Google for Startups Accelerator Africa Class 7 Participants Announced

Google has announced a new cohort starting in March 2022. This cohort represents 7 countries from Africa with Coté d’Ivoire joining the program for the first time. The startups will, over the next 3 months, work with Google mentors and facilitators and learn the best practices on a range of topics covering Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, organizational culture, growth strategies and more. The program operates a virtual Bootcamp model; workshops, 1:1 mentorship and peer-to-peer learning.

Since introducing the Google for Startups Accelerator Africa program in 2018, Google has supported 82 startups from 17 African countries, and they have collectively raised $112 million and created 2800 direct jobs. According to Google, African startups raised over $4bn in funding in 2021, a 2.5x more growth than in 2020 and with the rising trend of hundreds of millions in funding, Africa’s digital economy is once again in the spotlight.

Here’s a list of the Google Startups Accelerator Africa Class 7 Participants

  1. Clafiya (Nigeria) : Clafiya connects patients to Health Practitioners to provide fast and affordable on demand primary care services in Africa.
  2. Fleet simplify (Kenya) : Fleetsimplify is a fleet management platform for shared mobility.
  3. HydroIQ (Kenya): HydroIQ is a virtual water network that gives consumers and utilities a single, transparent platform to manage their water consumption and management.
  4. (Nigeria): is a digital identity onboarding platform.
  5. LaRuche Health (Côte d’Ivoire): LaRuche Health offers inclusive apps that simplify care delivery & improve patient access to preventive healthcare services
  6. LyRise (Egypt): LyRise is a platform that provides companies with an easier, faster way to hire and work with vetted AI and Data talents initially from Africa.
  7. MDaaS Global (Nigeria): MDaas builds and operates modern, technology-enabled diagnostic services in clinically-underserved communities, starting in Nigeria.
  8. Multiplied (South Africa): Multiplied offers data-driven design at scale through infinite personalized content for marketing.
  9. Nulitics (South Africa): Nulitics is a specialist Mixed Reality (XR) software development and system integrator with a focus on XR wearable technology
  10. Ridelink (Uganda): Ridelink makes cargo mobility affordable and accessible for Small businesses at the tap of a button.
  11. SmartClass (Tanzania): SmartClass is a skill-learning network that enables youth to learn from their peers
  12. Sukhiba (Kenya): Sukhiba is a decentralized community-based commerce platform.
  13. Terawork (Nigeria): Terawork is a pan-African online freelance marketplace plugging Africa talent into the global workforce.
  14. The Marking App (South Africa): The Marking App provides a data free application that automatically marks handwritten school assessments while also automating school administration.
  15. truQ (Nigeria): truQ is a tech-enabled logistics platform automating and optimizing short haul (or intracity) logistics for automated retail distribution companies in Africa

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