Comparing Ghana with Nigeria

Rivalry has existed between Ghana and Nigeria, for some time now. I do not see the case for comparing the two West African nations; I consider it like comparing a mango with an orange.

Well, I feel obliged to share my thoughts on this issue, as a result of a few write-ups I have gone through on the Internet, recently. However, I would keep my opinion until a later date and share what others have said, for now.

Yesterday, I saw a blog headline on by one Ore, where she chronolizes her visit to Ghana. She has even spiced up her post with pictures this morning. This is part of what Ore has to say:

“I think you can tell a lot about a city by how clean and efficiently-run the airport is. And if Kotoka Airport was anything to go by, Accra would be miles above Lagos. Indeed in terms of cleanliness and orderliness, Accra was a model for Lagos as far as I was concerned. There was a clearly-marked information desk where we were told when to expect the next hotel shuttle.”

Also, a week ago, I saw a post on Nairaland by one ‘Medube’, a white Nigerian and I find his title a bit aggresive: “Why Can’t Nigeria Be Like Ghana?” He said among other things,

“I recently went to Accra, Ghana with my wife and daughter for the Xmas and New Year holidays. What can I say, I was so shocked and wondered if we were on the same continent with them. It was hard to believe that these were the same people we flushed out of Nigeria in the late 70s and early 80s in trucks and tippers.

Everything is so organised and so stright forward. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly it was unbelievable. Life is reasonably cheaper and more relaxing than Naija. You come home there is constant power. YOu drive anyhow on the street and you are given an alcohol test, if you fail you face a jail sentence of 3 months. Petrol stations are open 24 hours a day with built in supermarkets like Europe. The whole city works on traffic lights 24 hrs a day. The police ar friendly and do not disturb anyone, infact every police station has a telephone number for emergencies. Crime rate is very very low and infact its sad to know that all crime there are commited by Nigerians or Liberian refugees. I put on the news one day and found out they caught a gang of 12 robbers terrorising KUmasi in which 9 were Nigerians.”

As for Nigerians robbing in Ghana, its regular. You often see such headlines on the Daily Graphic about Nigerians leading a team of brutal armed robbers. Its sad.

Also on Nairaland, ‘Hero’ declared: “Nigeria Should Follow Ghana’s And Brazil’s Path.” His concluding part is what I find more interesting:

“Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya are primary destinations for African American tourist… for that they present the greatest incentives to this market. If you build it… they will come!! If Nigeria builds a marketing incentive for AfAm’s to come to Nigeria, they will come in droves and pump lots of its ((($800Bill))) in wealth into the Naija market while they’re at it. They’ll buy land, houses and more, if only the proper incentive is given to them to do so.

Don’t believe me, just ask Ghana about how serious we are about this. Within just a few years after that nation has implemented several major incentives to increase African American involvement in the nation…. the number of African Americans visiting the nation yearly has been growing rapidly, as has the number of these individuals whom are buying/building up homes and land in the nation; investing in companies, and building others.

While the Nigerian government is creating incentives for entrepreneurial White Zimbabweans to come to Nigeria and live, Ghana has been and continues to… create incentives for entrepreneurial African Americans and other blacks in diaspora to come to Ghana and invest their time, talent and wealth… and thus far it’s wilding great results. Thousands of African Americans already live full-time or part time in that nation, and guaranteed thousands more will follow suite in the near future.”

One of the respondents, ‘Kokscity’ stated:

“First of all,Ghana has a more stable Economy and a stronger sense of citizenry than we do. Hey things general work in Ghana,there is constant power, taxis are very clean,roads are generally good,water is readily available ETC. Those fundamentals are not there in Nigeria or rather at least not as widespread. But anyway i talk to a lot of my African American Buddies and they tell me the want to visit Ghana,Liberia, and Senegal. When i ask what about Nigeria, they have this funny look on their face and we go through this long silence and it comes down to where it more favorable.”

