Making finance work for everyone in Africa

FiFi Finance Africa is a new finance portal that promotes financial inclusion and literacy in different parts of Africa. Developed as part of FiFi Finance, the portal provides finance related information, education and news in order to make finance work for everyone.

Fifi Africa
Fifi Africa

The FiFi Finance’s motto is “Making finance work for everyone.”

According to the World Bank, financial inclusion is one of the key pillars of social and economic well-being in Africa and around the world. FiFi Finance Africa aims to pay particular attention to the issue of financial inclusion in Africa.

Best Financial News

The information published on the portal is for individuals, consumers and small and medium businesses, etc. in the relevant countries. Its articles cover a variety of financial topics such as: How to invest and earn monthly income, how to open a foreign currency account, insurtech startups targeting low-income citizens, and how to invest various stock exchanges in Africa. 

Other useful information on the portal includes: How to start a business online, where to find investors for a startup, best apps to help you save and invest money in Africa, payment solutions for African online freelancers, African freelancing platforms, etc.

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Making finance work for everyone in Africa 4

Other articles include where to get interest-free loans, platforms offering loans via a smartphone app or online, and how to invest in peer to peer lending companies.

The portal also covers topics such as Bitcoin. For example, how to buy Bitcoin with M-Pesa, where to spend Bitcoin in Africa as well as information about Bitcoin as one of the ways to invest in personal finance.

The portal also features new companies and startups for free to help them grow. 

Swahili Finance Portal

FiFi Finance intends to create finance-related content in African local languages, starting with Swahili.

Swahili is spoken by over 150 million people. It is spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Somalia, Zambia, Malawi and the Comoros Islands. It is the official language of the African Union (AU) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

In addition to the finance portal, FiFi Finance is committed to promoting African languages online. In pursuit of this goal, FiFi Finance has funded the translation of the open-source blogging platform, WordPress. Until recently the most recent WordPress version for which Swahili translations were available was 3.x, which made it practically impossible to set up a WordPress site in Swahili.  African bloggers can now set up a blog using WordPress Swahili version, which was not possible before. 

WordPress Swahili
WordPress Swahili

Helping Translate Medical News

Along with financial information, FiFi Finance Africa believes it is important for medical information to be available online in local African languages. Therefore, FiFi Finance has invited Swahili translators to participate in its new initiative of translating simplified English Wikipedia medical articles into Swahili. The translators will be compensated for the work.

The purpose of this initiative is to create a medical database in Swahili and later in other African languages, for the benefit of medical students, midwives, traditional healers, and the general public. The program will also help fight fake medical related news and information online.

Global Reach

Apart from FiFi Finance Africa and FiFi Finance Swahili portal, FiFi Finance has finance portals in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.

FiFi Finance was developed by the SEO Crew OÜ startup in Estonia. Currently, it has more than ten authors, as well as editors and translators.

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