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etv Ghana
etv Ghana

TV just got even more exciting in Ghana as e.tv the first privately owned but free-to-air television station in South Africa has launched a subsidiary in Accra, Ghana. This launch is a big deal because e.tv South Africa that launched in 1998 is presently the largest English-medium channel in SA.

e.tv Ghana is a free-to-air commercial channel aimed at bringing premium television services to residents of Accra. The station was launched last night (Tuesday night) and would broadcast 24 hours everyday.

The new TV station is born out of a partnership between Global Media Alliance Ghana Ltd., and Sabido Investment (PTY) Ltd., of South Africa. The experience of the parent company would give e.tv Ghana a  major competitive advantage as it would have a large synergy of programmes.

e.tv has always been very exciting and I know many TV enthusiasts across Africa (especially Nigeria) go to great lengths to be able to receive the signals on satellite from South Africa. I have watched the SA version several times in a hotel in Lagos Nigeria and can attest to the high quality programming.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. I’m happy with how fast Ghana’s economy is growing.There is hope for Africa!

    e.TV is one of my favorite station.Nigerians like it alot too.

    I wish them the best biz stay in Ghana hoping that they will be in Nigeria very soon.

  2. I’m happy with how fast Ghana’s economy is growing. There is hope 4 Africans & african corporations. eTV’s content is hot. Several Nigerians like me like watching eTV movies.

  3. David, I want to know if viewers of e tv Ghana will require a dish and a decoder to be able to receive signals as was the case with e tv SA.

    When are they commencing their broadcast? I just can’t wait. Thank you

  4. so does it mean those who watch etv on sat will not get that any more ?
    now i switch to e tv on satellite but i don’t get anything are we “moving forward”? whats up with that, anyway thanks David u r a gr8 guy. ps. whatz the pin for e tv again?

  5. Pls if e.tv is still on satellite, then what is happening. have the changed their pin/key if so can anybody help with the new key/pin?

  6. Well,we hope it extends its tentacles to Takoradi and Kumasi.I love the series SCANDAL!we embrace etv ghana and cannot wait.

  7. Tell us more on how to still view etv sa on stellite. cos its seems to be off from the satellite channels. is there a new pin to still watch etv? can someone help?

  8. David i just visited ur site just today and i think i like it! can u pls help me with the etv pin? if there is a new one or not thx

  9. After watching e.tv in crystal clear digital satellite transmission, Analogue terrestrial TV looks horrible.

    Please we want DVB!

    • Digital terrestrial TV is already in the works. The National Communications Authorities (NCA) already has a tentative deadline for all TV stations in Ghana to switch to some form of digital transmission. I hardly ever watch TV via analogue transmission. I watch Metro TV and GTV but only on DSTV.

  10. hey i think those of us in Ghana can search for etv on NSS7 22w soon can say the exact freq n sr most of our terrestial tv is there on that satellite. but seriously multi tv is freaking me out!!, hey thanks dave. lol

  11. Hi any persons that want access with etv now must used HD DECODER and more channel like Cine Africa that bringing you nigerain movies is free. watch it 28 degrees east.

    • Sorry man, etv is a ghost now on our screens: its there but the 6969 code strong users used to get it unscrambled works no more. But you can still get the frequencies via the http://www.lyngsat.com link I gave. Just browse correctly. Its all there.

  12. Hi, Ssale are you perhaps saying we can use any good decoder or the strong decoder to receive multi tv signals? How should it be done? if its possible and you have any idea?

  13. Hi Guys. u can use strong receiver to treck multi-tv, after geting the signal. and then use any HD Box Decoder scan all the channels including news, sports, entertainment, movies, kids,

  14. Hi Ssale, thanx for your reply am in the eastern part of Ghana. I use the strong decoder and i ve always been wondering if it can receive the multi Tv signals until i saw ur comments last week, anyway am yet to try the settings you were referring to and am hoping its works, but are you saying if you dont use the HD Box decoder to scan the channels after receiving the signal you cant scan and view the stations with the strong decoder? please break it down cos am Dem interested.

  15. pls can u add e-TV to ur exiting multi-TV so that people in outside Accra can also join, because it is one of the favourite TV in the world and i believe it raise stardard of the viewers

  16. Hi Gus Remember, eTV is the best african channel free to air in histry very soon whould start whouching eTV on 28 degrees east at astra 2b.
    at the best african free to air satellite MULTI-TV so dat every one can see outside accra and all african countries.

  17. Hi guys,
    i’m crazy to get the codes for strong decoder channels pls can i get codes to view (irdeto seca conax and nagravision) channels? More especially etv’s new code bcos that 6969 stuff don’t work anymore.

  18. eTV is in ghana alright but i mean it should be extend to kumasi, takoradi and e rest of country and is not only accra alone should enjoy it, e transmission must be wide, since business is business.

  19. Hello everyone, I have SRT 4663 X decorder, I have a lot channels when my dish is facing east, but all of the channels are scrambled. Can any be a good help to me by given any code numbers to open those scrambled channels from East of my dish? please help [email protected]

  20. I am from nigeria and a great admirer of e.tv progs bt lost it signal last year. Can u do me a favour with the Ghana e.tv satellite name, frequency,symbol rate,polarization and LNB type. My email above. I’m missing their great programmes.

