What is e-gold? All you need to know about e-gold

e-gold is an online currency 100% backed by solid gold, at all times in bullions. The world wide web needs world wide money. E-gold was created in response to this need.

E-gold is an electronic currency 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

E-gold is accounted by weight of metal, not US$ or any other national currency unit. Weight units have a precise, invariable, internationally recognized definition.

Additionally, precious metals, gold in particular, enjoy a long history of monetary use around the world.

Thus, e-gold is ideally suited for international transactions.

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what is e-gold?
use money to do biz for free and make cash to the bank. buy or sell not in dollars or pounds but in silver platinum and palladium. Use weigth units oz in your exchange rates to use this currency or payment system or money substitute to do your banking. It really is better money better than dollaror yen more negotiable this e-metal is fungible electronic money better than coins its bullion of precious metals it’s fiat money fiat currency can be uses to exchange investment agio cheaper than credit cards ideal to savings to merchant to use in the market. Use it to pay to ecommerce. It’s backed by G&SR Gold & Silver Reserve easier than online banking it’s electronic cash a gold standard faster than checking allows financial intermediation or indirect exchange. Ideal to payment payments system monetary. Get out of debt avoid credit inflation just look at economics it’s free banking it’s central banking a currency board and a currency exchange. Better prices better economy good financial stocks bond.

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