Unknown gaming gems for the PC

So, as a diehard PC gamer, you think you’ve already played every game that’s worth playing? Or it could be that you’re looking for something to ease the boredom as you wait for Wasteland 3 or Streets of Rage 4 to drop. Or maybe you’re just a casual gamer, and you want something compelling to play without getting into all the Fortnite or PUBG nonsense. 

Whatever you’re looking for, we can guarantee that there are some gaming gems out there for the PC or laptop that you just haven’t come across yet. Some of them are classic games that deserve another shot, while others just happened to be released at an awkward time and fell by the wayside. Then there are others still that you probably never even thought about playing in the first place. 

It’s from this extensive list that we’ve created a shortlist of some of the most entertaining and playable lesser-known games around. You really should check them out sooner rather than later. 

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Samurai Punk Feather

Yes, this game comes from the developers of Screencheat and that gun-heavy VR game, but Samurai Punk’s Feather is about as far removed from those two releases as you can get. It’s basically just a game to enjoy, no winning or losing, just doing.
Feather involves soaring around a picturesque landscape as a bird. You can set arbitrary goals to keep yourself amused, such as the “threading the needle” task, or you can just sit back and enjoy the surprises in store from the ambient multiplayer system. It’s a beautiful, meditative experience and you’re sure to finish play in a zen-like state.

Feather is available to play on both Steam and itch. 

WIZNWAR Demon’s Tilt

Demon’s Tilt from WIZNWAR is still relatively fresh on the market, having only been released on full release for the PC in December 2019, but it still hasn’t achieved the mainstream success we think it deserves. It’s one of those games that provide the ultimate distraction and harkens back to the early days of arcade gaming with its pinball format. 

Yes, Demon’s Tilt plays like a digital pinball game, but it’s a digital pinball game with extras. You’ll find teleportation portals alongside Hack N Slash elements, a thoroughly enjoyable soundtrack, and a bunch of monstrous wolves and warlocks who’ve set their sights on making you their prey. 

PokerStars Spin & Go

Available to play on the PC via the PokerStars platform, Spin & Go is a faced-paced real money poker game that follows the popular sit-and-go tournament format. This is a real money game so it will involve making live wagers from a deposit account, but if you’re not comfortable with poker at this stage you’ll find plenty of tutorials and how-to articles elsewhere on the platform, as well as some free to play ‘play money’ games that can be useful for practice. 

In Spin & Go, players select a buy-in and the number of simultaneous tournaments that they would like to play. After registering, they’re “seated” at an online table until two other players join. A random draw follows to determine the size of the prize pool, which will be open to all players with the one with the final best hand winning. 

Mountain Sheep Hardland

Mountain Sheep’s Hardland is a surreal fantasy RPG that’s also a compelling mystery puzzle. Set in a fantastical universe presided over by the Elder King 1018, an adventurer journeys from Samarkand to Hardland to search for the various pieces of the previous king that may hold the power to “change history”. 

Sure, it’s a pretty bonkers game, but then what fantasy game isn’t? Alongside the Elder King, an array of weird and wonderful characters are waiting to be discovered including the malevolent Queen in the Snow Peak, Hard Ogres, the Elves of Root Court, and even a couple of aliens called Throat and Womb. You may never fully solve the mystery at the heart of the game’s story, and you may not even get very far on your journey. But however long you’ll play the game for you’ll be immersed in its world, and have a jolly good time playing it. 

Available to play now on Steam. 

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