A Night At Ankobra Beach Resort, Axim, Ghana

Memoirs of Saturday, 13th November 2005 – A night at Ankobra Beach Resort

Having confirmed the trip, I left Accra around 9AM via a commercial bus that was headed for Takoradi in the Western Region of the Ghana. I got to Takoradi at 1PM and boarded another bus that was going to a small town called Axim.

On my way to Axim, I couldn’t miss the very rich vegetation (thick forest) on both sides of the road. The greenery was simply breath-taking. There was this rubber plantation and not far from it is the Ghana Rubber Processing Company.

Well, I soon got to Axim and boarded a taxi heading towards Ankobra Beach Resort. I met the director of the resort at the gate and was ushered into the place.

I soon settled for lunch; a delicious meal of fried rice and chicken.

My reason for been at the resort actually was to take digital photos of the place, for a website I was soon to put up for them. So, after lunch, accompanied by one of the staff members, I went round the beach.

I guess posting some pics would help me explain this more. So, I’d continue this entry when the website is ready, so I can share the pics of the breath-taking scenery and experience.

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