2Face Idibia no finish school?

In one of 2Face’s tracks, part of it goes like: “…just because I no finish school, some people wanna take me for a fool”

I’m a little confused here, cos some months ago, I watched 2Face being interviewed on KSM’s Thank God Its Friday (Metro TV, Ghana) and he was clear about the fact that he completed OND in Marketing or something like that.

Now, can someone who has a OND certificate sing he did not finish school? I’m confused. Someone please enlighten me.

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. to whom it may concern, education doesn’t make someone successful.
    He’s a star and I love him for that, matter of fact, he won the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARD held in Lisboa, Portugal, his the first african to ever win an award fronm MTV, so screw EDUCATION.

  2. the fact that he said ” just bcos of say i no finish skool somepple want take me for a fool ” doesnt mean that he didnt finish skool, i mean its a song , every thing musnt be abt him ,he talk of anything as long as it really happening .hope u gat that just like fictions and non fictions in literature…..it doesnt really matter any way cos he is getting to top of where he wanna be so why bother urself ………
    i freakingly love this guy but of recent he is building up some stupid calories/fat, doesnt look on goood on him…….

  3. i min every1 is talkin about 2face nt finishin his education bt luk at him e is makin us proud!!!!!!i tink peeps shud tink b4 dey talk.i min if ur a nigerian ur supposed 2ave 2face back nt dissin im its shockin 2 c sum nigerians nt cooperatin after all we all want everi1 worldwide 2 recgonize african music!!!so ma peeps tink!!!!!!!!as 4 me i love 2face and his music cos if u listen 2 d lyrics sum peeps can relate 2 it.

  4. just like he says yll already think he is a fool,coz ppl think if u did not finish no school u a fool its just a msg please

  5. 2 face is a very fine man now and i think he has made a lot of naijas proud especially me i recently met him when he came 2 a concert in houston and he was very nice and its good 2 have a education but sometimes people make it without it rite so give the man some props i luv him alot he is so sexy i wish him all the succsess in the world

  6. Hi I’m from Belgium and I’m African it’s just a song why we should do a political debate about what he said or he did don’t you think that songs are the reflect of people situations peace in Africa and 2 face u r damn hot

  7. poeple look as for 2baba he didnt finish skool 4 real he didnt even finish his pre lime at imt but who cares whats the aim of going to skool to have a better future,every body must not go to skool its just believing in ur self,men i love that guy,the dabet here should be between 2baba and faze and not whether he went to skool or not hes dame rich and thats what we all pray for just get that peace

  8. see men 2 face was trying 2 ryme with the word fool, it was the producers work 2 make corections like “just becos of say am feling cool some people take me for a fool”. that would have been a better ryhm. halla any way i still respect , and feel him men.

  9. Beta face yah job and live 2face alone.U go school get ur 1st degree,Master,Phd.after let see who is WHO between u & 2face.


  10. I wonder why Nigerians die everyday cos of the Menace tagged education:In the real sense what we call education is qualification ie Bsc,OND,MBA.
    Which university did Michael Jackson attended,Relly,Mikel,Okocha,C Ronaldo,Bob Maley,etc.Our emphasis should be on training for one’s career.
    As for me,I Love TUFACE,He always faces reality.

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