This is how I concluded on Nairaland:

“I’m a Nigerian and have been in Ghana for over three years now. Everything said by “medube” about Ghana is true. The only glitch is, not all the road between Togo and Ghana is world-class. They just rehabilitated a part of it (from Tema to Sogakokpe) last year. The rehabilited part is what he’s talking about. Aflao (Ghanaian border town) to Sogagokpe is not as good.

Each time I visit home, I’m ALWAYS eager to get back here. Why? The erratic power supply in Nigeria could drive one crazy and I don’t want to go crazy.

I could go on and on but I’d conclude by saying that Ghana and Nigeria are incomparable. It’s like comparing Orange with Mango. Each country has its good and bad sides, and both countries have a long way to go, compared to a place like South Africa.”

A few stats:

  1. You might also want to see where Ghana and Nigeria rank on the Rank Order – GDP – per capita from CIA’s World Fact book.
  2. The only rivalry between the two countries that makes sense to me is in the world of …. SOCCER!

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  1. Just like South Africa left the rest of african countries behind in the realm of modernisation and good government, Ghana is set to follow suite. I hope the administrators of our dear country will suddenly wake up one day.

  2. In total agreement with Felix. Nigeria has so much potential that it’s very heartbreaking to see it not being fully optimised. Well, baby steps, as they say. I know we WILL get there. We need to have leaders who are fearless and determined in their quest to stablise and nurture the economy and improve social conditions for its people.

  3. i really need to visit nigeria and ‘see for myself’. i can never get over how impressed my nigerian friends(mainly from lagos) are with accra. in ghana, we are always lamenting the state of things. i agree though that each one has its advantages. some individual nigerian states seem to be really making pushes to develop, and i think that’s a step in the right direction. some of the initiatives of the governor of kwara state w.r.t the zim. farmers, and also some ads i have seen by enugu and delta states beckoning investors (on dstv) are laudable.

  4. Ghana is probably better than nigeria because nigeria has a lot of internal conflict that does not allow it to blossom. Ghana has less population and are united because they have more similarities than differences. Nigeria will prosper when it breaks up, which will happen when we all get tired of living like savages in what is called nigeria, and i think the igbos will stand to become like korea and japan and the north will be like niger republic and that is why the northerners dont want to break away. Once the oil is finished the north will be poor forever and the east will grow without distraction because of their creativity. when nigeria breaks up then it will be better of, but with the internal problems it will never grow like Ghana can.

    • I agree with the comment regarding internal conflicts. In my view, this became more pronounced when oil became the most important source of revenue for Nigeria. Every one in Nigeria especially the power brokers from the politicians to the khaki boys turned their attention to how much of the oil they are able to ‘drink’ in $ and £ forms. That in my opinion is the sole underlying factor fueling this internal conflicts. Everyone wants a share of the oil. When Nigeria had cotton, nuts, cocoa and the rest as our main exports, internal conflicts were minimal or non existent apart from domination by a particular part of the country.

      Ghana? In Nigeria there is a saying that says that a child may have more clothes than his father, but cannot have more rags than his father.
      So, literarilly, I am saying welcome to Ghana. The oil is here.
      The Americans are coming including brother to the previous president of US (Bush). They will come with enticing bucket full of $, lies, bullying and intimidation. The outcome will be disaster for Ghana if they fail to handle the situation well.
      Why does the US want an AFRICOM in based in Ghana? If you don’t know, it is because of the new oil discovery. Let the American stay and you will realise how difficult it will be to get them out. They will stay as long as there is oil.
      USA does not have a permanent friend or enemy. Remember Iraq, Libya, Iran etc
      Ghana, speak so loud for your leaders not to repeat the same mistake as Nigeria. I wish Ghana the best and May God give wisdom to the leaders.

