India attempting to undercut Nigeria’s Communication Satellite programme

A communications satellite in orbit
A communications satellite in orbit

This afternoon, whilst going through some news websites, I came across this headline that got my attention: “Communication satellite: Nigeria, India on collision course”.

By the time I read the fourth paragraph, I was angry. What do these white folks take us for anyway? How?

Nigeria announces its intention to launch a communications satellite by 2006, and approaches other fellow African nations for them to sign-on, so Nigeria could share this invaluable resource with them. What does India do? India quickly approaches some African diplomats, making them sign-up for another deal India wants to offer.

Now, I am quoting Nigeria’s Daily Tribune website:

“The Director-General of the Nigerian Space Agency (NASRDA), Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, told Sunday Tribune that India, by its proposal, is trying to under-cut Nigeria’s satellite programme, the launching of which he said the president has made known to African leaders. According to the Director-General, India did not plan any African satellite until the Nigerian government signed the satellite contract, stressing that African countries should reject such offer from India. He noted that the Nigerian satellite slated for launch next year is capable of providing not only telecom know how and inter-connectivity, but is also applicable for tele-medicine, tele-education and others.”

Hmmnnnn… How smart!

When I read the last line of the news item, the whole thing dawned on me:

“It was even suggested that some Western interests are aiding India to undercut Nigeria to punish her for aligning with China in space satellite politics.”

Oh la la!

When would these western nations leave Africa alone so Africa could also develop? When? Haven’t they raped, abused, cheated and stolen from Africa enough? I’m upset. Very upset.

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  1. Hm… this is really a serious case oh. But what are these people still looking for in Africa again? Anyway, we have got to take our destiny in our hand. Enough is enough. Let’s just pray that Nigeria goes ahead to launch the satellite irrespective of opposition from India or any other country.

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