex and it’s a team of Forex Traders and IT Professionals that came together after we had gone through just about every trading system out there, bought every book on the subject and lost $1000s and $1000s of Dollars using those reported “Success Systems”. Now don’t take for granted here, we haven’t discovered the holy grail for Forex Trading, yet, and this isn’t some magical system, we still analyze the markets and do serious trading but we do it all for our clients.

    The results speak for themselves, and I’ve turned what little capital I had left in my trading account into a substantial amount to make all my dreams come true.

    This is my job now and I profit handsomely and live wealthy and happily through our system and would like to share it with you so that you can also learn how to live your dreams and spend just 5 minutes a day trading your way to riches. Our system is easy and simple to use so that anyone, even complete beginners, can use it. In a nutshell all you have to do is check your mails twice a day and that’s it. We’ll send you the necessary info, the Buy and Sell trades with the exact Entry Points, Stops and Profit Limits. Your job is to just log into your account, put your trades in and walk away. It’s as simple as that.

    If you have some time please visit our website at and send me a mail back with any comments on this. I know how temping the Forex Markets can be and how many “scams” there are out there that steal people’s money with promises of riches trading in the Forex Markets. I assure you that we are not one of those and would like to let as many people know as we can that we exist, we are the real deal and that with our help in trading the Forex Markets your financial dreams can be a reality.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Ivan Solans

    Spot on Forex
    P.O. Box 2575, Cresta, 2118, Johannesburg, South Africa
    E-mail: [email protected]

    • I am in my early 40’s and would like to start my own online forex trading. I am moved by your statement and would like to gain from your wealth of experience. I am literate in computer (got a desk top)and had accounting background.

      Please help as i need financial break through.

      Biodun – Nigeria

  10. the reality is that Forex is too risky if you’re not properly good at it
    I meet this chap online he spent 3 years trading on Forex 2 years demo and one year live so try to be patient and learn the trade, get it right I too am in it but you see after 4 months i’m still demo trading

  11. Good piece!

    I have been working on my practice account for a while, babypips thought me to do so for at least 2 months b4 considering a live account.

    I think the way we have to help be our brothers keepers is by prosecuting the fraudsters who charge those exorbitant amounts to train unsuspecting Nigerians.

    There are too many trainners that know no jack about forex trading who infact I am much better experinced than, people always complain after attending most of the trainning sesions. THIS IS ABSOLUTE FRAUD!!

    Please anyone that has good conscience should join and spread the publicity to stop this fraud, it is unfair and unjust.
    Imagine where a so called trainner spends N400,000 to host a session, and gets 100 attendants who can part with their N35,000, that is a whooping N3.1 m profit under one day! only to give people no value for their hard earned money.

    Well I apreciate your position, my company is into financial and economic consulting, we organise citywide enlightenment campaigns and seminars, I will be glad if you can refer me to a good forex trainer/trader. Biggozz.

  12. Yeah forex is exploding here in Port Harcourt too.I can see the appeal in an academic city like Ibadan and a commercial city like Lagos.You see,forex is extremely risky you can make $1000 today and loose it all tomorrow but because we have so many intelligent Nigerians unemployed or underemployed and because we are naturally determined, we shall continue to trade. Now remember only 30% of retail traders succeed but since forex trading is relatively new in Nigeria I beleive our own 30% has not emerged yet. You MUST only trade with money you can afford to loose because you will loose it, at least initially;a baptism of fire and pain before you can start making some.You get wiser. I don’t think we should come down too hard on those running shanty training centers,they are trying to make money to trade or trying to recover what they lost but in doing so they introduce more and more people to have at least an opportunity to trade.But when attending a class you must know it is ONLY an introduction you MUST continue to learn and study diligently.

  13. As for those brokerage firms denying Nigerians the opportunity to trade like Fxsol,EFX group and and firms denying Nigerians the opportunity to pay for services like paypal,they should be ashamed of themselves.If their purpose for delisting Nigeria is to save Nigerians,they can place a warning of risk even if directed spcifically at Nigerians.What they have done is insulting.As for paypal they will soon beg Nigerians to use them.

  14. i’m hosting a program today on forex at the radio station where i work and the guests will be ‘trainers’.i’m intrested in hearing their responses to most of your comments as regards info on forex.thank you all

  15. Hello I want to go into forex trade here I Nigeria but I don’t know to go bout it so I need a Good trainer who can give me the best of training and broker, for a secure investment. Thanks.


      Please, be aware of the fact that 95% of forex traders fail while only 5% of them succeed. The truth is that there is something those 5% know that the 95% don’t.

      No business is 100% risk-free. However, if you can not predict where the market is going perfectly, then why risk your hard-earned money. This is why 95% of forex traders fail – they gamble! While the other 5% trade it as a business and they succeed. Forex is a business where profit is the sole aim with provision for unforeseen circumstances (stop loss).

      People often say there is “No Holy Grail in Forex” because they have not found it. If there is no way to trade forex successfully, then, it is Gambling not a business.

      Invite [email protected] to your messenger list for free signals and more facts about Forex.

    • Aliyu you don’t need seminar …all you need is webcast or webiner online such as these site you should search on Google ”” click and then register online with your PC and internet connection.

  17. Thank you very much for that timely and candid information.Please i would like to know if there is any company in Nigeria that offers a trading platform?

    • Hi Kelechi,
      My name is Abraham.I’m living in working in one FOREX TRADING INVESTMENT INC.,TOKIWA FOREX TRADING COMPANY in japan.I would have advice you to open account with foriegn Trading company in oversea like Japan.Japan is 2nd biggest economic in the world after UNITED STATES.Our company will help you to trade with our best service.If you need more information feel free to contact me with my email above.Take care.

  18. I just came across this blog while doing a Google search. Interesting what is going on in Nigeria. Believe me, it is not only in Nigeria where forex scams are going on, there are many places all over the Internet, all over the world.

    That’s why we have created this website,
    to distinguish the good online forex brokers from the scams. We have created ratings we have collected from unbiased individual traders from all over the Internet. If you stay with our top rated brokers, you will not be scammed. If you use anyone else, I cannot guarantee.

    Unfortunately, I do not have information on which brokers will not accept accounts from Nigeria but I am sure some of our top rated brokers will.

    Yes, you can make a lot of money doing forex trading, but most people lose because they do not train themselves well, they go too fast and they get too greedy.

    There are plenty of places where you can educate yourself either by free (on the internet) or by books, etc. Please do not pay someone a bunch of money for forex training who promises you the moon. There is no holy grail for getting rich trading forex, just hard work.

    • I live in Nigeria and i want to learn how to do forex. There is a saying that: ”Whats too good to be true is never true indeed”. So with this i am always sceptical in things such as this.

      What do you have to tell me. How do i start? although i have a workshop on forex to attend soon so i need to hear from you.

      I have also noticed that all forex brokers or agents NEVER have a physical address, why? they all seem like scams to me.

      Thank you for your time.


  19. This is an opportunity to invest in the largest liquid market in the world. The forex market happens to exchange over $1.2 trillion dollars daily. Can you beat that ?

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  21. thank you for the information, it sure opened my eyes to a lot of things about forex. you are kindly implored to send me any further imfo about this subject matter.
    warmest regards.

  22. hi i can also tell you much i know about forex and i am playing it with live money pesently. let talk more in my mail box may be we can something do better for eachother.but forex need money to do it.and its real. see you there……………..

  23. oga david i dont know but there seems to be a lot of forex marketers yanning stuff here. the question is we do not know if they also be scammers or not cos their presence on a site like this can kind of like lend credence to their dealings hence whatever crook amongst them will rope in insuspecting people. what say you. as for a solution to this i do not really know. what think you fellows readers of oga’s blog.

  24. thanks for the enlightenment, u are a good man. these guys are just reaping us off.. i’d appreciate if there is a body or institute to manage this issue.

  25. Hello viewers and the management of forex trade.i am new in forex and i would like to know about forex trade so that i can start now.
    thank you.
    my number is 08022753772.

  26. Everyone,wants to get rich….and forex is seen as that source.well 4rm the lil i know u can if you know the trick and if u can keep to the rule of the trick….