  5. Africa will grow and prosper if conutries are formed based on similarities in cultre and religion and not trying to form conutries with people who are different. It will be hard to form a british conutry with french influence and an america society with mexican presence because they will conflict with each other. They can co-exist but not co-habitat, in other words, they can live as partners not families. Nigeria will grow as soon as it is divided and most of africa will have more successes like Ghana when the similarities are more and thus patriotism. But today there are nigerians that will sell nigeria to a high bidder in a heart bit, but not for people that love their country. Most nigerians dont love nigeria but love their culture. yorubas love yoruba culture, hausas love hausa culture and igbos love their own too, so they will flourish if they exist on their own. However, the presence of oil will mean a bloody war before the north will allow that to happen, but i think another war will not be won by the north like before because of the technological warfare needed to fight today, not number of citizens.

  6. I just stumbled on this website and i found it interesting. Dont know if you still have time to update it, but you are doing a good job.
    Im trying to understand the intenet. I dont know what a blog is for instance. I realy want to start an internet biz. Im like burning my finger with the ones i m having romance with. This egold and mlm marketing stuff.

    I feel however that we cant compare Ghana and Nigeria together. They are class on thier own. Nigeria is great and afflicted (sorry, i wanted to say affected) with the population among other things. But Ghana is peaceful. You can smell it.

    Abolade, Ibadan

    • Abolade
      Maybe you need to consider tempraments also. Ghananians are more compliant than we Nigerians where everyone feels over bloated. Remember this..Do you know who I am? I will show you who I am!! Even the smallest fry who knows a corporal in the Police or Army would say that. He may even call these people to roughen up the other person.
      Should I say Nigerians are too proud and think they know everything? Or are we really extremely intelligent but failing to use them appropriately?
      Within my mind, I know Nigerians are intelligent, resilient and adveturous in nature. They can also be extroverts. Perhaps, it is this that makes Nigerians so hyper active that being peaceful becomes difficult.
      I have moved with Ghananians and have some as my family from my grandmother. They have always been more compliant than Nigerians. In a way, that helps Ghana move on much better and maybe more organised. Nigerians need to pick a leaf from them. The Lagos State wonders as informed is an example of what compliance can achieve even if it has to be forced down our throat. I am sure Lagosians are proud of what they now have on the ground. Why not at the Federal level?
      Ghana I respect you as much as I respect Nigeria. But we as Nigerians need to grow up and allow ourselves to become more compliant as we all stand to gain.
      Being eclectic can be helpful. Use good things that happen in Ghana for Niigeria. And I am sure that Ghana too may have some things they believe they can extract and use to their benefit too.
      Ghana is good. Nigeria is good too!
      God bless Nigeria, God bless Ghana.
      You can easily start a blog. It is more of a social forum and discussions can vary. You do not make money from this type anyway. So if money is your main reason for online presence, then forget blogging.

  7. I think you’re biased because i’ve read that same topic in nairaland made by a white nigerian. There were individuals talking about their visit to Ghana, that weren’t pleasant. This is biased, in my eyes. I’ve been to Ghana (myself) and i’m still wondering where in Ghana all this is happening. I’ve been to Accra and Kumasi and i don’t see it. I saw poverty just like everyother African country i’ve been to including Nigeria. I saw crime just like every other African country i’ve been to. I saw the same things i see in all African country i’ve been to. Is there a special place in Accra, all this happens at?

    • What do you mean by a white Nigerian? A Nigerian is a Nigerian regardless. Don’t start this race game.
      We fight to be acknowleged without a tag in the UK, US and other places we go to. So I think this card of describing someone as white Nigerian is a little bit below the belt. We have enough problems in Nigeria as it is.

    • Am I right to thiink you may be biased? Best bet would be to go and see the wonder in Ghana as you have suggested. Have heard about Lagos? I have not been home for a very long time but what comes over from lagos makes my mouth water and say thank God.. we now have people ready to perform for real. lagos will now be the place to catch up with. Shame on those senators, ministers etc at the Federal level who do not know their left from their right. That is why Lagos will never fall into the hands of a Federal Party.
      God Bless lagos State.

