Managed IT Services: Future-Proofing Your Business

by Daniel Avinir

Managing, owning, and operating a business is no easy task in today’s world.

Beyond the chaos that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, with lockdowns threatening to shut businesses down at any moment, there is also the difficulty that every modern, digital business faces: technology.

It’s constantly advancing, as are the threats that face it. Businesses are engaged in an unending battle, not only in finding the right technology solutions for their unique needs, but in maintaining IT systems and safeguarding them against attack. All while, at the same time, providing entire teams with access to the resources that they need to operate, even as employees are embracing remote work and spreading themselves across the city, country and world.

As information technology expands, you would expect that companies are able to look forward, to innovate and use advancing technologies in new and exciting ways. But, in truth, the opposite is occurring. Technology is advancing at a pace that is impossible for businesses, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises to maintain. There is no time to look to the future when you are constantly in a state of reaction.

As one new technology emerges, so another becomes antiquated. Those businesses that use older systems, older versions, older technologies find their maintenance ever more complicated.

“Move on,’ they’re told. ‘Upgrade. Embrace the cloud. It’s the future, don’t you know.”

But how can you move on and upgrade, when the systems already in place are difficult enough to handle on a daily basis. Businesses simply don’t have the capacity to focus on moving forward when maintaining the status quo is already a seemingly impossible task.

So many businesses are in desperate need of help when it comes to their IT systems, but some are yet to realise it. They don’t understand yet that managed IT services are the answer to all their technology problems.

The right managed IT service provider can help you to maintain your existing systems, taking care of monitoring and analysis to ensure that your business’ devices, infrastructure and software are always up-to-date and in perfect working order. They can even predict potential hardware breakdown before it occurs, seeing you proactively upgrade systems that are at risk without compromising your business operations.

But the value of finding the right managed IT services partner goes beyond maintenance.

Companies like Solid Systems work with you to find the right technologies that will help you achieve your business goals. They pinpoint the areas where new technologies would have the biggest impact, and create roadmaps for future technology implementations, prioritising solutions that offer maximum value and return on investment.

Often, the best technologies for your business may be the ones that you’re already using. After all, companies like Microsoft have adapted to the changing digital landscape, embracing cloud solutions and helping their customers to do the same. But businesses aren’t always aware of the latest updates to their existing technologies, or the newfound capabilities that they offer. This sees companies not taking full advantage of the services they already have. In these cases, turning to a partner like Solid Systems can see your business embracing all that your existing solutions through training your teams and advising on aspects of your technologies that could be put to better use throughout the company.

Managing, owning and operating a business is no easy feat, but you don’t have to approach the challenge on your own. Turn to a trusted managed IT services partner to guide you through the ever-changing digital landscape, and see your company not only meeting its goals, but exceeding them, and stepping confidently into the future.

About Daniel: As both Co-Founder and Head of Clients at Solid Systems, Daniel has a passion for people, technology, and the way that they come together. He believes in empowering companies and individuals to work in increasingly flexible and productive ways, unlocking their collaboration potential and leading the cultural change of our time.

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