Bimbo Odukoya lost in Port Harcourt Plane Crash

Friday evening, before sleeping off, I grabbed my Nokia 7250i and surfed to YAHOO! News’ WAP site. World news: Plane crash in Nigeria. Dozens lost. Many school children included. I blinked. I wished the word “Nigeria” could just change from that news item into something else. Alas, it never changed. Indeed, Nigeria has been hit by another plane crash just 7 weeks after the infamous Bellview air crash in Ogun state. This time, it was Sosoliso airline, and the location was Port Harcourt airport. This is really sad.

Yesterday, (Sunday morning) I was watching a “Single & Married” on Metro TV in Accra, Ghana.
On the screen as usual, was Pastor Bimbo Odukoya doing what she does best; speaking to young christians about love and relationships.

In the evening, I was online, chatting with a friend who was in Nigeria, via Yahoo! Messenger. He then spilled the beans; Bimbo Odukoya was among the folks who perished in the Sosoliso plane crash.
Oops. This is too much to bear.

Why so many calamities in Nigeria towards the end of 2005?
W H Y?

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