Why Signal messaging app is trending

Signal messaging app is suddenly the most downloaded free app on iOS and Android. This article offers some in-depth explanation.

In the first week of January 2021, Facebook made an update to the WhatsApp app that notified users of some changes in its Terms & Privacy Policy. The changes required users to agree to the new Terms by 22 February 2021, in other to be able to continue using the WhatsApp free messaging platform.

A company updating its Terms and Privacy Policy is not much of a big deal in itself. The deal here is the details Facebook has added, that has caused an uproar across the world, especially among privacy advocates.

WhatsApp is updating its terms and privacy policy
WhatsApp is updating its terms and privacy policy

The changes have raised a lot of eye brow considering they introduce permissions for Facebook to share some personal details of its users with its Facebook Ads platform. While WhatsApp itself has not been directly monetized with ads, the changes could be a prelude to targetted ads in addition to other things that some might consider an invasion of their privacy.

Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp at Facebook, attempted to allay fears and make some clarification via a thread of tweets:

The concerns about Facebook’s practices relative to respecting the privacy of its users had lead some to suggesting other messaging apps, especially Signal.

SA-born entrepreneur, Elon Musk, was very simple and straightforward in his assession:

So was privacy aficionado, Edward Snowden:

Signal is essentially a cross-platform open-source messaging service that is available via apps for Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones and Android smartphones. Security and respect of its users’ privacy is its key selling point.

You can understand the Signal app a bit more by watching this simple video:

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