MTN Nigeria Expands Roaming to 116 International Networks

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria subscribers are now able to call and be called on their MTN phones even when they travel to any of the 65 countries spread across all the continents. Known as “International Roaming” in GSM parlance, this MTN service, according to Afam Edozie, the company’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, translates to enhanced value and convenience for the growing number of MTN subscribers.

“The MTN subscriber has an option to remain reachable on his MTN phone even when he travels to countries as diverse as Germany, Holland, India, Singapore, UK, USA, Canada and many more. Calls to the customers’ normal MTN numbers are automatically routed abroad.”

The growing list of international networks with which MTN has roaming agreements, now numbers 116, said Edozie. In addition, MTN has an international roaming partnership with Thuraya satellite systems, a dual phone network with GSM and satellite options respectively. Roaming on the Thuraya network, made possible by inserting an MTN SIM in a Thuraya handset, enables MTN subscribers access to services in over 90 countries, including those without GSM coverage.

Whatever calls are made by MTN subscribers while roaming abroad are paid for in Naira.

International Roaming, said Edozie, is currently available to subscribers on the post-paid package, MTN BusinessTimeTM, only. Subscribers on MTN Pay As You Go, the pre-paid package who wish to switch over to MTN BusinessTimeTM, may do so easily within 24 hours of completing the necessary documentation in an MTN Friendship Centre. The continuing quest to enhance the international roaming possibilities for MTN subscribers, Edozie added, “is part of a bigger strategy to ensure that MTN subscribers are afforded the best possible coverage of Nigeria, West Africa and the world at large”.

Spanning 64 cities and well over 2000 communities across Nigeria, MTN’s coverage of Nigeria is unparalleled in the industry. “Just as it is possible for our subscribers to be reached in each of the over 2,000 communities in which we provide service, so is it possible for them to be reached when they travel to any of the 59 countries. Our coverage both nationally and internationally remains Simply Unbeatable”.

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