    But can someone tell me wants the least amount to start a trade and wht plat form will acept nigerians.

  27. I used to think NorthFinance were scams and they trade against clients.I had lost so much money with them and almost gave up forex until i saw d advert of Quadri Abubakar in Nigeria who trades for people.I refunded my account to his minimum of $5000 and handed it over to him to trade for me on NorthFinance.HE HAS CONSISTENTLY MADE OVER 50% PROFIT PER WEEK FOR ME OVER THE PAST 2 MONTHS using the same broker i thought were scammers.
    Now i understand that most people complain about brokers because they dont really know how to trade.

  28. I agree completely with you david. How I wish we had more of such honest and straight forward persons like you in this country. It beats my imagination how people could be so naive to think that they can just wake up one morning without any prior knowledge of the rudiments of finance and e-commerce and expect reap huge returns from the internet. These get rich quick scammers are not interested in your financial education nor your long term success on the market. No way! all they need is your money in return for their hyped, shallow and half baked seminars. Forex is real, but the vital rule is this: Educate yourself on the basics of e-commerce before venturing into a money making scheme on the internet and be objective. Never be driven by greed! wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  29. making money through forex is good but not as easy a it I’ll suggest easy ways like e-publishing, where you can earn revenue online writing you own books,other ways you can earn money online legitimately as a Nigerian includes google ad word,affiliate marketing ,ad sense etc.

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  31. i will like to know how to trade in forex market, i want to invest………..pls give the addrss of a real broker or the number ……am living in onitsha anambra state

    • Hi Anthony,
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  32. :lol:Grace // Jun 4, 2008 at 4:47 pm

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  33. Dear Grace,

    I will appreciate it if you sent me your phone number, so that i could send you a credit voucher. This is to enable you mail it to me, through Box 11391 kano, Nigeria.

    Thanks, once more.

  34. If u’re like a patient dog, then you stand the chance of eating the fattest bone. That exactly is my own case on forex market. I started trading live account last year September and nearly went bankruptcy before January this year. During those tough time, i knew there must be something wrong somewhere. Some friends thought i was crazy. But i never because of those situations felt discouraged. But thank God today, I don’t think i need to write any application to secure any useless job again. Forex is more than real! you only need to throw away the impression of getting unrealistic result from the fantastic market. It’s stress-free and lucrative. Happy trading.

  35. Dear Chidi from Kano. May I use this opportunity to advise you not to relly on any automated means of trading. No one of them yields result. You can try it. For those who needs better forex broker; Northfinance is ok but it has been acquired by FXpro. but still ok. Alapari is ok but not for news traders. Yes they are not for news traders. Lite forex is also ok.

  36. Trading FX is like forecasting the weather. Who knows what happens in the next 5 minutes. Only God knows. So, not all your prediction at a particular time will be right. if you know this, then you are coming up. [email protected]

  37. Guys , i have really had a field day reading all the comments on this blog. olu great job you have done. Well i must say that forex trading can make you so rich and can make you so poor in a matter of seconds .. yes very correct it typifies life as in sometimes good other times bad… my foray into forex has been one of sheer determination and unrivalled enthusiasm , the kind christopher colombus had when he went on the expedition to discover the new world.

    8 months down the line and i still trade with a demo account !!! despite huge profits on the demo acct i still feel that there is more to forex.

    i am making extensive research into candlesticks , various variations to give me the feel of the market . Not to forget areas like support and resistance on charts . Guys i dont want to fall into the mess others experienced . They simply saw it as a money spinner and went in not knowing jack !! . Rule number one only invest what you can as well throw into the garbage can , ie money that wont make you cry when you loose it:cry: . Forex trading is not an every day activity . The maket volatilty would make you loose big if you are a day trader rather look long term , watch swings. maket emotion very important , many have not heard about this but it is the singular reason why candle sticks instead of barcharts are used .
    Get a good brokerage firm , the one where the platform gives you live feeds not stale. When you make money plse withdraw quickly !! . I would be willing to share more tips , WITHOUT YOUR PAYING . just mail further ??s to my e mail add. Forget those posters , they only misdirect you and give you peripheral knwlege on a $1.5trlln market , how can people be so wicked.:evil:

    • Thank you for your advices. I will read up everything about forex over the internet. But i need names of books i can read. Do you know any???

      I am new in this and eager to learn/practice especially with the demo stuff for even a year. Please get back to me.


  38. Dear Kunle. If u need somebody that can manage your forex account for you,then you can give me a call or mail me on [email protected] This is what i do for now. But i cann’t promise 50% profit per week. But I can assure you of profit far better than what trading in Nigerian Stock can offer. my no is 08038346744. Thanks

  39. What is the legal backing of forex business in Nigeria?, I may be intrested in forex but ,is the business legally approved by the CBN?.

  40. Ephraim , forex trading is like any business opportunity that you can think of. It has regulations though , but the CBN does provide backing because it has no regulatory role in forex trading online , underline the word online… . . Bodies such as the CFTC, NFA are internationally recognized bodies that regulate transactions between brokers ,traders and other affiliates . Forex trading is a market that is virtual and without national boudaries , all you need is an internet connection and a live account with a forexbroker .Pls make sure u go online , look for any forex broker, dont forget to ask others who have had dealings to reccomend any one . Dedicate some time to study fx .Best of luck

  41. 😆 Please i will like to know more about Forex trading and need to know some companies in Nigeria i can trade with. Thangs

  42. Ettia,

    Forex is very extensive it needs a lot of attention and dedication to understand, i dont wish to discourage you but will say that only a long term approach at gaining knowledge about fx would provide the required results. There are many “trainers ” around who profess expertise at transfering knowldge , while i dont have a problemn with this i do not support the high and outrageous amounts paid by “trainees” .
    I would advise that you dedicate some time to browse the net and check out sites that provide the basic information you need. I indicated some in an earlier response. About dealing with a Nigerian firm mmmmmmmmmmmmh i dont have much to say other than u should have verifiable evidence to show a track record of success and professionalism.Take care and think long term avoid short cuts u could be ruined . 🙂

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  44. Please can someone hear me out.I have been hearing about this forex,to be frank i am interested but afraid.How do i meet someone to put me on line with this stuff.I have seen people investing in it but i dont believe its their income until i experience it.

