President Obasanjo’s Third Term in Office

What is this I am hearing about President Obasanjo wanting to extend his stay in office by making it possible for him to stand as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the third time?

I hope it ain’t true. Aremu Baba Iyabo, please tell me it is not true. If this is true, then I am highly disappointed in him.

What is this bug that bites these African presidents anyway? How could he ever think he’d be able to stay in power forever in Nigeria, a country of over 14o million people! He should go ask General Sani Abacha who attempted to be Head of State of Nigeria for life.

He should stop this expensive joke because many Nigerians are not finding it funny, at all!

Third Term Will Lead to Anarchy, NLC Tells MAN

Now that he has sampled the people’s opinion, he had better come out to say it is all not true, otherwise, he should brace himself for what’s coming.

Nigeria is not a small country. Its people would not fold their hands to watch someone want to stay in power for ever. What else does he want anyway? What else?

I’m upset.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. President Olusegun Obasanjo has been the luckiest or most blessed Nigerian so far. He had ruled this country more than any other person, both as a military head of state and a civilian president. I think he should not push his luck too far. There are many other equally qualified Nigerians waiting.

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