Africa in the World Cup (Germany 2006)

Africa is parading five nations in this years edition of one of the world’s most popular sports event, the World Cup. Out of the five nations, four are featuring in the World Cup for the first time ever. These countries are Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo and Angola with the exception of Tunisia who have featured in the World Cup before.

Over the past few days, Cote d’Ivoire was beaten by Argentina in a match that ended 2 – 1 whilst Angola was beaten just yesterday by a lone goal in a match with Portugal.

Ghana, another new comer to the World Cup, faces Italy today. However, it would be difficult to predict the outcome of today’s match due to the fact that the Ghanaian national team, the Black Stars did quite well in the run-up to the World Cup in the three friendly matches they played.

How well will the African teams perform in Germany 2006. Would it just be another case of being beaten by the “Soccer powerhouses”? Time will tell.

I wish them well.


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