Free-to-air Ghanaian TV Stations on Satellite

Ghanaian free-to-air TV stations available on satellite
Ghanaian free-to-air TV stations available on satellite

Ghanaians abroad are keen to stay in touch with social and political affairs back home. Some relatively comfortable Ghanaians within Ghana live outside the urban areas, deep in the rural parts. Friends of Ghana living in nearby countries who are interested in following news and entertainment from Ghana. These three groups of people are not covered by terrestrial TV signals from the transmitters of the local free-to-air TV stations in Ghana. Over the years, the main free-to-air TV stations in Ghana have extended their signals to most parts of the ten administrative regions of Ghana, many are still left out. Satellite was the next logical step.

The TV stations went on satellite for two main reasons, I believe:

  1. to relay their signals to their remotely-located TV transmitters in Ghana
  2. to reach viewers in hinterlands and outside Ghana

Find below a list of the Ghanaian TV stations available on satellite:


GTV (Ghana TV) is the national public broadcaster, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. It lays claim to covering 98% of Ghana’s airwaves. By law it is compelled to reach every nook and cranny of Ghana.

GTV is presently available on 3 satellites:

  1. Eutelsat W4 – through Multichoice Africa (popularly known as DSTV), GTV is available to DSTV subscribers in Ghana only. To connect, simply contact your local authorized DSTV installer as this is a closed system and only DSTV decoders + smart card can decode the signals.
  2. Astra 2B at 28.2°E – [update] Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) now beams GTV and Uniiq FM to the world on Astra 2B. See How to add more TV & Radio channels to your Multi TV decoder for details.
    courtesy of Multi TV, GTV is occasionally available on this service. As Multi TV is still a new service, they reshuffle their channels quite frequently. Multi TV is presently hot in Ghana since subscription is free-of-charge. To get on board, simply contact the nearest Multi TV authorised installer. Read my Early review of Multi TV + Satellite information for detailed information.
  3. Intelsat 903 at 34.5°W – home to several other free-to-air African TV stations, Intelsat 903 hosts GTV’s satellite signal. GTV’s signal on this satellite is beamed mainly on to Europe, fringes of North Africa and Asia.

Metro TV

A partnership between the government of Ghana and a private entity, Metro TV (Metropolitan Television) was the first Ghanaian TV station to go on satellite, a few years ago and has since been followed by many others.

Metro TV is available on 2 satellites:

  1. NSS 10 at 37.5°W – with a large footprint over Africa, the Middle East and Europe, NSS 10 brings Metro TV closer to billions of people across 3 continents. It is advisable to seek the services of a professional satellite TV installer. If you can get your hands dirty, do the following: Install a 3.2 meter C-Band dish and point it to Satellite NSS 10 at 37.5 degrees west. Using the remote control, tune your decoder to satellite NSS 10 using Frequency 3,804.9965mhz. Add these parameters: FEC: 7/8 SR: 2.143 Polarisation : Horizontal.
  2. Eutelsat W4 – Metro TV is the 2nd Ghanaian free-to-air TV service available on DSTV. To connect, simply contact your local authorized DSTV installer as this is a closed system and only DSTV decoders + smart card can decode the signals.

NSS 7 at 22.0°W – with a large footprint over West, East & Southern Africa, all the 3 next free-to-air Ghanaian TV stations can be accessed on this satellite. NSS7 also hosts 3 of the most popular Ghanaian FM radio stations viz Joy FM, Adom FM and Peace FM. Key coordinates:

Freq – 3739MHZ
Pal – V
Cord – 2200 W
Sat – NSS7
SR – 1.755 m/s

A C-band dish and DVB decoder would be necessary. Consult a professional satellite TV installer.

TV3 Ghana

TV3 Ghana is a private, free-to-air television broadcaster in Ghana which is owned by Malaysian media giant Media Prima. It was launched in 1997. Available on NSS 7 and occasionally on Multi TV.

TV Africa

Owned by a popular Ghanaian film maker Kwaw Paintsil Ansah, TV Africa started test transmission from Accra in 2002. The station was officially launched by the President of Ghana on 17th of May 2003. Available on Nss7.

