Global Voices Online now has a new look

Leading blog aggregator, Global Voices, has now officially out-doored its newly revamped website. Just this evening when I saw a link to my blog from Benin, I decided to follow-up and there it was, a new look. Lighter, cleaner and far for efficient with space.

New features include:

  • Drop-down menus for World regions and Topics
  • Links to translations in 7 international languages
  • Search, Authors, Topics, Countries nicely displayed only on request using an animated navigational tool.
  • A new “share/email this” tool at the end of every post.
  • (Most importantly, for me) The pages are now much lighter since less text is published per page, and thus, they load much faster.

This should improve the browsing experience for GV authors and readers alike.

Did you know I’m a GV author myself? My GV page is here:

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