Haruna Esseku tape

Ghanaian President, John Kufuor
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The rather controversial Haruna Esseku tape would be aired tomorrow, if what the Editor of “The Enquirer” said is anything to go by.
He said this on Joy FM’s Super Morning show last Thursday, during an interview with Komla Dumor.

One can only cross one’s fingers and see what Monday would bring. It gonna be a bombshell 🙂

What I find a little amusing however is the fact that the NPP chairman, Haruna Esseku, wants part of the tape edited before it is aired. If there is nothing ‘heavy’ in it as he keeps denying, why edit the tape?

This whole fracas for those who don’t know, is about the Chairman of the ruling party in Ghana, NPP, granting an interview to some journalists. Apparently, he thought he was speaking with journalists who were party sympathisers; he opened his mind and said so many things, including alleging that the seat of government was taking ‘kick-backs’ from contractors, and that the President (John Kufuor) was the ‘treasurer’ in charge of cash.

Hmmnnn… Monday is around the corner. We live to see! 🙂

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