Areeba stole my billion-dollar business

The Heritage, a Ghanaian newspaper reports that a Ghanaian named Samuel Opoku has accused Ghana’s leading cellular network operator, Scancom Ghana Ltd (operators of Areeba Ghana), of cheating him of at least $1 billion being proceeds of a business idea he shared with the cellco. [Full report below]

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  1. i came up with moviechair lveseats back in 99. i did the thing from the tv ad “got an invention?” between me descibing it and creating my drawings, a couple years later that was a highlight in a seattle theater. i was in seattle at the time. what can i say? i got screwed.

  2. This is the more reason why people must be educated on patenting even the smallest idea they come up with. These thieves know how hungry people are and will always find ways to make money off them. I’m very sorry that Samuel is in this position and I hope that justice is done. The Lebs have been thieves for generations. We need to know their game and play it accordingly.

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