    • Hi Oladele,
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  45. There’s an evil i have seen under the sun, and that evil is greed in the hearts of men, but y?
    Facts/reasons to y people lose their shirts/cash in forex trading.
    1. A lot of misinformed, under-experienced and amateur traders jump into the forex waters and get “DROWNED” 😕 due to the hype they hear out there about how lucrative and profitable forex can be, by the so-called “trainers” and “seminar organizers” sometimes even loose their shirts/lives over it:sad:.
    2. Pple are so “lazy” 😉 and “greedy” 😈 that they want to sit down somewhere(in the comfort of their homes/offices) and watch their capital get doubled and doubled(and they become millionaires), overlooking the risk involved in doing that, pls note that the Forex Market is not the “Las Vegas Gambling Floor/Casino”, where u might “get right quick 😆 ” or go “poor and bankrupt 😥 ” over night.
    3. People trade Forex with the wrong capital(i.e $100-$500) just wait and i’ll tell u y? And they expect much 4rm it at the end of the month to either pay-up their :- internet bills, generator expenses and other miscellaneous expenses, there by opening themselves to more risk of loosing their little capital, by trading high lot sizes(i.e 0.1 lot on a $100 or $200 account)to meet up the expenses.
    4. Pple dont practise very well enough on their demo before going live due to impatience and the anxiety of wanting to start making money and the internet cost involved in demo trading forex for so long and getting grounded, hmnn well i seriously pity u,lol, bcoz by the time this market will show u the bad side of it……..
    5. Pple think bcoz they have done well on thier demo probably for some consistent profiting period so they feel so confident and when they want to go live they start so big(very big capital i.e $1000 above), my advice is this for the fact that u have done pretty well enuff on ur demo does nt warrant u to start so big, bcoz bliv it or nt demo is a different ball game 4rm the real trading where ur real cash is involved, so i recommend u begin with $100-$200 and 4get abt paying ur bills 4rm there.
    6. Pple want to eradicate poverty 4rm thier family or upgrade thier financial status by trading forex with peanut money(i.e $1000), well we cnt say coz som pple r very good with this gambling stuff, and it works very well 4 them so good luck, 4rm my point of view b4 u can start talkn about upgrading ur family financially u should have at least $5000 minimum, then u r talkn.
    7. Yes we knw every1 wants to make money trading Forex but the fact still remains that its not applicable, suitable, advisable and compatible for some pple bcoz its nt just thier way, its only if God says u’ll make it 4rm there, thats wen u might prosper/profit trading it, nw hw will u knw if its nt 4u?
    a. If u are nt literate to a certain extent of knwin hw 2 read and write or computer literate, then 4get it pls look else where.
    b. If u r naturally and habitually “greedy” and “stingy”, pls look else where.
    c. If after so much and many training 4rm a very good teacher/trainer (like myself ehen, dnt mind me oh,hey y nt pls mind me,hheheh jus joking) and u still cant comprehend or profit 4rm trading forex,pls 4get Forex.
    d. If u find it difficult to follow laid dwn trading rules and regulations 4rm a mentor/teacher(i.e myself) or u get to a certain level of expirience/practise where u feel u nw knw too much(the mentality of oversabi is disturbing u) then pls and pls look elsewhere.
    8. Pple underestimate the Forex market and ignore Sound Risk and Money Management Principles, look take it or leave it without these 2 things all ur trading efforts and profits will amount to zero in little or no time jus watch.
    9. Pple mix faith and Christianity with forex in the sense that when u have a loosing trade and all odds are against u they’ll say they have faith and trust God that the trade will still go back in their favour, surprisingly they get a margin call 4rm thier broker leaving them with a very huge drawdown/loss which could have been easily avoided, pls dnt get me wrong oh coz am also a Born Again Child of God too oh, ehen.
    10. Traders lack a very good trading strategy and dnt knw how to spot/identify a ver good trade set-up for potential profits and when to just sit dwn on ur hands and do nothing, u c dats whats separates the Pro’s 4rm the Amatuers(entry principles and rules).
    11. Traders loose their cash due to impatience and indisciplined trading stlye, when they see a small negative value they start shaking and panting, and they jump out of the market too soon only to nw find that the trade is now going back to the direction they just closed.
    12. Over trading is anoda cause of loss in forex due to nt having a disciplined daily “pip target” for each days trade so they jus trade and trade until they loose the small profits they have made, which could have been safe if they had a daily “pip target”.
    13. A lot of traders try to fight back the market(trading with emotions) for the loss incurred in the course of trading, only to end up incurring more and more losses, my advice is that jus go off and chill somewhere, cool off and 4get u ever had any loss 4 that day and dont try to go back to the market, no matter what the market is saying, until the next day.
    14. Inappropriate take profit & stop loss levels bcoz most traders dnt even knw wat kind of trader they r, whether they r Scalpers, Intraday Traders, Swing or Position traders.
    15. Forex is nt a childs play or a lazy or easy way to making money, jus put that fact in u and let it replay itself every morning mwhen u wake up.
    16. Pple want smthing or a system that guarantees so much profit and little losses that requires so little time and less effort, so they end up settling for Forex Robots or Auto Pilots, 1st off i stand to be corrected or challenged if there’s at all any 1 of u out there that preaches this so called Robot trading that Profit 4rm in in a “long run” bcoz i day of loss can do alot of damage to all the profits and even ur account, hey thats nt to say that these things r nt workn, bcoz as a matter of fact “most” of them are powerful weapons in the hands of some Pro’s (i.e myself hehe,yeah dnt i deserve to be called 1?), but they all need Human Supervision, so buttom line’s that there’s no such word as Plug n Play(Auto Trading) bcoz if an event sneaks up and catches ur robot unaware well u knw wat……..
    17. Finally the last but not the least, bcoz som pple r alredy telling me am giving out 2 much alredy, is that.
    a. run away as fast as u can 4rm anything that promises so much(i.e%50-%100) serious apologies to any1 this might be affecting but, no disrespect lets see hw far u can go with that.
    b.have a reasonable, little & realistic expectation 4rm tradn Forex monthly so as to avoid been wiped out.
    c. Dnt stop learning or acquiring more knowledge about Forex Trading.
    d. Have a mentor/some1 that knws more abt it than u do for help, at least som1 u can easily run 2 for assistance and will be “expirienced” & “blunt” enuff to tell u where u aired.
    Pls if u fall into any of these categories listed above or u need help as regards ur forex trading pls dnt hesitate or fail to send us an email to [email protected] or call 07038056944 or visit our site at and we’ll be more than happy to help u out and solve ur forex problems the best way we can, bt until then stay blessed and happy trading. our motto: watch over the pennies and the dollar will take care of itself.

  46. Hi. pls i want to know much about M LEVEL DAY (M1,M2,M3 and M4). although i know, they were part of indicators.but
    i don’t understand them better. some says when close it’s higher than open is M1,m3.that is buy. And M2,M4 is when open higher than close that is Sale.
    But i don,t understand it better. then how i am going to use it as part of indicator to market?

    you can reach me on [email protected]

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  48. Bunmi thank you very much, i got the message you sent to me on my handset. but you didn’t send me the price or you mean 120k?

  49. Forex is real there no doubt about that. My major concern for everyone is to take action, do something with forex, and make money. This is no longer news, there are terrible risk in forex, but some of us in the biz. is still making head way in the midst of the risk.
    You must understand the concepts, strategy, and programming associated with forex before you launch your hard earned money into it.
    Forex is not a magical thing, it is a business, see and accept it like that.
    In your daily biz. there are moments of biz downside, understand that, you will not make profit every time in biz, once, you have that idea, you will make it big in forex.
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  50. Dear sir,

    from Last 6 months i come to know about forex currency trading. i can invest $10000 i n trading but i cant trade so i want fund manager for trading my funds in forex trading. If u give fixed return that is also help ful for me. please reply as soon as possible.

  51. karthikeyan,

    I read your post/reply, and noticed you requested for the services of a “Fund Manager”. That’s why I responded to your post/reply.
    Now before i proceed please I’ll strongly advice you apply serious caution when choosing or working with a Fund Manager. Why? That’s because most of these people just don’t have the required experience and professionalism required to “Manage Funds” or might be a scam.
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  52. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for contribution on forex topic.Will appreciate if we can be including our location in our posting.

    Mr Samuel Adedoyin,where do you base and for you to manage an account what monthly % can you Guaranty?

  53. It is interesting how Nigerians still refuse to pay attention to the issues raised in this article. One year after it was published the lessons are yet to be learned. I think I will do a follow-up on this post. Thanks for sharing your insight. I was once a victim of IGNORANCE.

  54. I will appreciate it,if Samuel Adedoyin can display some of his statement of account also how many drown down has he experienced?.How long has he been trading?
    I have a prove of my performance and forex is one business you keep
    on learning every day 0ne year is not a enough.At least i buy forex e-book once in every two months and these had really help my trading decision.According to my Mentor Tom Flora of FT,James Chen of FXsol ,Avri Fisher of Forex Trading Machine forex, one year is not a enough to learn forex.I due recommend 5emas system because i am using it also have a means of getting it for interested client.I have several forex e-book e.g:Forex Trading Machine,Daily Limit,10 Minute forex wealth builder and many others.

  55. DearBunmifx,
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    People on this forum, let’s talk about other area where we can make easy money, about information marketing kits.

