Dell Technologies Enhances Security with New Solutions

Dell Technologies has announced the addition of new security services and solutions to its portfolio, aimed at aiding organisations in protecting against threats, responding to attacks, and securing their devices, systems, and clouds. This comes as 72% of IT business leaders and professionals believe that the evolving work landscape exposes their organisations to heightened risk.

Dell’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Pro Plus, a fully managed security operations solution, is designed to help organisations prevent, respond to, and recover from security threats. The offering provides 24×7 threat detection and investigation, breach and attack simulations, penetration testing, and year-round cybersecurity training. Additionally, it features Incident Recovery Care, which rapidly deploys certified experts to assess security incidents and restore operations in the event of a breach.

Dell has also expanded its threat management portfolio by integrating CrowdStrike Falcon into its SafeGuard and Response suite. This collaboration provides organisations with an extended range of defences that facilitate quicker threat investigation and response, safeguarding critical areas of enterprise risk including endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, and data.

In a bid to further enhance hardware security, Dell has introduced a cloud-based version of its Secured Component Verification (SCV) solution. The improved offering allows enterprise customers to verify the component integrity of their Dell commercial PCs. By generating a digital certificate for key PC components, IT teams can quickly review the PCs against their corresponding certificates, ensuring product security.

Finally, Dell has unveiled its Product Success Accelerator (PSX) for Cyber Recovery, aimed at helping organisations prepare for potential cybersecurity events. This new service streamlines the implementation and operation of a secure, isolated Cyber Recovery vault, enabling organisations to protect critical data and maintain business continuity. Customers can choose from three levels of assistance based on their specific needs.

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