Nigeria Customs Service website review

Nigeria Customs Service website
Nigeria Customs Service website

I came across the Nigeria Customs Service website a few weeks ago and I think it is worth mentioning as I consider it the most professional website of a Nigerian government agency. It is commonplace to see websites of Nigerian government agencies shabbily done. The official portal of the Federal Government of Nigeria is a mess today. Since that of the  this is well done, it deserves a mention. I give it an appraisal for several reasons:

  1. Domain Name: It uses the perfect domain name which is
    This not only shows at first glance that it is a Nigerian government agency website, it also short and memorable.
  2. Look, feel and layout: Though the website width does not fit perfectly into a 800×600 pixels computer screen, its font face, font sizes, font colours, are simple and clean.
  3. Navigation & Links: Not only are the navigation links well-arranged, the drop-down menu at the top makes accessing every web page easy and straight-forward. Although the Site Map is not functional, the Site Index gives an alphabetical overview of the key pages in the website.

Not surprisingly, the website is developed by a Swiss-based company Webb Fontaine Holding S.A based in Geneva.

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  1. It is good to read that the Nigeria Customs have a website design in line with other government agencies in the Western world. I think they need to move a step forward in the service they provide to the public in the areas of clearings good in our ports. They need to emulate from the develop countries on good clearance. The bureaucracy involved in clearing good in our ports is a disgrace. If you want to know more please get a good Journalist to investigate and let the public read how our system works from when goods arrives in our ports to when it gets to the customers house or warehouse.

  2. Hi Mr. Ajao,$

    Thanks so very much for appreciating our Service’s website. It is good that we have someone out there giving credit to a good project. We, as officers of the Service, are being constantly informed, through it, about government fiscal policy measures/issues and the public could get all that is necessary to guide their trading conducts and/or look for their right.

    We will also appreciate criticisms on content and construction please.

    Alfa, Adamu Ibrahim
    (Chief Supt. of Customs)
    One Stop Investment Centre,
    Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission,
    Aguiyi Ironsi Way,
    Maitama, Abuja

  3. It’s a good thing they have a website, and it passes the standard mark, but it’s sad that they had to contract it out to other countries and yet it could have been done here in Nigeria

  4. Does anyone know how to find out when the Nigerian Customs Agency holds auctions or what they have coming up for auction? I’m looking for a very specific reason, but can’t find anything or get anyone from customs to return emails. Any help would be appreciated. It would be a great service for them to put notices of auctions on their website, which I also think is very good…

  5. Nigeria custom website is commended at least for making it possible and easy for the public to access the organization’s activities however it is never easy to get some information when needed. So, all the activities of the org should be allowed to flow for all. Thanks.

  6. I want to no when the Nigerian Customs will start recruiting their offices either this year or next and what are the specific area they like.

  7. when are you going to start the new recruitment for the year 2009 because i love the nigeria custom and thier mode of operation so iwant to know when the new recrutment for year 2009 will start

  8. Nigeria Customs have come a long way, but thier Site needs to carry updates from the Headquarters on daily basis. The Public Relations Dept should be updating the public on daily basis so that Importers and other Port Users will be abreast of changes in Govt Policies.

    Innocent Mbanefo
    Telcentos Maritime Services

  9. Good day Sir,
    I want to know when u will start ur 2009 Recruitemen,it have been my childhood dission that i love Nigeria Costoms Service and love to work with them make up maind.

  10. nigerian custom service has been my dream as a member but i dont kwnow how to go about it,so please how do i be part of this great organisation {i want to join the organisation } thanks

  11. nigerian custom service has been my dream as a member but i dont kwnow how to go about it,pls can you email me on my id address when the form is out, so i can do the follow up.

    Looking forward to hear from you


  12. Why is it that you dont publicize ur employment? abi its too hot ne? at least allow other members who r on neutral ground to be employed! haba!, abi na inheritance???

  13. Sir, i will like to know when nigeria customs service will be recruiting its cadet for 2010. Thanks.

  14. Well, i have one one sentence to relay to you; Pls dont conceal your recruitment… The less ‘privileged’, meaning those that are “non sacred cows” are equally entitled to be employed. Thank you..


  16. When exactly is the recruitment into Nigeria customs service for 2010 starting. Please,notify me now about the developments.

  17. A young talented computer scientist has a passion to work with the Customs, will like to know when the recruitment starts…..

  18. Please, You will be doing me a great favour if you can kindly notify me of the next Custom Recruiment Excercise. Hopefully (2010 Edition)

  19. i really love the ncs they are doing a great job.pls i want to know when ther are recruiting and via which medium.thanks.

  20. i really commend the effort of all d officers and non officers concerning d improvement on its service,please i wish to be part of you,please notify when you are going to do the recruitment for this year.may GOD GUIDE US THROUGH

  21. all the best but, need to do more because my case with officcer working with costom head quater abuja wuse zone 3 have not been treted till non despert the petetion from my atony.his name is Adamu Musa collected the some of two million,five hundred and fifty thousand naira in respect of over time auction sell by nigeria custom till today i have not see any goods. please C G cousom head quater use your good office and trete this matter.

