Welcome to FTAfrica!

Welcome to FTAfrica!

This first post on this new website offers an introduction into what this website would be about.


This website would be mainly focused on residents of Africa who want to enjoy the very best in radio and TV broadcasting using today’s technologies. Content might occasionally focus outside Africa where it is necessary to do so.


This website exists to serve useful information about satellite radio and satellite TV broadcasting in Africa. Unknown to many, there are several free satellite broadcasts available in their area but such people out of the lack of knowledge, keep putting-up with the mediocre programming broadcast by their state-owned broadcasters.

FTA Africa would not be the first to offer satellite broadcasting information but none of the existing ones focus on Africa since the website operators are based outside Africa. More so, most of the information offered by their websites seem to be too technical for the not-so-savvy in this part of  the world. This website will be engaging, simple and user-friendly.

This website would be driven by a community of FTA enthusiasts, and would rely heavily on authentic information from volunteers across Africa.

By the end of 2011, this website would be the place to be, for everything related to digital broadcasts in Africa.


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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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