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The demand for cybersecurity solutions is growing at an exponential rate globally which has further been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This demand sparked a metamorphosis for Evolv Networks - a local good news story of a new innovative cybersecurity brand: Enhalo (Pty) Ltd.

The demand for cybersecurity services is growing at an exponential rate globally which has further been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This demand sparked a metamorphosis for Evolv Networks which resulted in the launch of its innovative cybersecurity brand: Enhalo (Pty) Ltd.

Enhalo provides the connection between the world’s top cyber experts and South African businesses. By thinking about local needs but acting on a global scale, Enhalo is playing a pivotal role in bringing South Africans the world-class cybersecurity services they deserve.

With South Africa being perceived as a soft target by cybercriminals, Enhalo provides the best in tailored global IT security solutions to thwart the efforts of these criminals.

Enhalo added internationally trusted cybersecurity experts to its family by uniting companies like Cyber 83 and CyberQ Group into the Enhalo group of companies. With offices in South Africa, the Philippines, the UK, and the USA, Enhalo can now guarantee 24/7 security expertise at a price that South African businesses can afford to sustain.

The team behind Enhalo believes that an approach of informed creativity to the challenges of the digital world is what leads to the most innovative solutions. In line with this approach Enhalo set forth on a mission to dramatically reduce client’s operating costs by aligning their business vision and operations with the latest in digital tools, thereby transforming South African companies into agile, secure, and efficient enterprises.

Alongside the journey to evolve the Enhalo brand and offering, the leaders of the business discovered a gap in the South African and global market for a partner that

truly understood client’s pressures, addressing them through a value-added partnership versus a product-based sales approach.

Enhalo’s team of global experts therefore work with clients to enhance their business in the following ways:

  • Leverage existing digital infrastructure to build secure, flexible remote solutions for employees to work from anywhere without unnecessary additional cost.
  • Streamline digital infrastructure so that only efficient technology is maintained.
  • Effectively implement automation to adjust customer platforms to be more efficient and reduce unnecessary cost.
  • Transform businesses through technology rationalisation and adaptive security solutions.

Whilst the world may be focused on the current COVID19 pandemic, Enhalo’s vision looks beyond the current times by embracing a model of co-innovation. However, the journey was not easy and Enhalo worked tirelessly behind the scenes to balance the challenges of integrating multiple companies, the pressure to continuously innovate and be creative, remaining attentive to loyal customers, and remaining ahead of industry trends.

Leadership and Family

Despite the growth and evolution of the business, Enhalo is still a family run business. While many people vehemently claim that business and family do not mix, the Conradie brothers have made it work.

The Conradie brothers – (Gerhard Conradie co-founder and global head of solutions architecture and Francois Conradie co-founder and global head of cloud infrastructure) attribute their success to the following:

  • One of them always takes the lead on the daily functioning of the company and the other innovates and keeps up to date with the broader international industry.
  • Both brothers possess an impressive but different set of IT security and cybersecurity skills that complement each other.
  • Although they each have designated clients, they allow each other to manage each other’s portfolios where necessary as a check and balance system.
  • They have a deep-seated respect for each other’s ethics and a strong bond based on trust and faith in each other’s abilities.

Taking a business global

If you are thinking of going global, the Conradie brothers have the following advice for you.

  • Get funding. International expansion has always been a costly endeavour and a solid base of capital to establish your company is essential.
  • Ensure you are noticeable and invest in marketing. You can have the best product but if you do not differentiate yourself no one will know who you are.
  • Make sure that you are excellent at what you do and stay focused on continuously improving your knowledge and expertise.
  • Continuously adapt with the times and remain relevant to your customers by consistently adding value.

As an authority not only on IT security, but also digital transformation and automation, Enhalo understands the potential for greatness that efficient systems provide. The company is determined to share its expertise and technology systems with South African organisations.

With solutions aimed at reducing risk through cybersecurity, reducing cost through digital transformation, and increasing revenue through automation, all Enhalo solutions serve to increase a company’s performance and reduce their frustrations in today’s digital world.

About Enhalo

Enhalo (Pty) Ltd is a next-generation technology solutions company which focuses on three business pillars: Reducing Risk through its cybersecurity offerings, Reducing Cost through digital transformation and Increasing Revenue through automation.

ENHALO is a group of global companies under one brand that is locally engaged, while globally operated. The vision goes beyond the current global crisis as ENHALO co-innovate to enable businesses to prosper during difficult times.

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