Ecobank is burning (wasting) money!!!

Click on this screenshot for moreI am dumb-founded and short for words. Ecobank “the pan African bank”, is wasting thousands of dollars on banner advertisements on Reuters Africa. How?

Ecobank is currently running an advertisement campaign using 728×90 and 300×250 animated banners. The banners are attractive, well-designed, and drive home the message that indeed, Ecobank is “serving all your corporate and personal finance needs”. Thinking Ecobank had re-designed its website ( thus the banner ad campaign, I clicked on one of the banners and alas!, I was taken to a different URL altogether!
The 300×250 banner I clicked on this page lead me to

I don’t know who is liable for this typo-error, but its an error all the same since the letter L is just after the letter K on QWERTY keywords. This error is a very expensive one. 🙂 It’s costing thousands of dollars. I hope someone corrects this quickly.

Someone else somewhere is making money at the expense of Ecobank. The domain was registered just a month ago – 19th July 2007. The domain owner must have come by this error, and decided to cash-in on it.

Click here for more screen-shots.

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