  8. i think Ghana deserves all the great things she is experiencing now bcos her leaders saw the need for an ideal nation-not like in Nigeria where we are faced with a cascade of leadership problems

  9. I would be happy if oil was discovered in ghana so that the chanians would leave nigerians for ever. They really robbed us of all we had. We had bad goverment, the kind that allow people to do what they want. Most of people in nigeria today, are not all nigerians but chanians because africa has no record and are not registered. The ibos,know themslevs yet not registered what if the nigerians, begin to register themselves before people begin to jump away as the oil days are limited? Many Ghanians came abroad in the name of nigeria. What was the work of a ghanian when they came to nigeria? Hair dressers, prostitution and got married our men mainly the yorubas because the are related an ibo man cannot do that.Every ghanian is jelouse of the nigeria. Nija people make una open on na eye oh ghana dem hait nija oooh!n

    • Do you also remember it is this same Ghanaians who came to Nigeria to teach and educated Nigerians for free? Remember Nigeria did not have common teachers even to teach high schools and Ghanaian teachers were the volunteers when secondary education came to Nigeria that time Ghana had long had universities….Not war bro but reminder.

  10. Going through this author/blogger’s previous articles, it’s obvious he’s totally biased, and shouldn’t be accorded any credibility.

  11. HOW CAN U COMPARE GHANA WITH GREAT NIGERIA? UNLESS U HAVE NEVER TRAVELLED AND U HAVENT LIVED IN GHANA FOR MORE THAN 1 YEAR. OUR PROBLEM IN AFRICA IS we dont believe in our country, we always blieve d other country is better, until u go and see. I have been coming to Ghana for d last 4 years. B4 i came to ghana our friends back in lagos will tell u that ghana never had any light problem for d last 10 yrs. but d moment i checked into a hotel in ghana from d kotoka airport, there was power cut that lasted till d next morning. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT? truth is, electricity in ghana can last longer than nigeria but d electricity supply in ghana is nowhere near what is obtainable in other african countries like even kenya or south africa, not to talk of developed countries. I have 3 offices in many parts of accra so i know what am talking about.
    Apart from electricity, there is never anywhere ghana can match with 9ja. YES some parts of accra can be cleaner than Lagos, but its just bc of d population. Its d same problem with London and NYC. every over populated city is usually dirty. I have been to different regions in ghana, they r too poor to set with great 9ja. To even compare our airports with Kotota is an insult. Look at how small kotota is, tell me what facilities that qualifies it with an international airport? can dis kotota airport even compete with d new lagos airport called MM2? d answer is a big NO. Ghana has only one international airport, and at least they should have upgraded it by now. Many states in nigeria have better airport than kotoka. Look at what d governor of akwaibom did, have u seen that airport? have u seen then one in Delta state still under construction?
    ECONOMY? hahaha i laugh when someone mentioned that ghana is cheaper than nigeria. Its a big lie. About a yr ago it could be true, but right now since another leader took over d economy of ghana is in a bad shape. change $1,000 USD and tell me how many weeks it will last u in ghana, then go to lagos or abuja and do d same? Hotel is very cheap in Ghana, thats true, but compare any other item u buy in ghana with their price in Nigeria. Ghanians flood lagos everyday to buy many items to resell in Ghana bc its far cheaper in Nigeria. Our industrial sector in 9ja is more active. To find out, go to 3 shops or super markets in ghana, list all d items that r made in ghana, and go to lagos and do d same, u will see that ghana is nowhere near nigeria in that department. most items u see in ghana shops r made either in nigeria or europe/america/asia. Ghana dont produce anything apart from kente clothes…
    CRIME: there is high crime rate in ghana just like any other african country. Whenever there is armed robbery they will claim its nigerians, but after every investigation they will realise its all ghanian criminals 100%. Ghanian boys r number 1 dating scammers in d world. They specialise in credit card scam, dating scam and gold scam. They usually register on many dating sites as if they r white men, their targets are usually old white women. many of them use fake black photos to lire greedy white men into sending them money. Once a white person replies, they will take ur fotos to a shrine in their vilage and do something so that this white person will believe any story they will tell him or her. I think it work for them. last year i was returning from UK i was in d same flight with a 18 years old ghana boy that i used to dash money. as we disembarked at kotoka airport, 3 jeeps emerged, he told me all those cars belonged to him, he said he meet a white canadian wowman that gave him over $350,000 USD in fraud deal. that small school drop out is using range rover sport brand new, cadilac escalade and a murano jeep. go to internet cafes in ghana, u will see small boys of 15 yrs old faking profiles in many dating sites. WHAT THESE BOYS ARE DOING IS CALLED SAKAWA IN GHANA, IT MEANS BLOOD MONEY. I am not judging anyone, am just comparing crime rate. In Kenya, senegal, gambia and many african countries i visited, young girls/women usually wash their face with juju so that rich white tourists will love them and take them to europe…
    POVERTY> Ghana is very very very poor. Their fathers are fools, they dont care about their children. U can f**k a ghanian girl for benku moni. Meet a girl on d road and tell her that nu like her, d first thing she will tell u is to give her moni to eat benku, after eating, she will follow u to ur house and thats it. THEY R TOO CHEAP. Their men dont care. In Ibo where i come from, our parents try to train us in school at least up to secondary school level. Any ibo guy that doesnt have at least secondary school education doesnt want to go, not that their parents dont want to train them. In ghana, its different. Many people r not in school bc of moni, their fathers dont care. Here the word is landlady bc its d women who make d money and build houses. their men r making children with different women, they dont care about these kids. There are many bastards here… In my tribe if i have a child with a girl, certainly i must take care of d baby till he or she is old enough to live with me. But here the men dont care. GHANA GIRLS DONT LIKE CONDOMS. Ghanian girls dont like condoms. I hate dated 3 girls here, they have all removed my condom at d first time we make love, they claim its too sweet, but i wont allow dat bc i know d danger it entails. Its a shame, ask up to 10 men here, from their opinion u will know.
    ILLITERACY: I am shocked that very many taxis in Accra dont speak english. B4 i came here they claim ghanians speak better english, i am shocked that many times i stop a taxi, but he doesnt speak english. these are boys in their 20s and 30s? Is there are taxi in lagos, abuja or port harcourt that doesnt speak at least pidgin english??? Try and stop 10 taxis in accra, u will see that many of them dont speak english.. they will expect u to speak twi. Even many young girls here dont speak english, its a shame.

