Big Brother Africa 3: Lucille is out!

Lucille of BBA3. Image credit: Oboma Network.
Lucille of BBA3. Image credit: Oboma Network.

In an unexpected twist of fate, Lucille from Namibia left the Big Brother Africa house in tonight’s eviction leaving Takondwa (alias TK) of Zambia with a smirk. There was tears, confusion, rage and anger in the few minutes following her eviction.

I am not cool the rage expressed by Uti (Nigeria) following the announcement that Lucille was on her way out of the House. The breaking and crashing was uncalled for. It made me doubt his sincerity. Could it just be that he was pretending?

TK has certainly got enemies now, going by the wicked game plan he used to end Lucille’s stay. He should be on his way home next Sunday. Well, maybe not. After all, its a game with several twists and turns but it is definitely wild, wicked and wacky! :-d

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Oluniyi D. Ajao
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  1. I can;t wt TK to be up 4 eviction.He will be out 4 sure,times only cz he is the HoH safe 4 now.He is on his way out!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Morris you are such a morron. Im not sure TK will be so loyal to you when you are up for eviction. i think you don’t use your brain, well that’s if you have one brother. you are a fool. :mrgreen:

  3. I start to like Tawana but not much. Much difficult to choose who should go.If Thami or Morris leave next sunday fime by me.

    But this time Thami must leave! oops!

  4. I think the show last year was the best cos the sms strip is getting real lousy and has a negative effect on other viewers. Some of the viewers take matters too far and no longer consentrate on the housemates but on the nasty remarks or bad influence on the sms strip. I for one think that Mnet should do away with the sms strip so that each and everyone has a free and fair choice as who to vote off. Now it seems that there is propaganda and politics starting with this show. Please do sumting abt this biggie or we gonna start zennaphobia all over again.

  5. Let’s not wast time,vote Ricco for money.He is the winner.Vote Ricco to win.Hmmm,He is the winner as I predicted. Espera um pounco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ricco was the winner since inception.This is what I wanted,he won.Ricco boy,good luck. You deserve it for sure.Africa made no mistake. Ricco was favourite to many people including me.Hahaaa.You are in Mao de Deus.

  7. please i will like u to sign me in, on bigbrother africa.the above infomation is my mail.i am having various talents. thanks i will be grateful.

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