    [Samuel, I deleted the rest of your post as it was just an ad. This platform is meant to share your view and not to post ads. Thanks. – Oluniyi]

  56. Mr Samuel Adedoyin,You can’t use simplicity and quietness as an excuse not to tell the Truth.Most forex traders are lier.Displaying
    your result won’t cost you a thing.I know in Forex you can make 1000% within a month also loss all your money within a week.But with proper money management in can remain the the market as long as you want.Most guys that organize forex seminar don’t trade life
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    Account: 48048 Name:Olubunmi Fasusi Currency: USD 2008 April 7, 00:23
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    23463756 2008.03.20 00:28 balance Deposit 1 000.00
    23463881 2008.03.20 00:32 sell 0.10 eurusd 1.5640 0.0000 1.5520 2008.03.20 10:09 1.5557 0.00 0.00 0.00 83.00
    23464180 2008.03.20 00:43 sell 0.10 usdcad 1.0121 0.0000 1.0001 2008.03.20 10:36 1.0221 0.00 0.00 0.00 -97.84
    23464259 2008.03.20 00:46 buy 0.10 usdchf 0.9977 0.0000 1.0076 2008.03.20 10:09 1.0042 0.00 0.00 0.00 64.73
    23488183 2008.03.20 10:10 sell 0.50 eurusd 1.5560 0.0000 1.5536 2008.03.20 10:14 1.5552 0.00 0.00 0.00 40.00
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    23564126 2008.03.21 08:44 sell 0.10 gbpusd 1.9838 0.0000 0.0000 2008.03.21 08:53 1.9831 0.00 0.00 0.00 7.00
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    23724304 2008.03.26 00:12 sell 1.00 usdjpy 99.86 0.00 98.80 2008.03.26 11:27 99.68 0.00 0.00 0.00 180.58
    23764489 2008.03.26 13:25 sell 0.50 gbpjpy 198.42 0.00 198.00 2008.03.26 13:51 198.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 211.82
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    23848999 2008.03.27 11:11 buy 0.50 usdjpy 99.70 0.00 100.20 2008.03.27 14:36 99.87 0.00 0.00 0.00 85.11
    23868099 2008.03.27 14:37 sell 0.10 usdjpy 99.87 0.00 99.46 2008.03.27 15:08 99.86 0.00 0.00 0.00 1.00
    23965100 2008.03.28 16:05 buy 0.10 usdcad 1.0172 0.0000 1.0210 2008.03.28 18:42 1.0196 0.00 0.00 0.00 23.54
    23966411 2008.03.28 16:20 buy 0.50 eurusd 1.5772 0.0000 1.5830 2008.03.28 16:59 1.5776 0.00 0.00 0.00 20.00
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    23995679 2008.03.31 01:48 sell stop 0.40 gbpusd 1.9773 0.0000 1.9749 2008.03.31 09:51 1.9866 cancelled
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    23995828 2008.03.31 02:01 buy 1.00 usdchf 0.9958 0.0000 1.0121 2008.03.31 10:16 0.9964 0.00 0.00 0.00 60.22
    24013549 2008.03.31 09:52 sell 1.00 gbpusd 1.9864 0.0000 1.9800 2008.03.31 10:17 1.9862 0.00 0.00 0.00 20.00
    24017298 2008.03.31 10:42 buy 2.00 usdchf 0.9946 0.0000 1.0075 2008.03.31 14:41 0.9949 0.00 0.00 0.00 60.31
    24019274 2008.03.31 11:03 sell 0.50 usdchf 0.9932 0.0000 0.9910 2008.03.31 17:03 0.9917 0.00 0.00 0.00 75.63
    24036136 2008.03.31 14:47 sell 1.00 eurusd 1.5802 0.0000 1.5775 2008.03.31 15:35 1.5808 0.00 0.00 0.00 -60.00
    24038461 2008.03.31 15:16 sell 0.50 usdjpy 99.50 0.00 99.00 2008.03.31 15:35 99.40 0.00 0.00 0.00 50.30
    24040223 2008.03.31 15:36 sell 1.00 usdjpy 99.39 0.00 98.98 2008.03.31 15:40 99.37 0.00 0.00 0.00 20.13
    24040617 2008.03.31 15:40 sell 2.00 usdjpy 99.34 0.00 99.00 2008.03.31 17:03 99.31 0.00 0.00 0.00 60.42
    24048994 2008.03.31 17:09 buy 2.00 eurusd 1.5836 0.0000 1.5880 2008.03.31 17:18 1.5862 0.00 0.00 0.00 520.00
    24090548 2008.04.01 08:22 sell 2.00 eurusd 1.5742 0.0000 1.5600 2008.04.01 08:41 1.5730 0.00 0.00 0.00 240.00
    24091434 2008.04.01 08:35 buy 0.60 usdchf 0.9968 0.0000 1.0121 2008.04.01 08:42 0.9978 0.00 0.00 0.00 60.13
    24092125 2008.04.01 08:42 sell 2.00 eurusd 1.5728 0.0000 1.5600 2008.04.01 09:26 1.5685 0.00 0.00 0.00 860.00
    24092791 2008.04.01 08:54 buy 0.50 usdjpy 99.73 0.00 100.10 2008.04.01 09:26 100.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 135.00
    24097285 2008.04.01 09:38 buy 4.00 usdjpy 99.90 0.00 100.10 2008.04.01 10:28 100.10 0.00 0.00 0.00 799.20
    24099391 2008.04.01 10:02 buy 0.50 gbpchf 1.9803 0.0000 1.9870 2008.04.01 12:36 1.9870 0.00 0.00 0.00 333.14
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    24178764 2008.04.02 11:08 sell 3.00 usdjpy 101.92 0.00 100.93 2008.04.02 12:37 101.88 0.00 0.00 0.00 117.79
    24224623 2008.04.02 22:01 sell 3.00 usdjpy 102.33 0.00 102.05 2008.04.02 22:05 102.30 0.00 0.00 0.00 87.98
    24225807 2008.04.02 22:14 sell 3.00 usdjpy 102.28 0.00 101.60 2008.04.04 00:11 102.29 0.00 0.00 -97.33 -29.33
    24331411 2008.04.04 09:34 buy 3.00 eurusd 1.5669 0.0000 1.5715 2008.04.04 10:44 1.5704 0.00 0.00 0.00 1 050.00
    24349754 2008.04.04 14:54 sell 3.00 usdchf 1.0089 0.0000 1.0039 2008.04.04 15:34 1.0039 0.00 0.00 0.00 1 494.17
    24350251 2008.04.04 15:03 sell 2.00 usdjpy 102.25 0.00 101.90 2008.04.04 15:30 101.90 0.00 0.00 0.00 686.95
    24356959 2008.04.04 15:43 sell 3.00 usdjpy 102.59 0.00 0.00 2008.04.04 15:45 102.36 0.00 0.00 0.00 674.09
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    24364754 2008.04.04 16:42 buy 2.00 gbpusd 1.9980 1.9936 2.0024 2008.04.07 00:22 1.9945 0.00 0.00 13.00 -700.00
    24384596 2008.04.04 21:34 buy 2.00 eurusd 1.5727 0.0000 1.5750 2008.04.07 00:17 1.5734 0.00 0.00 4.00 140.00
    24390309 2008.04.07 00:19 buy 0.10 eurusd 1.5737 1.5722 1.5757 2008.04.07 00:19 1.5731 0.00 0.00 0.00 -6.00
    24390336 2008.04.07 00:20 buy 0.10 eurusd 1.5733 1.5718 1.5753 2008.04.07 00:22 1.5725 0.00 0.00 0.00 -8.00
    0.00 0.00 -104.08 9 553.55
    Closed P/L: 9 449.47
    Open Trades:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    24390372 2008.04.07 00:22 buy 0.20 eurusd 1.5731 1.5716 1.5751 1.5725 0.00 0.00 0.00 -12.00
    0.00 0.00 0.00 -12.00
    Floating P/L: -12.00
    Working Orders:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Market Price
    No transactions

    Deposit/Withdrawal: 1 000.00 Credit Facility: 0.00
    Closed Trade P/L: 9 449.47 Floating P/L: -12.00 Margin: 314.62
    Balance: 10 449.47 Equity: 10 437.47 Free Margin: 10 122.85


    Gross Profit: 10 941.76 Gross Loss: 1 492.29 Total Net Profit: 9 449.47
    Profit Factor: 7.33 Expected Payoff: 124.34
    Absolute Drawdown: 0.00 Maximal Drawdown: 701.00 (6.29%) Relative Drawdown: 9.44% (284.87)

    Total Trades: 76 Short Positions (won %): 48 (83.33%) Long Positions (won %): 28 (89.29%)
    Profit Trades (% of total): 65 (85.53%) Loss trades (% of total): 11 (14.47%)
    Largest profit trade: 1 494.17 loss trade: -687.00
    Average profit trade: 168.33 loss trade: -135.66
    Maximum consecutive wins ($): 16 (3 913.17) consecutive losses ($): 3 (-701.00)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count): 4 303.54 (6) consecutive loss (count): -701.00 (3)
    Average consecutive wins: 7 consecutive losses: 1

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  57. The challenge young business minds have is that of focus. As a young entrepreneur, you want to do all the business advertised to you. It’s not like that. Every Nigerians can’t become a forex trader or investor. What will happen to your expansion program? Or you want to forget about the present business for now? That’s too risky and unintelligent. No wonder, the statistics that 90% of small businesses back-out after every 3 to 5yrs.
    Pls, i will advise that Nigerians learn the lesson of persistence or stick-to-it-iveness until they see results. Mind your business. Every other opportunity is a distraction.
    Thank you!

