New blog design

I unveiled a new look of this blog Oluniyi David Ajao over the weekend. For regular readers, you might think this is one change too many. I am thus using this blog post to explain.

New blog design
New blog design

The previous blog design in recent times have been largely cosmetic. They lacked the functionalities I wanted in this blog but surely had the looks. I have successfully installed a new blog design that has most of the functionalities I want, but lacks a bit in the aesthetics arena. I intend to spend time improving the looks drastically, as time goes by, and adding some useful functionalities.

In the meantime, the new blog design showcases the wide variety of content I offer, and is aimed at showing I have more to offer, than just blogging about technology. To meet this, I would also be blogging more often about issues outside the remits of technology.

This new blog design would stay, for a long time to come. Expect some more diverse content. As always, your feedback is much welcome.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Oluniyi,

    When I first saw it, I thought, ‘I like the way it looked before’. Then I read your explanation, which pretty much says the same thing.

    Good move with regards functionality over aesthetics, regardless of the sentiments. In the end, that’s the more important factor. Still, expecting the other aesthetic changes though.

    Keep blogging, bro.

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