Viasat 1

Viasat 1 is a Ghanaian television channel owned by the Swedish listed media group, Modern Times Group (MTG). Viasat 1 was MTG’s first venture in Africa and became the fifth terrestrial television network in Ghana after GTV, Metro TV, TV3 and TV Africa. Available on NSS 7.

As always, additions and corrections are welcome in the comments area. Keep visiting!

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. viasat1 in kumasi ghana has been out for the past 3 days. why are they always on and off? l really like their programmes especially all you need is love and their sports especially the english premier league. so they should do something about it

  2. hello david iam an installer in nigeria can give me the list of free satellite available in in nigeria on ku and c band with frequency fec and sysbol rate thank.

  3. I’m new here,I live in nigeria.i wnt u 2 snd me free to air satellite that shows english premier here in nigeria with the frequency and every other details i wil need.thank you

  4. viasat1 is the best station when it comes to dealing with TIME ,metro tv and tv3 are also the best when it comes to NEWS.BUT when it comes to documentries GTV is best .Keep doing your best for the development of our belovered country, GHANA .I WILL BE PROUD OF YOU IF NO ONE IS. THANK YOU

  5. I am really crazy about ur tv stations. I cant afford ur digibox for now. Can u pls let me know how i can use my strong srt 4650 decoder to get ur station plzzz. I am in nigeria.

  6. Hi,
    Im looking for the email adres of television broadcasters in Ghana.
    I made a video on the African Bullfrog and want to know if they will be interested to broadcast it. This is a very nice and good production about the African Bullfrog, the second largest frog on the African continent.

  7. hello this lawal hussein from nigeria pls.can you send me the frequency of mbc 1,2,3,4 and other free to air channel in nigeria

  8. hello david i am an installer in nigeria. can give me the list of free satellites available in nigeria on ku band with frequency fec and symbol rate, polarization. thanks alot.

    • Hi David
      I live in sunyani,brong ahafo region of Ghana.I use an 8ft dish.I would be very happy if you could give me all the free to air stations ku and c band,satellites name,freq,symbol rate and fec i can receive in my location.I use 2 c band lnbs and 1 ku(fuji lnb).Can i receive nilesat101 7w in my location.Thanks and regards

  9. thank you for your reply mr. david,pls am about to get my decorder in a few days time. kindly send me the list of free to air satellite and their frequencies and polarity on ku band with 90cm dish for now.

  10. I am from Volta region. My concern is, i want you to help us get TV3 and TV African in the volta region.We had TV africa but it went off lately. our favourite station is tv3, so please help us to have acess to it. I also want you to help me find the CDs of; The long wait, The promise, and more than love. Thank you.

  11. As someone into (or just getting into) the African TV broadcast business, I must say, there is a huge demand for Ghanian TV outside Ghana. Free-to-air is a simple and cost effective way to get that content to people that want it around the World. An alternative to that called IPTV or online TV would be easier to implement for viewers with Internet connections.

    It is from discussions like this that we know what content or channels people really want and help us decide what content to show online. If you have any specific request about a Ghanian program, TV show or TV channel you would love to view online, you can send me an email to info[at] and indicate please about David’s blog post.
    Once again, thanks for the informative and helpful post David.

  12. Can you add the other free to air ghanaian tv stations to multitv so that we will also get access to them. Is ties any plan underway to add them? If yes when? Thank you.

  13. sir, i am shadrach from nigeria.pls. may you kindly give me the satellite,frequency,and dish size that give this channels:crtv,dw-tv etc. thaks so mush.

  14. pls can u send me free to air station in Ghana that i can view in Nigeria and as well as frequency and ku band with polarization. also mbc 1,2, 3, 4

  15. Thanks alot David! Please I want you to send me any free to air channels that will play this 2010 world cup. Also, I need dw tv and mbc 1,2,3,4 frequencies with thier symbol rate. Please provide me more free to air channels on multi tv.

  16. What is the problem. Satanta Africa is no more showing in infinity tv again, please i want to kwon the problem. Or they have another frquency and Symbol Rate, please i need your assistance

  17. hi david. i am using the multi tv in ghana but i cant figure out how to add the SR rate esp those with ‘.’ eg. the 1.755 as in above.
    will be glad if you could help. thanks a lot

  18. how can i get all this free station in nigeria. i have a strong decoder. Please tell me the frequency and the symblo rate of this good free channels.