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  59. Hello guys,

    U guys re really doing a great work here, I must confess. It’s a year and exactly a month this week that I started forex. To Tell you the truth guys, succedding in trading depends on so many things!

    I have blown up several of my money over and over again, but the joy of some set of profitable trades I made when i started out kept me on then and i continue to research, reading and seriously searching. IN FACT, THAT TIME, GOOGLE MUST KNOW THAT THERE IS A GUY REALLY LOOKING FOR INFO ON FOREX FROM NAIJA! U may not believe this, there re some pple in this our small world that never loose a single trade! if they will have to loose, it will be like lossing a trade or 2 out of about 30-40 trades placed. And i didnt stop until i was able to get one of those guys.

    In forex, if you re the impatient type, u re already a looser, and thatz if you re a swing trader. And if you want to be a scalper and u re slow or sluggish, u re also in trouble as well.

    Whether u will make money in your first set of trades depend majorly on the trainner that trained you.

    Several things will turn you to a success if you want to depend solely on yourself, one of it is reading, you must be able to lay your hands on books wriiten by some of those gurus. I bought several of them, read and read and read, so it helps.

    2. Dont risk more than 3-5% of your account in a single trade! its easier said than done. When i started out, my first life account was just $630 or so, and guess the lot I was using? 1 standard full lot! Mennnn… thatz sucidal, and in the first day, i made 300$ on it, but gess wot, i lost all the account everything withing 3 weeks! thatz it! Money management Makes you U last!

    forex is easy after you have learnt alot of things! I mean it will become an ATM machine stuff, but before you reach that level, u must have burn some good amounts if you re not starting out with a professional.

    right now, guys shld keep there eyes on the oil prices and gold, wherever they go, EURUSD follows,where ever Euro goes, Pounds followe, and wherever this guys goes, USDJPY and USDCHF do complet opposite 90% of the time! thatz one of the secret!. I advise you to get use to GBPUSD, EURUSD, |EURJPY, i love those guys! GBPJPY is a crazy beast, so dont start out with that guy!
    if its ready to give u the money its gonna give it to you big time, and if its gonna mess with you, then u re in trouble if stops is not in nice place!
    I hope this help a bit, and if i have some other time to spare, i shld come back later. but in case u have any questions about this, my email is [email protected]

    Take care guys.

    Kola Jayeoba.

  60. Hello,

    Forex, the crazy market where a man is buying while his friend is selling and they both think they re right cos, they got a reason for their actions, but whoever has the strategy IS THE WINNER!

    There is this system I use, a bit expensive, $980, but u don’t loose your money when u use it. U can ask for account history, I ll link u with the Malaysian guy that I bought it from so he will help u as well, i stumble on the guy while searching for forex gurus all over the net and believe me honestly, i thank God. This system makes you loose less than 5 trades out of over over 30 trades, therefore turning u a winner.

    We use the skype to trade together. He will ask your broker, and the account number u want to use it on and send u a license copy. He makes sure u don’t get it copied out. He can also trade your account as well because he has a registered fund managing company and also use the multi platform of mig, but he trades $5k USD minimum, and that’s with No cheating,as mig will be the one to share your profit @ the end of each month. And I told u, there are months when he makes over 1200pips.

    Take care guys and have a great week.

  61. Hello Bunmi,
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    I will be waiting.

  62. The most difficult part in Forex is finding a good, reliable, useful Forex trading software. Can anyone suggest me with a Forex trading platform which is popular and is widely used by Forex traders around the world. So far have looked at, and I have been using the the demo account with FXCM. Seems pretty good the only bad thing about it is. It always asks you to confirm your order. so you do generally get slip and can loose 1 or 2 pips in the process. which really sucks.

  63. Well all I have to say to every Naija brother and sister is “Study Study and Study more” There is nothing you cannot achieve if you have full knowledge (Anatomy) of it. Forex is like the human body, It functions as one whole, yet every part works day and night to maintain the balance. Imagine trying hard to predict whether you will be sick on not anytime soon. Thats what speculation in forex is about. When you exercise your body, eat well, keep clean, the probability of you falling sick is low. So in a nutshell, catch the trends, eat the charts, digest the news and economics data and watch your forex health get better. NB It take patience too. say, 8 months to 2 years.

  64. Thanks, I am a forex trader myself & this info about forex trading is indeed very informative.
    Amazing, how many views this post has had and not many people have said thanks yet, but I guess you are used to that 🙂


  65. please, i would like some information on which forex trading-techniques softwares or assistants are the most effective i.e, tested and trusted. how effective is the 5emas system or forex assasin? or which is the best?

  66. Hello,
    People should understand that forex trade is not an event but a process that take sometime to practice,trade and perfected with time.i myself traded forex for a period of 4 years,i have never seen this Get Rich Quick kind in forex as we are seeing today,there is no such thing there.Forex trade can make you rich but not the way some lose heads are making it to sound.There are more to that than what you see or hear from them.
    I would say that forex is a wonderful biz you can do part time or full time but you need to be trained first,then practice it before you embark on the real thing and time.
    Above all you need to know more about, how the world economy works and what makes them react the way they do and also what make them tick and you need to know how financial markets and exchange works around the world.

  67. I appreciate what everyone is saying here. The contribution so far has been gr8. Thanks to all that have been contributing here. Bunmifx, we are already together, expecting more in the future.

    We must all succeed.

  68. can somebody please predict the movement of the dollar if US Congress approves Henry Paulson’s $700bn bailout plan to deal with the US economic crisis

  69. The forex market had been very challenging for the pass two weeks as a result of uncertainty in the financial sector couple with these bailout plan.I guess the it will be better to take a break still when the U S government clear the issue on the bailout plan.

  70. Hello.
    Kena,there would be no movement that would result in profit after the approval of the $700 billion bailout.I can see tighter policy on financial market activities.Market would react but not immediately,even though we are coming to the end of the month,when financial companies/bank moves in and out of financial market with huge amount,which create opportunities in profit,this time it is not going to be so,especially this month and next coming one.We have not seen the details of the bailout and its conditions.As at this moment,Fed were urgently making sure that they wrap up the deal before the end of the month to avoid total failure in financial market,as they are aware of time and consequence.There are a lot of technicality involved here.Just keep cool and see what the conditions of the bailout were before you rush in.