    If u have friends studying in ghana universities, ask them how much they spend everyday to study in ghana, forget d school fees, then do same to people studying in nigeria. U will see that ghana is too EXPENSIVE. I have 2 boys studying in 2 different universities in Nigeria and i have another set of 2 boys studying here in Ghana, so i know how much i send to d boys in Nigeria every month and how much it costs to maintain the ones in Ghana. NIGERIA IS CHEAPER.
    It cost me $5,000 USD to clear a jeep in ghana last yr eventhough i got my car within 3 weeks, but d same jeep cost me $3,000 to clear in Lagos though it took 5 weeks to reach my hand bc of port congesion. CARS R TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE IN GHANA WHEN COMPARED WITH NIGERIA.
    In summery, Ghana will need some years of hard work to match nigeria. Why do u guys compare accra with lagos? Lagos is not our capital city like accra? SO GO TO ABUJA AND ACCRA AND TELL ME IF THERE IS ANYWHERE ACCRA CAN MATCH ABUJA. there is not even any single MEGA project in ghana to start with. By the time fashola finishes with lagos in 8 years time no city in africa will ever match with Lagos, the pride of africa. do u want me to list all d mega projects that r going on in lagos, abuja and port harcourt?
    GHANIANS ALWAYS ENVY NIGERIA BC THEY KNOW WE R AHEAD. MANY GHANIANS BEG ME EVERY YR TO TAKE THEM TO NIGERIA. FOR D LAST 2 YEARS I ALWAYS INVITE 3 GHANA FRIENDS OVER TO NIGERIA AND THEY ARE MARVELED. I am not saying everything is all rosy in 9ja, but to compare 9ja with ghana is an insult bc ghana is primitive go to other parts of ghana and see poverty. The person that started this blog needs more education. Even in GDP or GNI ghana is below 9ja. I think d IMF finance greater %% of ghana budjet every yr. all d big road projects in ghana ae done by agencies, ghana is too poor to handle any mega project alone. Ghanain girls do juju to make nigerian men love them and marry them bc they know we pay better and higher than even white men, its like that in all african countries i have been to. If u r in 9ja u wont ever know ur value, when u go out u will see that WE ARE THE TRUE GAINT OF AFRICA. If not bad leadership is there any african country that can compete with nigeria in anything..
    Finally, we love ghanians and they love us, we are brothers. many times some ghanians will say they wanna send nigerians back to their country. i usually laugh at that, bc most nigerians living in ghana are rich back home. If u send them home they are already rich, is not as if they will go home and suffer. they try to compare what happened when ghanians were living in nigeria. Ghanians came to nigeria to do prostitution, work in factories and many of them were stealig like my father told me. Its hard to find any nigerian working in ghana. if they do, they r working for nigerian companies. many nigerians travel to ghana with their own companies, money etc etc and they set up their own business once they arrive.