    Thank you so much

  19. Helo, i am an installer from Ibadan Nigeria, I will be very pls if could get more details on some available free to air satellite that can in Nigeria eg, mbc,1,2,3,4, and other KU Band satellite and frequencies and their polarity on KU.
    I will appreciate a positive respons from you.

  20. Hi, i have installed two smart tv receivers but the signal is not stable. it goes up and low. and i have only 18 channels, channels 7-11 are not currently running. can you pls help me on how to improve on the signal to make it stable and also how to get the other channels. i am in ghana and wish to know if there are any more channels on the smart tv decoder.

    • Reception would depend on your present location and the height & quality of your outside antenna. You should ask Smart TV for help if the reception doesn’t improve after you retune your outside antennae.

  21. dear sir
    i stay in yangon (myanmar)i want to know free air sattlite frequency for 2010 world cup .now i useing C band.


  22. Tv3 has always been my favourate tv in ghana but we in northern regions h cannot watch tv3 b’cos we’re not part of their coverage. Please convince the extend their coverage to tamale as this will give them a wider market 4 their client to sell their products on their network. Thank u

  23. David, i want you to find out why TV3 is not on multi-TV again. Again, pls help explain why some of the channels have poor quality while others have good quality.
    Lastly, furnish me with freq and SR of some free channels.

  24. Pls David I designed a Reality Tv series which I wish to put on a TV channel that can be easily and wildly recieved , so I wish to know of there are free to air TV stations in Nigeria and what their terms can be in this my kind of case?

  25. i really love wachting movies on movie chatroom but the time is every late so please can g.t.v repeat it on day time for your viwers.

  26. Pls I have GTV wit me here in naija,kindly tel me whether they wil showing EPL this season commercing from next month.Thanks

  27. I live UK but I want to buy satellite receiver to use in Ghana can you pls advice on which one will be good for Ghana for both dstv and multi tv

  28. hello u guy pls can any body in the house tell me the frequency code for FTA,frequency, symbol and polarization that we show something like premiership, laliga and many more iam using the smallest dish can he work for that iam leaving in nigeria kwara state .

  29. i ave a problem with my GTv and sub station under it telling me that no Audio and Vedio, i ave try my possible best i dont no wat going wrong wit it , idont if u guy can help me out . And also i need MBC 1,2,3,4 FREQUENCY THE POSTION, SYMBOL RATE iam using strong decoder srt4653x wit small dish i dont no if it can work 4 d mbc 1234, pls and pls reply

    • david, thanks for the good work u are doing. i hv three questions to ask.
      1. is it true that the 90cm dish is better than the smaller one? if it is true, explain why?
      2. why is it that some of the channels go off for sometime and do not come back until you search for them again?
      3. how can i connect two dishes to one decorder?
      4. Is strong on monthly subscription basis? educate me more on strong.

      • 1. A bigger dish is better because it can capture a bigger wavelength of signals. In practical terms, size would not matter if you fall within the footprint of a satellite. Sometimes, even a 60cm satellite dish would do. The further you are from the centre of the footprint however, the bigger the dish you would need to capture enough signals that can translate into clear audio/visual signals.

        2. There could be several reasons for this. The problem could be with your satellite receiver, or a temporary weather problem, or the frequency of the satellite service has changed.

        3. You need a Multi Dish switch. This is a device that will allow you to combine two single LNB satellite dishes to a single satellite receiver.

        4. Strong is not a satellite service but the brand name for a satellite TV equipment manufacturer.

        I hope these help and thanks for your kind words.

  30. Pls David Ajao can you give my the list of fta channels that will show 2010/11 epl matches,their frequencies and satellites. Thanks and God bless.

  31. Hi Dav,I want to thank u for assisting people like us on info to be more professional. I’ll love to have ur direct line so as to communicate in case there is no network. Moreso,could u also help by sending info on most free to air? Frequencies,fec,polarizatn etc. Thanks

  32. The program Yearning for love is enjoyed most by people in the working field so i would plead with you to kindly shift it from 8:00am to the formal time that is 5:30am.i hope my suggestion would be considered.Viasat 1 the best

  33. David, I love to read ur comments on issues. thanks for the kind service u are rendering. Anyway I hv some questions for u.