  71. Quick information about the situation of things on Forex biz.
    To all forex traders, if you have not made money before in forex, now is your time, because the $700bn bailout concensus in the economy of the u.s,
    Last week, friday, I sat with my t.v set watching cnn, and I watched keenly about the drama in the house of us economy, after resolving with the crises i logged on to my computer and guessed what i did, i gapped trade the fx market.
    Gap trading means taking a bold step to trade between the close of friday nite and the opening of sunday nite.
    Since I knew the economy of the us is crashing and the us govt is not folding hands, they are trying to revive it but before they revive it i need to make from the down side of the economy, in other to make money from the down side of the economy, i must follow the bearish trend.
    from now till when the bailout will be implemented, the bearish will be in control in this currency pair.(eur/usd, gbp/usd)
    Bewteen 12a.m till 5a.m everyday just follow the bearish direction. And I know you will make all the money ever lost in your forex a/c.
    This is an oppurtunity, you must not miss out.
    But always make sure you use stop loss of 45 – 50 pips and takeprofit of 30pips.
    Dont be greed, 30pips is okay for each day, but the gap trade i made between friday and sunday thru monday morning made over 200pips. Reap just 30pips and be satisfied.
    The Bible says godliness with contentment is a great gain.
    Don’t be scared about the $700bn bailout plan rather see it as an oppurtinuty to make money in forex.
    Thanks and God bless everyone

  72. kenito, u sound like a very smart sort. i wish i had seen your post and taken your advice before i traded this week. i was lucky or shuld i say, quick enuff to have gained from the market volatility this week, and i mean a lot. but unfortunately, i happened to have lost a great deal by monday because of my brokers inability to accept my close order and fill me in on time. it was a painfull loss, but i was trained to accept losses. but listening to your advice, it would have been smart not to have even done anything at all. thank you for the advice. if you may, i would love to get your contact details so we can talk and exchange trading ideas. it may just be worth it, who knows! thank you.

  73. Kena,thanks for your is very painful to lose huge amount in day trade,but a good trader were also trained to absorb losses without tears and fear.Cool down,you would rebound back soon.For now allow them to finish their concert, then we shall know where the profits and loss can catch me up this address [email protected]

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  75. From my trading experience in the UK, myslef and fellow traders traded on behalf of high networth institutions and clients. Risk management was the ultimate determinant of our trading decisions regardless of the strategy. If you dont look out for risk, it will look out for you and will eat you raw. So when you have this so called trainers in Nigeria telling there trainees to use over 50% of their equity on one trade, that’s a clear sign for you to run. On average, clients should only risk 1% of their total equity in a trade with a risk:reward ratio of 1%:3%. Also a trader needs to be aware of the diverse trading psychologies. Knights Capital provides all these. Contact me at [email protected].

  76. Nigerians!! still as greedy as ever. There is absolutely no doubt that the fx market can in the LONG RUN make you rich through the power of compounding if you reall really know what you are getting into (which takes months or years of studying and demo trading your strategy before trading a live account).

    The problem is that the average nigerian is too greedy, and greed beclouds their judgement. Sorry sisters and brothers, but in FX trading someone who is greedy and cant control his/her emotion will simply keep blowing his / her account.

    If you really want to trade fx, there’s no need to register in unnecessary expensive training, or looking for some holy grail system or strategy, all the information you need is on the net. Study, study study, demo trade, demo trade, demo trade for at least 6 months, Iyear is a good enough time to practice. Take it as a new career. If you are going into a totally new career, you might need to go to school or study for professional exams which could take 1-3 years, why would any smart person think he can build knowledge of fx in such a short time. Dont you know that banks employ full time traders, they just dont take any one from the street, they take professionals or put rookies into rigourous training to become professionals. Be wise, dont let greed becloud your judgement, if you are not willing to study and practice, and manage your emotions, then FX is not for you. I am sorry to dampen your morale, but I want you to make and not be scammed or cheated, and that is why I am telling you the truth. It is possible to make it in FX, but it take a lot of harwork, rome was not built in a day, a word is enough for the wise

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  77. Just on the 29th Sept; 2008, on this blog I posted my speculation about where the market is going for the month of Oct, I said, GBP/USD will go bearish and definetily it went bearish for almost more than one-half month with more than 3,112pips, and it is till bearish. Something new is coming ahead for any forex trader, I would like everyone who cares to listen to get set for it. I will be sending out daily signal to everyone who might be interested.
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  78. People,

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    The foreign exchange market also referred to as “FOREX”or “Retail Forex” or “FX” or “Spot FX” is the largest financial market in the world, with a volume of about $5.5 Trillion a day. If you compare that to the $ 30 billion a day volume that the New York stock exchange trades, it actually equates to more than three time the total amount of the stocks and future markets combined

    The simple answer is money. Forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one currency and the selling of another. Currencies are traded through a broker or dealer. They are traded in pairs. For example, the euro against the US dollar (EURO/USD)

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  81. I really want to share my experience about how i got into forex trading. I saw in the punch newspaper an advertisement by a forex trading company in Nigeria – MOZANFOREX. I think their website is I attended their free forex trading seminar at Elephant cement House, Ikeja, Opposite alausa secretariat. The lecturer was so good and he did a breakdown of the forex market, even a dummy will understand it. After the seminar, i was able to demotrade for 2 month, after being sure, then i invested $500 which I borrowed from an uncle. Believe me, since then, I have been living on forex trading. I know many people are still sceptical about forex trading but once you read a good book and meet someone that can teach you very well the art of forex trading you may not understand it and you could loose your live savings on it.

  82. Hello,

    Nigerians are hitting it hard on forex this days, here is a great site from which you can purchase your Liberty Rerve to trade forex, they do instant funding and they are very reliable

  83. Mr David Ajao, It is a nice thing to have started this thread. Nigerians never ceases to amaze me. Many of the so-called training schools actually make their money from training people and not trading Forex.

    I was in UK when I was told people are training Forex in just a matter of weeks and I was marvelled. I knew Nigerians have got talents but I quickly queried if there was any follow up on their studies and when I was told there was no follow up I knew it was bull shit.

    I heard some Forex training institute invest as low as 30,000 Naira for people claiming to pay them back 300,000Naira in just 3 months. That is almost 1000% ROI. That is absolutely hilarious. Banks would only pay you 6% interest on your saving account even with their vast expertise and various investment programs.

    I quickly asked myself a question which I believe each and every Nigerian should ask when they come across stuffs like this and the question is ‘If a company can turn your 30,000 into 300,000 in just 3 months don’t you think such a company should have Bentley or Porsche cars as their official cars’? Yet they have small cubicle offices.

    I have been in Forex training for sometime now in UK and have been burnt out twice due to lack of patience and discipline and most importantly the greed. An average Nigerian in greedy and it is due to our economical situation so I do not blame people for it. Greed was my major problem and it has been done with now.

    I had to take a course in Risk and Money Management worth alomst £3,500 separately apart from Forex Trading and learnt it is good to keep your capital and not enter a wrong trade than end up losing funds to cover up for on another day. Yet I still lose money because of greed.

    Most people hear that over $2.9trillion change hand in Forex everyday and they all believe that is the total profit made from Foreign Exchange in that day. If you are thinking in that direction then go to Sabo anywhere you are be it in Lagos, Ibadan or where ever and sit with the Hausas who exchange currencies. When they buy £1000 from you at 250Naira per £ and sell for another person at 253Naira per £ they have just made 3,000Naira (£12) profit and not the claim transaction price of about 503,000Naira (£2,000) that will be reflected as the traded amount. You can see that you need to wise up?

    Your banks to trade Forex and yet do not have billions of dollars and pounds as their Profit After Tax (PAT) in a year. What do you think is the cause of that? You need to have a rethink.

    My colleagues would say we are not Forex Traders rather we are snipers. A sniper who is scheduled on a mission to assasinate the president of a country. You cannot take more than 1 shot before you get noticed and you cannot afford to miss the one shot. That is the exact way Forex is to be traded.

    Most of us have got what it takes to make money but greed is what draws many Nigerians back. I have taken several courses all around UK and Europe and have even attended the biggest Forex Training Institute (Online Trading Academy) seminar but what I have learnt in all my years training and trading Forex is discipline and Patience then Slow and Steady and finally get rid of greed.

    I am thinking of starting a Forex Training Institute for Nigerians but because of my inability to be in two different places at once I thought it would be necessary to have it done online with a continued support even after your 1 month course and unlimited phone and email support. You can remain as a member of our support club for as many years as you desire. If you think this is a good idea please do not hesitate to send me an email through [email protected]. Once our training institute is ready and everything is in place I will personally get in touch with you.

    Note that trading Forex is Simple but not easy!!!

  84. I forgot to add that the more time you spend in the market is the more exposed you are i.e. your trading capital.

    If you want a $1,000 to $100,000 program then try a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) or some Multi Level Marketing (MLM) around.