      • Ajao, you made your envy so obvious. Does Ghana not need much more fixing even if Nigeria needs some? And what business do you have with Naija? Why not face the problems of Ghana and get them solved. You really don’t have to bring anybody down to elevate yourself, let people praise you. Ajoa, enough of your biased articles…………..people are tired of you and you are seriously loosing credibility.

  12. Honestly, Oluniyi has spoken several indesputable truths out of wich I will reemphasise on TWO:

    There is an addage that follow me home and know who I am. Hence, if you have not stayed long in Ghana to experience the level of poverty, you will only end up being deceived by the their national screen saver.

    Futhermore, I still strugle to know why they jealous 9ja so much. We don’t have time doing all this to them because a tiger doesn’t go about proclaiming its tigertude. So, you might need not blaming those who don’t understand it this way but I must tell them that Ghanaians know we hold supremacy and so they must not be blamed for their strugles to share it at least.

    In all, We must appreciate 9ja for even its ability among the blacks to cope with such sea-bank number of people.

    However, there are things to appreciate in Ghana to be sincere: cerenity and gentleness.

  13. There is no point comparing Nigeria with Ghana bc ghana will need many years of hard work to match nigeria scientifically, industrally and otherwise. I am a Nigerian and would love my leaders to work harder so as to help the poor masses. Nigeria is supposed to be among the top 10 richest countries in the world. Even with bad leadership, we Nigerians dont let this get us down. Individually we are great. Nigerians are the richest black people on earth, check forbes list. People claim ghana has good education system but that is laughable, bc Most text books (more than 70%) used in Ghana schools are written by Nigerian athors. The best scientists, actors, actresses, fashion designers etc etc in Africa are from Nigeria. If Ghana educational system is good then ghana should be producing great scientist. The best performing black students in europe and america are nigerians. The father of the internet is a Nigerian, Jelani of Genera motors is a Nigerian and so is the little girl that break world record last year flying solo across america. the list is endless. A Nigerian has just partnered and bought an important airport in England last week. NIGERIA run the gamut in the list of greatest Africans. If Ghana has everything working for them why are they not doing well locally and internationally? Ghanains in europe and american dont ever think of going home. While Indians in overseas return home every year with more money and knowledge. A group of Nigerian doctors in USA are building a $350 million dollar hospital in Abuja. Another group are building African American university of sciences. What are diaspora Ghanians doing to help their people back home? Even in Ghana Nigerians are the highest foreign investors. Most banks, insurance companies, richest estates etc etc are owned by Nigerians. We control all the vital areas of ghanas economy including avaition, banking, telecommunications etc etc. The only cinema in ghana (SILVERBIRD) is owned by a Nigerian. Pls tell me which area Ghana can match Nigeria apart from HATE? I used to love ghanaians so much b4 i came to this country, but since 7 years i have been coming here and have discovered these people hate us sooo much.
    I have shops and restaurants in Ghana. Every now and then these street urchins will chant Nigeria must go. I wish they will mean this one day so we keep them where they belong. We will crush their economy. If Nigerians leave ghana half of their population will be jobless. Nigerian banks are the highest paying here, most ghana bankers resign from their poor banks to take position in Nigerian banks.
    If Nigeria goes we will go with our airlines, banks, mega companies, shops etc etc unlike when we sent ghana packing they went home with lorry load of ghana must go bags.
    Oh i forgot to mention, as i am writtin this note am in ghana and the elctricity has been on and off for at least 3 times today. yet you will hear ghanains telling you they have good electricity supply. Bc of this light wahala and HATRED, many Nigerians are relocating back home. Last year at least 12 Nigerian guys that I know relocated to their states with their families. Before April i will move my restaurants to Gambia and senegal. I already bought a night club in gambia. I wish fellow Nigerians will leave ghana for ghanains to manage their own economy, lets see what they can do. And dont forget nigerian govt subsidizes oil/gas to ghana to tell u how much we love and help these people. Pls dont misunderstand me, i love Ghanains alot. I have given work to 5 ghanains who are working oil companies in Nigeria and making good money. But i dont like those fools who trash talk Nigerians bc ghana is not better. When you say Nigerian leaders are corrupt u forgot your own leaders? Most african leaders are corrupt and will go to hell. Ghana is an exporter of gold and diamonds, and is the worlds second largest exporter of cocoa, what are they doing with the money?