    1. Can u direct me to Strong’s office in Ghana?
    2. A friend of mine is using a strong decoder. The problem is that the Multi-Tv channels such as nhyira, real, adom TV, 4kids, etc are shown at the FM side and so there is no video. All other channels are shown at the TV side. What account for this? Is there a problem with the decoder or what?
    3. I hv used an LNB of strong and multi-tv before. My observation is that the LNB of Multi-tv is low compared to that of strong. That is the signal strength of the LNB of Multi-tv is b/n 44 and 54 but that of strong is b/n 65 and 72. As a result, I cannot get some channels.
    Is it the case that multi-tv’s LNB is not good or what? If it is faulty, can it be repaired?
    I am looking forward to hearing some answers from you.
    Thank you.

    • Ernest, thanks for your kind words.

      1. Strong Digital Technologies Ltd.
      House 10, 3rd Circular Road,
      Telephone: 030 2771382

      2. I am not sure about what is wrong with your friend’s decoder but a rescan might help.

      3. There is no such thing as a Multi TV LNB. If you see any such, Multi TV only asked the manufacturer to print their brand on it. Strong on the other hand, is a known satellite TV equipment manufacturer. Thus if you have identified a particular Strong LNB as working better for you, it might be a good idea to stick to it. Don’t waste your time trying to repair an LNB. Buy a new one.

  34. hi daavid .
    all i want is to view some live english league with my multi tv decoder. crtv i dont know which satelite they broadcast on but are running this promotion of free english league. isnt there a way go around it view those other channels they have on their network because the have a decoder and dish. i wish u make some research on this because i have being trying very hard to know more about their network.

    hope u get back to me thanks.

  35. Please kindly add METROTV to your stock of TV stations for we in the rural areas and please can you bring back TV3 which we use to watch on your decoder. If you bring them back it will help we those in the rural areas to watch better news in Ghana.

  36. my name is isaac lamptey from ghana .I finish school this year and i want to become a footballer i need ur help .we won a cup with my school and i know i can do best in ur team .gtv i want u to help me so that i can be a footballer in future i know by the gracve of god all of u are feeling better as i am

  37. Hi Dave,jux want say God bless u for the goodwork u do.Tanx a lot.But,em,i like to know pos,pol,freq n sr for daystar,mbc 1234,muvvi 4,etv SA,dw,aljazeera n nat geo in ghana.Also used to get emmanuel,spiritword etc on hotbird 13deg east but not any longer.Can u pls help me.Tanx!

  38. Hi David, what dey happen? Good work there. Please can a c band lnb on a motorised dish also pick up channels from a ku band satellite? Eg Can a motorised c band lnb equipped dish for say NSS 7 22 degrees west also be able to pick channels from BADR 4 (26 degrees east)?

    is there anything like a universal lnb that can work for both c and ku bands?

    Is it possible to track BADR 4 in accra and with what dish size?
    I understand NILESAT is very illusive. hope to get your response soon .

  39. Nana Agyemang should be talk to because he cannot make untrue statements on television like that, Obed Ansah used his hand to score a goal and he said it should have been allowed he did not see that Philip BOampongs tackle on Luis Agyemang was a red card offense. if he does not understand English he can speak Twi how can he say Kotoko lost to Faisal 2-3 a humiliation.

    He deserve not to talk on your Television because he failed in his field as a coach and he cannot be talking like that.

  40. Gr8 jod 4rm d forum.ples is rdv and 2m still on sirus4?if,ples send me d (frq, s/r,h or v) I want 2 nail d sat,but som1 told me is scramd. Or d best sat 2 watch live epl game. pls i nid ur help seriously.

  41. I bought a Af-2400N digital satellite receiver @spirit word South Africa.I want to know if that decoder can be used in brussels(Belgium).please assist .RENEE

  42. hi, i have a SAT+ satellite decoder used for free to air channels but, i want to know the frequency codes (values) for astra,hot bird, eutelsat, nilesat.

  43. hello , well i have a problem, am using strong 4653x with a disk,please can i be able to tv air to time , metro tv, viasat 1,tv3 when i change the postion of my dish, to nss7

  44. i have strong decoder and my dish is at 68.5 degrees East on Intelsat satilite . I am able to watch multi tv and some of the infinity tv station. can anyone help me with more free channels at this angle?


