I’m in love with Afrigator :)

Just yesterday evening, I was chatting with a good friend via Yahoo! Messenger, and he pointed me to Afrigator.com, asking for my comment about the website. I immediately signed-up on the website and now I proudly carry an Afrigator badge on my personal blog.

AfrigatorAfrigator is more than a regular blog aggregator. It comes with nice tools that make going through Africa’s blogosphere a pleasure – all wrapped in a breath-taking user interface. The website is aesthetically nice. Really is.

Afrigator though targeted at African blogs is not only beautiful, but powerful. It smartly arranges the blog posts into country channels, sorts them by date, and even comes with a ranking interface whereby users can vote for blog posts they enjoyed most. Not only that, Afrigator has two valuable spots on top of its pages: “Top Tags” and “Top Searches”. These reveal the keywords that are making waves on the blogs included in this cute aggregator. Not only that, it comes with RSS feed for its main page, as well as the channels – so its easy to follow the blog posts from around Africa, or from a particular country’s channel.

Despite the fact that Afrigator is in Alpha mode, I give it a B+. Thumbs up to Justin Hartman and Mike Stopforth, and not forgetting Mark Forrester, the ace designer. The thinking guys are making Africa proud.

In case you did not know, Afrigator stands for AFRIcan blog aggreGATOR. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the compliment David. Awesome to see Afrigator spreading across Africa. Hopefully Afrigator Beta will get a A++

    Have a great Easter weekend.

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