CashEQ is a fake e-currency site. Beware.

An email has been going round on the Internet recently with the subject: TGE Newsletter. Tired of E-Gold? Try Casheqe!. They are advertising a fake e-currency service. Stay away from them!

Date:       Fri, 28 Sep 2007 09:45:06 +0000 [09:45:06 AM GMT]
From:      TGE NEWS <[email protected]>
To:     [email protected]
Subject:      TGE Newsletter. Tired of E-Gold? Try Casheqe!
Welcome to CASHEQE.ORG!

Casheqe team is proud to present you new digital currency with unlimited possibilites:

Opening an account is not just completely free – We pay you 10 US Dollars for it.

Merchant? Take another 100 US Dollars for processing payments with Casheqe.

Casheqe is fully compatible with major credit cards and payment systems:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, E-Bullion, Pecunix, E-Gold.
Planning to add more soon. You can pay directly to any e-currency account straight from your Casheqe account.

Funding and withdrawing Casheqe is totally automated
(however it takes 24h to clear PayPal transfers).

Use Casheqe ATM Cards for funding and withdrawing money in in local ATM machines. Use Casheqe as a tool for cashing out other digital currencies.

Easy API/SCI. Start accepting casheqe payments in minutes!

Get paid, stay paid. No chargebacks – payments can’t be undone.

Extremely low fees for transactions. Use Casheqe as an auto exchanger for your e-currency needs.

There are no fees for opening Casheqe account. You are just few minutes away from account activation.

Get on CASHEQE.ORG to sign up!

Best Regards,
Casheqe Team
[email protected]

The scam is very similar to that of the now dormant GoldxCash.

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