  85. forex trading is real. there is great profit in trading the FX market. but i will tell you that forex was originally for professionals so you must trade it professionally. get education, study the way professionals analyzes the markets and learn from it. i wil advice all my readers not to blindly trade with other peoples systems, they will fail you. build your own system, only learn from other systems. true success in forex is in reading price charts base on fundamentals, and knowing your supports and resistant levels as well as your trend exhaustion points…. indicators alone will fail you. i make good money from forex. i manage accounts as well from $1,000 and above, but i will advice that if you have the chance learn to trade for yourself. get educated. if you need help call me on 08067176583 or 08956735486

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  87. hello there and thanks for letting nigerians know the truth about forex and the so called trainer’
    pls can you link me up with a good forex trainer where i can learn the real part of it all,i mean quality training center that offer the best and complete lecture.

    pls reply,
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  89. Hi everybody, nice discussion. If I may add something, I would say that I have been in forex for 9 years and I am still learning till this moment.

    And I think that your best teacher is you. Because only you know exactly what you are looking for and can measure your progress and your goals.
    Forex is a real life business, you have to do your homework before you start it and always know how much you would afford to lose ahead of every deal. Because forex could make you lose the sense of money value.

    I believe that the secrets of success in forex trading are (in order):
    1- Risk Management
    2- Self Discipline
    3- Knowledge

    Yes, knowledge comes last. Because if you have knowledge but you are a risk-seeker, then the market could take you out and go in your favor when it’s too late. And if you have knowledge, but you don’t control your emotions, then you will be entering the market too late and exiting too early, or too late if you are greedy.

    However, if you are interested in forex, then start from the top, that would be ECN Trading. In ECN, you trade directly with banks in a completely anonymous environment, you can feel the forex beauty and freedom.

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    And as a final advice, always look for quality, because it’s what differs scams from the real thing.

    Good luck to all of you!

  90. There is huge profit in trading the forex market, but not every body will be able to trade the market, so i will advice that if you cant trede don’t loose your hard earned money. instead invest it with those that can trade for you. Recently i ve been investing with a site that pays me 30% of my investment in 21days and that is just okey for me. i invested $5000 and i collect $1500 and i am cool with that, so lookout for a good investment site to manage your money. Goodluck. i will recommend

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  92. just wanted to comment on Sunday Asuni’s statement about mozanforex…ive also been at one of thier seminars and i think they did a gr8 job of introducing me into the fx scene… in just one day i believe we covered quite a lot judging by my further studies as well as discussions with other pple if any one is looking for a good foundation to start with i would recommend them….besides it is really cheap…and they offer one-on-one..though i cant say how in dept that would go…their number is 08052029796

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  95. you guys are awesome for great sharing here, i’ve been involve in forex since 2005 and never stop doing it. with 5 forex software that help me a lot doing trading

  96. Hi people,

    I just came across this thread today and it has been quite an interesting read. I am a derivatives trader, I trade my own capital and I live in London.

    I have to say it’s not just Nigerians that are interested in trading forex or in trading in general. I meet people almost on a daily basis that are interest in trading.

    Trading is all about a mindset, psychology, discipline and a complete lack of emotions.

    It’s a shame as it seems from what I have read people have been defrauded by some of these so called trainers, who have promised ‘mega’ returns from trading, just so that people can part with their hard earned cash? In trading it is inevitable that you will make and lose money, but with good risk control and sound money management you will keep yourself in the game for a long time.

    Well like we say in the UK, “…anything that’s too good to be true probably is…” So if anyone promises you 100% return per month on your capital please RUN the other way. Look at it this way, if it was true the hedge funds would be making these kind of returns and not the average Mr or Ms Retail Trader.

    But on a lighter note, for anyone that wants to get into trading please do, do your homework, apply due diligence (dd) and use your common sense before you part with any funds.

    And for a last parting word, I would like to say what I was told when I first started out “…Trading can change your life…”

    All the best everyone.

    p.s. Also I find it quite disconcerting that some people on this thread say they make quite a bit of money from trading and yet they can’t even spell properly…I would never give such a person my money to trade? Take care.

    • Also I find it quite disconcerting that some people on this thread say they make quite a bit of money from trading and yet they can’t even spell properly…I would never give such a person my money to trade


      • Making has got nothing to do with spelling. have an open mind you will learn. you lose some, you win some. But nothing prepares you for success more than experience.

  97. Don’t be deceived; Forex is not easy. If it were, everyone would have been a millionnaire.

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  98. please hw can i get your email address. i will like to have a manuel that contain basic fundamentals in forex. and how some can be notified on your seminars.thanks

    • Hello Isaac A.
      My email address is [email protected]. You can invite [email protected] to your messenger list for free signals and market analysis.

      However, if you don’t know how to trade Forex, I can teach you for a fee. Send me a mail and I will send you the details.

      Forex trading can be learnt easily especially from an expert but developing your own strategy to trade successfully require all of these: your blood(100% concentration), your money, your time, your health and most importantly; God’s wisdom.

      If you don’t have any of these, I will advise that you allow a tested and trusted expert to manage your account. This is the gospel truth.

  99. Be very careful when giving your account to someone to manage. Allow a tested and trusted expert only to manage your account.

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  102. Good afternoon David,i must confess that I’m impress with what i read on your site this afternoon,but my question is what is required on me to start it on my own.

    • You are welcome to the forex party, Ugochukwu.
      I am not into forex myself but you can go through the numerous comments on the blog post for ideas on how to proceed.
      Disclaimer: I carry no liability for the risks. Remember, forex is a very risky venture.

  103. The money market is an open market.
    Those that want to trade fx should do so, but only with the leading of the holy spirit.
    Trying to be what others are, when you are not prepared to put in what they put in to achieve that level of success, is sheer stupidity.
    there is a future for online tradind for nigerians, we are all pace setters for the future generations to learn from.
    lets pay the price of learning so our kids wont have to pay those same prices, to learn the same things.
    Happy trading

  104. Hmm!!!!!!!!!!!!, i beg the room to be careful about forrex. is good deal but neet some extra carefulness to excel. forex is not for the quick win. you need to take it easy and small. not that you are socking from an ocean when winning, but when loosing, it will take the ocean little time to finish your bloood.

  105. why did u post this about forex..this is a real business to creat more jobs and those who have money and dont know what to do with forex u can turn 100$ to huge amount of money and u will cash it when ever u want …those seminars are rubbish and those who attend it are not serious or have something better to do with the free time…i am a forex trader living in Ghana…i will never think of doing seminar than to introduce someone and give out the book with low cost…i prafare to let u know that this business is damn to risky so u need to understand all this decipline before u jump into is hoping u will not lose..
    i have lose so much still trying to recover back which i believe i can..
    base on ur risk reward ratio with good money management u can become a good trader…how come bill gate become rich and waren buffert ..this is what they do….it’s kinda different cus they are investor in stock, bond, index and commodities..but those stuff move our foreign currency…it doesn’t matter what they post in Ibadan or Lagos forex is real and will bring yahooze guys to join now..
    just trade ur chart and keep it simple u stand the chance of making money 5days in a week.

  106. every business is damn risky..what about those who are hacking on the street and those with stores..can u imagine what could happen to them if car hit them or the store get burnt..
    just be discipline and and use good MM…..

    • You will agree with me Emmanuel, that hawking on the street is not the best way of making money. It is not only illegal in any proper city, it is too risky for any one to get into. Many have lost their lives in the process of hawking in traffic.

  107. Hi David,
    I am an fx trader, but I think you have opened a can of worm with this writeup.
    While reading through some of the the contributions, I noticed that there are lot of “fx experts” who are using this forum to place adds for themselves and other would-be traders who are yearning to met them … even more than the effects of the posters you saw at Ibadan.
    Ha !, If there is any thing “potential” traders should be warned of , it is this post, because they will fall into wrong hands more often than what is happening out there.
    This couldn’t have been the reason behind this post.

    • Thanks for summing it all up Tim. People be warned about so-called forex experts who are only out to make money from “training” you. If they were that good, they’d be very busy making money themselves. I’m not being simplistic: it’s the cold truth.

