Big Brother Africa 3 [2008]


The 3rd edition of the popular reality TV series Big Brother Africa (BBA) is scheduled to begin later today at 17:00 hours. 12 house mates chosen from 12 African countries will enter the Big Brother house for 91 days.

The show which is exclusive to DSTV is available 24 hours everyday on channel 198.

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  1. david plz how can i get my dstv connected to big brother.last year i watched it on my dstv but this year i dont understand what is going onb i learnt i can only do it on li ne so plz link me up.any reply can be forwarded to [email protected] you david i will be very greatful if only you can help me.

  2. Uti u r d main man in the house.It has never been a dull moment wt u.Keeep it are proud of u in Nigeria.

  3. Hi

    You guys rock except for Lucille she needs to losen up and Latoya must stop messing around with the feelings of Morris and Ricco. Please she is no diva in the game.

  4. hi big brother,
    your show is the best in africa but i till believe there are more things to be done that as not be done to make more game and what i mean is that i have a very great idea that i think big brother will love to use in the next big brother house.pls do reply my mail i will love to share my idea to big brother.thank

  5. Two completely different personalities, Meryl and now Lucille. Meryl was too loud while Lucille is too quiet. The only thing they have in common is they are both from Namibia.

  6. hallow BB once again its good to be back again. by the way house mates be yourselves and represent your countries well πŸ™„ πŸ˜† πŸ™

  7. mimi,. why do you keep on bragging? kod is not famous in Ghana.he is just a common you know you talk?and 1 thing which alwaz piss me off is that gossiping character in are a lay and ladies dont behave as such.lets Ghanaians feel character is worse than Bertha(BBA 2)

  8. Hi Big Brother

    Your programme is good and keept it up. May I also use this opportunity to inform you that yesterday’s fake eviction are not in order in the sense that you revealed the names of those housemates who nominated the evictees…it is too early to do that….anyway, Big Brother is always right hey….cheers.

  9. hi big brother i luv ur work keep it up. and for the housemates i think they doing well except for the bathing aspect u re not showing it and u said is a live show why dat or re dey shy? πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  10. Olu, u re doing quite a gr8 job, that makes u a unique patriotic citizen of ur home country.
    bba3 is being 3wonderful and really interesting.
    Pls can u create a module in ur program (website) to accomodate the faces, names and countries of the housemates. i get them mixed up most times and my remote does not accept if i want to check the profiles of the housemates.

  11. πŸ˜‰ hey baby latoya i realy love what i see but ur realy proud so u better get out..though we can talk other issues when out..wat u say…kaps

  12. hey africa…tawana z sooooo goin to win…and yall cant do shit abt it….big ups to mama..ka…kwab in ghana my paps nd all lkc students who know aqnd luv me and oh to my KING…luv u….

  13. hey africa…tawana z sooooo goin to win…and yall cant do shit abt it….big ups to mama..ka…kwab in ghana my paps nd all lkc students who know aqnd luv me and oh to my KING…luv u….oh nd yah…lkc form 3s..its TAwanDa not Tawana

  14. i want you to get me latoya Mimi and sheila”sphone number or email address please i want to talk to her and i want to send her something or you give her my email address

  15. πŸ™‚ come on TK shoe us wat u have as zambians,stop geing lazy participate in every activities going like cheris makubele who won last big brother.we {zambians}will kip on supporting u.and remember to kip on praying god is the answer.sylvia,evidence,jara,michelle,hezron,mlazi and my sign name is maliye.

  16. Mimi is such a brag. we were in university together and i know she couldn’t even complete her chemistry program because she failed most of her papers.where is studying economics? liar. she will never change!!!

  17. hey yall,tk you lazy blob of goo,get up on your ass and do something usefull 4 once in your lyf 😑 .Ricco you are so STEAMING HOT and so are you Munya 😳 .Tawana do this for all the tswana girls out there πŸ˜› .And Hazel without you the house is gonna die of hunger πŸ˜‰ .Thami you remind me of my bf,dat smile got me 2 b attracted 2 u. πŸ˜› i love yall!

  18. hy hy hy hy hy hy ppl,tk how u feeling after wat happend on sunday anyway RICCO man u H.O.T 😳 who is ur mama boy 😳 and so are you thami 😳 and hw could i leave out the zim boy munya 😳 jo guys u make my heart skip a bit cos u so H.O.T 😳

  19. πŸ˜‰ hello i love hazel with all my heart and morris too cos they are very caring and they don’t have others time keep up my friends. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  20. hello munya u are the guy hazel u are the girl and tawana you alone ring i love u guys see out of the big brother africa house and tawana don’t cry again the devil sheila is gone. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  21. :mrgreen: hi there big brother this year selection is very boring t k swears to much cant wait to see the last of him have some exciting tasks please i stopped watching 24 ,,,7

  22. I hope africa makes the right choices this time around cos Ricco and Munya thinks that they got it made and has Tawana eating out of their hands. They seem to forget there can only be one winner. Will they still be as thick as thieves once the end has come? All the good guys are voted out and the most descent three are already up for eviction. What makes you a candidate? Hmmmm… maybe sex, lust, alcoholic, gossip, show off in front of the cameras and the list goes on and on. Wake up people this big brother show is becoming rather predictable. What about the rainbow nation I don’t see any or is the BBE also included in big brother

  23. people moris is a true african gay who is loving,carring and welcoming and durring the time his HoH,he treated the guys dont hate him that much.please bigie let THAMI GO.


  25. Tawana is a whore. if all gals were like u…… eeesssh? africa let her go back to where she belongs. useless gogo dem! sleepng with both ricco and munyaradzi???? gogo outtttttttttt

  26. This time Munya did think ver carefully but be aware that Botswana gonna hate u for it.Ricco por dinhero.But Africa never made a mistake dis time.Things went well.Last persons in de casa deserve to compete for money.

  27. forgive me, but what is the moral behind the big brother reality show? What sense does it make? What lessons or encouragement is drawn form it?

    In my opinion, it is a waste of time

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