Abrokyir Nkomo – Reflections of a Ghanaian Immigrant

The newly-published book titled: “Abrokyir Nkomo. Reflections of a Ghanaian Immigrant” caught my eye at the bookshop inside Accra Mall over the weekend. I have found it very interesting so far. The back cover summarizes the subject matter:

A promo image of Abrokyir Nkomo. Reflections of a Ghanaian Immigrant.
A promo image of Abrokyir Nkomo. Reflections of a Ghanaian Immigrant.

It is often claimed, half-jokingly, that Ghanaians have such a penchant for travelling abroad that there is no country in the world, however far-flung, that does not have Ghanaian immigrants. Interesting questions inevitably arise. What is life like in these communities? What common values, if any, emerge? What are their shared experiences, hopes, aspirations and fears? How do they relate to family and friends back home, and in turn, how are they perceived by those back home? What are his experiences when the Ghanaian living abroad travels home on holiday, on business or to re-settle?

In this book, the author attempts to discuss these issues. He portrays the reality of life in ‘abrokyir’ (overseas) in a simple, easy style, drawing on several important themes, without lecturing the reader. He seeks to engage in a powerful ‘nkomo’ (c0versation) by employing satire and wit. It is a conversation that is uniquely African, reminiscent of the communal traditional story-telling by the fireside under the moonlit sky.

Having read most of the book already, I conclude that it is a must-read for every African interested in migrating out of Africa. “Returnees and current emigrants would identify with much of his assertion. The author is humourous, yet  frank. He raised very important topics that most would avoid discussing. There are no sacred areas. He unturned every thorny subject relevant to African emigrants. Though this book is already on sale in Ghana, it would soon be available on Amazon.com

The author, Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng heads the immigration department of a law firm in the UK.

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  1. A bit more of what? 😀 Do you want the author (he’s a lawyer 😛 ) to sue me for plagiarism? 😀

    Seriously, I wanted to share a paragraph from the book. I would share a particular paragraph I enjoyed most, later today. I really love his writing style.

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