  108. Forex is a risky business.i should know.have been doing it for almost four is about possibilities NOT certainties.Even if you have made money using demo accounts live trading can be a completely different affair.It however can be a good way of earning some money.As for making millions overnight…..I’m yet to hear of anyone who has actually done that.)In forex you MUST know what your doing.A course f 3-6 days will in no way help you to completely learn all you need to trade successfully.I am still learning even up to now.Have almost 90 books and pdf files on forex.(Just goes to show you there is a lot more to forex than what meets the eye).There are just soo many things like what time frame do you use, when to trade and when to stay out of trades. When do news reports come out and how they affect currencies, which currencies tend to move together and which ones move away from each other, what type of trader are you? Will you trade based on momentum or price action ? will you be a trend trader or a counter trend trader? Do you rely on fundamentals or are you a technical person soooooo many things.I do however believe that knowledge is power.relying on a robot to do your work for you isnt always the best thing.How will you know if something is wrong with it?????. if you want a complete listing of books i have contact me but if not no problem.Please note i am not here to teach anyone how to trade (as far as i am concerned minimum training for anyone wanting to be a forex trader should be 9months)but if you are wiling to study i can help with materials.wishing you all the best in your trading experiences.

  109. i need samuel’s website.I stumbled on it last week but was too much in a hurry to write it down.Now i dont know how i got there again.Im a forex trader

  110. So since you are not into forex deal at the moment what do you want your readers to do and since you said forex is real and yet you as a person is not into it and ve also put so much fear in some who may still have interest, what do you have to tell them ?


    • Prince, I will simply quote the conclusion of my article:

      What Nigerians need to be careful about are scammers who would only give you rudiments and collect your money in the name of training.

      “Shine your eyes”. That’s my simple point. I do not mean to put fear into anyone.

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  114. All forex scams guarantees profits.

    Forex scams are often designed to exploit the greediness of the victims.

    Forex trading can not guarantee specific return on investment.


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  116. Oh heaven. I just came across this site recently and my goodness; so much is happening here. It is good to know that many people in Nigeria are interested in forex-trading. The problem is: they are not ready for the greatest adventure of a life-time.

    People want to make money trading currencies but they do not want to spend time researching and learning. I agree that forex trading is not for everyone however, IT IS A VERY DEEP MARKET with a very high risk-signature back by significant potential profits.

    For those of you interested in forex trading, find someone who is good and test the signals that they provide. If the person cannot provide you with reliable signals on average then you know something is wrong. Don’t pay money to anyone for lessons that can be delivered freely online. TEST THE SPIRIT (SIGNAL).

    Want to test my spirit freely? One month continuous testing! I take glory in your success. ZERO-COST.

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    I will simply spot accurate turning points in the market for you. Compare my forecast with the real price action and judge for yourself.

    happy trading!

  117. TO STELLA:

    There is nothing like reputable company as far as the business of trading currencies is concerned.

    I will advise you to do one of the following things;

    1: Learn how to trade yourself


    2: Find someone who really knows how to trade and let the person provide you with reliable signals.

    Or in the worse-case scenario; open a forex account and then give someone the right to trade your account on your behalf. The money still belongs to you, the person is only trading on your behalf.

  118. You made me to believe that there are still some Nigerians we can trust. Pls i want to make a full time living from the forex trading pls help me.

  119. meah u guys are really trying keep it up. try to understand that every business as it risk all u need is to sick for more knowledge pray to God for direction and don’t be greedy….. the line will fall for us in plensant places God bless u all

    All Forex traders make one mistake or the other when trying to trade Forex. Just as a child falls several times when trying to walk so also do new Forex traders lose several times when trying to trade. Your trading performance is expected to improve as you correct your mistakes. However, if you are able to avoid the trading mistakes highlighted in this article, it will save you a lot of money and time loss.

  121. Let’s take stock of the wonders of God, in forex business in my life in 2009….

    To the glory of God, the Lord has made me a blessing in this forex business.

    First, through the help and favor of the most high, I topped a world forex championship with an unimagineable records of 2,956.16% profit in one month, (check the forex contest organiser website for real

    Secondly- From one room apartment, the good Lord moved me to a little palace.

    Thirdly- The Lord through the forex business blessed me with a car.

    Fourtly- The Lord turned me from being a begger to a giver

    Fiftly- To the glory of God today o, I buy whatever I want to buy with ease, struggling is completly out of my life for ever.

    Lastly- I met with new-big people in the society

    All the above didnt drop like magic, but through patience and persistence plus God’s mercy I became what am today in the world of forex.
    Am waiting for the time you will spell out your testimonies soon, because you are the next to testify.
    Anyone reading this, forex had ruined me in the past, but God has used the same forex to raise me and make me reign in the kingdom of this business.
    If you need a counsel or mentoring in this business, please feel free to contact me on +2348032470050
    or skype sadedoyin.

    You are blessed, because you are a blessing to your world.

    Samuel Adedoyin
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    and the winner of surefiretradingchallenge

        • Mr Samuel Adedoyin
          You claim to be able to make 2,956.16% in forex in one month. If you are truthful, you should be the richest guy in Nigeria now. Why are you soliciting for traders to mentor or counsel? To help them “save” their hard-earned money I guess. Why don’t you concentrate on making more money instead of trying to publicise your purported success.

          Besides, your claim is based on demo account or where was the $100,000 initial balance from? Go and start your live account and see if you will not drown. Don’t be mistaken, Nigerians are wiser now.

    • making 2,956.16% in one month is just swimming in crocodile waters…, your so high leveraged… besides you were just lucky to do that… nothing more, nothing less

  122. It is quite interesting to see how the thread is spewing out comments. I notice that no one is talking about Nigerian stock market, or Ghana or even SA. (Perhaps sir Dave, there is a special post for that?)
    All eyes are on FX and dollar!
    Please people lets get real, before you look over the fence, take a closer look at grass on your side and you will notice that it is indeed very green.
    I trade Nigerian stocks comfortably. true, the pace is much slower compared to the purported fx results, but the progress is sure and steady. Click on my name or follow this link to learn how to consistently win in the Nigerian stock market.
    And you don need $100000 or even $100 to start trading for profit.
    Just look for a good local broker who is willing to accept your cash and your instructions and your on a roll.

  123. Hi! I’m Patrick from Ogun state Nigeria.I’m an undergraduate. I want to embark on forex but I got just little knowledge. Pls link me up with an expert or an online trainning.

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  130. please i will like to know other forex companies i can use to start trading in forex in nigeria.and i also want to learn all about forex and how to start here in nigeria.

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  134. need a resource person to do a forex training presentation at a seminar in benin,can u help? how do bill-hourly or per day?

  135. Hi all, please be aware!
    Every forex trainer is only a looser trying to get his money back. If Forex trading is so profitable, why would they use valuable trading time to be teaching?
    Isn’t it funny how these seminars are organised on weekends when the market is closed so there is no chance of a live trade example?
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  136. I am optimistic about forex trading I was badly burnt over and over again .until Gods mercy saw me through .Please the best indicator is study and studying and studying ,because forex cant be taught in a month ,- forex is supposed to be a course on degree levels in university because it is a complex market,greater that any other market in the world. please studying is the key study more than lawyers in this professional career is the key .i manage fund for people now and with good result totally safe and something profitable awaits investors or anyone who wants to work with me

  137. sir
    is it possible to pay and withdraw funds in naira into a forex broking firm with the use of my uba debit card .pls i need a solution to these.

  138. thans man for being plain simle, what many don,t seem to understand is that, there is a difference btw a forex trainer and a forex trader,u are correct on ur observation ,i once knew a guy who never traded live before making money training people with his demo account, because the people never knew the difference between both. So a campaign need to be set in motion on this to let people know that not everyperson is qualified to train them on forex,they must demand to see the live accounts and possibly proves of withdrawals before enlisting.

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  143. i am a forex trader in nigeria and i will like to know if forex traders are suppose to pay taxes in nigeria.

    And if they are suppose to pay taxes, what is the tax rate for forex profits?

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