What is the difference between a DiSEqC Switch and a Multi-Dish Switch?

There is a big deference and the two cannot be compared.   Make sure that you buy the correct device.

The DiSEqC Switch

DiSEqC switch diagram
DiSEqC switch diagram. Source: dvbmaster.com

The Multi-Switch

  • A Multi-Switch combines signal from more than one LNB and sends the signal to more than one receiver.
  • A Multi-Switch is usually used with DISH Network or DirecTV systems. It can be used with Free To Air system.
  • When using a multi switch, the first port is always controlled by 13V & the second by 18V DC (1 for each polarity).To receive both polarizations (H/V or R/L) you must have each port connected to a LNB.  It means you have a cable for horizontal and a cable for vertical.
  • This is one way to connect more than one decoder to a dual LNB. A single LNB will not work on both polarizations.
A MultiSwitch diagram
A MultiSwitch diagram. Image source: solidsignal.com

Diplexers are used for many operations.

  • They save time by not having to run multiple cables.
  • They combine a digital and analog signal within one wire and turn the wire into a two way road.
  • The analog signal can either travel the same direction as the digital signal or the opposite allowing easy back feeds for second or third TV’s on the same receiver.

22khz switches
22khz switches are usually used when connecting switches with many LNB’s and decoders.

  • With 22khz OFF in the decoder, port1 is connected.
  • With 22khz On in the decoder, port2 is connected.
  • 22khz switches and DiSEq switches can work well together, with a restriction.  The 22khz switch must come AFTER the DiSEq switch. Connect one 22khz switch to two LNBs and then connect the output of the 22khz switch to port 1 on the DiSEq switch. You will be able to connect 5 LNBs instead of 4 LNBs . With more switches you can add LNBs

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Ockert J van Nieuwenhuizen
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  1. Dear Sir I run a analog head end I have 16 inputs from all dishes can I install a multi switch where to buy it I am from haryana near Delhi India

  2. I have a DishPro+ with 3 receivers thru a DP44 swicth, need the diagram to connect a HD FTA receiver. Having problems with the 110 channels. (to slow)

  3. Have a DishPro+ with 3 receivers, with a DP44 swicth connection. I added a FTA HD receiver but having problems with 110 channels. To slow when changing channels.

  4. is it possible to connect up one satellite dish to one twin tuning receiver to one tv and receive more than one satellite at the sametime i .e hotbird and astra 1 ? i( i have a n 80 cm sat dish with technomate receiver )

  5. Hi,,,Friend
    Can you help me.I have Toroidal T90 antenna with 6 single LNB for Hellas 39.0E,Astra 23.5E 3B,Astra 19.2E,Eutelsat 16.0A,Hotbird 13.0E,Thor 0.8W intelsat
    all KU Band.I have two diseqc 4×1 and switch 0/22KHz.In first diseqc connect in LNB1-Hellas 39.0E,LNB2-Hotbird 13.0E,LNB3-Astra 23.5E 3B,LNB4-Astra 19.2E.
    Second diseqc LNB1-Thor 0.8W,LNB2-Eutelsat 16.0A
    First diseqc connect to switch LNB A-0Hz,second diseqc connect to switch LNB B-22KHz.My satellite receiver is XTreand ET4000.


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