Introduces Innovative Technology to Aid Consumers in Choosing Estate Agents, a recently launched online platform, has introduced pioneering technology to assist property buyers and sellers in making informed decisions when selecting estate agents. Focusing primarily on the South African market, this service offers a unique solution, providing an extensive range of options for choosing the most suitable agent in any desired location.

The real estate industry in South Africa boasts a substantial number of over 45,000 registered agents, making the task of finding the ideal one a daunting challenge. has risen to this challenge by utilising technology to compile authenticated sales data and client reviews. This data-driven approach evaluates estate agents based on their successful transactions in specific regions, enabling buyers and sellers to identify top-performing estate agents in their vicinity effortlessly. is the brainchild of Stefan van Niekerk and Marcel Koole, both individuals with backgrounds that complement the venture. Van Niekerk, with experience as an attorney and conveyancer specialising in real estate law, has owned and operated several real estate agencies. Koole, on the other hand, possesses a background in computer science and previously owned his own estate agency for four years before pursuing an honours degree in psychology. Together, they envisioned a platform that merges verified sales data and authentic reviews from past clients with innovative technology to empower buyers and sellers in their quest to find the right estate agent.

CEO of, Stefan van Niekerk, describes the platform as a “game-changer for anyone navigating the real estate market.” The platform provides a transparent and reliable way for both buyers and sellers to identify the most suitable estate agents in their desired areas. With close to 800 estate agents currently registered on the platform, including over 100 new additions in the past month, is rapidly gaining traction.

Technology plays a pivotal role in the platform’s success, as it meticulously verifies all sales data to ensure accuracy. The platform receives property transfer data from the Deeds Office, which is then independently verified before being incorporated into the platform.

Traditionally, the South African real estate industry relied on persistent outreach to homeowners, often without success. shifts this paradigm, empowering buyers and sellers to engage with the best estate agents when they decide it is time to buy or sell, mirroring successful approaches in established markets like the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Key features and benefits of include data-driven rankings, transparent sales data, and a simplified process for choosing estate agents, ultimately enhancing the experience for all parties involved in real estate transactions.

Marcel Koole believes that is not only disrupting the status quo but also enhancing and standardising the way the public views and appoints estate agents. By using verified data points and client reviews, the platform independently ranks the performance of estate agents across various cities and neighbourhoods of South Africa, providing transparency and a technology-driven approach to selecting top-performing estate agents.

In conclusion, represents a significant shift in the South African property market, offering a transparent, technology-driven platform for both buyers and sellers to identify top-performing estate agents based on factual sales data.

About is a leading platform in South Africa’s real estate industry, dedicated to utilising technology to simplify the process of selecting estate agents for both buyers and sellers. The platform empowers users to make informed decisions by aggregating and verifying sales data.

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