    • Well! 9ja rules,

      I read your comments and would like to add some important note.

      I am a Ghanian and I lived in Lagos for a while. I know quite a bit about these two countries.

      Nigeria has some good things and Ghana also has some good things.
      Nigeria rose to prominence in the 70s and 80s but poor governmental management derailed its thrust.

      Ghana struggled with very bad military administrations until a straight headed revolutionary put things in order. It took over 10 years to get the country back on road, to realize we have to work together from the scratch as one people and to draw investor confidence.

      We are still a developing country and we have a long way to go.
      So long as our leaders realize what adequate steps to take to launch the country onto a middle income path then we can move forward. Sometimes world economic upheavals may detour it from the path for a while but the goal is to get there.

      Nigeria is completely different from Ghana. There are a loose federation of states that vie strongly for federal budget.
      Accountability is harder than in Ghana because of the population.
      There are very great minds in Nigeria spreading from educational, economic to ingenious Ibos.

      Nigeria has a strong cultural identification than Ghana. This can be noticed wherever they go. Their pride in traditional attire will attest to that.

      The collapse of the Nigerian economy in the 80s increased many fraudulent activities that advertised the country negatively to the world. The 419s became more active. Religious fundamentalism became prominent with it devastating and resonating consequences.

      As I mentioned before, Ghana is far cry from being considered a prosperous country. You all know that. But there is a point to begin correcting things.

      It is good to compare these two countries if it is thought provoking unto good works. Any other reason reveals the old African mentality of bringing each other down. Africa does not need that anymore.

      How Can Nigeria rise again?
      Honestly it will take a stronger revolutionary than that of Ghana because of population size and the depth of the intertwined crisis.
      The military is needed not in this. A strong willed civilian authority that will stand up to fight rooted corruption powers, fight for the right of the people, take care of the oil ruined lands and the people and reduce the number of states to may be 6 to prevent feuds.

      Well, some of these leaders may not live to see the fruit of it but the new generation will reap the reward.

  14. All over the world, smaller countries seems to get a bit more organised than bigger nations. Nigeria is a large nation. With a large economy and great potentials. There is no basis for comparing Nigeria and Ghana. Ghana’s economy is not as large as that of Lagos state! Nigeria is full of diversities. You might feel horrible comparing Accra and Lagos. but hey, has anyone of you try comparing Accra and Abuja? They are miles apart, or better still, with Calabar.
    Ghana’s per capital income is less than half of Nigeria’s, so whats thick about Ghana?