  46. I Learnt at the dstv side that there are new channels that are free and has just been added. Can you please give me their frequencies,symbol rate and polarization since my blind and auto scan cannot discover these channels. thank you.

  47. Is MultiTV going to include Nhyira fm, Boss fm, Angel fm, Fox fm, K FM, Y fm, X fm, Peace? Luv is now on it. Also, where is CRTV? Tell them we’ve missed them so they should come back.
    Waiting for an answer. Bye


  48. I like ur blog especially hnw you take your time to do your best to profer possible solutions to most questions. My problem is this my i use an SRT4653X decoder which got damaged, and a C Band SRT L926 LNBF.But when d decoder couldnt be repaired, i had to replaced with a working one but all d signal settings for d C Band are nomore. Pls i would appr8 if u can help me out with d necessary settins.

  49. Hi, pls i use a C Band LNBF here in Lagos but due to damage to my decoder i got another SRT4653X but without d C Band settings. Pls i would appreciate ur assistance concerning d positioning and other necessary settings. Thanks in advance.

  50. I will be very happy and glad of GTV, when they bring (cartoon network) on show again especially scooby doo & jony bravo. I wish you the best.

  51. Hi David, i’m an installer here in nigeria, pls can u send me all d free 2 air frequencies available for mpeg 4 receiver or the lower version…thank you

  52. I learnt there is a TV Broadcaster with over 60 channels free to air in Ghana called Quality TV. Can anyone help me with the frequency for I am using strong 4910 decoder.

  53. I really need the the frequency for GTV and all other free to air stations on my strong decorder, kindly help me with this .


  54. Hi sir.Can you tell me,is the Christian Gospel TV stations currently the only free stations available in South Africa,or is there any other available.If there is can you sent me the settings,please
    Youre sincere

  55. Pls explan what c band and ku means,how can I get d frequecies? What wrong with infinity cos is no more showing?nigeria

  56. It is all about the footprint. FTA is all about trying. Use this tp 12551v19250 and point east just above intelsat 10 68.5 east

  57. After the NDC congress TV 3 and some radio stations are currently off air in Botswana. Kindly help us to get it back so we can continue to enjoy and listen to all the current developments back home.

  58. Please, how can I almost receive free to air stations in Ghana on Multitv with Strong Decoder or on different dish with frequencies. Thank You

  59. Holla Mr Oluniyi.Really appreciate your responses as regards the satellite TV issues. I’ve trying to get clues as regards using my decoder to connect to the internet for browsing while i’m enjoying my TV service subscription.Do u know how this can be done on either DSTV or Strong decoders, pls post me the clues.Thanks

  60. why is DSTV (multichoice) card not showing with strong decoder? Is there any solution or activation code to make it work with strong decoder.

    • Well there may be one,but that is an abuse on Multichoice Integrity. Only d oldest ones(cards) + that of d older versions of the DSDs are the cards that can be used with Strong Decoder.But d latest ones can’t due the flexibility poised on their(DSTV) products in d competitive market.This i pressume so.

  61. pls i need the available frequencies and satelite for FTA ku band channels viewable from Nigeria. you are doing a good job keep it up.

  62. please is there any solution for my dstv card i used in my strong receiver to work again,cos dstv has block all its smart card in strong decoders.please i need your help.

  63. Dear David,

    I am new with this satellite tech. I want the best decoder and the right size of dish to be able to access lots of FTA’S. I also want to know if the is a sort of motor that can be installed so that I dont have to move the dish manually. Kindly tell me where I can get all this products at a good price in Ghana,Accra.

    Please respond soon, Thank you.

  64. wanna know any free to air channel broadcasting the English premier league wth its freq coz for champions league its channel mbc3.anybody plz

  65. all the stations are improving steadily with the expetion of VIASAT1.they old fashioned,outmoded wt everytin they show.yawa station

    • It’ll but less 5 channels will be viewed,few audios channels without videos will be enabled.The best is to get MPEG-4 enabled device in order to enjoy the full channels.

