Bonjour (Osuofia Speaks French)

I watched the Nollywood home video “Bonjour (Osuofia Speaks French)” last night, and can’t help sharing my thoughts on the movie.

Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) is well known as one of the leading actors in the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood). His popularity surged when the movie “Osuofia In London” debuted. It was from this same movie that he got the nickname “Osuofia”.

Perhaps, in a bid to build on the success of “Osuofia In London”, Nkem Owoh wrote another story, and had it made into another classic, rib-cracking, home video – Bonjour (Osuofia Speaks French).

I had the oppurtunity of watching this movie last night, and must say that its worth the money used in buying it. Everything from the soundtrack to the actions are simply breath-taking.

In this movie, you see “Osuofia” at his best – cracking jokes, being greedy, chasing young ladies, being deceptive and all the bad vices you wouldn’t expect from a man over 40 years of age.

Part of the movie was shot in Nigeria, and the rest in Cotonou, Republic du Benin. The Koffi Olomide music tracks played in the course of the movie makes it even more enjoyable.

What else can I say? Its all good. 🙂

I would search for the concluding part of the movie, this afternoon.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. I just bought the second part of Bonjour (Osuofia speaks French), today. I did not do anything at home until I’d watched it in its entirety. The movie is pretty nice, and has a strong lesson for any young fellow travelling out of his/her country.

  2. Hello, I would like to hear an opinion on The general state of the African industry: production,distribution,directing,sales.
    What could it be if Nollywood production/businesse sens was combined to the more reflective Francophone productions ?
    I personnaly think that Naija production make more business sense and surely give plenty of work to the industry workers. They also are doing a better job at marketing the movie/industry/stars. But the long term vision should be the explosion of the general African movie industry, One of the sure way would be colloboration/integration of the different regional strenghts. It can start through the TV shows,Nigeria,Ghana,ivory Coast,Benin,Mali,Burkina all produce them. We should begin to see actors/actresses from different countries feature in another country’s tv shows.The script writers should be encouraged to develop plots that involve foreigners, that way the director will cast foreign actors to play a more realistic part.

    Your thougts please

  3. I agree with you Fredrick. There have been several collaborations here in West Africa, in the movie industry. There are several movies these days, where part is shot in Republic of Benin, and part shot in Nigeria. Most of these are in Yoruba though since part of Benin Republic speaks Yoruba.

    The biggest barrier I believe, is Language differences. There are much more collaboration between Ghana and Nigeria in terms of movie production than there are with Benin Republic which is just adjacent to Nigeria. There are 5 Anglophone countries in West Africa and the rest Francophone. Collaboration between Anglophone and Francophone countries is obviously quite challenging.

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