How to make money online. Useful tips.

It is indeed very true that you can earn a steady income from working over the Internet. It is also true that there is no single magic wand to making money online. Some of the “offline” rules apply online too. Hardwork, entrepreneurship spirit, perseverance, and of course, Knowledge. You need to know what you are doing. Excellence they say, is never by accident.

In gathering useful knowledge, you need to consult experienced folks, who are already making money on the Internet. One of such folks is Emmanuel Oluwatosin. He is not only making money online, but also teaching people how to make it. Little wonder his blog’s tagline is: “Inspiring Excellence, Realising Ambitions”. His blog is rich with useful tips and ideas that can inspire and direct you. One such useful post is the one titled: “Carnival of Entrepreneurs: 12th edition Hits the Road Big Time”. Comes highly recommended.

You can also share your thoughts about Emmanuel Oluwatosin here. Don’t ask me if I apply his ideas. 😉 I have so many things on my hands already, and only struggling to cope. I can’t afford to add more enterprises, unless I get more hands on board, to help.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
Oluniyi D. Ajao is an Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast based in South Africa. Follow him on twitter @niyyie for more tech updates.


  1. Hey man, great blog you have here! I’ll have to keep reading.

    Just curious– I noticed we have a similar goal in mind, so I wanted to know if you would like to exchange links?


  2. […] we move on to Ghana to meet the Nigerian-born Global Voices Author, David Ajao, teaches us how to make money online: …It is indeed very true that you can earn a steady income from working over the Internet. It is […]

  3. I read the article…cute. Truth is, I intend making the internet my major source of income in the next coupla years. Now, I’m tryin’ to get all the experience I might need when I eventually start out. Currently, I write entertainment articles for

    I’m particularly interested in your wanting to get more hands to help…I’ll be more than ready to help…u just tell me how I can.

    Be waiting for ur reply.

  4. I am very happy when i read blogs from African online entrepreneurs like David and Emmanuel. It tells me that there is indeed hope for Africa, and leaves me further inspired to achieve greatness.

    Thanks Dave.

    Rollins Orlu,
    Internet Blogger and Lead Developer,
    Darrel Technologies Ghana

  5. i want to find out list of financial consultant that can help deposite money into a domiciary account/ internet account( liberty reserve account to be precise) in Nigeria.
    thank you and GOD bless

  6. The main thing about making money online is that there is no easy and fast money.
    It takes work to earn money online.
    It takes time to create money making blog or website.
    But the main concept of being successful in Internet Marketing is system and discipline.

    To your success,
    Vitaliy Syromyatnikov

  7. It has been amazing to grow any business on the Internet, I need to market strategically to my customers, using a range for tools from content sharing to email marketing, search engine optimization, co-branding, ad buys, and more, to reach your target audience.

  8. So Olu do u think that a 13 year old african girl can make money blogging?
    And how long does it have to take for her until she starts making money?
    What are the essentials she need?
    And what does she have to do to get her blog exposed?

    Check out my blog
    search for ‘blackspace and milan’ on google
    Leave a comment please!

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  10. One can definitely get a decent earning over the internet. There is no shortcut, that’s one thing I believe. Just like any other business, you work hard for it. You do stuffs like link building, socializing over the internet as part of your internet marketing.

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