  66. Hi, I am in Botswana and the problem is TV Africa no longer gives video except audio (Peace FM). If new channels have been programmed can u help me get them or what could be the problem in my area?

  67. Hi there,
    I am new here. Would you plz send me details on how I watch etv south africa here in Malawi. Also, any idea on how I can connect to channels that show EPL on free-to-air here in Malawi/Africa? I will appreciate you response

  68. If u know of any free stations that will show the match,kindly send me the frequency,the polarity and the symbol rate including the sattelite

  69. please guyz i do see some satellite facing southward but i dont know the channels they are receiving pls guyz help me am in Edo state Nigeria


  71. 1. i’m using a decoder that has QUALITY inscribe on it………tell if it’s better than Strong Decoder & Multi Tv decoder

    2. how can get TV3 and Metro TV on multi Tv (Astra……)

    Thanks in Advance

  72. Hello, i have SRT 4669X, can i get Metro tv and tv3 freely? If yes please provide me with the frequencies and the symbol rate and also size of dish, polarity.

  73. i appreciate your transmission about the nations cup studio analysis.there’s one man that you brouth to the studio yesterday,talking about some teams in a negative ways,very rediculuse for him as a presenter.he mention teams like nigeria,calling them super chinkens,teams like cameroun,like south african etc.pls he should be warn as a good presenter.

  74. Please Anytime i enter the frequency for nss7 on srt 4669xii, it says invalid frequency. Moreover the frequency has 5 slots instead of 4 you gave and measured in Ghz not in mhz. Please help me on that.

  75. Hi David, thank you for helping us feel at home while in abroad. Please my problem is, am based in Israel and for about two years now, i’ve being watching Metro tv on satelite here,but for about 4 months now, it has gone dead. Please can you help me if the frequences have been changed or any other ideas.Thankx

  76. Am from malawi,at what position should i tune my dish to access live baclays football on FTA.Wat are the tv channels & their frequencies.

  77. Xup david,pls i need more free to air channels on satellite.most importantly nilesat channels,fox movies,peace tv, pls help me with their frequency

  78. please can someone tell me where i can get free to air stations in ghana, am using clarke-tech decorder, a very strong one from europe, in ghana i can’t get any channel.

  79. Please I want an urgent help. Am using an OPENBOX decoder for Multi-tv Ghana,but just after the migration of analogue to digital by the NCA in Ghana,the multi-tv channels don`t come again rather almost all the local tv stations have come on.

    Not only me but also most people around me at Kasoa.

    Please help.

  80. any hell i need a direction which sho laligt and preimer league for free with 90 miter or 1 meter dish i use star track dish i await all house responce thabks

  81. Pls what if you don’t have nss 37.5w on ur decoder but have nss 57.0 E . what should I do to install metro TV on my decoder in Ghana. Thank you

  82. My name is Ernest, I leave in Accra Yesterday evening. Emmanuel TV is not coming, so I want to find out what has happened

    • Please i bought an AKAI DIGITAL TV and cannot get the Digital channels, on the Analogue, i can only get GTV, TV3 and UTV, what can i do to get tge DIGITAL Channels?
      Is there any special code for resetting to get those Digital Channels?
      I am in Ghana, near Agona Swedru

  83. Please am in Germany and I want receiver to connect me to Ghana tv stations how do I get it please I really need it
    Thank you

  84. I live in accra ghana..i just bought a CTL digital satellite tv and i connected with the dish but am realy havin trouble connecting with the satellite channels…when i scan i get nothing..dnt know if there are specific satellite i need to sellect and scan where to point my lnb to get those channels from the satellite sellected…pls help

  85. Pls I bought digital satellite TV but i only received skyy digital channels.pls assist me on how to search for digital channels like gtv sport plus,metro TV,viasat1,tv3 and others.please

  86. Please I have accidentally lost some of Ghana tv stations on my newmax nm -779hd S2+T2
    HD Digital satellite combo receiver such as:tv3, ghv, metro tv, tv Africa, gh one tv and the rest.
    Can you please show me how to get back onto them.

  87. Hi Mr David, I just got a new apha x6 satellite receiver. Am having 60cm dish, how can I track free to air channels that shows sport, movies and music and ( frequency & symbol ) am staying in South Africa. Thanks a lot.

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