Blackberry returns with an Android phone, targets 10% market share

Blackberry Mobile Nigeria has unveiled Blackberry KEY2 LE, an Android version of Blackberry smartphone in the Nigerian market.

The re-born icon Blackberry brand is being sponsored by Ngilex Mobile Ltd.

Speaking during the unveiling in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer, Ngilex, Mr Kingsley Obaji, said that with the Blackberry KEY2 LE, the company was targeting 10 per cent market share in Nigeria by end of 2019.

According to him, Nigeria was 7th in the world in terms of cell phone usage; hence, the Nigerian smartphone market had to be taken seriously. He said that Blackberry was ready for the competition in the market, as it had the best product that would enable it to become the leader in the smartphone market in a couple of years.

Ngilex Mobile wants Blackberry phones to be organic, to be part of the Nigerian smartphone business; hence, is looking at what the market demands. “Nigerian market demands the best. The market is large; the Nigerian users are smart and looking for better options.

“We are looking at capturing some five per cent to 10 per cent market share within the next year and this requires a lot of efforts in marketing and outreach, ‘’ he said. The Ngilex boss said that the all-new Blackberry smartphones brought together iconic Blackberry features; with a new experience that included dual-SIM, dual-rear camera, more intelligent keyboard, extended battery life and improved privacy controls. He said that the Blackberry KEY2 LE ran the latest Android 8.1 Oreo operating system and provided access to millions of applications in the Google Play store.

Obaji said that Nigeria was the first country in Africa to receive and market the Blackberry KEY2 LE smartphone. He said that the KEY2 LE came at a time when the Nigerian market was looking for a different smartphone option. According to him, the company brings values of productivity, reliability and security to the next level.

“Talking about productivity, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE has all the features you need to manage your work, travel, and personal life on the go. “This includes support for dual personal accounts and business ready software that makes it easier to manage all aspects of your business and personal life.

“The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is the first BlackBerry with dual account management built in to enable you to separately manage both personal and professional social media profiles on apps like Facebook and Instagram. “All Blackberry devices we are bringing into Nigeria are dual SIM enabled and will support dual WhatsApp and other apps that require unique numbers.

“In Nigeria, most cell phone users are carrying multiple phones on multiple carriers. You can have these lines on a single device while avoiding carrying the power bank that most users are used to here in Nigeria, ” he said.

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