Africa Magic Plus – Multichoice’s newest channel

I have often wondered why Multichoice did not name their Africa Magic channel, “Nigeria Magic
The reason is very obvious to any observer: most of the content aired on Africa Magic is either from Nigeria or by Nigerians. Not that I have anything against Nigeria and its people but I know the content could be much more diverse. After all, Africa is a continent of 54 countries and there is a wide variety of content to feature.

At long last, I saw an admission from Multichoice that its content on Africa Magic was primarily from West Africa and this is why they are launching a new channel named: “Africa Magic Plus” on channel 115. Though I wonder why Plus since Africa Magic Plus will not be a premium channel nor necessarily an improvement of Africa Magic.

From June this year, DStv viewers will get more great African programming when M-Net launches its newest channel AFRICAMAGIC PLUS.

Focused on programming from East and Southern Africa, the launch of AFRICAMAGIC PLUS follows the success of the first AfricaMagic channel, which is and will continue to be primarily focused on content from West Africa.

AfricaMagic launched in 2003 and since then, the channel has quickly become a buzzword on the continent.

It’s widely popular with DStv audiences for its mix of African movies, series, talk-shows and specials, all made in Africa for Africa.

The result has been a growing audience demand that will be met with the start of AFRICAMAGIC PLUS.

Already the channel’s first month line-up is packed with content from Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, encompassing everything from comedy and drama to romance and adventure.

For M-Net Director of Operations for sub-Saharan Africa Joseph Hundah AFRICAMAGIC PLUS symbolises growth and action.

“AfricaMagic was the very first channel of its kind anywhere on the continent and it has proven, every day since it began, that African audiences embrace African stories. With AFRICAMAGIC PLUS, we aim to partner with producers in East and Southern Africa and to offer an additional African focused channel.”

In the past few weeks also, they had launched another new channel Magic World that appears to be catering for a wider audience with much more diversified African content including classic Francophone films from Senegal, Guinea and other francophone countries. Of course, the films are subtitled in English. Some of the programmes from Africa Magic have been moved to Magic World.

One might wonder, why is Multichoice scrambling to get better by the day? The reason is simple: competition. Once upon a time, Multichoice’s DSTV was a monopoly in sub-Saharan Africa, offering Direct-to-home digital satellite broadcast to the rich and powerful in Africa. Not any more. 😀 Multichoice is now offering different bouquets to cater for a wide market segment: DSTV EasyView, DSTV Family, DSTV Compact, and DSTV Premium. They even have DSTV Select, for select mobile phones in Nigeria, Namibia and Kenya.

Where is the competition from? GTV, HiTV Nigeria, MyTV Africa, soon-to-be launched DaarSat and the free-to-air channels (popular in North Africa) available on various satellites hovering over our continent Africa.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. This new channel is doing wonders with its perfect balance of content from a wide range of countries including movies from my mother land Kenya. Surprisingly they’re airing more Kenyan content than our local stations. Strange.

    Nice channel.

  2. This is a very positive move by M-Net,not only are they giving the viewer more to watch but they are also providing the film makers from these regions with the medium of which their work can be viewed by a larger audience.Keep it up M-Net

  3. Africa magic plus is a good channel but most of the programs being aired are not always in english. Can you adjust a little on this?

  4. am olak pls i need free to air channed on my tvafrica pls i need the frequency of the channel how may i get it, also can i get the africa magic channel on strong decoder if so pls how may i do it becourse am in need of it now thank yours lovely members olak

  5. 🙂 y is dat some of with dstv family cant view d channel despite the fact some of their movies re not in english and y is it so

  6. i need a form or something to be accredited with multichoice so thats why i went to this address,i need some help with that

  7. Africamagic is the best, and i love it. IS VERY inspireing.Not bcos of the 24hrs movie they offer,not at all, i jst do love them.Up u AFRICAMAGIC…

  8. More still if there are any openingsopenings or lets call it forums through which independent producers could send their films to be broadcasted by your channel i will be glad to hear about.

  9. I love Africa Magic Plus. With time, I am definitely sure there will be more to offer in terms of diverse content. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.

  10. There is a DVD normaly played in African Magic plus but I dont know the tittle .Is one of the west African music .I think is saying mony ferero or money perero something like that with three ladies and more men on the DVD could you please send me more information on this DVD it is very interesting.

  11. watsup fellows its yo boy in building from zambia the concert for Micheal W Smith yesterday was so beautiful men big up SA for hosting world prayer day GOD is doing great things on mother Africa.Peace


  12. Zambia need its session on 1G channel 331 where gospel music is concerned like the way our companions from East Africa have.please multichoice do something for us zedians.we love dstv but you like putting us on the southern african session.

  13. Hi am a Cameroonian
    Am also into movi proudution
    and we have just cop up with a new film what can do to
    for u peple to play my film on Africa magic pus?

  14. hey am ghanaian nation,and want to comment on so called multichoicethat u don’t give us the real stick of what we want……….u have to sure of want u asying….

  15. good afternoon africa i love to say tht i really love my mother africa god bless all africans who are feeling alright.peace

  16. it seems ba Bigy has another plan for the house mates,but why was KAONE voited out in the first place?i love the koikoi guy men hes so good africa give him chance.ROYALEPRINCE Y163

  17. Funtasy Kids/Out of The Blues is an wholesome Entertainments Company for kids to teens.It is a brand geared towards providing fun,excitement and adventures for kids to teens through the medium: Tv,Magazine,Books,On-stage,Consumer products etc Funtasy Kids/Out of The Blues desirs to partner with African Magic for its Awards Ceremony coming forth in February. We look forward to hearing from you in respect of this. In this event, Kids Choose,Kids Nominate,KIds Favourite Winners. Its all about Kids.Keep the good work up, AFRICAN MAGIC

  18. We wish Africa Magic Plus has come to stay our worry and Cry as Independent film Producers in Cameroon is for a way to be made possible for the management to deal with individual film producers for the movie to be broadcast on the Channel

  19. hi my comment is that whenever there is a program pls try and complete them especially this program abelejayan and at the same time pls give us new 2010,2011 movies

  20. I watch africa magic and i love africa magic, but pls stop repeating movies twice a week and give us current movies.

  21. Good morning,
    Thank you for this nice channel, I am a Zambian who enjoys watching african magic movies and wish to request for the following old but good movies:- Marry me(1-3)Basob Productions Ltd which is still showing in Dec on African Magic plus, Evil Heart(1-3) and Reverend. I would be grateful if you could let me know how to get them My address is P.O.Box G48, Lusaka 10101 Zambia.The titles are so many but for now I urgently want the titles above.

  22. I like africa magic plus but you must bring more exciting staff than nigerian movies, especially the ones that shows lot of evil, I think those ones should be eliminated to show. I loved Indian series especially Joyti I am worried they are no longer showing, please bring them back. Would like to know the end of these stories, the Ramajaan, Kitani Mohabit, Jyoti etc

  23. Hi, where are Ramajaan, Kitani Mohabit, Jyoti etc soapies playing now since there is no Africa Magic Plu anymore? I really enjoyed them please guys infork mw

  24. Hi, where are Ramajaan, Kitani Mohabit, Jyoti etc soapies playing now since there is no Africa Magic Plu anymore? I really enjoyed them please guys inform me

  25. So sad to miss africa magic plus on dstv premium, what is the reason behind .Well to us as dstv premium, having this channel would be a blessing if of course Multichoice may reconsider the decision.

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