  22. i am really interested in the defend of our country and there by wants to join the nigerian custom this year wit full effect sir

  23. Daniel from lagos,nigeria.I want to no when the nigeria custom service will be recruiting new officers,i want to join NCS.please update me on 08051308701

  24. i am really interested in the defend of our country and there by wants to join the nigerian custom this year wit full effect sir please update me

  25. Hello everybody i am Hope by name i am one candidate that needs an information about Custom Immigration Recruitment Form I will like to know when its available…PLs i need this form information..

  26. sir,
    When is nigerian custom recruitment form 2010/2011 going to be on sale?
    Are they going to sale or they will not.

  27. I’m in love with the new NCS website. It’s a job well done. Can u pls notify me when the 2010 recruitment exercise commences. Nornubari Jasper M. From Port harcourt.

  28. please i would like to know if someone can import 1997/8 model of used mack truck?please tell me.
    thanks in anticipation of your favorable reply.


  30. Pls, i would like to be notify when the NSC 2010 recruitment exercise commences.i’ll love to be a custom. officer

  31. Pls, i would like to be notify when the NCS 2010 recruitment exercise commences.i’ll love to be a custom. officer…thanks

  32. i have always loved the nigeria customs servvice,i will like to be a custom officer, i also heard the recuitment exercise is about to commernce, please, kindly inform me when it will start.
    thanks, hopee to here from you

  33. Ever since i was a boy,i have d passion for ncs.pls i would like to know when the recruitment form will be out,cos i want to join.thanks

  34. Dear Sir, i am a holder of diploma in Law and i want to join the Nigeria Customs Service. Sir, when is next cadet recruitment exercise commencing ?

    Sir, may your milk of human kindness drop on me ! And may God bless you for all your good work. Sir, i will be glad to have your mobil phone number, thanks.

  35. Please i am missing out something. Has the NCS completed its cadet recruitment for this year ? If it is still on then, how can i get involved ? If it has been completed, when is it taking place next year ? I have deep passion to become an officer of the NCS. I hold a diploma in Law. Do i stand a chance of becoming an officer ? Please update me via ;08069331838. Thanks for everything and remain blessed.

  36. Nigeria is moving to a greater hight,if the right people are given the chance.our nigerian custom is doing there best more grace to their elbow


  38. I love the nigeria custom service for their good job to ensure better nigeria. please notify me if the ncs recruitment is on because i will love to serve my great nation nigeria.

  39. Please kindly notify me when the nigeria custom service recruitment is on because i will love to serve my country through custom service.

  40. please i wanto join the nigeria customs,pls when it recruiting for 2011, at any moment from now pls do late me know when it will comends.


  42. Hi lofty but wonderful guys over there! Kudos to you for the improved services@ NCS! Kindly notify me when recruitment exercise into the Nigeria Customs for 2011 starts. Thank you a bunch!

  43. Nigeria custom should play their roles with quality effect and to check out the necessary terms that needs to checked before any legal action.

  44. I Mr. Frank.A.Bolarinwa,the managing Director of FRANCO EXPRESS FORWARDING LTD. would like to know when next is the recruitment of custom service,hence I want my daughter to contribute her quotas to the economic growth of Federal Republic Of Nigeria by joining the race.
    Yours Truly,

  45. i mr. emmanuel bayo olowolafe using this medium to greeth each every costom member from the top to the top.most expecially mr mike ubom that God almighty will contiun to protect u amoung your the trumpeter from kano am using this medium to remind the kano state area commandant about the recruitment,am a ond holder and am intrested in costom work.thank u sir.

  46. Pls..u guys shld start a die hrt job seeker of dis job pls u guys shld hlp us acheive it. Anyone wit useful infro pls contact me

  47. What exactly is going on as per customs recruitment in this country because thousands of the nigerians are waiting. pls,, do something and why not yearly like others.

  48. Goodday sir,pls i would like to know when the 2011cadet recruitment form will be out? &how can i apply?looking forward to hear th e feedback,THANKS.

  49. good day sir, Pls I want to know the time that will employment in 2011 in custom service! thank’s sir. ur truly popoola

  50. i have been after custom job for the pass five years now, i have to go to marine Academy for that. when are they going start selling the form? i will like to join the marine custom services. please inform me.

  51. helo sir i have tryed to open the customs website for a long time now but all to no avail,pls sir can you help me,I want to apply for this job and get it by all means.

  52. i just don’t know why the custom website is not going through they said the site is under construction,that’s from another site that host their page for them,how can they say that and don’t let people have it to register?
    pls help me and let them know about that .

  53. my name was changed for another candidate by name PINDAR MOHAMMED MARCUS on consol 08 list of 2011 NCS RECRUITMENT,serial N0 on the list 1515.Ref N0 54441769 which was given to me after my application was also give to this candidate which implies that my name was replaced for this candidate.I want NCS to look into this matter because it is INJUSTICE!!!

  54. with almost respect to the official and staff of the NCS,i want to be aware the information of interview result i.e when its been placing.thanks for your suport

  55. Greetings to all nigeria costom services.Pls i am intrested in joining the costom service.and i will like to be inform when the 2011 form will be out and recuitment will be also.thanks..

  56. I pray to God Almighty to grant my heart desire of being nigeria custom service officer, and I believe he wil do it one day.

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