12dailypro’s current situation

12dailypro’s current situation
While not admitting or denying that she’s been running an illegal Ponzi scheme for nearly a year, Charis Johnson did agree today to turn over her business to a court appointed receiver. In a consent order signed by her attorney, Noell Tin, Charis agrees to an order freezing assets, requiring accountings, prohibiting the destruction of documents and appointing Thomas F. Lennon as a permanent receiver.

The receiver will take over all aspects of the LifeClicks LLC operation – including the 12 Daily Pro website. Lennon’s first priority will be to answer the question that’s been asked by many 12 Daily Pro members since the beginning of the month: “Where’s the money?” he’ll be helped by the order which freezes Charis Johnson’s accounts with not only Storm Pay (which in fact has been frozen since the beginning of the month), but also EMO Corporation, eGold, LTD., and Bank of America.

Lennon will also be taking a close look at money that’s no longer in 12 Daily Pro accounts – money transferred into Charis Johnson’s personal account. The SEC claims over the last 8 months Johnson has moved 1.9 million dollars. She’s also bought a new, quarter-million dollar home in suburban Charlotte. If it’s determined 12 Daily Pro was an illegal Ponzi – siphoning off money from new investors to pay off old investors – the SEC could seize those accounts and even the house through a legal principle called “disgorgement”.

Meanwhile, the order allows for Charis Johnson to get a $5,000 a month salary and her attorneys get $10,000 a month. And the 12 Daily Pro faithful who craved her every word and defended her unfailingly in forums and emails, continue to wait and wonder, “Where’s our money?”

Story by: Brent Hunsaker
[email protected]

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