  21. Hi,anybody who has gotten Ghana e.tv on nss 7 or any satellite with mpeg4 high definition decoder should indicate please b/4 i use my hard-earned money to buy one

  22. David, please where in ghana can i buy a 4m dish. I intend to track channels on Nilesat 7 degrees west. is it possible to get this satelitte on a smaller dish? please kindly advise me where i can get one and @ what price and who can do the installation. I count on you.

      • Hi David, may I know if BADR-4 can be accessed in accra. I understand the MBC channels (UAE) on the elusive Nilesat satellite are also on Arabsat (BADR-4). please let me know if the footprint covers accra and what dish size is ideal. thanks

  23. e tv is mad forgeting that they cary advert accros africa. Why should they block 6969 code. Eventually e tv will be making little profit from adverts

  24. My people , let us forget, for now, anything about e tv . By blocking their viewing code, they have shown us the way to look for an improved alternative tv like joy tv.


  26. i want new etv code and frequency please if any body help me, sent the information to my email.thanks,my name is husy from nigeria, taraba state.

  27. Hi,2 evrybody in africa at large.i want 2 no d freq 4 free 2 air stations on eida my hitv or dstv dish size.God bless Africa

  28. Pls my big bros,will u send me the seting for etv ghana? is it in c-band or in Ku-band? the frequency, Symbol rate polarity with the above e-mail address thank u

  29. miss watching ziggy on backstage,scandal like hell.can e be gotten via strong 4669x?.if yes then how about the frequency thus code for everyone to know.am a Multichoice system engineer but luv watching e

  30. Hope all you guys out there are getting the infinity, satanta africa and voxafrica test transmission signals on your mpeg 4 decorders. If its a strong 4669 positioned to get multi, just do a blind scan.

    I’m out

  31. Hi David, may I know if BADR-4 can be accessed in accra. I understand the MBC channels (UAE) on the elusive Nilesat satellite are also on Arabsat (BADR-4). please let me know if the footprint covers accra and what dish size is ideal. thanks/[email protected]

  32. dave, bigup! i am happy for ghananians because things just keep getting better for them. imaging all the free satellite televisions and terrestials too.
    do you have an inkling if there’ll be e-tv nigeria. what satellte can i easily recieve on 1.5m dish in lagos.
    we need freesat in nigeria too oo!

  33. hi dave, can u help me? Cant get ma new channels on multi tv, can u pls help me wth d freq, polar, symbol r n d rest? Tanx

  34. ghana’s satellite broadcast is going places. this is good for their entertainment. kindly give me details on crtv ghana’s 50 channels broadcast and the satellite frequency.

  35. pls i need free to air frequency and symbol rate, of ghana free to air tv channel .and kindly inbox me .. and i will be very grateful…

    • How to get RDV.

      Press 8280 on your remote while on the RDV channel, this will show the BISS key panel/window on your TV screen
      Scroll down to Row no. 19 All the numbers on this row are oooooooooooooooooo,

      Just replace the 1st 16 nos with these numbers 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49 to unlock the signal.
      Press exit, YES when prompted to save changes.
      Enjoy RDV.

  36. The E channel on Dstv is not as loaded and interesting as the one on the free – 2 air dish. No programme guide, no movie info, no adverts, once you are not lucky to be in front of your Tv screen when a movie is playing, you might no be able to get to know the title of such movie again. and when you are watching a particular programme, you don’t know what to expect next, the info bar does not say anything except Etv Africa very boring

  37. Hey there! I mistakenly deleted d 18th & 19th nos wen i was trying 2 edit RDV on d biss page.pls wat nos do i put there?wud still affect d scrambled channel?tanx
    Manny from Nigeria

  38. Hey guyz,i mistakingly deleted d 18th & 19th nos on d biss page of d RDV,kindly complete it 4 me in di sequence 00 01 48 49 00 01 48 49 ? ? ……….pls do send me d complete sequence tanx

  39. shame on nigeria. ghana is getting more exciting free to air channels while we are being fed one stupid startimes. can’t even get e.tv nigeria. thumbs up ghana! i hope multi tv will bring on the e.tv ghana on its bouquet.

  40. @Spencer,i inserted d 16 zeros as instructed to complete d sequence,notyn happened.its still showing Scrambled wit signal strenth of 66%.I use srt4663,pls wat do i do next?

    • Hello. The BISS keys only works on the line with all zeros. On srt4669x its the 19th line. On the srt4622x its the 9th line what about yours? Check and let me know.

  41. Hello, for Aljazeera you have to either choose Badr4 at 26.0 east or Arabsat 30.2 East or Turksat at 42 East. For more information go to lyngsat.com

    The use of a double LNB is not new. It depends on the individual and what satellite he wants to track. If you can tell me what angle the dish is aligned to, I can possibly give you what satellites he is watching or has tracked.

  42. i have not seen two LNB facing east but i have seen it facing west. looking at the dish, bros the dish is facing east to my own calculation, is facing Eutelsat W7. all i know is that the dish is facing where my multitv dish is facing. confirm it

  43. Well James those dishes facing east with two LNBs are receiving two different satellites. One is for Astra 2b @28.2 E and the other is for Eutelsat W7 @36 E, which receives some of the multichoice channels.

  44. frist and fromst,gretin 2 u all.so when etv is comin back.pls,don 4get people of naija bcs wil still ned them santeta afica,crt,etv.

  45. Adim mohamed.ben somalita konu$uyorum. Ben soyla for hepsi ghana insanlar.i am somalis i like and watch etv every 24hrs day i would like to see turkish program on the tv can you speak turkish language?!!!!

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