What Happens to Obasanjo if…

I received the message below via Yahoo! Messenger from an online Nigerian friend who is fond of forwarding messages. The thrust of the message is that each and everyone of those listed below have been persecuted at one time or another by President Obasanjo. This is funny, but then think about it and share your thoughts:

What becomes the fate of Baba Iyabo if:

  1. Atiku becomes the next President of Nigeria
  2. Tinubu Vice President
  3. Ngige Chairman – EFCC
  4. Alamieyesegha Minister For Police Affairs
  5. Audu Ogbe Chairman ICPC
  6. Dariye Minister For Justice and
  7. Orji Kalu Minister For Foreign Affairs?


  1. I really dont think that this question relating to these people is of any significance. Last Tuesday there was supposed to be a nation wide protest against a highly corrupt election process where large sections of the country were disenfranchised through rigging in various ways. What happened? no one turned out – thus Nigerians have only themselves to blame for their leaders as clearly they are not interested in effecting change. On many occasions we have seen similar cases where people of other countries have come out on the streets in protests against their governments illegal actions – day after day until they got what they wanted. We in Nigeria have done nothing – we have not taken to the streets in peaceful non-violent protest, we have not taken advantage of the legal processes at our disposal to annul the elections – nothing. Neither civil society organisations, trade unions or students have done anything.
    It is a pathetic situation and I have no sympathy for those who live in the country and are prepared to put up with the election results and do nothing.

  2. Its sad but Nigerians are not inclined towards public protests. No one wants to loose his/her dear life for a country like Nigeria that has nothing good for her citizens. (Corruption and bad leadership has seen to that)

    The government makes sure they oppress the people by threatening them with police action if they dare demonstrate. Thus, even the bold ones have to re-consider and stay at home. You should realize there is no true democracy in Nigeria. You are likely to be witch-hunted by the government if you speak publicly against them. 😡

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