    Nigeria will continue to hold sway not only in west Africa but Africa, check out the next eleven, only Nigeria made that list in Africa. Not even with all the Gold in South Africa, they are not there.

    Nigeria is growing and taking shape and we would certainly not want to be like Ghana for any reason.

  15. It’s funny how Nigerians still live in their glory days of the 70’s and 80’s. I have lived in both countries in the last 10years and I can tell you for a fact that Ghana is a country on a good course. Nigeria is getting worse everyday. instead of making silly comparisons, why don’t Nigerians strive to achieve the best for their country like Ghana is doing and forget about the dumb ‘giant of africa’ cliche when so many other africa countries are doing better than them. Maybe when Ghana starts repatriating the Millions of Nigerians crossing the Ghanaian borders on a daily basis, then they will realise how much destruction they have caused their own country

  16. I from nigeria and i love my nation with difference positive economy. But what causing complicat in nigeria is bad government syetem which we cause masses to work on devolution, therefore nigeria is bigest nation with economy in africa you can compring ghana to nigeria

  17. I certainly don’t care about Ghanains who say their country is better than Nigeria, that’s plain ignorance they can be excused! But petty Nigerians who echo this thought is what I marvel at.. They writer of this articule was not only biased but was very shallow in his comparism, how can you compare Accra with Lagos? Lagos that probably has the same GDP with Ghana itself! They right comparism- if there should be any- would be Abuja, I have been to Accra and Abuja is years ahead. Well my Nigerian borther in Accra summed it up, without Nigeria and Nigerians Ghana’s economy will not be where it is today, Nigerian company’s like glo, silverbird, and several Nigerian banks are a bane of the ghanain economy, its like the mexicans comparing themselves to the Americans, No, Nigeria is the big brother here, despite its internal problems, Nigeria is still a force on the african continent and even the world at large, my point will be, we should stop this unjust tradition of trying to compare both countries, and rather just work together to improve both sides, there is simply no basis for comparism!!!

      • I still Wonder why some people still compile Nigeria with Ghana , if not bc of our Leaders I think by now Ghanian we not have the infantry to look at Nigerians in the eyes to say Nigerians they must go, the problem of so many Ghanian is though in the past years we told them to leave ,well everyone knows the story why Ghanaians were ask to leave in the past years , well I was still very little to know more but my father told me much and also I read the story to know why , currently I live in Accra Ghana and also have gone to Kumasi I have leave in Ghana for two years plus now, so I think I know must things about them .
        Their is one big thing about I study about Ghanaians is that they have low mentality sorry to use this language, because of the pride and jealousy the biggest part of it is that they always settle for less , if Ghanaians should be the once facing our leadership problems like Nigerians , I think by now their would have been a country called Ghana despite our leadership problems individual Nigerians still strongly to make it in life it no matter the condition of the country Nigerians does not leave by their government but by self hardworking and wisdom .
        Right now Ghanaians are telling Nigerians much go they forgot so soon that 60% percentage of business running in Ghana are own by Nigerians ,believe me all not Nigeria is far more better than Ghana.
        You will hear a Ghanian say both old and young that Nigerians has come to take their Girls away from them , what a shame and low minded thinking from them , A guy of 25 run around without doing anything ,only their female are the once you see going to work in the morning and coming back in the evening, go to many of their company and see what they do with their girls they don’t given them job unless they have sex with them is all over Ghana at large everyone knows about this in Ghana .
        Now they say they have stranded light yes they do but I want to ask if light alone can grow their economy. Please Nigeria should not be compiled with Ghana if we Nigeria should have to be compiled with any country if any at all it should be South African.
        This is the reason why Nigeria leaders has to wake up and look how far other little are making jest them because of self being self sintered even a Ghanian man or woman will till you Nigerians are more smarter than them.
        You see a guy of is 25 ,30 or even more begging a Nigerian of is 20’s for dally bread in their own country them someone will compile Nigeria with Ghana.

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