Big Brother Africa 4 (2009): The Revolution. Housemates. Forum.

MNET’s Big Brother Africa 4 reality show starts 5th September 2009 with very high expectations due to the hype from MNET. The show would last for 91 days. From Wikipedia:

Big Brother Revolution logo
Big Brother Revolution logo

As with all Big Brother series, Big Brother Africa: The Revolution will include surprises and unexpected innovations. However there are several main differences in the series. In addition to a completely redesigned eye logo and new host Ikponmwosa “I.K.” Osakioduwa, the prize money on offer has now doubled and is USD 200 000. The house will be renovated and will include almost double the number of cameras and microphones. Further, the search for housemates has been expanded from 12 countries to now include 14 countries. Plus the old rules concerning ‘conspiracy in the house’ have been lifted and housemates can now form alliances and discuss their game strategy openly. Even the voting in the new season is set to undergo a complete transformation. This year, audiences will be asked to vote for the housemates they want to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they want to see leave the series. So it’s all about being positive and keeping the great players in the game.

The 14 participating countries this 2009 are: Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Each country will have their own representative housemate.

There is no shower hour in Big Brother Africa 4.

Big Brother Africa 2009 Housemates

  1. Zimbabwe: Itai Makumbe – looks like he’d be evicted first
  2. Uganda: Hannington Kuteesa – he’s got attitude and seems so full of himself 😉
  3. Kenya: Edward Muthusi aka Teddy – he things he’s a nice guy. We’d see.
  4. Nigeria: Kevin Chuwang – he sounds confident.
  5. Botswana: Kaone Ramontshonyana – from the ghetto?
  6. Ethiopia: Yacob Yehdego – wants to be himself. We’d see.
  7. South Africa: Quinn Sieber – charming white guy – there’s trouble 😀
  8. Mozambique: Leonel Estevoa – promising fun.
  9. Ghana: George Wayoe – he’s got the spirit for the game – or so it seems. Time will tell.
  10. Uganda: Phil
  11. Kenya: Jeremy Ndirangu – he’s got the spirit
  12. Namibia: Edward & Erastus Moongo – identical twins? There’s trouble!

There would be ladies in the house next week…

Big Brother Africa 2009: The Revolution starts… What are your expectations?

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      • another one of the crazy shows we copy blindly. the people that came up with the format are getting tired of it and now we’ll milk it for a while yet.

        it was a nice social experiment when people went in without knowing what the public expected of them… now it’s just playing to the cameras and trying to shag/shock your way to instant fame.

  1. Loooving Quinn! Whoa! Hope this BB won’t be Africans putting each other down as we normally do. Its just a game and sometimes we tend to take it too far. Lets keep it clean Y’all!

  2. Yeah right; something’s definetely up the producers’ sleeves; and game begins next week; I wonder: can alchhol be greatly moderated? Too much of it was evident yday; some pple lack a sense of humour and might end up getting physical! Little or better, No alchohol in the hse!

  3. i really think we need babes in the house asap because only babes can run things well in the house and for the guys they are cute i wish them all the best but most especially my naija guy……go BBA you are 2 much.

  4. Well, it is not so hard to figure out. 14 countries and only 12 are represented. With 14 contestants. We could see 14 ladies coming into the house. This means, 2 contestants for each country. Unfortunately for Uganda & Kenya, its an all guy thing.


  6. why why why are u doing this to us big brother,u cancelled da shower hour????????this show cudnt b more interesting witout da shower hour,u suck bigggie,booooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  7. auww biggie why cancel shower hour most of the good stuff happens in there mxm mara biggie YOU ARE TOO BE WRONG STRAIGHT!!!!make another twist and bring shower hour back and i didnt plan on staying up late to watch guys cumon now!

  8. Kaone is the man,so Original,well Kevin wasn`t bad but it was too much taken from the novels he read,I`ll give the 1st position to Kaone for being so original.

  9. I think Kaone stands a good chance of winning the moolahs…and let us all agree that its not about looks, this is not a beauty contest!

  10. i don’t fink the idea of kelvin revealing who he has replaced is a gud tin.if phill had remain in the house… would have been sumtin else 4 sure…….i really fink it’s not ideal

  11. you guys should stop this madness,kelvin come home with the pepper,and take care of those chicks there,show them say you be correct naija.

  12. Well BB this show should have been an entertaining one, we dont want to see boring hause mates like Geraldine Elizabeth and the likes continue to occupy the house. We need to be entertained not by people who are just pretending to play cool just watching their fellow housemates. By the way this show should have been adult material and thats why you have been insisting on parental guidance, and the show is rated 18. frankly i have not seeing any adult material to warrant any blockade torwards children or any body under your age limit. Well its questinable if i would be sitting here watch your boring show.

  13. i would like to say that BBA is not all about shower hour, nudity, and so on. The concept behind this year edition has been widely applauded even without adult material. There are lots of reality shows on air in europe, america that are not nudity related but attract lots and lots of viewers still.A show can come in diferent ways. Thunb up Kelvin u r the man,nice job.

  14. Hey Bigbrother your show this year is the best.In the house i think the most interesting housemates are Quinn and Kelvin.I ma a Cameroonian and i want to know if you don’t do your selection in central Africa or if the are only those in west and south Africa.

  15. Big Brother Africa 4 is way too sterile and boring. Another big brother has been overmanipulated and censored. This is not Big Brother concept just some stupid gameshow ruined like recent others. Don’t copy BBUSA it is ruined.

  16. biggie.I luv emma,pls biggie if u stil want kip nkenna in d houz can we have a no talking task.U rock biggie.i hate hw mst interesting people left early,d houz is borin witout quin,hanni,k1,wayoe,paloma.

  17. i like da new session of Big Brother Revolution, Kevin must take the mulla $$$$$ i love hime guys, as 4 Nkenna she talks to much and bullies to much.

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